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Looks like plans for the old meat market are set to go ahead

It’s not that long (only six months) since I noted that Glasgow Council has to spend £6 million BEFORE the old meat market site is developed

However, it seems that if that was true, it’s finally paved the way for the derelict area to be returned to some sort of useful service.

A historic 19th century landmark in the east end of Glasgow is to be transformed into residential accommodation.

The original Glasgow Meat Market will be transformed into hundreds of affordable accommodation, as well a commercial space.

Home Group in Scotland will be working in partnership with the City Council to deliver the 240 affordable homes as well as a hotel and commercial space by 2024.

Historic Glasgow Meat Market to be transformed into 240 homes and hotel

Five years to wait until completion – assuming all goes to plan, there are no strikes, no disputes, no planning disputes, and no “WE WANT MORE MONEY!” fun.

Although I pass the area regularly, I don’t expect there will me much to see. I’ve come to learn that one big building site looks much like another while work is underway.

If there’s anything worth seeing, it doesn’t generally appear until the job’s done.

I think we’ll just go with an old pic (which will disappear once this place is built).

Nice Sky

Nice Sky

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Duke Street site development proposed after almost two decades

Another of those ‘Just TOO late’ memories, I recall being taken to the car market that took place on the site of Glasgow’s meat market when I was a tiny.

Like many similar auctions, I imagined doing the same myself when I was all ‘grown up’.

And, like all the other similar venues I imagined visiting, this was gone by the time I was in a position to go there myself.

As noted in Glasgow’s old meat and cattle market is ‘At Risk’ not too long ago, it seems to have closed in 2001, suffered arson in 2003, then was razed in 2005.

It looks as if there are now plans for the site after all those years, subject to planning permission.

Home Group intend to apply for planning permission to build the affordable apartments on land at the junction of Duke Street and Bellgrove Street. There would be 252 apartments and two commercial units.

Documents issued as part of the pre-application consultation process state: “This is an exciting opportunity to develop a housing-led proposal on a key site to the east of the city centre assisting Glasgow City Council in realising their ambitions for the wider Meat market masterplan.”

MAJOR Apartment Development Proposed For Duke Street Site

Preceded by…

CITY Council Submits Plans For East End Meat Market Site Makeover

While the last remaining part of this area, the surviving gates, would be retained and incorporated into the plan, similar to parts surviving in the Gallowgate, such as Graham Square, it looks as the plan would see the old sheds and structure inside the area being demolished.

Last Meat Market Building

Last Meat Market Building


Gallowgate Graham Square Gate

Gallowgate Graham Square Gate

I’ll be interested to see how the application goes, and then how the project goes, as I’ve watched one housing development be built and demolished within a timescale of only decades, at nearby Whitevale, where you would not even know the houses and flats had ever been there, had you not seen them being built.

Then there was the conversion of the facade of the former Duke Street Hospital, which became flats for a while, but is now lying derelict, boarded up, and has even had signs attached indicating it was going to be demolished at one point, but is still there, for the moment at least.

Duke St Hospital Flats From West

Duke St Hospital Flats From West

I’ve never taken a specific pic of that area, but did catch part of it in this pair of pics.

The green patch at the front used to be a block of flats. I’m pretty sure they were built when I was REALLY tiny, but were demolished years ago, along with all the housed on the land to the left of this pic.

I recall this spot as one of the residents drove a fairly unique and rare car – I always used to try to see the car park area around the back as I passed in the bus, just to catch a glimpse if they were home, and the car was there.

Whitevale 2015-2017

Whitevale 2015-2017

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Duke Street bike racks

Did I ever mention how much I hate activists and lobbyists?

They really are the most abhorrent people, happy to lie straight to face if it suits them, and to twist and distort the truth in any way that suits their agenda.

To listen to those who have hijacked cycling, one could be forgiven for thinking there was NO accommodation for cyclists in Glasgow (or anywhere else for that matter), yet nothing could be further from the truth.

If you ignore the horrible whining noise coming from their corner, you’ll find not only the National Cycling Network, but a number of segregated cycle lanes (not just marked with paint, but separated by dividers), lanes defined by road markings, traffic lights for cyclists only, and even pedestrian crossings which have had cycle control lights added. Shared recreational spaces now also have paths and lanes defined for cyclists and pedestrians to make things easier. I’ve also noted how some vast, wide, and/or deserted areas of footpath and pavement have also gained signs showing they are shared routes, allowing cyclist to get off the road and stay away from traffic.

I’m sure there’s more to find, but that’s just what I’ve noticed after getting fed up with the activist’s nonsense.

It’s a shame they have to overstate the case for cyclists, presumably using logic that goes along the lines of “Ask for a budget of £100 k for your £20 k project, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get £10 k”. Great idea – if it didn’t screw up all the reasonable requests.

I was reminded of this when I spotted some new (but not recent) bike racks at the start of (the busy part of) Duke Street (across from the train station).

It’s actually a handy place for them, and better than parking a bike on railings or signposts in Duke St itself, and avoid cycling into the busy part of the street. It actually matches a similar rack at the other end (of the busy part), at the corner of Bellgrove Street, where the meat market used to be.

