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Have fun with the tourists on Dumbarton Road

I don’t live there, so I don’t know if the locals have fun with tourists in Partrick, on Dumbarton Road.

However, when I saw this, I couldn’t help but remember a documentary made in Dunoon a few years ago, which was made mostly of clips of an interviewer talking to locals – in one section, he spoke to some local kids, and asked them what they had to do there (“Nothing”, according to them), and when he asked them how they passed their time, they told him that they liked to be asked for direction, to which they’d give completely random answers, and enjoy the fun as the lost traveller went and got even more lost!

Tut tut.

Subway or subway?

Subway Subway Dumbarton Road

Subway Subway Dumbarton Road

As a slight aside and comment on design…

It’s interesting to note that the ‘fake’ subway sign on the left is actually a better representation of the transport option than the ‘genuine’ article on the right.

For one, it’s clearer, stands out more distinctly from its background, and easier to read.

And those arrows at each end of the word – I’d say they provide a clearer hint to the idea of transport than some overpriced sandwich filling.

Remember, if you patronise this place you’re not only paying for the sandwich, but providing a cut to keep the person behind the franchise rich just for sitting in their mansion, and collecting their cut from EVERY franchisee, year after year. Go get your sandwich from the little shop next door, an honest small business which deserves your support.

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Cat vs Dog

Cat vs Dog

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I’m going to bed early tonight

(Actually, that’s not really me.)

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Pavlov’s Cat failure

Since I recently posted a successful depiction of Pavlov’s Cat showing how the famous experiment SHOULD be carried out (being conducted by the cat, of course), I thought it only fair to post an illustration of how NOT to carry ot this experiment, unless you actually WANT to fail miserably.

Pavlovs Cat Failure

Pavlovs Cat Failure

This seems appropriate 🙂

Expert Ignore

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Pavlov’s Cat

So, we’ve all heard of Pavlov’s Dog (cue the whining animal activists).

Oh! – that’s whining activists I’m referring to, not whining animals. I don’t care what happens to the activists, they can whine all they like, I’ll just ignore them.

I’m not sure if we’ve come across a decent Pavlovian Cat, but this one’s pretty good, and will do for now.

Pavlov's Cat

You do realise Pavlov’s Cats are real, don’t you?

The funniest thing about this is that the humans think they’ve trained the cats to ring the bell for food!

Sometimes, the human’s a bit slow.

It seems YouTube took down the video of that time the human really was too slow – apparently it took hours to scrape the walls clean.


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Nightvision – not as new as you think

Years ago…

Nightvision 1917

Nightvision 1917

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I thought this was EIGHTY EIGHT

Like I always say, stay alert, look up (or maybe down) and you never know what you might see.

I’d seen the (empty) shop on the left before, but it was only recently I noticed the coincidence with the one to its right.

Awww shame – out by just two!

On the other hand, 88 Dumbarton Road could hardly be beside… 88 Dumbarton Road.

Dumbarton Road twofatladies

Dumbarton Road twofatladies

Let’s take a closer look…

twofatladies shop sign

twofatladies shop sign

I guess Glasgow City Council was not the one I read about a while ago, which apparently BANNED all bingo calls, such as the one this sign is based on, because it considered them to be Politically Incorrect and offensive.

Don’t miss the (slightly damaged) window graphic too.

twofatladies window

twofatladies window

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Did I just witness the birth of a new custom at Kelvingrove organ recitals?

I’ve been attending the daily organ recitals in Kelvingrove regularly for some time, probably not quite a year, and while I can’t be there on a daily basis (I have to travel there and back, for a nominal 30-minute performance) I have tried to make a continuous week, but so far, failed miserably.

However, it means I know the format, the pieces, and the performers, and even how the response (of the audience) varies over time.

But, today was different, and I have no idea why.

In the current year’s worth of attending, I have NEVER noted the audience to applaud when the performer arrives on the balcony.

I’m always there early (unless I make a mistake), so I know this is not normal. Even I would have noticed if this had happened in the past year.

In fact, normal generally means nobody notices, until the music starts, and sometimes (depending on how ignorant they are) even that doesn’t seem to be noticed by some.

So, did he pay them?

Or did he organise a bus to bring all his family and friends to cheer him on?

It was just… odd.

I wonder if this was the first of a new custom?

We’ll have to wait and see if there is a repeat, or if this was a one-off special.

This was William R Hutcheson at Kelvingrove today – organist of Clark Memorial Church, Largs. It’s a big church.

Kelvingrove William R Hutcheson

Kelvingrove William R Hutcheson

With the Linda McCartney exhibition is at Kelvingrove, many of the recitals include a Beatle’s number.

In this case, the selection was ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’.

I’ve come to realise that while any piece can be played on the organ, not all make the trip well – but I’m glad to say that this one did, and I hope it makes further appearances.

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So… Now we know the REAL reason nobody will admit the truth about Roswell


Would YOU admit to being the person responsible for a successful alien invasion and takeover of the Earth?

Roswell Reality

Roswell Reality

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Should I laugh, or should I cry?

It’s a shame that even fast-starting compact cameras still take time to wake-up and be ready to use.

And, while reviewers quote sub-second time for this when testing, they fail to take account of the ‘Time to First Pic’ reality, as such cameras usually start up in wide-angle mode (arguably best for a quick grab shot) which means that you can’t really catch a subject moving away – the zoom is always powered so you have to be very careful not to hold the zoom button down for too long, or you will zoom past your subject, and take even longer to zoom back.

This would have been a catchy pic if I’d been able to just lift the camera, zoom manually, and hit the shutter without having to wait for it to switch on (Oh – I could do with a dSLR) – I first spotted this pair when it could be seen that the doggie was dressed much like the hoomin.

I got the hoomin, but almost missed the doggie, and you can’t see its vest properly.

To me, from the angle taken, and because of its thick coat, it almost looks more like a cat, or a little bear 🙂

Some say, they were making a political point, but since I don’t recognise that sort of thing, I’ve no idea.

I just thought the doggie looked good (better than the hoomin, and probably smarter too).

Pensioners and dogs for independence

Pensioners and dogs for independence

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Vegans, support your local butcher

I’d almost suggest this butcher was a great guy, but…

He spoiled it right at the end.

Vegan Friendly Butcher

Vegan Friendly Butcher

If you don’t know why, then brush up on your spelling/grammar.

Otherwise, I’d say this was a classic.

(I might even fix it if I get a spare moment later, I think it deserves the effort.)

I might even give him a (single) free pass for the bad grammar. He might be helping the Bank of England’s campaign to upset vegans too 🙂

The new ÂŁ50 note will contain animal fat, because the only viable alternative would be palm oil

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