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BBC News – Protest held over Burntisland’s silent clock

Bats in bellso often, a story appears that catches my eye because it just has to be the tip of something else which we are not privy to.

I found my nose twitching when I recently read the story of a protest held over Burntisland’s silent clock.

We’re expected to believe that after only one single complaint was received about the disturbing noise from the bells chiming in time with the clock atop the town’s council chambers, not only were the bells silenced, but apparently Fife Council thought the matter so serious that it ordered the whole chiming mechanism to be whipped out, presumably to ensure there was no chance of the bells turning themselves on again at some future time.

Not only that, this one complaint which seems to have spurred the council into more action than many have seen during the recent cold spell, has seen thousands of townsfolk march on the council offices in protest, demanding the return of the chimes. 1,100 people signed a petition, and 200 turned up at the Burgh Chamber ringing bells just before Hogmanay.

Camps have formed, and reason has already been dispensed with, as suggestions that the clock, which could normally be heard throughout the town every 15 minutes, might be set to chime only during the day, are already said to have been rejected, with supporters seeing no reason to change – the bells have rung for 150 years, so they should continue to do so.

I hope there is a follow up, or someone might care to add a comment below, letting the rest of us know what particular power play is behind this.

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