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When Lois Lane’s Mercedes was seen in Dennistoun – 17 LL

Well, Lois probably have got a lift and been flown in by a ‘Super’ friend.

But we can still pretend, and if he’s busy she might still go for a drive.

Nice to see legit spacing preserved.

I wonder if 77 LL is floating around anywhere? That would look good.



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Just steps now, Dennistoun’s Parade Cinema

I’ve passed the steps shown below quite a few times recently (turning off Alexandra Parade into Meadowpark Street), and was sure they’d led to a substantial building, one which had vanished not all that long ago (in historic terms at least).

Reasonably sure it was a cinema for at least part of its life, and then the inevitable bingo hall, I found that was the case (Parade), and that it even been turned back into a cinema (New Parade) from 1969 to 1986 after being a bingo hall, then derelict for a while, then a pub, then demolished.

As usual, more details can be found at the Scottish Cinema web site:

Parade / New Parade, 200 Meadowpark Street, Dennistoun

It’s almost amazing to see those metal handrails are still there years later!

Parade cinema steps

Parade cinema steps

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Rubble – 6 month kitten – is missing from Onslow Drive Dennistoun

I see the odd missing pet poster stuck up while I wander around, sadly they are usually fairly tatty (ie old and weathered) and are also usually undated so there’s no way of telling how long they have been up.

This time was different, and these pleading for help to find ‘Rubble’ were recent, clean, and numerous. This family really made an effort.

Not much I can say, just hope she turn up safe and well (but more than a week had passed when I took these pics, and I’m a realist).

I used to live on the corner of Onslow Drive, and I still remember getting my first, and only, real cat scratch there.

I learned – DON’T startle a cat, even a gorgeous big fluff-ball. Their reactions are faster than yours – MUCH faster.

Lost Kitten Rubble 01

Rubble – Lost Kitten


Lost Kitten Rubble 02

Rubble – Lost Kitten

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I’ve been looking at this shop sign for ages, but for various reasons, never been able to stop and catch a pic.

The shop itself is long gone (I assume, since I’ve never seen it open when I’ve been passing), and if business was better, probably another would have opened in the premises and I’d have lost the chance to catch the sign, but I managed it this week, even if the heavens did open and try to make it almost impossible to dare take out a camera that was guaranteed waterproof.

Shoplifters sign


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Dennistoun high flats in the mist

Although it was quite dark when I spotted the high flats at Dennistoun appearing to disappear into the mists of some low cloud, I thought I’d give the anti-shake toy of a new camera a test, and see if it would help on such a long exposure, as it was going to be hand-held, with nothing handy to lean on, and of course, no tripod stuck in my back pocket.

I can’t complain, the exposure was over 1/4 second, and the noise isn’t too bad as the ISO sensitivity shot up to 800 – I’ve tried similar things under much better conditions, only to be rewarded with a blue-grey smudge instead of a picture.

Reminded me of something like an Asgard ship descending through their cloud camouflage, as seen in Stargate.

Dennistoun flats in mist

Dennistoun flats in mist

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