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Irritating cyclist

Not a tale about one of those ‘bad’ cyclists, but just some personal points.

This is a reprise of an earlier catch, and almost for the same reason.

I thought this old gent had disappeared, but as my walks tended to cross his route, I spotted he was still plodding along despite the lovely cold weather we’re enjoying at the moment.

It really IS irritating, how he manages to get out on the decent days we get (no rain or snow, or nasty gusty wind), yet the only days I find myself thinking “Should really get on my bike” seem to be the ones that look half decent, then turn into howling gales and storms within the hour, making me glad I decided to walk, or just stay in bed.

I did try to baulk this trend once – and was rewarded with a one-hour ride home in the rain.

Last time I spotted him he had almost disappeared into the distance (while I should have caught a better pic then, I’d put the camera away) as it took so long to get organised.

Different camera this time, actually slower to fire up, but then is quicker to reach ‘first shot’ status, so did better after he passed this time.

His dedication is impressive.

Irritating Cyclist

Irritating Cyclist


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Instant karma – St Enoch Centre cyclist

Since I expect to be treated decently when I’m being a cyclist, I take a dim view of any cyclist whose behaviour means I might be assumed to be some sort of related moron.

I haven’t been in Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre for months, but decided to cut through it, just to get an idea of how it looks as I read changes may be on the way.

I’d gone to the upper floor to get a better look, and was looking at the ground floor layout when I was slightly surprised to see a guy on bike weaving through the shoppers on the ground floor – not the best of behaviour, and unlikely to help convince most people that cyclists are not arrogant morons.

Not much I could do from the floor above, I assumed he’d got away with it.


A few minutes later, I arrived on the ground floor and turned around after stepping off the escalator, to see…

Instant karma – cyclist on left, centre security on right.


Karma At St Enoch

Karma At St Enoch


Woman standing up to cyclist who smashed into her on Centennial Trail

The guy involved IS a moron:

“I think its a ruse to try to sue me,” Haller said. “Just because you have a nice bike doesn’t mean you have a million dollars.”

Haller said he calls it a good day when he makes it home without an accident. “I’ve broken 25 bones,” he said. “When I lived in LA, a doctor asked me if I was a stunt man.”

Imgur galleries won’t embed, so you’ll have to click the link:

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The lone cyclist

This may not look like much, but is actually something that deserves a bit of credit and even some admiration.

This was grabbed a few weeks ago (purely thanks to all the automatics in the camera, grabbed, pointed in the general direction and fired without any prep before he disappeared again), while we were still enjoying dry, but freezing days. Although he’s hidden and well wrapped up, the gent on the bike actually matches the honest description ‘little old man’ and he doesn’t travel fast – at a guess, I run as fast as he rides.

But I’ve come to realise he’s been passing me at his steady pace for some time now, possibly a year or two, or even more. At first I thought he was going somewhere, but over time I realised he was actually just circling the same part of the A74 London Road. It’s not a bad idea either, now that the motorway has siphoned off nearly all the traffic that used to thunder along it en masse. It used to be a life-threatening experience to cross. Now? I could almost wander across without even seeing a vehicle. Even at its busiest, only burst of vehicles are seen, as they are held and released in batches by near redundant traffic lights – almost all could be replaced by Give Way signs nowadays.

But back to our cyclist. I feel embarrassed, having taken up my (apparently now collectablevintage) cycle last year, a mishap left me laid up and unable to ride for weeks soon after, and despite plans to ride at least a little to keep fit over winter, have yet to get back on. So much for plans to stay ‘riding fit’.

I had to change my walking route, so haven’t been there regularly for a while, and haven’t seen him since.

Lone cyclist

Lone cyclist

Seeing the pic some weeks later, I’m surprised to see it looks deliberately shot, even framed with the rider between the trees, as opposed to the frantic grab needed to get the camera out of its pocket and at least pointing in the general direction needed. I guess I was lucky this was a bright and sunny day, and it chose a fast shutter speed meaning no shake/blur, and the anti-shake also did its job too.

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