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Things are crawling out of Glasgow’s bins

Passing through Shettleston one night, I wondered if there was maybe an unknown nuclear reactor somewhere, or if someone had been illegally dumping naughty chemicals and pollutants in the drains.

GIANT SNAILS crawling out of the bins!

There are times I’m glad I can’t afford booze.

Genetic Mutation 1

Genetic Mutation 1

At least they don’t move very fast.

Since I’d missed the face, I got a chance to make up for that mistake the next day.

Genetic Mutation 2

Genetic Mutation 2

Doesn’t look threatening at all (until it jumps on your face and smothers you).

In fact, the funniest thing about this pic is almost invisible.

Can you believe this is fitted with a ‘Safety Belt’ for the seat, to keep the fragile little mite sitting in it safe?

Maybe the REAL idea is to let harassed parents strap them in, so they can get some peace, and the kid can’t escape and wander away.


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I want to believe

Sadly, not spotted by me, but found online, and another that is too good not to share.

I didn’t get it at first, but that was my own fault as I did not look at the whole thing, from top to bottom 🙂

I Want To Believe

I Want To Believe

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Dammit cat – That’s for my feet!

I managed to catch this typical cat response to some poor old tired feet getting a soak…

Sphinx Drinks

Sphinx Drinks

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You picked the wrong house mouse

It’s been a while since I found any little ‘visitors’ trying to get in, so I thought the quiet spell was a handy opportunity to drop in this ‘found’ pic.

Staring Contest

Staring Contest

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Assuming this is a hairdresser’s car, is it for a successful hairdresser that fixes this, or far a failed hairdresser that causes it?



(It’s been shuffled onto an Audi since being caught here).

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Dyson at dawn

At the signal, roll 10 paces, turn, and SUCK!

Dyson At Dawn

Dyson At Dawn

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Latest from Loch Ness

Just spotted this in a forum.

Surely this latest pic means there can be no longer be any doubt about what is in Loch Ness?*

Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster


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Funny signs – damp floor (maybe)

I’ve come across a few of these signs now, usually just fluttering around on the road.

Never sure whether to laugh or cry though, as it could be taken to mean that people are too dumb to see a wet/damp floor or stairs.

Alternatively, that they are getting too ‘clever’, and see a wet/damp floor or stairs as a ready-made lawsuit, and fast route to some easy cash by claiming a slip/fall injury, and suing the cleaning company concerned – such companies now being obliged to pin up such signs so they can point out that they pointed out the obvious, and mitigate liability.

Guess that woman who sued a shopping centre years ago has a lot to answer for (as I recall, she claimed the shopping centre’s floor was ‘too hard’ and sued on the basis that it had hurt her feet).

I’m not sure whether I would like to see them, or the ‘Ambulance Chaser’ type legal firms sent to the ‘Big Fire’, or send both of them, just to be sure!

Damp Floor Sign

Damp Floor Sign

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Sad dog is sad

This guy was looking at me as if to say “Do they mean dog years or human years?”

While it may not be accurate (it’s more complex than a simple equivalence), it’s often taken that one dog year is about seven human years.

This means things are quite good for them if it’s dog years, since a dog will be in its twenties by the time it has been around for more than two human years.

But the other side of this thought is that if our dog has to wait for 25 human years – well, by then it’s going to be something like 150 dog years.

And that’s maybe the thought this little face is conveying.

Sad Dog

Sad Dog

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Well, would you?

I often wonder if people just put this sort of thing up for fun.

Apart from Russians, I’ve never actually seen anybody using something like this, which possibly means one of two things.

My opening thought is correct.

Or, since I’ve never seen anyone if I hung around for a while, that I arrived AFTER the fun, and they’re lying in a pile of pieces somewhere below.




I’ve just realised, after looking at the dates on this and other pics of the scene, that my last thought might be right, as this appears to have gone up years ago, and was still there, just the same in 2016 and 2017.

I must wander along for a 2018 update this year.

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Flat earth fun is back – meet the Flatards

After having a bit of fun, the only response one can reasonably have when the flat-earthers insulted the whole of Scotland when they reportedly took over a shop unit in Inverness, is a quick burst of hysterical laughter.

It’s probably safe, and according to at least one old saying, ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’.

I saw this the other day, the truly fitting and excellent appropriate word – FLATARDS.

Lovely 🙂




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