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Do I move around in a different Glasgow from everyone else?

I’ve already made few recent posts about how fed up I am seeing whining cycling activists/campaigners moan about non-existent gridlock and aggressive motorists in Glasgow, and now see the council is proposing to end free parking on Sundays, supposedly to deal with a lack of available spaces which in turn causes congestion and brings an unnecessary level of pollution to the area.

I must live in a different Glasgow from all those people.

Free parking spaces could be axed on Sundays in Glasgow

Apart from the run-up to Christmas and the sales, when the streets got a little busier, I like getting into Glasgow (by bike, if that’s not clear) on Sundays as the place is even quieter than it is during the week.

I have to be clear that while I’ve not driven into Glasgow for some years now, I still watch the roads for changes, and if there are parking problems, then I strongly doubt it is down to the number of cars.

I’ve noted controlled (ie PAY for it) parking spaces creep into areas, and onto streets, where there were no restrictions in the past.

I’ve also noted numerous places which USED to have parking bays no longer have them.

In many cases, these just disappeared, to be replaced by areas marked for disabled or blue badge holders, but even those vanished later, to be replaced by yellow line (which blue badge holders can often still park on).

What I’m saying is that I may be more observant than many, and while most people don’t watch these changes, I see what would now be described as ‘Stealth Tactics’ being employed in order to introduce changes in small, almost imperceptible steps, to suit various policies.

I’m not suggesting this is necessarily a bad thing, as it can make transitions smoother by avoiding large, or step, changes.

However, I do find it objectionable if these are misrepresented as changes being brought about by traffic and congestion problems, which I simply don’t see on Glasgow’s streets – an observation I make as someone who cycles on them.

Nor would I suggest there is NEVER any congestion, or any problems – just that this is not the norm, or only appears at peak traffic time, which is surely to be expected.

I don’t think I’ll even bother commenting about the crazy pollution claims being made nowadays.

Frankly, they make about as much sense as the claims (by some) that hundreds of thousands of people died after Chernobyl, which is sheer speculation, as opposed to the actual documented number (which is 35 if you have never checked). Realistically, taking into account the spread of radiation, statistics suggest an additional 40,000 cancer deaths, but that’s by 2065. By then millions of people will have died of cancer that has nothing to do with Chernobyl.

I’d much rather the council just came clean and stated clear and simple policies on driving cars out of the city, or that it just wants to milk the motorist for cash 7 days a week.

Of course, the problem with that would probably be outrage from shops, and hassle for the council.

Christmas peak hour evening in Trongate 🙂

Gridlocked Glasgow Trongate

Gridlocked Glasgow Trongate


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And again…

At least Govanhill has been off my ‘wander’ list for years – but I used to be there every week years ago (locked in my car then).

Man stabbed multiple times in assault outside Lidl

The 23-year-old was attacked in the Govanhill area of Glasgow on Monday night.


Not really my area, still Glasgow though, but when I looked at the news later, this had been added.

Man rushed to hospital after seven robberies in space of an hour in Glasgow’s west end

Police were called to various locations across Kelvindale last night and a 37-year-old man remains in hospital.

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And another…

I know I said I might drop a note of these violent attacks in light of the perceived sudden increase in their numbers, and because they happen places I haunt, but that wasn’t supposed to be an invitation for candidates.

I was even there today, but at least I am never there are the time of this latest incident.

Man rushed to hospital with serious injuries after being attacked outside McDonald’s

More bad news

A policy of “Lock ’em up!” doesn’t work.

Scotland’s prisons overcrowded as inmates ‘packed in like sardines’

It sounds good, and it satisfies the “Hang ’em and flog ’em!” brigade, but I suggest YOU stop for a moment and THINK.

How would you react to such treatment by the same society that wants you to behave if it treated you that way?

I’m willing admit I’d be pissed, not happy when I did eventually get out, and probably inclined to get back at somebody.

