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I found a funny in Street View

OK, I admit this is not the most hysterically funny thing ever found in Street View, but at least it’s not going to be deleted (like some less-than-savoury finds of people caught with their pants down).

I was ‘cruising’ along a road looking for evidence of a new/hidden path that the locals might have opened up to make life a bit easier for themselves with, when I spotted this Transit, ever so slightly modified as the mapping software tried to piece together the various pics that make up the whole view.

I wonder if it’s cramped in there?

Maybe it’s real – and I actually caught Ford testing a special edition based on the tiny microvans they have in China and Japan (kei class).

It was announced they were going to hit out roads back in 2010.

Google Earth Transit

Google Earth Transit


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The Illegals – KK51 SSS

It’s not often I can make a chance catch using the compact (I always claim to be able to go and make a cup of tea while it grinds and whirs into life after pressing the ‘On’ button), but on this occasion got lucky thanks to the many traffic lights which hold traffic on one of the relatively new sections of the M74.

As I find myself saying with increasing regularity, I am NOT impressed by modern-day personalised registrations that need a ‘Code Book’ to interpret them, and in this case, even LESS impressed by some slimy sales person who convinced Chris that KK15 SSS somehow looked like their name.

They certain;y earned their commission talking the buyer into ‘buying’ that!

This is another one I doubt is worth the fine and points that driving around with this on show are likely to arrive as the police become increasingly strict on illegal letter and number spacing, as they seek to increase the effectiveness of the ANPR system.

Transit [KK15 SSS]

Transit [KK15 SSS]



I thought this was some sort of naughty-naughty word play on KISS – until I noticed this while processing the image (and I had a look at the smudge at the bottom of the plate). Whoever sold this should be dragged into court for misrepresentation:

KK51 SSS Chris Plate

KK51 SSS Chris Plate

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