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Remind me, this is 2018 and we’re banning… Grid Girls!

There is something wrong with our society and what is now seen as an issue.

Then again, while a ‘Grid Girl’ might turn up making claims of sexual harassment against executives of a mega-rich global corporation and cause its share value to fall, chances of that happening with those below?

Caption that came with this clip said:

Took 8 years off her life. Should have been stopped way sooner. Cachoeira (Grey shorts) hit Shevchenko (Black shorts) 3 times in the whole fight. Shevchenko hit Cachoeira 230 TIMES…


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Interesting – While ‘Grid Girls’ are losing their jobs…

I find the moral judgement of those who decide what is, and is not, acceptable for the rest of to see is dubious to say the least.

Or maybe, like many other who claim the moral high ground, they’re just cowards at heart, and only dare to attack ‘soft targets’.

While a number of sports have made a similar announcement to this Formula 1 headliner…

Formula 1: ‘Grid girls’ will not be used at races this season

It seems the same people find this sort of thing perfectly acceptable…

At least I don’t see the same moaning coming from it anywhere near images like this:

UFC Stills

UFC Stills

Apparently, attractive girls providing support services at sporting events is socially unacceptable and has to be stopped, yet two women beating each other into bloody pulp up in public is absolutely fine, and is a major spectator sport able to attract audiences and fill venues.

Go figure.


In case you think I watch this stuff, since I can show the above, it actually comes from a photo/video sharing site I use, where some of the contributors ARE fans and keep uploading endless examples of their ‘favourites’.

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Jim Clark Museum secures final funding

Jim Clark

Jim Clark

It’s nice to see something manage to reach a successful conclusion without a great fuss or multitude of problems, but this does seem to be the case of the proposed Jim Clark Museum in the Borders.

I’ve followed this development over the years, purely by chance, and while it may have taken a while to see the progress of the small facility to the driver’s memory, to the current project to create a formal museum, it never seemed to be a project that would fail, or be over-ambitious and cause its own demise. There’s nothing worse than seeing a good idea collapse due to over-reaching ambition that has no real chance of being fulfilled.

It had always been hoped the development would be completed by 2018, a year which will mark the 50th anniversary of the driver’s death at Hockenheim in Germany, when he was just 32.

Born in Kilmany in Fife, Jim Clark was raised in the Borders, and went on to win the Formula 1 world championship in 1963 and 1965, and won a total of 25 grand prix races.

Via Jim Clark Museum in Duns crosses funding finish line

Pic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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Jim Clark Museum granted planning permission

Jim Clark

Jim Clark

It feels as if I’ve been watching stories about plans for a museum dedicated to racing driver Jim Clark for years, but it’s not really been that long.

While there have been a few objections about its appearance, and fear of a few extra cars needing to park nearby, it seems that they have been overcome, and planning permission has been granted.

It is hoped the development could be completed by 2018 – the 50th anniversary of Clark’s death at Hockenheim in Germany, aged just 32.

A proper facility seems like a good idea. Despite being aware there was a small collection of some sort there, The Jim Clark Room, I never got around to finding or visiting, even though there were times I was in the area regularly.

All they need now it the funding – the £1.65 million has a £300,000 crowdfunding campaign, while Scottish Borders Council has pledged £620,000 towards the museum, with a similar sum being sought from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Via Green light for Jim Clark museum project in Duns

Pic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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New Jim Clark Memorial

jim clarkJim Clark was born in Fife, on March 4, 1936, and raised in Duns in the Scottish Borders. During his Formula 1 career, he was to win 25 grand prix races, and hold the title of World Champion on two occasions, 1963 and 1965, while driving for the Lotus grand prix team.

In 1964, he received an OBE for his services to motor racing.

He lost his life at the Hockenheim circuit in Germany on April 7, 1968, during a Formula 2 race.

Many have visited, and continue to visit, the Jim Clark Rooms in Duns, devoted to his memory.

A memorial cross was erected at Hockenheim track close to the spot where he was killed, but became overgrown and was moved to a better location nearer the track.

The new memorial, designed by close friend Ian Scott-Watson,will be unveiled at the annual Jim Clark Revival Meeting at the end of next month.

There is also a life size statue of him in racing overalls, standing by the bridge over a small stream in the village of his birth, Kilmany in Fife.

Jim Clark is buried in the village of Chirnside in Berwickshire.

Pic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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