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Lost Child – No Reward – Seems Fair

Saw this recently.

Just seemed to be so right:

Lost Child No Reward

Lost Child No Reward

If only this had happened about 60 years ago.

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Sphinx cat is tiny gargoyle

A bonus bit of Sunday fun.

When I say this sphinx cat sitting in a long pile carpet so its paws were hidden and its legs looked human, I couldn’t resist and had to grab some stills.

The image quality is not great since this is but a tiny part of a much larger video image, but it’s still funny and spooky too, with the eyes turning white, or ‘glowing’ as captured by the camera.

Little Gargoyle Sphinx Cat

Little Gargoyle Sphinx Cat

I had intended to add a comparison pic of a ‘real’ gargoyle – but they were all so ugly compared to this little guy I just couldn’t.

But it’s worth having an image search, as I see there are now quite a few modelled on… furry cats!

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Spoilt Rotten Cat

I’m sure a funny sign I pass quite often must have been inspired by this old joke:

Stranger: Mr Smith, your son is spoilt.

Mr Smith: He is not, I’ve brought him up properly.

Stranger: I didn’t say you spoilt him, but that road roller…

Spoilt Rotten Cat Sign

Spoilt Rotten Cat Sign

I’m sure this isn’t the one I wanted to catch a pic of.

That one was bigger, and even funnier, with the longer text of…


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The golden throne of Carmyle

Some years ago I was a member of a fairly large Glasgow club where like-minded folk from the east end with an interest in amateur radio got together on a weekly basis – only one member turned up in a Jaguar, and he came from Carmyle.

The reason this came into my head a few days ago was down to something I saw while making one of my regular wanders past Carmyle, when I happened to look over a fence next to some ‘spare’ ground off Clydeford Road.

Looks like he might have been getting a makeover on his house.

I had to go back for a second look after passing this, as I thought I’d seen a glint of gold in passing, and curiosity got the better of me.

Sure enough, it was indeed a throne from the smallest room in the house, but a GOLDEN version – or at least with gold detailing.

I don’t know where the rest ended up, but it wasn’t nearby – I wonder if there were gold taps and fittings to go with it?

Guess nobody wanted to buy it, or scrape the gold leaf off.

Carmyle Golden Toilet

Carmyle Golden Toilet

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At least shoplifters are honest crooks

I don’t know if anyone else has a lifelong hate of double-glazing sales people, but I don’t think I’ll ever see them as anything less than con artists, or at least not far off.

Down my way at least, the joke was that they were trying to sell us double-glazing to go on top of out double-glazing! When we were amused by their desperation to sell is more and more, we used to joke that our windows would soon reach out to the road if we bought all they were selling. While they no longer seem to try to sell AT the door, they STILL keep shoving their endless stream of irritating cards through the door.

Given my low opinion of the breed, it should come as no surprise that I offer my sympathies to the good folk of Dennistoun who have now lost the honest ‘Shoplifters’ in Duke Street…



Replaced by nothing less than…

Double glazing…

And even triple glazing (they must be planning to come down MY street soon). I think the current pests are the same lot than have ads on national TV, but I won’t give their name a mention (not for free at least).

Double Triple Glazing

Double Triple Glazing

Oh look!

I must be a VAMPIRE – no reflection visible in the window as I took that pic.

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Celtic clearly chose the wrong planners

My first thought on seeing a story about Celtic FC building a hotel and museum was to wonder why the proposal was to have it near the apparently empty Emirates shed built for the dopey 2014 Commonwealth Shames.

I’ve yet to walk past this huge hangar and see anything happening there.

It’s surrounded by a vast car park that lies empty too, with only a handful of cars to be seen whenever I walk through the deserted space.

The only useful thing I’ve seen there is an EV charging spot, but even that has never had a vehicle present when I’ve been there.

I’ve seen more activity in the waste management site across the road from this place, which produces a lovely ‘odour’ that wafts across the road to the arena when the wind is in the right direction!

Celtic FC hotel and museum ‘would create 120 new jobs’

But the saddest part of this news release was the part when it became clear that the planners chosen did not have a clue about the area, as they stated:

The statement continued: “The direct creation of over 100 new employment opportunities will be a major boost to the area and will clearly contribute towards the key planning aim of achieving sustainable economic growth.

There is currently no quality hotel accommodation within the area between the city centre and Tollcross despite the key attractions of Celtic Park and the Emirates Arena.

“The current lack of hotel accommodation in the vicinity means that everyone attending events at the football stadium or the arena requires to travel on the day of the event, adding to traffic volumes in the surrounding area.”

It added: “By locating the proposed hotel immediately beside the stadium and arena pressure on the local transport network will be reduced, particularly at times of peak movement.

“Experience elsewhere also demonstrates that hotel restaurant and cafe/bar facilities adjoining a football stadium can help to spread the timing of trips over a greater time period avoiding peak periods.”


These planners clearly failed to do their homework, and take note of The Bellgrove Hotel, just a short distance away, in the Gallowgate.

Seems ideal to me.

Bellgrove Hotel

Bellgrove Hotel

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So you’re keeping cats out – seriously?

I’m surprised at how often I see ‘barriers’ similar to the slightly more ‘design engineered’ version pictured below.

