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Best thing about living in Glasgow – you don’t have to do it for too long

It’s been a while since I last saw one of my favourite subjects featured by the media, but all is well, and it’s back – alive and well 🙂

Increases in life expectancy have stalled in Scotland.

Even worse, in some areas the amount of time you can expect to live is going backwards.

Between 2001-2003 and 2012-2014, life expectancy at birth in the region steadily rose from 73.5 years to 77.1 years for men, and from 78.8 years to 81.1 years for women.

But since then it has remained largely unchanged, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show.

Total life expectancy was 77.0 years for men and 81.1 years for women in 2015-2017.

Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy in the UK for both men, at 73.3 years, and women, at 78.7 years. The area has also seen increases in life expectancy stall in recent years.

When it comes to how long you can expect to live in good health, men in Scotland can expect 62.3 years and women can expect 62.6 years.

Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy in the UK for both men and women

I thought I’d slightly revise one of my Glasgow city centre pics in honour of this story (while I’m still here) 😉

Death in Glasgow

Death in Glasgow

If old doesn’t get you, somebody will probably just stab you in the head, with pair of scissors, since we can’t have knives now.


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Will I live long enough to see ‘New’ Glasgow?

While it’s the apparent norm for the usual naysayers and negative types to simply sound off against Glasgow City Council as that’s their real pastime, I don’t subscribe to such party lines.

The sad truth is that the council is usually just the nearest ‘whipping boy’ for everyone to reach for, and those who are really to blame for any planning failures get a free ride as nobody bothers them, brings them to task, or holds them accountable.

After all, it’s a lot easier to just cite ‘The Council’, or say ‘Nay’, than spend time researching.

I’ve noted previous news promising development and reenergising High Street, and land to it east.

Now there seem to be even more impressive proposals seeking approval for the area to the south, as articles appeared regarding parks running all the way from Saltmarket to Kelvingrove Park, including the area on the opposite side of the river, and even bringing back water taxis.

Water taxis and huge new park planned at River Clyde

River Clyde at Glasgow City Centre set to be transformed by running parks and water taxis

‘River park’ proposed for Glasgow city centre

Proposed plans to transform Glasgow’s St Enoch ‘welcome but long overdue’

I’m intrigued by the way the last two articles listed appear to centre on the St Enoch area, since the plans are MUCH more extensive (and the ‘overdue’ due bit is just… silly – every plan is always too late for somebody).

It’s notable that past errors are being paid attention to, as the council carries out public consultations for some time in advance of such announcements. Some years ago, it was becoming clear that even potentially positive proposals were being rejected, or objected to, simply on the basis that they appeared to be being handed down as council decrees, which people had no say in.

A new park running along both sides of the River Clyde in Glasgow is set to be approved by councillors.

Improvements to the M8 motorway, water taxis and sports activity on the river are also expected to get the go-ahead.

The council said “strong support” was received for its proposals during a consultation process.

The park would run from Glasgow Green to the Riverside Museum and Kelvingrove, while “beautiful, small-scale buildings” would pop-up along the riverbank for shops and leisure facilities.

An idea of how the new park might look - Glasgow City Council

An idea of how the new park might look – Glasgow City Council

Nice pic, shame about the too tall buildings though.

It’s not my intention to be negative, rather to point out (again) that the council is not wholly responsible for such plans, although it has the important job of approving them, and mediating them, to ensure they are compliant with legislation and local demands. And, unless it’s a council project, it doesn’t fund it either, but has to act to facilitate finances (it’s complicated, or another story for another day).

I’m thinking of one project local to me, which I was following, and looked as if it would be underway by now (middle of 2019), but has seen no activity, or apparently any update info regarding its progress, or not.

Sooner, rather than later please (I’m looking at backers as I say that, NOT the council).

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Not all Glasgow media tales are negative (but the moronic comments probably are)

I admit to being generally irritated by the glee with which the media tend to rush out articles which feature any negative aspects of Glasgow, and am fed up reading articles featuring poverty, poor health, sickness, mortality, crime, violence etc as if these were the only newsworthy subjects.

I’m also reasonably sure that Glasgow suffers as a result, as readers equate the frequency of such stories with the volume of such things in Glasgow.

