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A clock, and intriguing funeral care in Tollcross

Apologies for the missing corner in the pic below, but the original shot was just intended to capture the clock, then I realised the context was more interesting, but the necessary perspective correction for the clock face had not been allowed for in the bigger picture.

I’d originally wanted to catch this pic purely to record the clock over the door, which is quite real and fully operational, always showing the correct time – sadly, more than can be said of many clocks in public view these days.

The thing that really caught my eye (after noting its mere existence, something that is quite rare these days, since it is assumed everyone has some gadget or other that tells the time) was this clock’s unprotected face and proximity to the footpath. There is no glass or plastic protective covering over the face, and it would be relatively easy for some little scumbag to trash it by attacking the hands – but this has not happened over the years it has now been in place.

As for the context and reason for including the whole shopfront in the pic…

While it didn’t really occur to me at the time, the name of the service did come to strike me as significant, after seeing a documentary about funeral directors, and the relative rarity of such a business being established by someone other than a male member of the human race.

Janice Stevens Funeral Care clock

Janice Stevens Funeral Care clock



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Surprise funeral directors

This was something of a surprise, and a reminder that unexpected things can happen when you are not watching – in this case while my regular walking route happened to be in another direction for a while.

Building seen has been abandoned, or more accurately unoccupied, for years.

A long long time ago it was a car dealer’s, might even have been built for that use originally. That eventually closed, then it was a Job Centre for a while. I’m not sure if it was before or after that, but I think it was some sort of office for a while, but was fairly anonymous, so I have little recollection.

It looks as if the agents have decided to divide it up into smaller units, with the funeral directors having established their presence while I was absent, and another premises (no clues yet) being fitted out next door.

Given how long this place has lain empty, I hadn’t expected to ever see anything there again.

Shettleston funeral directors

Shettleston funeral directors

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Black traffic cones are a thing

It’s odd how you can come across something you have never seen before, but must have been present.

Probably just a case of chance, and not having been there at the right time.

I can’t recall having noticed black traffic comes before, but as I stumbled through Baillieston recently, there was a small flock of the things guarding the road outside a funeral director.

The cones were even customised with reflective bands carrying identification.

Curiosity awoken, I had hunt around the Internet to discover these could be purchased relatively, complete with reflective bands if needed. The only restriction seems to be delivery. The ‘custom’ colour means that there are no great stocks  of black cones to be had, and they are made to order, with delivery being in the order of 6-8 weeks, which is probably appropriate for such a sedate business.

Ever since I noticed this particular flock I’ve been on the lookout for more in the wild, but so far have only seen ordinary orange being pressed into service.

Baillieston funeral office

Baillieston funeral office

Baillieston black cone

Black cone


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