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Looks like Edinburghers don’t share Glaswegians sense of humour (just kidding)

I don’t know if this article is serious or not, I really just can’t gauge the tone.

However, I am sure I’m sad that the recent two-part Billy Connolly documentary was used to fuel it…

Then, my mate brought up the Connolly documentary, more specifically the bit in part one where Sharleen Spiteri takes a random pop at Edinburgh, even attempting a posh accent and my mood started to resemble Tony Montana’s in the final scene of Scarface.

The Texas singer said and I quote – “Glasgow was the arse end of Scotland because Edinburgh always got (attempts Miss Jean Brodie accent) ‘oh it’s lovely in Edinburgh – we’ve got a castle and it’s all fabulous’.” Really Sharleen?

The gist of what she was saying plays on the tired old notion of Edinburgh punters being “stuck up” and Glaswegians being a friendlier bunch.

I’ve listened to that type of inverted snobbery my whole life and feel it’s time to consign this dreary inter-city rivalry to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

It’s bordering on sectarianism and works both ways with Edinburgh people giving it “Weegie this and Weegie that” – there’s no way the Capital gets off the hook here.

Kevan Christie: Red Clydesiders would despair over Edinburgh-Glasgow rivalry

While there are a sad few who will always be genuine bigots and/or xenophobes, and will never change, most of us are normal, have a sense of humour, and a cheeky wink or twinkle in our eye as we say some terrible things.

The real problem is probably the ‘PC Brigade’ who won’t even allow this sort of comment to pass as innocent, and believe anyone who makes such comments deserves to be censured, and treated as if they were racist bigots.

It’s another example of what I see as people NOT actually being allowed to think freely, instead, being TOLD what to think by a noisy few who have some sort of agenda they want to further.

Maybe the writer should try this book…

I guess I’ll be criticised for this chose, since I’m a Weegie, and Weegies appear FIRST in the title, so it MUST be biased!


Weegies vs Edinbuggers

Weegies vs Edinbuggers


There’s a slogan that Glaswegians use when talking about Edinburgh’s world-famous joie de vivre: ‘Edinburgh! A castle, a smile and a song…One out of three isn’t bad.’ Edinburghers retaliate by talking of why all the Wise Men come from the East and all the cowboys from the West. So we have the Far East, the Wild West and an apparently unbridgeable gulf in between, usually called Falkirk. These are the jokes, the songs and the stories of why citizens of these two great cities would rather take Osama bin Laden home for tea than a Weegie or an Edinbugger, citizens of no mean cities though they be. Except, of course, traditionally, there is no request to tea in Edinburgh, more of a statement delivered without a question mark, as in ‘You’ll have had your tea.’ And ‘pal’ is the unfriendliest word there is in Glasgow. When a Glaswegian asks, ‘Ur you lookin’ at me, pal?’, you would be very naive indeed to think of it as a question or that the deliverer is intent on making friends. It is, in fact, a statement meaning something like, ‘Unless you come up with a smart reply sharpish, I’m going to attempt to remove your head from your shoulders with any weapon that comes to hand. Or my teeth.’ There’s nothing rational about it. Weegies know that all Edinburghers are just poncing about all day pretending to be flowers and waiting for dark to get up Calton Hill because, without exception, they like their vice versa. And Edinbuggers know that, in Weegie families, father, mother and sister often don’t add up to three, but that they do keep their chibs sharp, whatever a chib might be. There are hard hits from both sides, sharp jibes and bludgeoning diatribes, but it’s just friendly rivalry really. To use the double positive negative, a figure of speech unique to Scotland, ‘Aye, right.’

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Edinburgh follows Glasgow’s lead

While I don’t really like the hostility (or rivalry) some seem to genuinely promote between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I’m not going to ignore genuine opportunities to reflect the pair.

In this case, it’s the adoption of Low Emission Zones by the two cities, already underway in Glasgow, and a year away for Edinburgh.

