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The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill will criminalise abusive behaviour

As far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been anything that would amount to ‘domestic abuse’ in my family’s past, so I’m really just mentioning this to give it some publicity, as it should be all it can get.

Looking at what it covers, I also doubt any of the women (although the legislation refers to ‘partners’) would have stood for any sort of abuse against themselves, or anyone else within the family, and would have seen to it that the abuser was dealt with, be that by legal, or any other means.

A new bill is set to be introduced next week which is being hailed by the First Minister as a “landmark moment” for Scotland.

As reported by Glasgow Live, the The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill criminalises abusive behaviour towards a partner or ex-partner.

The ground-breaking legislation, which was passed by Holyrood ministers in 2018, creates a specific offence of domestic abuse for the first time.

As well as covering physical abuse, the law refers to psychological and emotional treatment and coercive and controlling behaviour, where abusers isolate their victim from their friends and relatives or control their finances.

And for the first time in the UK, it makes the impact domestic abuse can have on children an aggravating factor, which could lead to courts handing down tougher sentences as a result.

The law will be used to prohibit subordination, humiliation, isolating a partner from friends, relatives and sources of support, and controlling or monitoring their day-to-day activities.

Scottish Women’s Aid chief executive Dr Marsha Scott said: “What an opportunity stands in front of us as our new ‘world’s gold standard’ law goes into effect.

“Women and children have been telling us for 40 years that it is the emotional abuse and controlling behaviours of domestic abuse that have the most traumatic effect, that trap them in dangerous relationships with abusive partners and ex-partners.

“Now these behaviours will be crimes in Scotland and how well we police and prosecute them will say much about our commitment to ending domestic abuse.”

New domestic abuse law Scotland – First Minister hails ‘landmark moment’

I couldn’t find a neutral graphic or pic that represented domestic abusers (or concentrated only on domestic violence, neglecting all the other options) – like the latter part of the excerpt above, the vast majority are still single issue and mainly portray women as being abused, then children, while almost completely ignoring (or not realising) abuse of males is not really all that far behind if more recent research is correct. The general claim is that 1 in 4 women, 1 in 5 children, AND 1 in 5 men, will suffer domestic abuse.

So, lacking a decent image, I thought I might as well go with something based on that nice Mr Trump, also known as the Orange Moron, who really cares about (some) victims of domestic abuse.

Orange Emergency Mysogeny Technician

Orange Emergency Mysogeny Technician

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It’s called ‘Research’ Brenda

After the recent eBay howler in Glasgow, I thought the same was true for this story.

I wasn’t going to go with this one, but for some reason my news feed keeps shoving it in my face, as if it’s telling me “Do it, do it, do it…

I’m always amused by the way criminals just don’t get what they’re doing wrong, especially the ones like ‘Brenda’, who is apparently ‘Angry’ about being caught and fined.

The 63-year-old said she was angry that she had been prosecuted and she now wants to warn others not to get involved in offering teeth whitening products and services.

‘I didn’t know whitening teeth was illegal’

Part of my business once involved dealing with tests on people, and I can tell you that one of the first things we did, before even starting to set it up, was contact all the relevant authorities, and our lawyers, just to find out what sort of trouble we might get into as a result.

But I guess we had a head start on this, since a lot of our work was fiscal (could be used as evidence in court), even if that seldom happened.

“Brenda’s” response/atitude reminded of one of the few instances where I was present as a habitual shoplifter was themselves ‘lifted’.

As this individual was carted off, their haul was also taken as evidence.

At which point they launched into a stream of verbal abuse against the officers attending (shortened version follows)…

“Gie’s that f*****g back ya f*****g c****s, that’s f*****g mine”. That’s ma f*****g stuff!”

Before and After Teeth Whitening

Brenda’s Smile Before and After Teeth Whitening

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