They appear to be the product of cat-hating garden owners who know so little about cats that they think blocking of the bottom 50 cm or so of a wrought iron gate, gap around it, or space in the edge of a wall will magically stop cats wandering into their gardens and – “Doing their business”.

Given that ‘Cats are Liquid’, as demonstrated online, can jump many times their own height, are equipped with claws that can tackle any obstacle they can get a grip of to climb (but are directional so getting down can sometimes pose a problem), and pass through any gap wider than their whiskers – the idea is ever so slightly…SILLY.

Still, you have to admire the thought put into this effort, with a weighted bottom to make sure it stays sealed all the way to the ground.

It’s just a pity it’s WIDE OPEN from about 30 cm ABOVE the ground so a cat, or more likely a fox these day (the cats are not daft, and stay warm and well-fed indoors most of the time), can just walk straight in as if the barrier is just not there.

I suppose I should add that making it higher, or even putting in a solid gate is not really going to help, since I am visited by cats who can be seen looking at such gates one minute – then be seen a minute later… on the roof the house behind.

Barricaded Gate

Barricaded Gate (in your dreams)

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Dim car lighting advert

In the ‘Good Old Days’, when car makers fitted the cheapest candles to their offerings, I used to enjoy the challenge of finding an after-market replacement for each car I was ‘gifted’, and fitting it to provide decent illumination of the road ahead. I’ve never touched a pricey HID conversion, simply because I’ve never seen one that places the tube where the filament of a normal headlamp unit is located, therefore, regardless of how bright it may be, it will not be properly focussed, and dazzle. This obviously does not apply to OEM HID, a point I like to make as there are apparently some sad people (or just one campaigning taxi driver) who apparently want ALL HID outlawed since they (he?) think they are being blinded by the type.

Sad to say that competition (and rising standards and expectations) have rendered that upgrade game redundant, and the computer aided designs and new material seen in recent years have nailed that coffin shut. New technology in the form of discharge lamps, LEDs, and even lasers have raised this game, albeit with the necessary addition of computer control to keep them all working properly. The ingenuity of controlled lighting arrays which selectively manage beams and remove light from areas where dazzle could be caused is fantastic to watch in action.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for some of those who attempt to attract buyers via adverts, or fly-posting, left hanging on walls and fences.

The level of technical expertise demonstrated by this lot suggests I for one won’t be beating a path to their door to be parted from my money

Xenon LEDs, really?

Xenon LEDs

Xenon LEDs

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STRICTLY NO PHOTOGRAPHY at this Photo Experience

I’m almost tempted to leave off the ‘oxy’ when noting the funny oxymoronic ‘Photo-Experience’ signage I spotted in the St Enoch Centre (and had all but forgotten until I started indexing some of my recent pics).

While it’s fair to say we know what they mean, it would have been nicer had they taken some proper advice and prepared a more friendly and polite request, rather than this rather crude and blunt effort, which would be more appropriate on something like a security sign outside a Top Secret military establishment (where you might get shot for ignoring it).

No photo photo experience 01

No photo Photo Experience

I’ve been playing with some distortion filters, so thought I’d give this one a try, to make the warning clearer, especially the extra on the left:

No photo photo experience extra sign

No photo Photo Experience extra sign

Surprisingly effective correction, for little or no effort.

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Political garbage II and silly people

More waste arrives

More waste arrives

Beginning to feel a little neglected down our way.

While neighbouring streets have spouted anything up to four campaign banners on their public lampposts and street railings, we’ve been left with only one until this morning, when we woke up to discover the banner gnomes had been up at the crack of dawn, and we’d received the free gift of a second banner, and yes, the Scottish Labour gnomes are indeed taller than the SNP gnomes, and their banner has been installed above their opponent’s banner.

I wonder if any of the candidates has ever heard any of the dopes that strap loudspeakers on their car, and then drives around bellowing inane drivel in some sort of sad attempt to drum up support for the one they worship.

If they weren’t so sad as to waste their time on this pointless promotion, they might be at home when one of their number passes them doing the same thing. If so, then they might wonder at what the point of this exercise is. It certainly doesn’t do anything to publicise their candidate or inform anyone about them.

All that happens is you hear the indistinct, mushy speech somewhere in the distance, so you can’t make out what is being said as they are moving around.

Next, if they happen to come down your street, the chances are they’ll have a some horn loudspeakers strapped on the roof of their car, being directional, the result is that you still can’t really hear anything until they get close, and then once they’re past, you can’t hear them again. The net result is that all you get is a few sentences when they’re close, which means little.

They could stop, but who’s going to loiter and listen? They could drive a lot slower, but they’re on the public road, so I’m sure someone would call the police and report them for driving without due care and attention, since they’d be interfering with normal traffic flow.

All in all, these loudspeaker cars seem very pointless – whatever else they do, they don’t get any message across. Even if you could hear them, since you only hear a few seconds of their message at best, they do little more than advertise a lack of thought.

Some them do score more points for comedy though, and you can only wonder at the few that appear with home stereo speakers tied onto the car roof, and wonder what state they’re in when they’re taken back home, especially if it’s been raining while they were out.

It’s a pity they pass so quickly, as they’re always out of sight by the time I get to the window and can look down into the street for a pic. And that doesn’t say much for their effectiveness either.

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