Like the Glasgow case, the only sad thing about this news is the sheer lunacy of the campaigners who are spouting the usual rubbish about car exhausts killing people, as if they were dropping in the streets like flies.

If it wasn’t so silly, tragic, and counterproductive, it would be funny.

But it’s disingenuous nonsense, as it completely negates the efforts made over the years with various emission controls enforced on vehicles for decades, and the elimination of leaded petrol, which was a REAL danger at ground level, and has been banished from our roads.

But why let a little reality waste the panic and scare-mongering efforts of the activists and campaigners?

Cllr Doran has also highlighted the importance of tackling poor levels of air pollution, which she labelled a “silent killer”.

She added: “I always used to say Scotland has beautiful, clean air – but it has most certainly not. You always used to think Scotland had clean air because of the mountains and all the outdoors – but you cannot possibly say that in any way, shape or form.

“We are pushing our buggies along the road at car exhaust level. That is the most frightening thought and it is happening every single day. I would love to give a gift of clean air to future generations.”

The council will also bring forward plans for a Low Emission Zone next year, as well as specific proposals for monthly ‘open streets’ events on Sundays.

Cllr Doran said: “The LEZ will be for Edinburgh, it’s very ambitious for Edinburgh. People have to travel from city to city so there has to be a bit of joint working on how that will work.

“We can’t say people are not going to change, so what’s the point – the city will just grind to a stop. What we need is a city that is moveable and breathable and you can actually get around.”

Green councillors have called on the council to ensure that reality matches ambition. City centre Cllr Claire Miller said: “Across the world city centres are transforming away from car-dominated places of congestion and air pollution. Right now, Oslo, for example, is taking out car-parking spaces in its city centre so that pedestrians and cyclists come first.

Plans to ‘open up streets to pedestrians and cyclists’ in Edinburgh

The Green Loonies, campaigners, and activists are becoming little more than whining irritants nowadays, seeking to negate all the gains made to date, and trying to suggest that things are worse today than they were in the past, as if no progress has ever been made.

Have a look at the Moron Comment section after the following article, which simply reports some factual numbers, yet is met with much negative reactive from a certain type of respondent, which I will not identify again, other than to say they are sad, and not helping.

Greenhouse gas emissions by Scottish industry at 10-year low

Seriously, you can’t go on and on responding negatively, or rubbishing EVERY news item that reports advances in emissions or pollution control, and expect to be taken seriously.

I don’t mind admitting I no longer listen to, or give any credibility to any ‘Green’ activists or campaigners. Even before they start, I’ve turned off as I feel as if they are treating me like an idiot,

Now that I regularly cycle Glasgow city centre, I OBJECT to campaigners who TELL me I’m cycling in polluted, gridlocked, and congested streets they illustrate with pics like the one below – when my EYES (and nose) tell me they are spouting rubbish.

Campaigner Road Pic

Campaigner Road Pic

The realty of Glasgow is this pic, recently taken in Trongate at peak evening traffic time.

Full disclosure – I had to wait for the traffic lights to turn green, or I’d have taken the pic the same way ‘campaigners’ do, to make the street look as if it was blocked by traffic, which was really just waiting for the lights to turn from red to green.

If I’d wanted to be as ‘naughty’ as them, I’d have waited until the whole line had cleared, and shown an EMPTY street.

Gridlocked Glasgow Trongate

Gridlocked Glasgow Trongate

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People’s Palace Glasgow panorama

Since there won’t be an opportunity to try this shot from the People’s Palace viewing gallery for a while, I thought I’d have a quick try at taking a wide, or panorama, view while I could.

Unfortunately, the panes in the window are quite small, making it impossible to get a clear view easily, and avoid having to move slightly to get the whole view while avoiding the window frame. The exposure is a little tricky too, as the glass is Georgian Wired, and as you rotate the camera, the changing angle means shooting through varying thicknesses of glass.

