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Sad Snow Globe is… Sad

Since I’m just an observer and it is not my intent to upset anyone, I’m not giving this location away, whether or not it is obvious.

After my previous post about a chance snow globe find in the street, this one could hardly fail to catch my attention the other day.

Two things were notable while I stood at my observation point.

The stand was busy, with a steady stream of folk engaging in discussion, but I didn’t see a single ‘little darling’ get shoved into the globe.

And the snow never filled the globe (or was even seen being blown more than a few flakes a few centimetres above the air outlets around the edge).

While I was there, the globe was deflated as a young lady bravely entered with a brush and shovel, fluffing up and redistributing the white stuff lying on the floor, but even after her dedicated efforts… it still just lay there, apparently unconcerned and undisturbed by the howling gale whipping around the interior as the globe reinflated and stabilised.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the box – but I think this idea needs to be revised, lest Trading Standards arrives and matches what is being supplied against what is being offered in these globes.

So Sad Snow Globe

So Sad Snow Globe

Hysterically comical

As per last year’s find, I had to fight the fits of laughter (or was it tears) as I spotted the ‘NO PHOTOGRAPHY’ sign – on a feature dedicated to photography!

No Photography

Strictly No Photography

For legal purposes, it should be noted this is a small clip found in another pic I took, from at least 20 m away, and I was nowhere near this, or intending to photograph the sign concerned, which was, of course, caught purely be chance.


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Wonder what the various ‘Nat’ morons might make of this?

(Not mine! Found online.)

Of course, you can replace the various country names with your own favourites now, thanks to the Global Market and the Internet.

Being British

Being British

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When you’re handsome and you know it

Handsome boy

Handsome boy

Not my pic of course, and ‘Mom’s hand looks a bit rough.

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After posting the most useless shop, let’s try for the most useful

After ending July with the most useless shop ever, I thought I’d better make up for the black humour spawned by that sighting with something that’s actually potentially really just as likely to be tragic, but is generally more likely to raise a laugh.

Here’s the most useful shop (if you have insurance, and have an accident, and need a solicitor).

I guess I don’t need to go digging up past news about accident statistics for this one, unlike yesterday’s where I felt the need to throw in some memory jogging regarding how wealthy we are, here in the east end of Glasgow.

Heck, we probably need solicitors, just to help with the accident claim after we fall off our wallets, so fat because we are all so wealthy here.

Accidents Will Happen

Accidents Will Happen


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Most useless shop ever

A little bit of fun to end the month with, I almost burst a gut laughing when I looked across the road and spotted this business/shop in Shettleston. I must have caught them on early closing day.

Wealth Management?

In Glasgow’s east end?

In Shettleston?

Who are they kidding?

Maxim Wealth Management

Maxim Wealth Management

If you believe what you read in the media, or what activists tell you, then this will give you an idea why my funny bone was enjoying itself…

Scotland’s Glasgow areas of Shettleston, Springburn, Maryhill and Baillieston have been named as being among the 10 most deprived spots in the UK.


Scotland’s poorest place located

Scotland’s poorest and richest areas revealed

430,000 Scots kids living on the poverty line shock

I don’t believe most of what I read (to be specific, I believe any FACTS quoted, but not any of the spin, claims, or political drivel attached), and the chances of me not collapsing to the ground in fits of hysterical laughter when an activist starts to speak are… well, ‘slim to nil’ would probably not be too far from the truth.

(Note: That’s a real business in Shettleston, but it’s NOT mentioned in, or the subject of this post!)

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He’s behind me, isn’t he?

So, there I was, quietly eyeing up the next potential shot (just a photograph… this time), and that creepy “Somebody’s watching me” feeling arrives. Yet there’s almost nobody else around.

I look around, with a little more care, and sure enough, sitting at a window behind me, and watching carefully – one of feline overlords.

I grabbed a quick pic as I knew this character would disappear the moment it knew I was returning the favour, and watching back.

