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Better health advice from a pub sandwich board than most ‘Health’ web sites

For some reason, Secret Scotland attracts a constant stream of spam from scum bloggers who offer health advice.

I might add that WordPress offers no way of blocking them or their nonsense, nor do the WordPress staff respond positively or helpfully to any request for such and option – their best suggestions being to make your own blog ‘Private’ (meaning nobody can see it, unless given permission), or that you just ignore their constant attention, and just let them keep on using your blog comment area and ‘Likes’ to publicise their existence.

Dangerous people who are free to advise people to abandon conventional medication, even for cancer, and suck various herbs to cure their conditions, which THEY guarantee are 100% effective and natural – and nobody can take them to court for what amounts to murder.

The rest are just sad, telling people to eat disgusting diets and follow a rigorous schedule of ‘detoxing’ and ‘colon flushes’ to keep themselves clean and healthy.

This sandwich board seen outside a pub offers better health advice than any of those crooks and scammers.

Boozy Sandwich Board

Boozy Sandwich Board


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Scottish souvenir is

I was passing a ‘Pound Shop’ (NOT one of the big chains) in Ayr High Street when I spotted something odd in the window it had set up with Scottish souvenirs.

While I’m not likely to buy a Scottish souvenir, I do like to keep an eye on what’s on offer, to see if it’s a continuation of the  traditional Scottish, tartan-tinted novelties that have been around for decades, or something created more recently.

This one clearly comes under the ‘more recent’ category, and caught my eye because (I assume) it’s a ‘Scottish’ photo-frame – with a picture of an elegant Asian girl filling the frame.

Not even wearing a tartan mini skirt!

I’m almost tempted to say it’s not appropriate, but if you live around the area of Glasgow University… you could be forgiven for thinking Scots all looked Asian.

Scottish Souvenir

Scottish Souvenir

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Cats are all just cats

No matter the size.

Cat stretch

Cat stretch

On the other hand, maybe they’re reborn cheating people 😉

OH! Hi honey…

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Use your cat’s litter to teach thieves a lesson

I don’t know what other places are like, but around here it can be a pain if you’re not in to receive parcels.

They usually end up back at the depot if not deliverable, or maybe there’s one retry, then you have to ‘make arrangements’.

I’ve seen various US and Russian videos where deliveries are just dumped and left to lie in public view, and where thieves just wander along and help themselves to stuff lying in front of doors.

I rather like this option, but suggest one alteration.

Don’t leave you special package in front of your own door – the types that steal stuff are all too likely to return it and throw it back where they stole it from, OPENED, so the content spill all over your porch.

Amazon litter box

Amazon litter box

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Well? Those thighs ain’t gonna feed themselves!

I wondered what the desperate rummaging in a big plastic bag was for.

Soon found out.

Not what I expected.

Can’t let having to travel between food stops get in the way of 24/7 food shovelling.

Reminded me of “I only eat one meal a day” (all day) 😉

Hot chips and curry sauce, soon stank the bus out (I baulk the trend, and hate anything curry).

Chips And Curry

Chips And Curry

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Sadly, this wasn’t on my bus

But, it is one of our RHD double-deckers, so not a video from abroad, as so many of the best seem to be.

All I get on my buses seem to people I want to get away from.

Seriously, yesterday an otherwise nice guy got on, but his voice appeared to have only one volume setting, around 120 dBA – and he loved a poor wee dug a woman was taking to the park. It must have been stone-deaf by the time she reached her stop.

Last week, our (lady) bus driver stopped in Trongate and threw and old (looking) woman off the bus – the problem wasn’t obvious until we saw her fall about, and the can of lighter fuel she’d been inhaling.

Intriguingly, I see her sitting around the same place in Trongate, very recognisable as she has a mass of black hair, still shoving a can of lighter fuel into her face, almost hidden by all the hair.

Then there was girl who spent half an hour shouting into the back of my head as she babbled monotonously into her mobile phone – fortunately I resisted the urge to do anything as she kept mentioning “visiting her mum in prison in Falkirk“. That would be Polmont Young Offenders Institution, which took the women formerly held in Cornton Vale a couple of years ago.

Haven’t seen anyone manage this on a bus I’ve been on, although there are many nodding heads – I’m just impressed by how they always seem to wake up just before their stop.

Smart phones aren’t ALL bad 🙂

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My Friday nights are now so…

Wild Cat Friday

Wild Cat Friday

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A82 emu – that’s not usual

Pity WordPress deletes embedded BBC video.

Odd, as it shows it as being embedded and visible.watchable in preview mode, then it disappears when the post is saved/published.

So, not only odd, but very, very irritating.

You’ll have to follow the link to enjoy this one…

‘Road Runner’ emu filmed sprinting along A82

I spent a lot of my life driving the A82, but never saw anything as funny as this, so it earns a mention.

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That moment when…

You make an innocent mistake – but realise the chances of dying in your sleep have suddenly increased immeasurably.

Die In Sleep

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What does your cat REALLY do when it goes out?

Not new, but when I was pointed at this and checked the source (for better quality) I was disappointed to see it had evaporated.

So, as this is too good to miss, this lesser quality bit will just have to do.

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Apparently you can escape laws by breaking them in a car

This is really just one of those posts I occasionally make just to help stop scratching my head (where there’s a high risk of skelfs), and to clear ‘boiled snow’ out of it if something has caught my attention, and won’t go away.

I recall reading an article some time ago, by someone who presumably had access to the relevant data, and was pointing out the insane number of laws being created in recent years, as if this was going to somehow stop people from doing the things they applied to.

Back then, I had been wondering why laws were being introduced (in some countries, not the UK as far I’m aware, BUT the term is in general use) for ‘Road Rage’ offences.

Like many of these ‘subject specific’ laws that seem to be conjured up in order to allow tougher sentences to be applied – think of ‘Racist Crimes’ in the UK, if that aspect can be added, then tougher penalties can be applied for a given crime – they’re simply not really needed.

For example, Road Rage (and many Racist crimes) involve assault and violence, aspects which already have existing criminal legislation on the books, and could be addressed by that, all it needed was a sentencing review to add tougher criteria.

My head developed a bad case of ‘Boiled Snow’ when I saw this…

Ministers are planning new laws to make it illegal to throw litter out of cars on Scotland’s roads.

Some 1,300 bags of rubbish, weighing almost seven tonnes, are collected from the sides of the M8 and M9 each month.

New rules making it an offence to litter from vehicles is to be included in a new circular economy bill.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said “mindless behaviour” from drivers dropping litter creates a “significant cost to the taxpayer”.

New law to crack down on roadside littering in Scotland

I’m sorry, but this just seem daft and pointless.

We already have litter laws, even if it could be argued few are ever enforced (and there is usually some newspaper ready to jump to the defence of the poor victim, claiming some overzealous officer ‘Picked on them to make up their quota’.

Although I don’t know this for a fact, I’ve been warned not to throw litter from a car as there are increased penalties for that, compared to just dropping litter.

So, one has to ask what the point of these new rules are.


Does that mean I’m currently free to throw litter from my car at the moment, as these rules are yet to be introduced?

If so, I (and everyone else) should get out there now, and make the best of this freedom, before it is taken away!



I’d like to see anyone try it – I’m pretty sure they’d end up at least with a fine, if not something more serious.

We don’t need MORE laws.

We just need the existing ones enforced (which tells you how much use any now ones for the same thing are likely to be).

Or import some Russian girl bikers…

I’d have included the Russians shooting each other for littering, but those videos are always being taken down – just imagine someone emptying a hand gun into the side of a car, you won’t be far off.

Or some Asians?

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