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Mitchell Street mural – follow-up to strange find there

When I caught the Mitchell Street mural recently, I drew attention to a chance find in the corner of the pic.

I haven’t been able to get back for another look in decent light or weather, but did get lucky one night with a long zoom shot in the dark, so I’m just going with it otherwise there will NEVER be a follow-up.

Happily, I wasn’t imagining things and there WAS a dog on that window-ledge.

Better still (and this is NOT a real dog, just in case anybody doesn’t notice), in keeping with a long-standing Glasgow tradition…

It has a traffic cone on its head!

Oh, and a nice collar.

Window-ledge Dog And Cone

Window-ledge Dog And Cone

Somebody out there has to know the story behind this.

So, do tell.


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Do they do ‘Clean Dog Shampoo’ too?

I seem to have reached an irritating point while archiving some pics.

A while ago I found myself ‘supporting’ a Scottish social media web site, not by any design or intent to help it, but really just because I was having a tough time, and it was really simple to make a post there, unlike this WordPress system.

There isn’t anything wrong with WordPress, but I find it slow to use, and fiddly if you are someone who pays attention to detail, and likes to minimise grammar and spelling errors.

But, irritatingly, I recognise a lot of the pics I’ve been reviewing, and after checking, find that they were used in posts in that media site, and not in the ‘proper’ SeSco blog.

Some were quite good too, so I guess I’m going to be doing a lot of cross-checking, to see if they appeared here, and correcting the omissions, if they were goodies.

Incidentally, I gave up on that Scottish social media web site (which I’d actually found after discovering many SeSco blog posts had been stolen, complete with pics, and the material presented by someone claiming it all as ‘theirs’ (both the plagiarised text and all the stolen pics) – until I contacted them and threatened them with copyright action).

I decided to ditch it after a while as it contained a lot of highly political material, which began to get very irritating after a while, with both the members AND the operators of the site making politically motivated posts and comments, with little or no moderation.

I simply didn’t want to be seen as possibly supportive of such nonsense or behaviour, so removed all my material, and left.

Just as well I did – later, they decided to end that exercise and move on to something else.

I’ve no idea what, after getting an email informing of the changes, I couldn’t make any sense of their supposed plans, and gave up trying to find out what they were doing.

Dirty Dog Shampoo

No reference to them, it’s purely a coincidence that the pic which prompted my to check for used/unused archive material was about ‘Dirty Dogs’.

Passing a general shop on Carntyne Road, I’d been glancing around the impressive array of products the owner had on offer when I spotted the bottle of ‘Dirty Dog Shampoo’, which can be read in more than one way.

Is it ‘Dirty Shampoo’ for Dogs?

Or is ‘Shampoo’ for ‘Dirty Dogs’?

Both make you wonder.

Is this how dog owners get their doggies to have the disgusting ‘wet dog’ smell all the time?

Or, does the same company make ‘Clean Dog Shampoo’?

Maybe the latter is for use when owners get fed up with the ‘wet dog’ smell!


Dirty Dog Shampoo

Dirty Dog Shampoo


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Sad dog is sad

This guy was looking at me as if to say “Do they mean dog years or human years?”

While it may not be accurate (it’s more complex than a simple equivalence), it’s often taken that one dog year is about seven human years.

This means things are quite good for them if it’s dog years, since a dog will be in its twenties by the time it has been around for more than two human years.

But the other side of this thought is that if our dog has to wait for 25 human years – well, by then it’s going to be something like 150 dog years.

And that’s maybe the thought this little face is conveying.

Sad Dog

Sad Dog

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Who would win?

One more, since we seem to be on a cat day.

If you’re not fast, you’re last!

Who Would Win

Who Would Win?

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Bottom Sniffer Beer

Don’t worry…

It’s for DOGS,  not people.

(That won’t stop some from trying though).

Check that logo visible on some of the bottles!

Bottom Sniffer Beer For Dogs

Bottom Sniffer Beer For Dogs

If you don’t recognise the label style, here’s a clue…


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Cocky guide dog sticker explained

I finally got around to solving a little mystery that has been puzzling me for a long time.