The light wasn’t good for contrast, and I don’t think shooting through the glass helped either, as it wasn’t possible to improve the contrast by processing the image. The exposure was very variable across the extent, so does vary in the final view.

But it’s not too bad.

Click to show the full panorama.

People's Palace Glasgow Panorama

People’s Palace Glasgow Panorama

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Does Rothesay House have a connection to Rothesay?

Another of those odd sightings of a name with no obvious reason.

This time it’s ‘Rothesay House’, spotted in Glasgow’s Douglas Street.

Although I did have a quick look around for a connection, nothing seemed to show up online.

This just seems to be a suite of offices to let to anyone, with the name just picked out of thin air (unless there is a reason I couldn’t find online), as opposed to having some sort of connection or link to the source.

Rothesay House Douglas Street

Rothesay House Douglas Street

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Looks like ‘Start of life’ is just as short as ‘End of life’ in Glasgow – I’m doomed

I mentioned the re-appearance of one of the media’s favourite subjects after an apparent period of absence.


I belong to Glasgow – Oh well

Now, it seems that not only will you not last very long if you live in Glasgow, you’re probably not going to do too well if you’re born there either.

More babies are dying within a year of being born in Glasgow, with data revealing the infant and neonatal mortality rates are rising.

Across Scotland, the neonatal mortality rate worsened, after decades of improvement, which baby charity Bliss said was “deeply concerning”.

In Glasgow, 40 infants died within a year a being born in 2017, compared with 29 the year previously, according to the latest Office for National Statistics figures.

This means the infant mortality rate, a key indicator of early years care, increased from 4.2 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2016 to 5.8 in 2017.

The neonatal mortality rate, measuring babies dying within a month of being born, also increased.

In Glasgow, in 2017, there were 3.9 deaths per 1,000 live births, compared to 2.2 in 2016.

The ONS says the infant and neonatal mortality rates can fluctuate between years in local authorities due to the small number of deaths.

More babies dying within a year of birth in Glasgow, figures show

Oh well.

BORN in Glasgow.

LIVE in Glasgow.

I guess the third line need not be added.

Well, the hospital I was born is dead.

They tried to inject some life into the facade by converting it onto flats, but they’re long empty, and the place is sealed, empty, and abandoned today, with demolition sure to be its next ‘feature’.

I actually saw a demolition notice a few years ago, but it’s still there.

Duke St Hospital Flats From West

Duke St Hospital Flats From West

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Glasgow Christmas timelapse treat

It’s amazing what just about anybody can do with digital cameras now.

Considering that is as good a reason for mentioning this short capture of Glasgow at Christmas.

Considering the amount of money I wasted back in the 1980s and 1990s, when video was supposedly becoming ‘great’, it almost hurts to look at what can be done with the latest camera-phones, let alone the latest real digital cameras, where video and still have all but merged to become one.

Timelapse footage shows how incredible Glasgow looks at Christmas

WordPress blogs don’t allow the video to be embedded, so you’ll have to use the link.

George Square Globe Wheel Tree

George Square Globe Wheel Tree 1

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I belong to Glasgow – Oh well

‘I belong to Glasgow’ is the title of a very old Glasgow song, which I haven’t heard for years, or even heard mentioned now that I come to think of it.

I once had an old tape recording, but that, and the recorder, seem to have vanished from my possession. No idea how, I went to look for them one day, years ago, and they were gone, along with other similar goodies I thought were at the back of a cupboard.

The title came to mind as I noted a couple of nice stories about Glasgow, which makes me really glad ‘I belong to Glasgow’.

I had begun to think the media had given up on one of its favourite storylines (Live in Glasgow and Die!) since most of these stories seemed to be published with ‘Scotland’ replacing ‘Glasgow’ in the headline, meaning I couldn’t include them as ‘local’ gems, but it looks as if the tired old hacks and their equally old and tired editors have found the subject worthy once again.

Glasgow Necrpolis

Glasgow Necropolis

Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy in Scotland, an official report reveals.