It’s rather like the tale of “thousands” of birds being killed in strikes with wind turbine, used by loony campaigners to seek the end of wind turbines, when the reality is that it’s just the same one or two videos being played thousands of times on YouTube.

But, why let an inconvenient fact or two waste a good fantasy?

I spotted a couple of articles referring to:

Glasgow drives huge fall in serious violent crime across Scotland

Glasgow drives huge drop in violent crime across Scotland

While the basis for the finding is grounded in the number of crimes recorded, it was notable that the moron comment section open after one of those articles featured rather a lot of negative responses to the findings.

It’s unfortunate that the media (and probably social media, which I don’t pay any attention to) can distort public opinion by publishing numerous articles featuring one aspect, while neglecting others.

I can’t really fault them, I did it myself for a short period just to emphasise the effect (see my short run of posts on ‘violent crime’ which ran just a few months ago, prompted by the way the media was featuring such items at the top of its daily reports). I almost wish I hadn’t now. Taken out of context, or at apparent face value, it could be used to reinforce the biased view, which was not the intent

However, I can fault those who take the simplistic view that the number of such stories reflects the number of such events.

That you can only gain an insight into by looking at ALL the figures.

Sadly, the comments in the moron comment section referred to show that few have the desire or ability to do that, and just rely on what they are spoon-fed by the media, be that traditional media, or social media.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

Maybe I should just put it in my more cynical way…

Nobody likes good news.

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Is Glasgow being mugged by ANOTHER sporting event?

I’m currently not in the best of moods, having noted that ONCE AGAIN Glasgow’s (city centre) streets are to be closed for a sporting event.

I’m not supposed to complain though, as it’s for a ‘Good Cause’ – “The annual Men’s 10k will arrive on June 16 and thousands of athletes from across the country are expected to get set and go.”

Great – if it’s so good, why not hold it on quiet road just outside the city, through some of Glasgow really BIG parks?

Instead, those of us not interested now seem to be expected to put up with this regular road closure disruption, and not say a thing.


I was really wondering about this advance publicity I spotted recently:

EUFA EURO 2020 Alert

EUFA EURO 2020 Alert

I don’t know anything about this, am not interested in it so won’t be wasting any of my time researching it, but wonder if it follows a similar swindle to the other large sporting events which cities are supposedly ‘honoured’ by being granted the privilege of hosting.

The event organisers (such as those being the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics) don’t have to raise a penny for them – the cities that host them have to cough up the money to run them, provide thousands of unpaid volunteers, and fund the building of new event spaces and stadiums.


No wonder Glasgow’s attractions, such as Tollcross Park’s sad winter garden, and now the People’s Palace winter garden are lying in ruins – when the council has to drop over £300 million on the Commonwealth Games, and recently settled an equal pay dispute (created by its predecessor) for £500 million. That’s just two obvious drains, if I actually looked, I could probably raise that to a loss of £1 billion that could have been better spent.

I always liken this sort of thing to the coercion, or just straight blackmail, of those involved in sales, marketing, and advertising.

When you turn them (and their fees down), they look at you through the narrow slits of their beady little eyes and say something like “If you don’t do this, we’ll take our service to your competitors, and make them a better offer. Can you afford to let that happen?

I’d say host cities are given a similar ultimatum by those event organisers, and told they’ll lose the money that visitors to their event will (supposedly) spend.


There was an interesting article that could be viewed in a sort of ‘Compare & Contrast’ way, as Edinburgh resident (or at least some of the mouthy ones) see, to be rebelling against the very thing that is keeping that city solvent.

And they’re certainly (apparently) more hostile to their tourists and events than Glaswegians seem to be their similar benefactors.

I don’t think I could easily lay hands on any published material where any  Glasgwegians (other than me of course) have made any negative comments about the disruption events cause.

Oh, that’s no longer true!

I just spotted this about Zippo’s Circus in Victoria Park:

They will put on two performances a day for the six day period.

Representations were received by Whiteinch Community Council and Jordanhill Community Council, with issues included the use of generators on the site.

“We welcome the coming of the circus, we just want to ask for conditions to mitigate the negative impact on surrounding houses,” a representative from Whiteinch Community Council said.

She requested noise was kept to an adequate level, parking restrictions were put in place and the use of generators and diesel vehicles were kept to a minimum.

