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The Big Orange Baby (can’t really ignore this affront)

There were just too many gems to pick from as the Orange Moron imposed himself on Scotland and the UK this week, but there were a couple that caught my eye.

You obviously can’t take him anywhere decent people go…

Orange baby has tiny hands, tiny brain, tiny bladder… can’t hold his tea…

Trump Tea Pee

Trump Tea Pee

And this sums up his respect for many…

Probably the most entertaining and informative activity during this sham visit has been the efforts of the Trump shills, as they came out in force in a (vain) effort to combat the negative comments from real people.

The most telling reveal was the way they often tried to equate the right of people to express their dislike of this obnoxious character by citing recent rulings on hate crime, as if they were picking on some aspect of the moron that he had no choice over.

While the Orange Moron chooses to target groups for his actions by way of birth/race/sex (which are criteria for hate crime), there is NO similarity in the actions of people who choose to be disgusted by his choices in such actions, and their expression of dislike or opposition to those things he has chosen to do.

But his side is unable to see such a difference.


Given his past pronunciations, there were a number of intriguing article in the media at the same time, for example…

By far the longest read was this article compiled by the BBC, and worth a look. It overs a lot of ground, and a lot of history,

Trump and Scotland

It seems he wasn’t even able to beat his son into agreeing that a wind farm built way out to sea ruined the view from his ‘magical’ golf course.

Eric Trump: Wind turbines don’t spoil golf course view

But, as was said would happen by those not anywhere on Trump’s payroll, the once significant dunes which bordered the site of his ‘magical’ golf course HAVE been ruined, and are probably going to be lost as a SSSI, with the classification withdrawn – but the Trump Organisation has also insisted that its environmental approach in Aberdeenshire has been “first class”.

Trump golf course ‘destroyed’ dunes

And finally, there’s a cheeky wee summary, just to remind you he really is an oaf of the first magnitude, not worth listening to (and should never ever have been allowed into the position he was able to somehow ‘swing’).

Donald Trump: The five most outrageous claims from President’s interview


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Welcome To Scotland Orange Moron

I found the person who prepared these placards being ‘Shouted Down’ by Trump shills trying to swamp the owners’ comment area with praise, propaganda (sorry, I should say ‘Alternative Facts’, shouldn’t I?), and hero worship for their paymaster.


In the interests of balance, I thought I’d just copy them here, and turn comments off.

And enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I can maybe share – with the image of those shills’ fuming with frustration at something they can do NOTHING about.

Trump Welcome Placards

Trump Welcome Placards

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The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend – Orange Moron validates ancient proverb

Must be the first time I’ve ever agreed with politicians, campaign groups, and trades union representatives.


(Don’t worry, I still have no time for any them in their ‘normal’ mode – this agreement is purely for this one common issue, and is not political, but to highlight an affront to all of us.)

Protesters united under the coalition will march against the Orange Moron’s alleged sexism, racism, and close ties to Russia as well as his administration’s environmental and immigration policies.

Umbrella group Scotland Against Trump is advertising a demonstration in Glasgow’s George Square on Friday, July 13 between 5-8pm.

Elsewhere (in Scotland) protests are expected at both of the Moron’s Scottish golf courses – Trump International Golf Links at Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, and Trump Turnberry near Girvan.

It’s been reported SCROTUS (branded a ‘vile xenophobe’ by the Scottish Green Party) will not visit the Isle of Lewis, birthplace of his mother Mary Anne MacLeod.

Scotland Against Trump: Where are protests against president’s visit taking place?

Apparently not a pic, despite its accuracy, and described as an ‘Angry Baby’ balloon.

They’re making these things really realistic nowadays!

Angry Baby Trump Balloon

Angry Baby Trump Balloon

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So sweet – a poke in the eye for Donald Trump

The view from Donald Trump’s hated white hefalump golf course has been spoiled (in his mind at least – if he had one that is).

SCROTUS lost a series of legal battles against the Aberdeen Bay wind farm.

Eleven turbines – some of the world’s most powerful – are being erected in Aberdeen Bay a short distance from a golf course owned by the US President.

The 625ft towers are three times taller than the Scott Monument and will be secured to the seabed by 1800-tonne anchors, which are being installed this week.

Trump claimed the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre would spoil the view from his course at Balmedie, which was given planning permission three years before the wind farm.

Work begins on wind farm after failed Trump legal fight

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The Day the Earth Stood Still – updated

I’ve managed to resist most of the temptation to post material about the greatest liar and ignorant, racist, fascist, misogynistic (oh make your own list) orange moron that’s been seen in a position of power for some time.

