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Clutha inquiry S04

This week…

Clutha inquiry: Helicopter operators ‘concerned about fuel indicators’ before fatal crash

Faulty fuel sensors on Clutha helicopter ‘were not replaced’

Clutha helicopter operators ‘worried about fuel display’

Clutha helicopter crash inquiry: two drops of water could have caused faulty fuel reading

Clutha: Two drops of water ‘could distort fuel reading’

Clutha inquiry: Pilot warned of faulty fuel reading

The Clutha Bar 2019

The Clutha Bar 2019


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Clutha inquiry S03

This week…

Clutha Inquiry: Engineer’s fears over helicopter maintenance

Interesting – this next account seems to challenge the preceding.

Clutha Inquiry: Police inspector describes helicopter’s fuel warning ‘issues’

The Clutha Bar 2019

The Clutha Bar 2019

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Clutha inquiry S02

This week…

Clutha helicopter crash pilot was ‘stickler for procedure’

Clutha Inquiry: Clutha pilot had previous fuel warning light

The BBC seems to have a ‘boilerplate’ of material repeating the event and consequences each time it runs an article.

Interesting to see that The Scotsman had an article which reported in detail on the exclusion of water causing a problem, or emulsifying in the fuel.

Investigators ruled out the prospect that emulsified fuel in the helicopter involved in the Clutha disaster caused a drift in its fuel sensor readings, given no water was found in the aircraft’s tanks, a court has heard.

Fuel theory ruled out, Clutha inquiry hears

The Clutha’s always busy when I pass.

I always wonder how many in the nice new ‘Beer Garden’ that was bashed through the wall and memorial mural are locals, and how many are tourists, with no idea of what happened there.

Click for bigger.

The Clutha Bar 2019

The Clutha Bar 2019

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Clutha inquiry S01

I’m changing this to a weekly summary option, rather than making a post when the media notices anything, as my interest in helicopters means I keep watching it, but I don’t really want to post about some of the stuff raised by the legal representatives, as some of it is more like ‘Points Scoring’ than relevant material (and is getting a little irritating as this is supposedly a solemn inquiry).

So, I’ll just tend to note progress.

Clutha Inquiry: ‘No evidence’ of helicopter fuel contamination

Clutha FAI: No smell of fuel at Glasgow crash scene, inquiry told

No smell of fuel at Clutha crash scene, inquiry told

Clutha Tributes

Clutha Tributes

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Clutha inquiry, not new

It’s only the opening stage, but if it carries on like this, I wonder if anything new will come out?

This is really no more than we had in the days following the incident.

Clutha Inquiry: Lack of crash evidence ‘frustrating’

Lack of Clutha crash evidence ‘leaves unanswered questions’

Going over the existing material is good, it has to be reviewed, but after so many years, we might expect information to appear that was not available at the time.

Perhaps the legal people are preparing the way for new/additional legislation.

Clutha crash site

Clutha crash site

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Media still noticing Clutha inquiry

A little further down the feeds now…

Clutha pilot ‘may have been dangerously misled by manual’

Clutha inquiry told how helicopter crash victims died

Clutha FAI: Helicopter pilot ‘dangerously misled’ by manual (the Scotsman really should close the now generally moronic comments section)

Clutha helicopter crash inquiry: pilot could have been ‘dangerously misled’ by maintenance manual error

Clutha Tributes

Clutha Tributes

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Clutha inquiry, day one, pretty much as expected

No surprises about what media homed in on.

But the AAIB has at least tried to make the purpose clear.

Philip Sleight, deputy chief inspector of air accidents at the AAIB, told the court that the AAIB’s purpose was to investigate the circumstances of an accident and make recommendations with the intention of preventing a reoccurrence.

He said the focus of the AAIB was “encouraging safety” not “apportioning blame”.

Clutha helicopter pilot given five low fuel warnings

Helicopter attended false alarm call before Clutha crash

A different quote came in another article, about the FAI.

Phil Sleight, deputy chief inspector of air accidents, told the inquiry there had been new documents presented but none of them were considered new or significant enough.

The purpose of the FAI is to determine the cause of the deaths, establish whether they could have been prevented and enable the sheriff to make recommendations that could prevent fatalities in similar circumstances.

Clutha FAI: Helicopter pilot received five low fuel warnings

Clutha helicopter crash inquiry: pilot ‘received five low-fuel warnings’

Another reminder was given.

The Crown Office has previously said there is insufficient evidence for criminal proceedings.

It’s easy to make ‘knee jerk’ judgements, but that would be wrong, since the media articles are just samples of proceeding, and those involved are privy to much more material than can make into these tiny articles.

Plus, as noted, there is something in the order of 3 to 4 months’ worth of material to be looked at, and that will probably take about six months, so nothing is going to happen soon.

When you sit on something like this, it can be amazing to see one small detail can take up a most of a day when being reviewed.