I wonder if I’m right in thinking that actual cyclists (people who actually just use their cycles to get around) agree with my thoughts, while the activists are now jumping up and down and shouting about how wrong I am about this.

Did I ever mention how much I hate activists and lobbyists?

Duke Street Bike Racks

Duke Street Bike Racks

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Just some Tennent’s murals

Another post inspired by the proposals to brighten the area up.

Adjacent to the Necropolis, it must surely fall within the area mentioned.

I tend not to follow the crowd, but realise that this is not always the best plan…

You have seen the “I’m a bomb disposal officer, if you see me running… FOLLOW ME!” t-shirt?

So, although I’ve passed Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery on Duke Street many times, I’ve never felt motivated to take any pics of the murals adorning the brewery wall.

But it seems to have become almost a ‘Rite of passage’ for anyone taking pics around Glasgow, so I think I should get with the program (before someone decides it’s time for them to be deleted).

I like this group because of the panicked glass making its escape from the shadowy hand.

Tennents Murals

Tennents Murals

I collected this one too.

Original Tennent's Boozers

Original Tennents Boozers


Not sure if our ‘umpteen’ beats the cat’s ‘elebenty’, or vice versa (but I think the cat just wins, just for being cuter).



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Stunning shutter mural

Caught on the same day as the city centre skull mural seen earlier.

This one is more like something Donald Trump might produce if the grown-ups trusted him with finger paints, and he didn’t try to eat/drink them.

Duke Street Shutter Mural

Duke Street Shutter Mural

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What was behind this mystery gate in Duke Street near Parkhead?

I’ve been passing the red gate (well, mostly red, now faded, plus rust) for some years, and had expected to trip over some reference or other which might explain why it was there, or what it belonged to.

No luck so far.

In my time, there’s never been anything on the land behind, apart from the occasional pile of rubbish, and the fenced area has always just been a piece of ‘spare ground’. Recently, the only activity ever witnessed there has been the opening of a larger locked gate (out of sight, to the right) and display of a sign offering car-parking for a few pounds, on big match days at Celtic Park.

In the hope of digging something up I recently combed the online historic records for the area, and pulled up aerial imagery for the surrounding area. The former listed nothing for the spot, while none of the freely available aerial imagery even shows a building there.

I found some B&W aerial views that show the various steel and chemical works which occupied the surrounding area in the past, and even oblique views which date back to the 1930, including Carntyne Stadium (there was a stadium entrance immediately to the left of this gate – but separated from it by a wall/fence), but even then, the land on this spot still appears to be completely bare.

The old stadium entrance arch survived until a few years ago, when it was razed along with a small factory and business that lay to its left, leaving the land clear, with no other evidence of its use other than the perimeter fence. As far as I know, the industrial premises to the left was Tubular Scaffolding Ltd, said to have been founded around 1929 and described as the oldest scaffolding company in Glasgow, run by a family called Cole-Hamilton.

So. my usual resources all seem to have come up empty.

Do YOU know better?

Duke Street Mystery Gate

Duke Street Mystery Gate

Here’s a closer look at the hardware fitted to this gate.

As can be seen, these articles are fairly modern.

There’s a lock fitted to the gate which has an electrically operated release, and an intercom which visitors could ‘Ring the bell’ and speak to those inside and request entry, being ‘Buzzed in’ if they were granted access.

There’s also a metal ‘post box’ over to the right, so the postie didn’t need to gain access to deliver letters.

The original lock has long ago been burst, and the gate secured with a fairly robust chain.

Mystery Gate Hardware

Mystery Gate Hardware

Bonus note

Just for completeness, this a view of the former Carntyne Stadium entrance (and the wall of TS Scaffolding’s premises to the left) – when they were still standing a few years ago..

The gate in question lies a few metres to the right, out of shot.

Carntyne Stadium Duke Street

Carntyne Stadium Duke Street


The original pics are oldish, and more recent snaps from the same place betray the fact the NOTHING is beyond the attention of the Glasgow ned, not even a wrecked gate/door intercom.

As can be seen below, even the remains of that dead item were later stripped off their place next that gate.

The chain still survives, so far…

Stripped Panel

Stripped Panel

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Summer in September in Glasgow in Duke Street

I usually fail to get pics like this because…

It’s cold and wet and the reason I would be taking them (if I dared take my non-waterproof camera out) would be to have a laugh, as I sometimes find the way café (or bistro) owners set tables and chairs outside when it’s pouring rain and/or blowing a gale to be almost hysterical.

But they do get customers who are prepared to sit outside while the wind chills their tea/coffee, and the rain is splashing down into their cups and watering down the content too.

I swear I really will take a chance and get a pic of such a scene one day.

But yesterday was much nicer, and outdoor dining was on the cards, and so much better than at the height of summer, when the same ‘treat’ also bring the joy of wasps and suchlike to your food, and you have to fight with them to get near it.

This was Duke Street yesterday afternoon, the height of high-class dining – next to a row of wheelie-bins!

Duke Street Cafe And Bins

Duke Street Cafe And Bins

We often see a reversal of weather trends towards the end of September – only a few days ago I was stuck indoors, the rain was pelting down, and it was cold enough for me to start digging out warm clothes.

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