I must have saved myself hour upon hour as a result, even if at some cost in mental strain.

But I thought at least one insightful cartoon spotted way back was worthy of an encore as 2017 come to a close.

Thankfully, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ is only classic science fiction.

I suspect if ‘They’ really are out there watching us, then today, the Earth would merely be a second asteroid belt, rubble orbiting the Sun, and we wouldn’t even have known about it.

Smart Alien

Smart Alien

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(Sir) Billy Connolly bites Trump’s bum

Well THAT hit the spot!

The Big Yin called it RIGHT way back in 2011.

From Billy Connolly’s Route 66 – Episode 1:

Connolly On Trump

Connolly On Trump

Small set of grabs from this section:

I’ll just leave this here…

A Man Walks Into A Bar

A Man Walks Into A Bar

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Will baby SCROTUS throw a tantrum if his toys are taken away?

As an outside observer, I’m amazed (or am I?) that the people of the US have allowed this orange moron to stay in power for so long, and make them look so stupid.

From the days of the Cold War, I had gained the impression the President of the United States had the authority to launch a nuclear strike without asking anybody, or having to seek approval.

Sadly, it seems my impression was correct, and ‘The Button’ is his to press if he so wishes.

I think I felt safer during the Cold War, when we had people like Stanislov Petrov looking after us.

One can only hope that those who might receive the order today, and actually have to initiate the final launch from the silos, have some sense of responsibility, and are not mindless automatons, despite their training and commitment. Or, consider the reality of a ‘Legal Order’ (see Update below).

See These Women Are the Last Thing Standing Between You and Nuclear War

For the first time in over 40 years, Congress has examined a US president’s authority to launch a nuclear attack.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing was titled Authority to Order the Use of Nuclear Weapons.

Some senators expressed concern that the president might irresponsibly order a nuclear strike; others said he must have the authority to act without meddling from lawyers.

The last time Congress debated this issue was in March 1976.

In August, Mr Trump vowed to unleash “fire and fury like the world has never seen” on North Korea if it continued to expand its atomic weapons programme.

Last month, the Senate committee’s Republican chairman, Senator Bob Corker, accused the president of setting the US “on a path to World War 3”.

Via Senate committee questions Trump nuclear authority

Big Poopy Baby

Big Poopy Baby


There was an interesting article that appeared AFTER I noted this: US nuclear chief would resist ‘illegal’ presidential strike order

The top nuclear commander in the US says he would resist any “illegal” presidential order to launch a strike.

Air Force Gen John Hyten, said as head of the US Strategic Command he provided advice to a president and expected that a legal alternative would be found.

His comments come just days after US senators discussed a president’s authority to launch a nuclear attack.

Some of them expressed concern that President Donald Trump might irresponsibly order such a strike.

Others though said a president must have the authority to act without meddling from lawyers. It was the first such hearing in more than 40 years.

While Senators and expert witnesses agree the president has full authority to defend the nation, commentators have pointed out that because there is no all-encompassing definition of “imminent attack”, the president is not given an entirely free hand.

“I provide advice to the president, he will tell me what to do,” Gen Hyten said.

“And if it’s illegal, guess what’s going to happen? I’m going to say: ‘Mr President, that’s illegal.’ And guess what he’s going to do? He’s going to say, ‘What would be legal?’ And we’ll come up with options, of a mix of capabilities to respond to whatever the situation is, and that’s the way it works.

“It’s not that complicated,” Gen Hyten added.

He added: “If you execute an unlawful order, you will go to jail. You could go to jail for the rest of your life.”

President Trump has not publicly commented on Gen Hyten’s remarks.

He’s probably waiting for somebody to draw them for him, in pictures.


I featured Baby Poopy Trump on:

World Toilet Day


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Toxic Trump infection destroys anything it touches

The world’s biggest liar is never going to change.

Having ruined the lives and victimised residents of Menie while his enforcers ensured his unwanted golf course was inflicted on the area back in 2008, it seems that all the promises about not damaging the environment there were all lies.

Only 12 seconds into this video, the lies begin to pour from Trump’s mouth with:

And it’s going to be done environmentally perfect“…

Although the area was assigned the status of a SSSI (site of special scientific interest) and should have been protected, Trump’s assurances (and one cannot doubt his money) meant that this status was set aside, and the golf course was allowed.