Clutha crash site

Clutha crash site

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Clutha inquiry begins

Hard to miss the start of the inquiry into the helicopter crash into the Clutha bar, it was still intriguing to see the news feeds arrive from the few sources I let send such things.

I wonder how many articles there were across the whole media today?

Clutha crash inquiry hears of helicopter’s final seconds

Inquiry into Clutha crash which left ten dead begins

Clutha survivors ‘apprehensive’ as disaster inquiry begins

Clutha FAI: Witness describes helicopter sounding like ‘an old car trying to start’

Clutha FAI: The night tragedy befell ‘a pub without pretension’

Clutha helicopter crash inquiry: Witness relives the moment he saw helicopter light ‘go out’

Clutha helicopter crash inquiry set to open in Glasgow today after five-year wait for answers

Clutha crash victims remembered as Fatal Accident Inquiry begins at Hampden

The Clutha Bar As Was

The Clutha Bar As Was


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Clutha inquiry begins 08 April

Like my Peter Pan Moat Brae House string of posts, which wasn’t really expected to on for so long, but since I’d started, I had to finish, my long-standing interest in helicopters seems to have landed me with something the same as I watch out for mentions of the Clutha inquiry, which began with the incident almost five years ago.

Oh well, at least that first long stretch taught me to keep these posts short (and let the media sources provide the ‘long read’ via links).

Clutha inquiry to start with minute’s silence and tributes to victims

Clutha inquiry to begin with ‘moving’ tributes to victims

Clutha inquiry to begin with moving tributes to crash victims

Clutha crash site

Clutha crash site

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Yet another Clutha media story

Is it just me, or are most recent article about the Clutha incident generally negative?

Last time (I’m not counting positive stories regarding rescue/survivors) it was the Clutha’s owner taking Bristow to court.

This time, it’s complaints about the outcome of the FAI (Fatal Accident Inquiry), not even known at this stage, and the time it has taken to be conducted.

I haven’t noticed this sort of ‘hurry’ wanted in past serious incidents, but now note it has also been forwarded regarding investigation/report into the fire at the Mackintosh Building.

In both cases, it seems that there is a suggestion that the delay means the result will somehow not be valid.

Yet, I wonder if the same people would be jumping up and down if these inquiries and reports had been carried out and completed much sooner, and complaining that they had been carried out with ‘undue haste’, before proper investigation, gathering of evidence, and evaluation, followed by demands that another be held, this time with the required time being spent.

One way or another, it seems someone is always unhappy.

Compare with many news stories that report errors or mistakes in procedures.

No longer do such articles begin with something like ‘Call for procedure to be reviewed’, or even ‘Introduced’ if there are none.

Now, almost every such story begins with the heading “Family angered by…”, or “Anger at…”.

Does every story have to begin with what amounts to little more than ‘Clickbait’, or something to draw readers in?

Just an observation.

But have a look – you may find I am right.

Father of Clutha victim does not expect justice from FAI

The Clutha

The Clutha

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Another Clutha story appears

Interesting to see the Clutha stories are still being spotted by the media, the last one was only seen a week ago. Another a month before that.

This one is more personal though.

It is five years since a helicopter came crashing down onto the Clutha pub in Glasgow killing 10 people. Here, one survivor recalls the night and the last conversation she had with her partner who died.

Mary Kavanagh has suffered many sleepless nights since the Clutha helicopter crash.

For the last five years the grandmother has been wracked with survivor’s guilt, after losing partner Robert Jenkins in the tragedy.

“Some nights I just couldn’t shut my eyes because I didn’t know what would go through my head,” said Mary.

“When I pictured the pub I saw Munch’s Scream faces coming towards me, bodiless.”

Marking the fifth anniversary of the crash, Mary told how Robert promised to buy a drink at the bar – the last words she heard from him on 29 November 2013.

After the police helicopter plunged through the bar’s roof, Mary escaped from the venue by grabbing hold of a stranger’s coat and following them to the door.

Clutha survivor: ‘Going back to pub helped my recovery’

I’m never sure about returning to such places.

I’ve had lesser incidents happen to me on streets I had to return to, and while they were nowhere near the magnitude of that incident (but still reasonably traumatic for me), and while I no longer find this disturbing, there is a degree of recall I can’t shake off.

It would be nice to forget, but it doesn’t seem to happen, even if the memory fades.

Clutha Tributes

Clutha Tributes


Ann Faulds was pinned against the wall of The Clutha bar when she heard voices calling to check she was alive.

Dust and debris filled the venue moments after a police helicopter plunged through the roof on 9 November, 2013, obscuring her way out.

“I was three feet away from where the helicopter hit, it’s a miracle I’m here,” she said.

Regaining composure, Ann followed the voices that guided her through gaps in the wreckage, and eventually escaped.

He could have saved me

Five years on, Ann has now met Michael Byrne – a fellow survivor who ran back into the bar to help those left behind.

Having heard his story for the first time, Ann realises Michael could have been one of the brave souls who led her to safety.

Clutha survivor meets rescuer five years on

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