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There IS a Dalek at Parkhead Cross

I had to grab this in passing one night, and was going to wait for a chance to visit, but at the present rate of progress the Dalek will probably be sitting back on Skaro with nice cup of coffee and a chocolate biscuit.

Unfortunately, the posters don’t indicate how long this display will be on show.

Nor is there any mention on the library’s web page: Parkhead Library

Parkhead Library Doctor Who Dalek

Parkhead Library Doctor Who Dalek

At least the leave the lights on, so I managed a reasonable pic.

Parkhead Library Dr Who Display

Parkhead Library Dr Who Display

Closer to the Dalek.

Who’s that peeking from behind the shelves?

Parkhead Library Dalek

Parkhead Library Dalek

From my own point of view, it’s nice to see this concentrates on the classic period of Doctor Who.

I tolerated the rebirth of the series when it returned in 2005, but not as Doctor Who, and could really only watch the tripe they served up under the title if I pretended it was some new series, unrelated to the original.

While the original had made a few stars by taking relatively unknown actors and giving them a chance to be seen, the new version reversed the model completely, foisting costly names (celebrities) on the viewer, and rather than finding hopefuls to take on the part of ‘The Assistant’, placed more celebrities in that role too.

It was fairly sick-making to watch the weeks before a new series started, with the assistant generally being pushed in our faces, and appearing at events to massive acclaim – but we had not actually seen them play the part for a second.

Yet they were already stars able to fill events?

Still more budget was squandered on the special effects, and the series joined many which suffer the fault of spending more time on those effects than a decent story, as if serving up a visual feast somehow makes up for weak stories, or will divert people’s attention.

I gave up watching the series completely in 2016, as it had become a parody of the original, and a vehicle for waste-of-skin celebrities.

After the further nonsense that followed in 2017, I won’t be returning.


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Doctor Who in Dennistoun

Might be worth a trip to Duke Street (Dennistoun) if you are a ‘New’ Doctor Who fan (I’m not, the pre-publicity for the 2017 series was the last straw for me for various reasons, and this travesty of the classic series is now firmly off my list), and a collector of goodies.

While they’re not exactly giving the stuff away, it is on offer at charity shop prices, so there’s are bargains to be had for anyone serious.

I couldn’t get a decent pic, sorry, but the reflection of the footpath on the glass was pretty strong, even when I processed a lot of it away.

Raid the piggy-bank, and go…

(Click for a bigger pic.)

Doctor Who Charity Shop

Doctor Who Charity Shop

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Doctor Who at Kelvingrove

With plenty of warning, no-one should miss the opportunity to part with a few pieces of silver and visit the Doctor Who Exhibition to be staged in Glasgow’s showpiece Kelvingrove Museum next year, 2009.

The exhibition will open in March, and run to the end of the year.

At this stage, Culture and Sport Glasgow has announced only that a fee will be levied (entrance to all Glasgow museums is free), but has not yet indicated what this will be. Checking the current venues, the Adult ticket price is £9 while the Junior ticket is £7. Family books of 2 Adult and 2 Junior tickets are priced at £7 each, which I think means £28 in Plain English.

The exhibition will first visit various locations south of the border, such as London and Cardiff.

Kelvingrove is the ONLY Scottish venue planned for the exhibition.

I’m tempted to suggest putting the cash towards a day in Blackpool, where the original Doctor Who exhibition has featured for many years, before the ‘Young Pretenders’ took over, and the BBC finally decided to dust down the Doctor from the their ‘Best Reserve’ shelf of untapped financial resources. The original depended on a good yarn, and not an abundance of special effects, contrived storylines, and (shudders) ‘celebrity’ actors and guests.

Update as of February 2009:

Exhibition Start Date : Saturday 28 March 2009. End Date : Monday 04 January 2010

Tickets now available from or phone 08444 815 816.

Adults: £7.50 plus booking fee.

Concessions: £4.50 plus booking fee.

Family ticket: £18 plus booking fee.

Booking fee appears to be £1, but should be checked at time of purchase.

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