Now, it has been reported that a review is to be carried out into the special scientific status of the area as the Menie Estate course is said to have caused habitat loss for wildlife and damage to the sand dune system.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is looking into the scale of the impact to decide if all or parts of the site should lose the status:

An SNH spokesman said: “As expected, there are areas where there has been some permanent habitat loss – for example, where tracks, tees, fairways and greens have been constructed.

“There have been other habitat changes where, for example, mobile sand dunes have been stabilised through the planting of marram grass.

“Part of our review will be to assess the significance and scale of this loss and damage.”

Jonny Hughes, chief executive of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, said: “The Scottish Wildlife Trust was strongly opposed to the Trump development.

“Our main objection was that there would be severe and irreversible damage to around 40% of the Foveran Links SSSI, one of the best sand dune systems of its type in north-western Europe.

“Therefore, it would be unsurprising if the SSSI status is removed.”

“I don’t think it matters to us”

Trump doesn’t care, since it was decided that the economic impact of the development was considered more important than environmental concerns after a public local inquiry was carried out.

Trump International Golf Links Scotland executive vice-president Sarah Malone said: “I don’t think it matters to us.

“It may matter to other people and we’ll be comfortable with whatever the option and the decision on that is. We bought the site because of these extraordinary sand dunes. Why would we do anything to damage them?

“The fact of the matter is, contrary to what is propagated by a very small group of people, our environmental approach was first class.”

Via Trump golf course ‘forced animals from their homes’

More details about Trump’s sham concern are given here: Trump golf course dunes’ special status ‘to be reviewed’

We should probably consider ourselves lucky he was only able to ruin a few sand dunes in Scotland.

As SCROTUS, he’s been able to ruin much of the US in the eyes of the rest of the World.

Meanwhile, as winter arrives in Scotland

Trumps Heart

Trumps Heart

See more like that at: Scotland against Trump

And, echoing the opening words of the video above: Peeing off at “The World’s Greatest Golf Course”

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POTUS, SCROTUS, or ‘Not My President’ – this moron has a toilet fetish

It seems we can’t avoid this detestable, ignorant, moronic, narcissist SCROTUS, and I seem to see altogether too many pics and stories where his face is somehow associated with toilets, or toilet functions.

And there is little or no love for this cretin in Scotland, after the abuse and mistreatment of locals around his rotten golf course

The latest was a cover for TIME, created after he made a laughing-stock of the US by pulling out of the Paris accord on climate change, and apparently providing a whole load of his ‘Alternative Facts’ (or lies) about the subject to prove he’s right and everyone else is wrong.

Pretty accurate.

Donald Dump II

Donald Dump II

I don’t know if it was inspired by the original Donald Dump, created a while ago for the Garbage Pail Kids:

Donald Dump I

Donald Dump I

And an image surfaced of United States Republican presidential candidate and consummate foulmouth Donald Trump with his face wrapped around a lip-shaped urinal by designer Meike van Schijndel.

Supposedly a snapshot from the men’s washroom of Belushi’s Bar in the St Christopher’s Inns hostel in Paris – sadly, it wasn’t real, and was a Photoshopped masterpiece by two California-based artists, William Duke and Brandon Griffin.

Trump Toilet Mouth

Trump Toilet Mouth

I could go on (really, I could, just try combining the moron’s name with toilet items as an online search), but probably a reminder that a quick visit to Amazon will provide a number suitable offering on which you can express your personal opinion directly ‘Face-t0-Face’ with SCROTUS, such as:

Trump Face Toilet Paper

Trump Face Toilet Paper

Frankly, it’s all beyond me, and even now I expect to wake up one morning and see the news that it was all a big joke, this ignorant pile of waste was never SCROTUS, and there has been a ‘Real’ president doing the job in secret.

But that’s not going to happen, is it?

Not with someone who has billions to buy whatever he likes, and has similar billionaires as his ‘mates’.

And Conspiracy Theorists thought The Bildebergers were a problem.


Paris accord footnote

I forgot to include this, but it seems a shame not to, so…

It seems US comedian Kathy Griffiths is being targetted and ruined by a wealthy US billionaire with influential friends, after she just did her job and posed in a photo with a prop meant to resemble the severed head of SCROTUS.

Kathy Griffiths and a Bloody Severed Head

Kathy Griffiths and a Bloody Severed Head

It seems only fair to return the favour.

SCROSCROTUS and Severed Paris Accord

SCROTUS and Severed Paris Accord


Cartoonist nails reality…

NEVER go up against a billionaire crime boss – you’ll lose:

Kathy Griffiths Slip

Kathy Griffiths Oops

Still, I suppose its better than the Cement shoes or Chicago overcoat of days gone by, and a trip to the nearest harbour.