It’s more than a year since I first spotted a few of the stickers seen below, around Duke Street (and near Tennant’s Wellpark Brewery – but I never knew that would be significant), and wondered what they meant. Sadly, there are actually some sad people who can afford to have idiot nonsense stickers printed, and just throw them up for no apparent reason – I thought this was maybe an example of that affliction, so never really bothered about them.

But a few have survived the weathering and tidy-ups, and I decided to snap one, and see if there was anything online – there was…

Cockier Guide Dogs Sticker

Cockier Guide Dogs Sticker

Seems that Tennent’s Wellpark was:

a new Scottish series of online comedy sketches, has been released on YouTube and social media.

Developed by a collective of up-and-coming talent that were brought together by Tennent’s Lager, Wellpark was borne out of the hope to create something not only funny, but also bold and original.

Well, I don’t have the time to sit through the rest – but I hope they are better this truly dire offering…

There’s probably a good joke in there – but whoever thought this one up certainly didn’t find it.

Still, staying positive, at least I solved the mystery of the sticker.

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They day a giant yellow dog drove past me

Not much I can really add to this.

But it’s not every day you look up while waiting to cross the road, and see a giant yellow dog drive past!

Giant Yellow Dog's Trust dog

Giant Yellow Dog’s Trust dog

Explanation – The Dog’s Trust built its new headquarters for this area not very far from here a few years ago, and while I’ve never seen this parked there when passing, I guess they must keep it there occasionally when it not doing its business.

There’s also a charity shop not too far away as well, in Tollcross Road.

I waited to see if a giant ‘pooper scooper’ followed, but no luck 😦

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Coincidence… can be crap for some people


It’s not often I can say I get a laugh thanks to doggie doo-doo (since I’m usually too busy cursing it, and tracking down the source of the smell shortly after I arrive home and discover I’ve walked somebody’s dog turd into the house), but I did enjoy a good laugh today, courtesy of a big tall guy, and a tiny white puppy.

As I turned the last corner before arriving home, I saw a guy and his tiny fluff-ball of a puppy at my gate – and the guy was doing his best to get the pup to do it’s best… in front of the entrance to my house.

Of course, he had no way of knowing the guy about to pass him was the owner of the drive where he was trying to get his little darling to leave its stinking load.

I ignored him, but still had to make my way around him and his tiny poop-machine in order to get to my gate and get into my drive – so he knew he had been caught, or rather his dog had been caught, with its trousers down and dumping on the footpath.

Although I’m not part of it, the residents have been creating a big stink about dog mess over the past few years, as it has become chronic. We have signs on most lampposts warning dog owners of the fine that can be levied against them if they do not pick up their dog’s deposits, and the last political newsletter our MP circulated stated that he was making it a campaign issue, and would support anyone taking action against offending dog owners.

Back at my gate, the fun had started.

Since I had bags of shopping, and a double locked front door, I didn’t have to try to take a long time to get indoors. Without staring at the guy, I could see him panicking as he rummaged through all his pocket for the handy plastic bag he would not have bothered using if I had not arrived while his pup was pooping. The cameras on the house might have helped too, since he might have thought his face had  been caught, and I could tie him and his dog to the event, and maybe that fine mentioned on the lampposts Notably, most dog owners hereabouts walk their dogs with such a bag in their hand, ready to collect the ‘product’ – but not this guy, much to my amusement.

By the time I opened my door and turned around, he had completely disappeared – and there was no gift lying on the pavement either.

Little white pup

Coincidentally, a pup much like the one involved had been on Cheezburger recently. As you can see, it couldn’t have left much… they guy must have been carrying tweezers to help him retrieve anything it dropped/

I used to leave my gates open until a few years ago, when I guess some of the locals started sharing their homes with giant dogs. These monsters weren’t stupid, and didn’t dump in their own ground, but would wander into gardens where the gates were open, and many was the time I found a pile of brown muck sitting in the middle of the path around my house. At least those dogs are too big to get through the spaces in the iron work, and I no longer have that particular job to do, and clear up behind these monsters, who can easily leave a pound or two to be scraped up and discarded.