Glasgow council grants circus licence despite worries over ‘intolerable’ noise

I don’t know how loud Zippo’s was, but I doubt it reached the levels of ‘Big Top’ shows taking place during the Fringe.

However, this reaction may be telegraphing Glasgow’s future reaction to tourists and events, IF it can stomach copying Edinburgh!

Edinburgh is at risk of being seen as ‘anti-tourist’ in the wake of campaigners raising concerns about the impact of festivals and events on the city, the chief executive of the Fringe Society has warned.

Shona McCarthy hit back at critics of what is claimed to be a growing “festivalisation” and “exploitation” of the city centre for major events, describing some of the criticisms that had been raised as “a bit weird”.

She insisted the Fringe should not be held responsible for the management of tourism numbers in the city centre, but warned the city’s welcoming reputation was “seriously in danger” due to an ongoing debate about the impact of the industry.

Edinburgh is in danger of becoming an ‘anti-tourist’ city, Fringe chief warns


Noisy performer

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Science centres still seem to be around

Glasgow Science Centre (there are others, but I’ll just refer to the one I’m closest to) opened back in 2001, and did seem to struggle despite good intentions.

By 2008, the happiest of the naysers were rubbing their hand with glee, and predicting the end, with closure not far off, and pointing to the laying off of 18 staff back in 2004.

Funding then was being CUT, by 40% from £1.7 million in 2007 to £1.4 million in 2008, with more cuts due in the next two years.

But we were then told that the four science centres (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen) would share £250,000 of extra funding,

The science centres are still with us, and since I can’t recall ever seeing any further stories of their imminent demise, I assume they are doing quite nicely these days.

While I don’t visit the place (it really seems to be aimed at kids), I have been nearby, and it always looked fairly busy, and was even hosting special events.

They’re even having money thrown at them…

Scotland’s four science centres have been given a cash boost of £2.63m.

The latest grant from the Scottish government comes during British Science Week and brings the total funding given to the attractions over the last four years to £10m.

The money for 2019-20 is aimed at making Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) accessible to everyone.

It includes efforts to engage pupils in rural and deprived areas.

As well as an operational grant for the centres in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen, the fund includes:

• A schools transport subsidy, to support pupils in rural and deprived areas accessing the centres

• A community subsidy, to support centres’ engagement with a greater diversity of people

Science centres boost takes funding to £10m total

I never really got the point of these centres years ago, even after having a pre-opening tour of Glasgow.

I think the name evoked a different image in my head, of a serious scientific development/research hub for businesses, as opposed to the educational places they actually are, with a completely different purpose.

Maybe a different name would have helped (me).

Something along the lines of The Big Idea perhaps – oh, maybe not, that idea didn’t work too well.

Queen Mary - Glasgow Tower - Science Centre - IMAX Theatre

Queen Mary – Glasgow Tower – Science Centre – IMAX Theatre

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

Two for the price of one AGAIN!

While I make the occasional trip to Cambuslang, at least it’s never as late at night as this.

A 45-year-old man has been rushed to hospital with stab wounds following an attempted murder in Cambuslang.

At around 10.20pm last night, an injured man in Braeside Place flagged down a car and asked for assistance

Emergency services rushed to the scene and the man was taken by ambulance to Hairmyres Hospital for treatment to a number of stab wounds. Medical staff describe his condition as stable.

Police are treating the incident is being treated as attempted murder .

A 29 year old man has been arrested in connection with the incident and enquiries are ongoing.

Man, 45, rushed to hospital with stab wounds after murder bid in Cambuslang

This one, however, WAS really close, and I passed the spot given about half an hour after this incident today (at least I was on a bus).

Four men have been arrested following an armed police incident at Parkhead.

Police Scotland officers swooped on the area outside the Forge Market in the east end of the city around 3.15pm today.

It remains unclear why the four have been arrested but they are believed to have been in a silver car.

Four arrested as as armed police swoop on car outside Forge Market in Parkhead

Like I said in an earlier post – maybe I’ll just go back to staying in!

I’m missing some of these by only a few hours, or less. sometimes.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

Two for the price of one today!