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Best use ever for Donald Trump

Through the eyes of an artist, the truth is revealed:

Artist Fernando Sosa has found a novel way to protest at Donald Trump’s recent comments about Mexican immigrants: he’s turned the Republican presidential candidate into a butt plug.

Sosa used 3D printing technology to create the decidedly-unofficial merchandise, which he is selling from his store on the Shapeways website for £21.34. The plug is made from full-colour sandstone, promising “a coarse finish and a delicate feel”.

Via Artist 3D prints Donald Trump butt plug in protest at immigration rhetoric | Technology | The Guardian

Trump Butt

This 3D-printed Donald Trump butt plug is, suffice to say, not official campaign merchandise. Guardian pic.

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Has Trump swapped Scottish offshore wind farm for Irish offshore wind farm?

As we already know, bullying Donald Trump has thrown his toys out of the pram and stormed out of Scotland after he could not use his billions or bully boy tactics to force the Scottish Government to refuse permission for an offshore wind farm that he considered would blight the view of golfers visiting his course on the Aberdeenshire coast.

If the latest news report is correct, then he’s been so busy throwing a strop that he (and his possibly soon to be unemployed researchers) that they seem to have missed a planning application which has bee lodged for a wind farm near his new Irish resort.

He’s going to look really silly if he has missed this, and can’t arrange for it to be refused planning permission.

The application, by Clare Coastal Wind Power Ltd, states: “For grant of a ten year planning permission for development at a site in the townlands of Carrowmore South, Einagh and Shragh, approximately 2 km south of the village of Doonbeg.

“The development will comprise nine electricity generating wind turbines with a hub height of up to 85 metres and a rotor diameter of up to 82 metres giving an overall height of up to 126m, hardstandings, a control building, an electrical compound, a permanent meteorological mast, associated site roads, drainage and site works.

“The planning application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Statement ( EIS ) and a Natura Impact Statement ( NIS ).”

A decision is due on the proposal on March 30.

The Doonbeg Golf Club in County Clare will be renamed Trump International Golf Links, Ireland and will offer golfers a 400-acre site on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.

Via Donald Trump faces fresh wind farm battle near new Irish golf club | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

Maybe they will be renaming it Trump’s Folly instead, if this proves to be true.

His team will have made him look as stupid as his hair.

Trump balloon hair

That hair

You’re not building houses in Aberdeen, Trump

At the same time…

The council at the centre of a row with Donald Trump has warned the tycoon he will not be able to build houses on the land previously set aside for a golf resort.

Aberdeenshire Council leader Jim Gifford insisted the businessman could only develop property on the land if he also builds a golf course.

The comments come after Mr Trump withdrew his planning application to build another resort on his Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire.

Council leader Jim Gifford told the Press and Journal: “He can do what he wants with the land he owns, but he won’t be selling it to build houses on because the houses are absolutely tied into building the golf course, the clubhouse and the hotel.

“Donald Trump was never going to build those houses, someone else was going to go in there and do that. But there is no way they can build houses on the land as it’s tied in to a progressive sequence of building.”

Via Council warns Donald Trump over property development on Menie Estate | Aberdeen & North | News | STV

Trump’s staff are just as delusional as the man himself, or more likely are in constant fear of being fired if they don’t do all they can to follow his line.

Even though he has now pulled out of Scotland, and ridden off into the sunset, his mouthpieces were still trying to blackmail or shame Scotland, by trying to suggest the Scottish Government is responsible for replacing a mythical 4,000 Trump jobs with a mere 30 arising from the offshore wind turbine project.

Speaking on Friday, Sarah Malone, executive vice president, Trump International Golf Links, Scotland said: “Councillor Gifford, and everyone else taking decisions in government, are failing to understand that they will not get both projects.

“It is either one or the other – we won’t ‘muddle through’ as Gifford put it. They are mutually exclusive.

“It is either 30 jobs generated by the EOWDC or 4000 jobs created by the Trump development.

“The only way that both projects can coexist is for the wind-farm to be moved up the coast or out to sea away from our development.

“Our government leaders should be ashamed of gambling 4000 jobs. Mr Trump stated his position from the outset and we don’t know what more we can say to make it any clearer.”


The only shame is that Scotland ever let this megalomaniac get as far he did, and destroy the dunes and SSSI (site of special scientific interest) in Dundee, and bully the locals.

You’ve Been Trumped

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