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Take the High Road is back (at last)

If you were watching the repeat of ‘Take the High Road’ on STV Glasgow some months ago, you may have been disappointed when the loss of this channel from Freeview (replaced by the depressingly inferior STV2) saw this disappear from the schedule for a while.

Contacting STV brought forth the news that the arrival of the ‘new’ channel had not sounded the death knell for the repeat, and I was promised it would return after a few weeks delay.

While this was true, what I had not been told was that the series would not simply pick up from where it left off, or be daily, with a weekend omnibus.

Instead, the (re)starting point was months behind where it had stopped, and was now ONLY to be a single broadcast of FIVE episodes on Saturday mornings.

That would have been largely fine, but I had already had a number of email exchanges with STV – as I had come to depend on the double broadcast of each episode every week, since I was finding that despite having set the series to record, I often found the episode had NOT actually been recorded when I checked, despite having been visible in the recording schedule before the broadcast.

Catch up

For anyone who may not have been as patient as me, I thought it might be worth mentioning that the broadcast episodes finally reached the point at which the STV Glasgow offering ended.

We have, at last, caught up with the point the series had reached some months ago.

Granted, it’s also reached plot lines which suggest advertisers, sponsors, and special interest groups had managed to get their claws firmly embedded, and some of the plots had become truly cringe-worthy, ruining the simple pleasure of the earlier series, there’s still the occasional chance of catching the local scenery – and that kind of makes up.

But, it’s still a shame that TTHR management saw the need to join the truly rubbish ‘Soap Club’ which somehow seemed to deem it necessary to make its characters miserable typecasts of some of the least desirable member of any society, and suffer as they served as a vehicle to highlight some of the worst moral issues of the day.

Early episodes may have been ‘twee’, but at least they were more reasonable, and not full of angst.

I did give up watching the original broadcast for a while, so am catching up on what I missed way back then.

And while I will admit to being sad when it was ended – I really wasn’t surprised, as what I could call ‘Soap Disease’ had ruined it.

(I thought I had a TTHR frame, but can’t find it, so have a nice pic of Luss from some years ago.)



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The Prisoner airing on Freeview Ch61 ‘True Entertainment’ from 21:00 Mon 13 Mar 2017

True Entertainment
I spotted a slightly surprising show due to be aired on Freeview Channel 61.

‘True Entertainment’ is about start showing The Prisoner as of Monday 13 March 2017 at 21:00.

This replaces the current run of The Persuaders and will follow the same format of two episodes per evening.

While that will burn through the series in less than two weeks, The Persuaders was only 24 eps, and has been repeating for the past few weeks.

I don’t have the ability to look far enough forward to see if The Prisoner will also be looped for a while.

While I have a few version on various media collected over the years, and could watch as I wished, I never do, and rather like the ‘old-fashioned’ discipline of having to ‘catch’ a programme when it is on. That said, I seldom watch anything live now (or at all to be honest) but delay, so I can wipe out the poxy adverts.

Brings back memories too.

In the Village

In the Village

I said I was surprised, and that’s because we passed the 50th anniversary of the series not that long ago, yet not one broadcaster saw fit to mention it, or run the series to mark the event.

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Launch date set for Gaelic TV

We noted the earlier announcement that a Gaelic TV service was to be launched at some time, and it seems that you’ll be able to see this before the end of the year, although you’ll have to wait a bit longer if you’re not coughing up subs to the cable and satellite companies.

Also to be available online, BBC ALBA will be launched on cable and satellite on September 19, 2008, and follow on Freeview (in Scotland only) after the digital switchover, and subject to review by the BBC Trust.

See also the Gaelic Media Service.

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Digital TV in Gaelic

I have to admit that Gaelic is a complete mystery to me, and I have a secret admiration for those that have it as their language, even for anyone that work out the pronunciation from the written word.

After some early fears that the service might not even be considered as a possibility, due to the funding requirements and relatively low numbers that it may attract, the go-ahead was recently announced for the launch of a Gaelic Digital Service by the BBC Trust which oversees the BBC. The budget for running the service each year is just under £21 million.

Conditions apply to the introduction of the service, which will begin on cable, satellite and broadband, with a review of its performance being carried out before it is considered for introduction to Freeview.

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