First time I get on a bus in decades, and the very service/route/bus I used had this happen on it (at least I was on a different bus), and was even looking at the West George Street signs for some reason. as we came down the street)…

A 22-year-old man was rushed to hospital after being assaulted while travelling on a bus in Glasgow’s city centre.

At around 5.25pm yesterday, the man was travelling on a number 2 First Bus from Faifley to Baillieston.

While in the West George Street vicinity, the man tried to stop an argument between two females and a male which resulted in him being assaulted by the male who then got off the bus at Renfield Street.

The 22-year-old man was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where he was treated for a puncture wound to the leg before being released.

Man, 22, rushed to hospital after assault on Glasgow city centre bus

Next, although this was reported today, the incident happened last week, and at the moment, I pass Argyle Street Station (but have no reason to use it) every day I’m in the city centre, around the time given as I’m heading home…

A baby fell out of a pram and onto a railway platform after a man was headbutted at a train station.

The unprovoked attack took place inside Argyle Street railway station, Glasgow, shortly after 5pm on Thursday, February 28.

The victim, who was standing next to his partner, was holding a pram with a baby inside when he was headbutted by another man.

The assault caused the baby to fall out of the pram and onto the platform floor.

Both parties then boarded the 5.07pm service to Cumbernauld.

Baby falls out pram after man headbutted at train station

Like I said in an earlier post – maybe I’ll just go back to staying in!

I’m missing some of these by only a few hours sometimes.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

One that hits two buttons, I am there regularly, and I could be there at that time, but thankfully, usually a fair but later.

Police are hunting a man who robbed cash and tobacco from a Glasgow shop.

Around 3pm yesterday (Tuesday, March 5) he entered the ‘Shop Local’ key store in Dalmarnock Road, threatened a female member of staff and demanded money.

The 37-year-old woman was uninjured but has been left badly shaken by the incident.

The suspect is white, around 6 ft tall with a slim build and a local accent.

He was wearing dark coloured clothing with his hood up.

He left the store carrying two blue plastic bags with a quantity of tobacco and cash.

Police launch hunt for man who robbed Glasgow shop in broad daylight

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

After noting one incident reported earlier today, I’ve just spotted another on, for somewhere I hadn’t visited for years, but was at the same place on Sunday – fortunately some hours after the event.

I toured the whole length of Dumbarton Road on Sunday afternoon, just to see if any of the old buildings I remembered were still there – of course, the ones I had in mind are long gone, so I ended up just looking for interesting shops – unaware of what had happened a few hours earlier.

At least I’m never likely to be there around midnight.

A 37-year-old man who was seriously assaulted outside a Partick chip shop was left with serious injuries to his face, requiring surgery.

The incident occurred between 12.05 am and 12.35 am on Sunday, March 3 outside the Blue Lagoon Chip shop in Dumbarton Road.

The man was attempting to diffuse (sic) an argument between two people. He was then assaulted by a group of other people which left him with serious injuries.

Emergency services rushed to scene and the injured man was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulance where he was released after initial treatment. However, he will return at a laster (sic) date for surgery.

The culprits had made off prior to police arriving at the scene.

Man, 37, needing facial surgery after serious assault outside Partick chip shop

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

As usual, few quiet days, then the madness is back, and in the middle of the day when there would be plenty of people around.

Glad I only use this station a few times a year, and not at all recently.

A 14-year-old girl was repeatedly hit in the face by a man and then thrown into a wall at a Glasgow train station.

British Transport Police are investigating the assault on Platform 8 of Queen Street Station on Saturday 16 February.

The teenager was with three other young people when the attack happened at about 13:00.

Teenage girl hit in the face by man at Glasgow train station

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

A few quiet days, then the madness is back.

I pass this store, fairly often sometimes, not this late in the day, and fortunately have little reason to drop in.

A teenage boy and an elderly woman have been injured after a disturbance broke out near a city centre supermarket.

Police Scotland officers were called to Tesco on Sauchiehall Street around 7.50pm last night after reports of ‘youths shouting and carrying baseball bats’.

When officers arrived a teen was found with an injured arm, and an elderly woman had fallen.

Teen and elderly woman injured after ‘disturbance’ outside city centre supermarket

Seven youths charged over disturbance at city centre supermarket

Police reassure public as seven youths charged following disturbance at supermarket

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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