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Cat telepathy in Dalmarnock

This pair looked quite funny when they spotted one another on a glum, wet day.


Dalmarnock Cat 1

Dalmarnock Cat 1

“I wish I had gone out.”

Dalmarnock Cat Window

Dalmarnock Cat Window


Dalmarnock Cat 2

Dalmarnock Cat 2


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When Christmas lights go rogue

After the recent silly story the media decided to make some mileage out of, I couldn’t really leave this little gem out.

Especially after noting I had withdrawn from this game after the cheap Chinese microcontroller based stuff started to make my hand-crafted offerings look sad and ‘simple’.

While I know a lot of cheapest and nastiest stuff which can’t pass UK/EU safety rules, having looked at quite a lot of the design of the LED controllers and some pretty ingenious wiring/control systems they use, there’s a lot of clever ideas in those systems.

Some of them can take a lot of thought to ‘reverse engineer’ to see just how they work.

I’m not sure what impresses me more – what can be done with microcontrollers that have as few as 16 pins (or even 8, or less), or how anyone manages to plough the manual for such things, which can run to dozens, or even hundreds of pages to describe all the goodies hidden inside, and to access/control them.

I saw one reviewer comment on one that was selling for the equivalent of 3 p!


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Found a ‘Trump Wall’ people would happily pay for

Best Trump Wall ever!

Best Trump Wall

The comments after this were great.

Two were notable.

One that suggested it needed a lid.

Then a later one suggested the best lid would be a Toilet Seat!


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One Smart Lady

She didn’t really have to pretend.

The Orange Moron barely manages English anyway.

One Smart Lady

One Smart Lady

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After the cat met the Christmas tree (Updated)

So, the Christmas tree went to assertiveness classes.

Christmas Tree Warning

Christmas Tree Warning


Really Grumpy Cat

Really Grumpy Cat




Christmas Tree Challenge Accepted

Christmas Tree Challenge Accepted

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FINALLY! Electric vehicles are assured of success

It’s been a while in coming, but at last we have positive confirmation that electric vehicles will be a complete success.

President Tiny Brain himself, Donald Trump, confirmed this today when he announced:

Electric cars “not going to work”

Actually nothing to do with science, engineering, or anything relevant – the moron just wants to punish GM for not playing according to what HE says.

When GM made the announcement in the end of November, Trump vowed retaliation against the company, and he reiterated that stance last week. “I don’t like what she did,” Trump told Fox News, referring to Barra. “It was nasty. To tell me a couple of weeks before Christmas that she’s going to close in Ohio and Michigan, not acceptable to me. General Motors is not going to be treated well.”

Via Electric cars “not going to work,” Trump says of GM’s plan

Then again, he’s not a fan of electricity.

He’s more into pollution, with his ‘clean coal’ and ‘dirty mouth’.

Trump Poisonous Emissions

Trump Poisonous Emissions

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Please Miss, ah’m cauld – GET ON WITH YOUR WORK!

Not sure what almost had me on the floor with laughter first.

The idea that it is cold enough at the moment for this to be any sort of issue.

Or that anyone would DARE force children to do anything in school nowadays.

In my day, I don’t think anyone would have even noticed this, and just shoved on an extra jumper and jacket (if they could afford them).

Shivering schoolkids forced to work in freezing class

Just imagine if we still had the children’s TB hospitals or sanatoriums of old, where there was no heating, and the doors and windows of the wards were thrown open all day, year round. This image just happens to be lingering in my mind at the moment, after I came across some B&W archive footage of a typical patient’s stay in such a place about 50 years ago.

The delicate little darlings we breed today would probably die in their first week of treatment! Or have to be treated for their ‘allergies’.

Why, I remember school days back in the Old Country, where the kids positively revelled in the chance to get out in the fresh air.

School Bath Day

School Bath Day

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McDonald’s – I’m loving it

As appetising as their ‘food’.

McDonalds Straws

McDonald’s Straws

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Trump supporters

After the preceding ‘adult’ post, I thought I should make this one.

Apparently Trump supporters say promoting this sort of thing is ‘Childish’.

Thanks folks 🙂

Remaining Trump Supporters

Remaining Trump Supporters

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Faster human, FASTER!

These guys are great.

But this latest clip I found seems to show their human is likely to wake up dead soon, unless it moves a bit faster in response to those bells!

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SALE! – 30% Off Back Pain

Couldn’t resist snapping this just after I walked past it – and had to go back for a second look 🙂

30% Off Back Pain

30% Off Back Pain

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