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Invisible woman spotted in Argyle Street

This was odd.

She was standing on this little plinth in Argyle Street when I first ‘saw’ her.

And she was STILL standing there when I passed the same place on my way back home a few hours later.

Maybe she had nothing better to do?

Argyle Street Shoes

Argyle Street Shoes


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Glasgow Green parties on (Nice sky too)

I was in Glasgow Green again last night, and more than a little surprised to see the same party back there on another lovely evening.

I’d assumed (obviously wrongly) that what I’d seen on Sunday night was the tail end of something that had taken place over the weekend, and I’d just caught it winding down as music was being dismantled and bundled into a van.

Not so.

This was Monday night at almost 9 pm, and things were as they were on Sunday.

(Oops – This may NOT be normal behaviour after all, as I’ve just realised this was a holiday weekend. Guess I’ll gave to check another evening – but the heatwave we enjoyed Sun/Mon had also gone today, as it cooled and rained on the Tuesday).

Glasgow Green More Fun

Glasgow Green More Fun

That’s a nice sky captured over the People’s Palace.

I also took the opportunity to wander along to the office block I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

UnseeFor me, it was the defining moment of the phrase “What has been seen cannot be unseen”.

No ‘dirty women’ there any more.

I knew that anyway, since this is still on my way home if I’ve been wandering anywhere near the river and the city centre.

Greendyke And Charlotte Street Corner

Greendyke And Charlotte Street Corner

As I noted yesterday, this is an interesting building, with those ‘flying’ windows extending beyond the building wall, and that inverted triangular structure on the roof, which I’m guessing is a water storage tank.

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Is this really Glasgow Green?

Ever since I was a little kid, I had it beaten into me to stay away from Glasgow Green, especially if it was late at night, or dark.

And to be fair to those warnings, in their day they were probably fair warnings too, at least going from what lurks at the back of my mind as regards local newspaper stories (remember them?) from the time.

Even when I worked in Glasgow for a time, it was still somewhere to be wary of, although the council was well underway with their plans to tidy it up and return it to the decent people. I recall one evening I was there a little later than usual, and turned the corner from Greendyke Street to Charlotte Street (there’s an interesting office block on that corner) and ran into a “Wire Brush and Domestos Moment” for my eyes as a hooker broke away from a hunting group on that corner and set after me! If you’ve ever had anyone describe how drugs or a hard life ages someone, she was the classic illustration – and a short tank top and mini skirt on a woman who might have been 30-something but looked more like 70-something is NOT NICE. Especially if chasing you.

Fast forward to present day, and the change on the Green is remarkable.

I find myself there at various late hours, and still get a surprise finding normal, ordinary people using it for recreation, running, cycling, or walking with their kids.

Yesterday was a prime example, as there had been some sort of fun and games taking place, but I wasn’t there until after 8 pm, hoping to get some pics of a spot I hoped would be deserted. It was (almost), but even at that time the Green was still full of people just having fun.

Glasgow Green Sunday

Glasgow Green Sunday

There’s always one wally who has to run into your scene once you’ve composed it!

Glasgow Green Sunday

Glasgow Green Sunday

Even though this sort of scene is now the norm on the Green, I just can’t get used to it, and it still takes me by surprise when I’m there at times I would once have given it an extremely wide berth, and see it like this.

To give you an idea just how hard the ‘old’ image is set in my mind, I have a book of images of Glasgow from 1988, and the author of that volume was already saying much the same about both the city and the Green, which underwent real changes around the time of the Glasgow Garden Festival.

Amazing. I managed that without having a kick at the dopey 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and their non-existent ‘Lasting Legacy’.


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More flat earth fun – they may have a version of multiverses

I managed to have some fun with the flat earthers last week, following their insult to Scotland made when they reportedly took over a shop in Inverness.

I spotted some more fun this week, with diagram showed how the flat earth (the one with an ice wall around its edge) could be shown to have the equivalent of multiverses, or something, and how there could be many flat earths, all unknown to one another, and presumably unreachable.

Flat Earth Multiverses

Flat Earth Multiverses?


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Catbutt – it’s so fluffy

So, it’s not my pic, but who cares?

If I have to spend my time mainly catching pics of catbutts disappearing into the distance, I might as well take a moment to give the better looking ones a mention.

Oh, and don’t miss that little cat nose, just visible in the distance.

Catbutt Sleeps

Catbutt Sleeps

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Today is International Fun at Work Day

26 January 2018 is International Fun at Work Day.

More specifically, the date varies as this day falls on the last Friday in January.

I think this one is fairly easy to understand, and is probably also easy to take part in.


While it wasn’t around when I ran a small business with some other colleagues, I thing it might have been a tad contentious if it had.

I’ve mentioned the one that put himself in charge, and he was a miserable sod without an original thought in his head.

On a day such as this, I can almost hear him moaning about ‘lost production’ and wasted time.

He enjoyed doing this anyway, and while he would put lots of effort into finding out where such things could be found, his abilities evaporated when it came to utilising or minimising such things. While he expected such things to be reported to him, other than moaning about them and pointing to the manager concerned, he never proposed any useful changes, or allocated any budget or resources that might have helped.

Representing this through the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party seems quite appropriate – I hope other work in a better environment.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Mad Hatters Tea Party

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Today is officially… Cake Day!

