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Today is French Toast Day

More delicious than the simple combination of sliced bread soaked in beaten eggs (maybe with a little milk) has any right to be, this quick and simple meal has existed under various names around the world since… oh, who cares.

A little irritating for me, as I don’t happen to have any eggs to hand at the moment, this is an easy ‘day’ to take part in, as if anyone really needs an excuse to fry up some of this treat, or any of its variations, since it’s easy to upgrade with anything that goes with egg. I rather like it covered with one of a certain 57 varieties of tinned pasta swimming in their tomato sauce.

Probably the only thing to be wary of is any sort of soggy bread that has not been properly ‘proven’ or allowed to dry after baking. I’m thinking mainly of some of the more common (and supposedly popular) white breads, which I find just revert to dough when chewed, and I’d say are not even properly baked.

I prefer a nice wholemeal type, not fresh out the wrapper but aged for a few days so it has had a chance to become ‘dry’. This means it is ready to soak up the eggs, and fry evenly. I’ve no real interest in any so-called ‘recipes’ with silly variations or weird additions, and my only customisation might be to cut the bread into fingers before soaking and frying.

Seriously, if I didn’t have a load of other (fresh) food to hand, I’d be off the shops for a box of eggs right meow now.

Plain French Toast Fingers

Plain French Toast Fingers


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