It’s not a good pic and doesn’t do this rather nice tortie justice, but the quick shot meant the camera focus locked on the nearest feature, in this case the left edge of the window, and refused to budge no matter what buttons I poked.

Tollcross Road Cat Watch

Tollcross Road Cat Watch

But what about the spooky hooded skull reflection?

I wonder if really was the cat that was watching me though.

Look just above its head and right ear – is that a hooded spectre?

Some would say it’s just a reflection (of a car wheel).

But it looks so much like a hooded skull – and that would better explain my feeling of unease.

I could have turned around and had a look…

If I had, I’d probably have seen him – and his pal:

Masked Camo Warriors

Masked Camo Warriors

Glad I didn’t turn around, and just kept on walking.

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Lost Child – No Reward – Seems Fair

Saw this recently.

Just seemed to be so right:

Lost Child No Reward

Lost Child No Reward

If only this had happened about 60 years ago.

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Sphinx cat is tiny gargoyle

A bonus bit of Sunday fun.

When I say this sphinx cat sitting in a long pile carpet so its paws were hidden and its legs looked human, I couldn’t resist and had to grab some stills.

The image quality is not great since this is but a tiny part of a much larger video image, but it’s still funny and spooky too, with the eyes turning white, or ‘glowing’ as captured by the camera.

Little Gargoyle Sphinx Cat

Little Gargoyle Sphinx Cat

I had intended to add a comparison pic of a ‘real’ gargoyle – but they were all so ugly compared to this little guy I just couldn’t.

But it’s worth having an image search, as I see there are now quite a few modelled on… furry cats!

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Spoilt Rotten Cat

I’m sure a funny sign I pass quite often must have been inspired by this old joke:

Stranger: Mr Smith, your son is spoilt.

Mr Smith: He is not, I’ve brought him up properly.

Stranger: I didn’t say you spoilt him, but that road roller…

Spoilt Rotten Cat Sign

Spoilt Rotten Cat Sign

I’m sure this isn’t the one I wanted to catch a pic of.

That one was bigger, and even funnier, with the longer text of…


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The golden throne of Carmyle

Some years ago I was a member of a fairly large Glasgow club where like-minded folk from the east end with an interest in amateur radio got together on a weekly basis – only one member turned up in a Jaguar, and he came from Carmyle.

The reason this came into my head a few days ago was down to something I saw while making one of my regular wanders past Carmyle, when I happened to look over a fence next to some ‘spare’ ground off Clydeford Road.

Looks like he might have been getting a makeover on his house.

I had to go back for a second look after passing this, as I thought I’d seen a glint of gold in passing, and curiosity got the better of me.

Sure enough, it was indeed a throne from the smallest room in the house, but a GOLDEN version – or at least with gold detailing.

I don’t know where the rest ended up, but it wasn’t nearby – I wonder if there were gold taps and fittings to go with it?

Guess nobody wanted to buy it, or scrape the gold leaf off.

Carmyle Golden Toilet

Carmyle Golden Toilet

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At least shoplifters are honest crooks

I don’t know if anyone else has a lifelong hate of double-glazing sales people, but I don’t think I’ll ever see them as anything less than con artists, or at least not far off.

Down my way at least, the joke was that they were trying to sell us double-glazing to go on top of out double-glazing! When we were amused by their desperation to sell is more and more, we used to joke that our windows would soon reach out to the road if we bought all they were selling. While they no longer seem to try to sell AT the door, they STILL keep shoving their endless stream of irritating cards through the door.

Given my low opinion of the breed, it should come as no surprise that I offer my sympathies to the good folk of Dennistoun who have now lost the honest ‘Shoplifters’ in Duke Street…



Replaced by nothing less than…

Double glazing…

And even triple glazing (they must be planning to come down MY street soon). I think the current pests are the same lot than have ads on national TV, but I won’t give their name a mention (not for free at least).

Double Triple Glazing

Double Triple Glazing

Oh look!

I must be a VAMPIRE – no reflection visible in the window as I took that pic.

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