Overall, life expectancy for men in Scotland’s most deprived areas is 13 years lower than in the least deprived parts, an official report outlines.

The difference for women is 9.6 years, according to National Records of Scotland statistics.

New figures show average life expectancy for Scots born from 2015 to 2017 has fallen slightly, with men now expected to live until 77 and women until they are 81.1 years old.

Compared with the UK as a whole, men in Scotland are expected to live 2.2 years fewer than average and woman 1.8 years.

Glasgow city was revealed to have the lowest life expectancy for both men and women, at 73.3 and 78.7 respectively, while it was highest in East Renfrewshire, where males can expect to live for 80.5 years and females for 83.7 years.

Glaswegians still have lowest life expectancy in Scotland

And one that doesn’t really matter to me.

More than half of the alcohol related deaths reported throughout NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in 2017 were recorded in the city.

Of the 310 fatalities registered last year, 186 were living in Glasgow which means the problem is still higher than the Scottish average.

Despite these shocking figures, reports suggest there has been a slight decline of alcohol induced incidents between 2016 and 2017.

In 2017, 34.9 people per 100,000 in Glasgow died from an alcohol related illness compared to the Scottish average of 20.2 people per 100,000.

In 2016, 41.1 people per 100,000 in Glasgow and 23.8 people in Scotland per 100,000 died as a result of a drinking problem.

People in Scotland drink more than those living in other parts of the UK.

Alcohol related deaths in Glasgow still higher than Scottish average

There was a third, which cynics like me would suggest relate to the above.

If we’re so ready to run to hospital, how come we’re all dying?

Probably because all these healthy people are diverting staff from those who are REALLY ill, and they’re dropping dead as a result.

Top ten time-wasting A&E complaints, according to NHS staff

· Cold symptoms, Nasal congestion or a simple sore throat

· Skin complaints such as Acne, Eczema or Athlete’s foot

· Cold sores, Warts or verrucae

· Period pain

· Earache

· Haemorrhoids (piles)

· Hay fever or mild allergies

· Head lice / scabies

· Mouth ulcers/Dental pain

· Thrush

Top 10 time-wasting A&E complaints according to NHS Glasgow staff

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So, the weather’s not so good just now – time for some old Glasgow Christmas Lights

It always amusing to think of the folk who don’t think weather forecasts are ever right.

They generally don’t understand how to use them, and can usually be found complaining about getting rained on during a sunny forecast.

I wonder if they ever see rainy forecasts, and moan if the Sun makes an appearance instead?

Our forecast is wind and rain at the moment, and I’m afraid it’s right, so I’m staying in.

Just as well, since it’s safer too: Hairdressers threatened in salon Taser raid

Taser! (assuming it was real). At least this was the afternoon, I only get to be there at night.

The west end is no better! Pregnant woman attacked and robbed in Glasgow

Since I’m not going out in wind AND rain, this is a chance to give this gallery of Glasgow’s Christmas lights from days gone by.

It seems that Glasgow had a period of innovation with its lights, but that’s no longer the case, as it’s now so easy to buy such things off the shelf, rather than come up with something

As you’ll see from some of the older pics, the lights used to be installed over considerable lengths of the city centre’s streets.

I really can remember the year when Glasgow City Council announced the end of those long street displays, and the cries of anguish from Glaswegians who though it was the complete ending of Christmas Light in Glasgow (thankfully, it wasn’t, and really just meant less would be spent).

If they look familiar, then they probably are, if you took your holidays down in Blackpool, you saw some of them long before the rest of us.

A number of displays were acquired from that sources when their ‘tour of duty’ was complete down there, and they were retired.

And that does explain the mystery of the slightly strange themes out lights had during some years.

Glasgow’s Christmas lights down the years

One sample from the gallery – check the full set at the link given.


Glasgow Christmas Lights Pic Credit Media Scotland

Glasgow Christmas Lights Pic Credit Media Scotland

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