26 November.

I don’t think I need to say anything.

I just enjoy being one of those people who can stuff cakes in their face all day –  and not put on weight.

I suppose the downside of that genetic feature is possibly meeting the same ending as someone who said “Let them eat cake” during a certain revolution – and becoming intimate with Madame Guillotine.

I found a pic of a 23 layer chocolate cake.

23 Layer Chocolate Cake

23 Layer Chocolate Cake

Then I found a 24 layer version.

24 Layer Chocolate Cake

24 Layer Chocolate Cake

But both were missing something.

Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Sauce


Weapon of choice.

Art Deco Cake Fork

Art Deco Cake Fork

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It just snowed in sunny Glasgow

I should have known better, really, I should.

Yesterday was really nice, both dry and sunny, and well above freezing temps too.

Of course, I was stuck indoors for reasons outwith my control, or choice.

Today, I’d largely decided to get out, and the morning at least started well (if chilly), being dry and bright.

Come 10:30 or so, it was time for coffee, and I saw the dullness that had fallen was being accompanied by a combination of rain and wet snow, stuck to my window – had I arrived 5 minutes later, it would have been gone, as the temp was hovering a few degrees above 0 deg C, so no chance of it lying.

But I saw it, and it was no great surprise as the snow is already lying on the hilltops surrounding Glasgow.

It’s already stopped and gone away, so maybe I’ll still make it out after F1 free practice on the telly (if I can find my shovel).

No evidence to take a pic of, so…

Light Scottish Snowfall

Light Scottish Snowfall



I ventured past a window an hour later to find that a new period of dullness was down a REAL snowfall.

Unfortunately, still too much latent heat around for this to lie, I had to go on a quick learning course to find out how to photograph falling snow.

I had just about worked out how to do this when I thought the method had stopped working, but dragging my eye from the viewfinder revealed the flurry had just stopped while I had been busy.

But, I did at least get a usable view, even if I had to crop out most of the surroundings.

Warm Snowfall

Warm Snowfall

Hint: Flash might sometimes produce interesting effect in rain – but it’s not an option for snow.

I’d found a nice range of shutter speeds, but all fun stopped when the snow stopped, and focus/aperture/ISO remain mysteries for another day – but at least I learned something new.

F1 commentators were spot on too

Watching F1 free practice from the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi was fun.

News came in that those at Knockhill were “Up to their ankles in snow”.


“Well, you can be up to your ankle in snow at Knockhill in the middle of summer”.

Never quite saw that myself, but sometimes wished I had a wet suit and scuba gear as I waded around the circuit some years.

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I still beat old tired hacks to good stories

Although I’ve drifted away from most media related material, I used to like spotting viral or mainstream media material days before some tired old hack, probably desperately looking for stuff to go running to their editor in the hope of winning a cheque in return, spotted the same items.

Last week I spotted a drone ‘scare video’ produced around the idea that AI would be out to ‘Kill Us’ if we didn’t ban such things as so-called Killer Robots.

Notable since it used sunny EDINBURGH as the setting for its dystopian assassination scenes.

It’s taken almost a week, but someone at the BBC eventually raised the appearance of this video – and its setting.

Try harder… we’ll wait for you 🙂

Edinburgh used for ‘killer drone’ film

Little Red Drone

Little Red Drone

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Settling pond doubles as chill out area

Only in Glasgow…

Would you find a settling pond complete with floating boom and life ring being used to provide a corporate chill out area:

Settling pond chill out zone

Settling pond chill out zone

Sorry about the fence wire, but the spacing was so tight even with the lens touching, it couldn’t be avoided. And I’ve yet to play with some software for cleaning this sort of thing up automatically – doing it manually… waaaaaaay too long.

Maybe the area has to be this secure to keep the smack-heads and winos out, or security would have to be there 24/7 keeping them off the ‘comfy seats’ and nice view.

Find this on Polmadie Road, at these offices:

TranServ sign

TranServ sign

Don’t take this the wrong way, I think it’s a fun use of a feature that’s there anyway.

These settling ponds and drainage areas seem to be a feature of many new builds I have visited recently, many in domestic housing areas, and they’re generally neglected and left to grow wild. Fenced off for safety, so can’t be maintained or kept tidy, they are often little eyesores in the midst of otherwise tidily kept areas around the new houses.

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Careful who you envy – you could be wishing you were dead

I don’t know when I first saw the video included below, but I don’t mind admitting that it made me smile, as I’d like to have done the same.

In reality, the best I could do was a little over 300 bhp from a (just under) 5-litre V8, meaning a 0-60 mph of around 5.6 seconds with a max speed of 155 mph on hand.

This was partnered with a 3-litre 24-valve turbo, but the performance was similar, bar a lower top speed. I always meant to mildly tune this one, but it never happened for a variety of reasons.

With the best will in the world, I wasn’t going to land a 1,250 WHP Lamborghini Gallardo, and as far as I’m aware, only one of my neighbours has ever had a Gallardo in their drive. I only ever saw it there once (ie no pic opportunity). Unlike another neighbour’s 458, which does live in his drive, I suspect this may not actually have been his Gallardo.

What few were aware of was that he had cancer, and it proved terminal recently, when Robert Himler died, aged only 24 years.

Robert Himler, 24 Years of Age, Dies from Cancer. | UTM News

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