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Cocky guide dog sticker explained

I finally got around to solving a little mystery that has been puzzling me for a long time.

It’s more than a year since I first spotted a few of the stickers seen below, around Duke Street (and near Tennant’s Wellpark Brewery – but I never knew that would be significant), and wondered what they meant. Sadly, there are actually some sad people who can afford to have idiot nonsense stickers printed, and just throw them up for no apparent reason – I thought this was maybe an example of that affliction, so never really bothered about them.

But a few have survived the weathering and tidy-ups, and I decided to snap one, and see if there was anything online – there was…

Cockier Guide Dogs Sticker

Cockier Guide Dogs Sticker

Seems that Tennent’s Wellpark was:

a new Scottish series of online comedy sketches, has been released on YouTube and social media.

Developed by a collective of up-and-coming talent that were brought together by Tennent’s Lager, Wellpark was borne out of the hope to create something not only funny, but also bold and original.

Well, I don’t have the time to sit through the rest – but I hope they are better this truly dire offering…

There’s probably a good joke in there – but whoever thought this one up certainly didn’t find it.

Still, staying positive, at least I solved the mystery of the sticker.


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Edinburgh Fringe health checks are serious stuff

Citing examples such as Eric Morecambe, Sid James, and Tommy Cooper – who all passed away during performances, news from Edinburgh’s Fringe suggests that stand-up comedy may not be the healthiest of career choices.

A couple of shows at the Gilded Balloon will feature health checks for stand-up comedian, and offer advice on how to stay healthy. The checkups are real and serious, having been arranged with nurses through Unison, by Leicester Comedy Festival which is behind the shows.

Traditionally, the late nights, long tours, fast food and alcohol associated with the genre all add up to potential health hazards, however they note that many of the younger comedians in the business need to drive to and from their venues, and this has reduced the contribution of alcohol to the potential risk.

Looking at the reviews, your scribe is reminded of the past years when he enjoyed catching a few shows at the Fringe, and even the official Festival – before it decided to better itself and go upmarket. I’m sure there’s plenty of new material to be enjoyed, but there seemed to be a golden period (for yours truly at least) when Archaos was scooping the headlines. Although I tried the best of the rest after Archaos folded, nothing ever quite matched the mad, foot-stamping and applause that filled their big-top night after night, or the impromptu concerts that the band often played after the last performance each night. The residents around Leith Links were either nice, tolerant folk, or just flatly ignored if they ever complained about the noise.

They probably didn’t dare to complain, after all, would you upset these guys (or offer them heath advice)…

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