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The illegals – W4 NNO

It’s been a while since I included an ‘illegal’ and the collection is backing up.

So, I’ll clear this one spotted recently.

I guess W4NNO is close enough to something that matters for them to chance the potential £1,000 fine for illegal character spacing if they meet a grumpy traffic cop that doesn’t like STs (or diesels).

Ford Focus ST TDCi [W4 NNO]

Ford Focus ST TDCi [W4 NNO]

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The illegals – D3 MLN

It took me a moment to realise this 2006 Ford Focus was actually one of the illegals, and doesn’t really seem to be worth the risk of that potential £1,000 fine for having illegal character spacing on the plate.

Quite what ‘D3M LN’ represents isn’t obvious (to me at least, and the plates themselves have no clues added.

I thought it might even have been a mistake (on the plate) but they’re same front and back.

2006 Ford Focus Front [D3 MLN]

2006 Ford Focus Front [D3 MLN]

2006 Ford Focus [D3M LN]

2006 Ford Focus [D3M LN]

Weird pics too.

Not sure if this was my own fault though, or the wet, but I couldn’t get a what I would call a proper ‘low light’ pic.

I must have hit a setting and upset if from my usual preference, as these pics were WAY slow with exposures in the order of 5 seconds.

Usually I can convince things to happen in less than a second provided the scene is under street lights, but this just stayed as a ‘dark’ shot, and had to be lifted with post-processing.

Whatever I did must have been a temporary change – I couldn’t find any setting I suspected, and the next outing provides pics as usual.

The plethora of menus and settings may be nice to have, but can be a pain. While I’d like a ‘pro’ camera as it comes with lots of knobs and extra displays, these come at a price, and I don’t just mean the cost (my eyes still start watering when I see new ones that cost as much as a decent second-hand car). They’re also considerably larger and heavier than their non-pro cousins.

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The illegals – CR10 NNR

I’m amazed at how these plates don’t get pulled, given the ease with which they can be seen by any passing traffic car (and ‘traffic’, or White Bunnets, in my day at least, didn’t stand for any nonsense if they spotted something – I still avoid them, after a couple of newly promoted ‘kids’ abused their position, and tried to fit me up one evening), and can be an easy £1,000 potential fine.

I was kind of pleased to find this one during the day, as I got a better pic than usual since I usually end up heading for home in the dark of night at this time of year, and I don’t often get the chance to go this way.

It’s a lovely example of illegal spacing, perfect in its imperfection.

But, what exactly is a CRIONNR?

Ford FiestaTDI [CR10NNR]

Ford FiestaTDI [CR10 NNR]

Despite looking almost light enough to be oddly coloured daylight, this blurry example was the best I could manage in a fairly dark side street, as the camera made a valiant effort with a 2 second high ISO exposure.

It’s still a mystery to me how/why it manages some of these shots as such bright results, while others (with the same basic settings) look like they were taken down a coal mine just as the candle flickered out.

Ford Focus TDI [CR10 NNR]

Ford Focus TDI [CR10 NNR]

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