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There go your shorts

Not my pic of course, but since this relates to a branch of my kind of business, I can’t let it pass.

Actually nice to see this – it’s kind of disappointing to note that nearly all the ‘funny’ vehicles seen in the UK relate to sewage and poo, and this makes a welcome change from ‘toilet humour’.

There Go Your Shorts

There Go Your Shorts


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Oh! It’s February 14th, so…

Grumpy Valentine

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Catholics with dyslexia will understand

I have suffered this disappointment…

Catholic Meeting Misunderstanding

Catholic Meeting Misunderstanding

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Catbutt was preceded by Fluffy Bum

While I wouldn’t seek to claim any great originality in coining the title ‘Catbutt’ for some of my pics, since it’s just about all the local feline population allows me to catch these days, I was a little surprised to find I had not come across another, similar, title.

I just found this other day, but a quick search online confirms it has been around for a few years, and ‘Fluffy Bum’ appears to be associated with comedian Spike Milligan, from one of his books, “Badjelly The Witch: A Fairy Story”, dating from 1973.

I’ve only seen a couple of illustrations online:

Fluffy Bum The Cat

Fluffy Bum The Cat

Catbutt Ooo

Catbutt Ooo

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Kids never had it so good

Still more marvellous aids for keeping tiny humans happy.

And this one will keep the folk who worry about them getting tangled in cords and similar happy too.

I wonder…

Could they make a larger version, for troublesome teens and yoofs?

These could be uprated and filled with lead or DU (depleted uranium) for the lesser offenders.

Or upgraded with uranium or plutonium for the more serious or repeat offender.

With compulsory swimming lessons added for anyone breaking the terms of things such as curfews.

Toddler Tamers

Toddler Tamers

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Unintended humour in Carmyle

I’m sure anyone that wanders around with a camera has trail of pics they’ve missed for various reasons, usually arriving a few seconds to late, or just not being able to ‘Point & Shoot’ quickly enough is the reason, with little that can be done.


Sometimes discretion, or just sheer cowardice, can be the cause.

I passed the shops in Carmyle recently, and really wanted to grab a pic as I happened to look into the windows of two adjacent establishments as I passed.

These are they (safely closed, so I’m reasonably safe too).

Carmyle Shop Fun

Carmyle Shop Fun

I almost burst out laughing before I passed.

In each window, the resident stylist was performing exactly the same task, and setting the hair on their respective clients.

I thought the one the left was quite attractive, and the one on the right was a complete dog!

It was a real missed opportunity.

Both were doing the same trim on the heads of their respective clients, and all were completely unaware that they were paralleling one another.


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Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day

14 January is Dress Up Your Pet Day.

I don’t know quite where I stand on this one – when it’s done well, and the cat (or pet) is happy to play, then I guess it’s fine, but there are some that don’t want to know.

Still, sometimes that’s even funnier than the good ones, some just freeze or go into a trance, and others seem unable to balance or coordinate when dressed up.

Like some cats’ response to being taken for walk on a lead, humans should take the hint – while they’re still out of hospital.

NO! (Human… They will NEVER find your body parts when I am finished with you).

Grumpy Fashion

Grumpy Fashion

And the next time I see you approach me holding anything that looks even remotely like a skirt…

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310 to Moodiesburn – an interesting bus

Passing a bus stop on Hamilton Road (outside the Dog’s Trust), I had to go back and take a closer look.

Not having been on a bus for many years, I still doubt this pic is an official company pic, intended to attract travellers, and any indication of the sort of fun that can be had on the ‘310 to Moodiesburn’.

More likely the result of having ‘great’ mates…

310 To Moodiesburn

310 To Moodiesburn

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Describe: cat

Seems fair 🙂

Why? Looks like a ‘rescue’ from a closed yard on an empty house.

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Knock knock knock knock…

For pity’s sake, open the damned door hoomin!



So good, it’s worth repeating.

Snow’s just SO popular.

Not claiming it’s mine in any way – Source

Got this later…

Next time the door was left open…

Next Time

Next Time

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Puking Kitty Sauce/Gravy Boat really is real

First there was…

Puking Kitty Sauce/Gravy Boat is real

Then there was…

Puking Kitty Sauce Boat Reality

Puking Kitty Sauce Boat Reality

Oh the irony of a real live ‘sauce boat’ 🙂

It’s even the right colour (I could be referring to the cat, or I could be… ).

It gets better, but this seems to be a huge gif that take ages to load (or hangs) and can’t be resized to suit this blog’s width.

So, click the image to view it directly in all its glory.

Real Kitty Sauce Boat Gif Link

Real Kitty Sauce Boat SloMo Gif Link

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