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If the air fits…

These two Cheezburger offerings were just made to go together…

Stoopid dog air


The cat was right… again 🙂

Stupid dog

Enjoy more lolcats at: Lolcats – Lolcats n’ Funny Cat Pictures – funny cat pictures – Cheezburger

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Dog with pacemaker seems to be a Scottish first

Happy dogI was a little surprised to see the story of a dog in Scotland being fitted with a heart pacemaker being classified as a first, but it’s probably not such a surprise given the size of the population.

We’ll definitely have to get round to adding the story to a page in the Wiki, where we have started to transfer a short listing of Scottish Firsts off the page it started on, and moving its contents into a proper category, which is how it should have been dealt with to start with. But then again, we never really thought about it when we spotted the first few firsts.

A dog has had a pacemaker fitted in the first operation of its kind in Scotland.

Angus, a two-year-old Dandie Dinmont terrier, had an operation on Saturday to fit the device.

He had a slow heart beat and could not exercise properly. The condition also caused him to collapse at times.

Two-year-old dog has pacemaker fitted in Scottish first

His owner, Ian Morrison, said the usually lively pet started to show signs of the condition a few weeks ago.

He said: “He’s such a lively little dog and has always been healthy. But a few weeks ago we took him out for a walk in Culross and he just lay down. We thought he was just fooling around, but then he did it again.

“The fact that Angus is only two, and had been very healthy, made fitting a pacemaker a viable option for him. But it’s an expensive procedure – it’s just as well we have insurance for him.”

Angus is now recovering at Inglis Veterinary Hospital in Dunfermline.

via Two-year-old dog has pacemaker fitted in Scottish first | Edinburgh and East | STV News.

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Only in America – Kittygarten

catcotIt’s true, it must be, the Beeb ran the story on breakfast telly this morning.

How to train your cat

Americans send their cats to kittygarten in the belief that their pet can be trained to sit on command, walk on a lead, and sit quietly while they have they have their claws clipped. Well, it is said that a fool and their money are soon parted.

Let’s look at the popular maxim applied to cats and dogs:

Dogs have masters, cats have slaves.

Which part of that is beyond the American cat owner?

Dogs are pack animals at heart, and need a dominant owner to ensure they have a happy life. They don’t need submissive, indulgent owners that treat them as playthings, (or worse, as little people), allow them to dominate their households, and end up misbehaving and being classed as dangerous, which is the almost inevitable result of such “loving” care.

Cats are solitary, and can survive quite happily without the “guidance” of humans, and watching the report on kittygarten showed little more than the use of bribery through food to divert the cat’s attention, or the offering of advice that would be obvious to anyone that stopped and thought for a moment. For example, one owner was advised not to try and trim all the cat’s claws at one time if their cat got restless after a few were trimmed. Good money if you can get it.

Probably the best example comes from film and TV, where animal wranglers are used to get dogs and cats to perform on screen. The dogs are trained to perform their piece, and shooting (of the scene, not the animal) generally follows a schedule. When they have to wrangle cats, things go a little differently, and these people are not stupid, depending on their wrangling skills for their income, if they do it wrong, they’re out of a job. The smart ones don’t try and train the cat to get their scene – instead, they study the cat and learn what it will and won’t do, then they arrange their shots to take advantage of what their star would be doing anyway. Much smarter than shouting and bawling at the cat, which will probably respond by going to sleep.

The sad thing was the response from some viewers, who still think that their neighbours and their cats have personal agendas against them, and used the opportunity to complain about both and how the cats don’t stay only in their owner’s garden, and that cats are decimating the country’s wildlife.

Again, the first complaint shows they think the cats are human, and understand the concept of “garden” and “fence”, while the second shows prejudice, or they’re just vexed by the cat’s disdain towards them – or they just don’t like their neighbours, and any excuse for a fight will do . With or without humans around cats will hunt and kill prey, oddly enough that’s part of what being a cat (and not a human) entails. And I suppose wrongly applying human values to animal behaviour is part of what being a poorly informed human entails too.

Education… one of the wonders of the modern world.

How to run your own kittygarten.

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