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The ‘Big Heid’ at Anderston is gone

Following the Red Mutant, the Big Heid I spotted replacing it at Anderston has now also succumbed to the magical grey paint, and disappeared.

Since there’s little point in photographing a patch of grey paint, I’m just repeating the pic I took earlier.

Road Support Face Mural

Road Support Face Mural or Big Heid

Just out of interest, I was wandering along Burgh Lane (behind the Western Baths and Hillhead Library), and found I was being watched by the face, WITHOUT the head!

Is it looking guiltily at the broken downpipe?

Did it do that?

Big Heid Face Only

Big Heid Face Only

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New blockade runners memorial quickly restored after vandalism

Looks I was too slow to catch this one after seeing reports that the recently installed blockade runners memorial had been defaced:

RMT – the union for transport workers – have tweeted a photo of the defaced statue, expressing their frustration and disappointment.

The tweet read: “After so much hard work by so many wonderful people and the excitement earlier this year unveiling this fantastic memorial to the Blockade Runners we were totally disgusted to to see this vandalism today.”

‘Totally disgusted’ – vandals slammed for defacing memorial by River Clyde

Reported locally on the 14th, I wasn’t near enough to take a pic until today, the 19th, by which time the graffiti had been cleaned of, and the stonework restored.

I hadn’t expected to see it clean up so soon, and this was how it looked this afternoon.

According to an update to the original story, it had already been dealt with by Wednesday (17th).

Blackade Runners Memorial restored

Blackade Runners Memorial restored

This is how it looked a few days ago, as seen in the pic tweeted by the RMT:

RMT pic of defaced memorial

RMT pic of defaced memorial

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Western Infirmary rooftop graffiti

Ambling down Byres Road I looked at a fire appliance which was also just ambling along the road, and happened to notice some graffiti on a rooftop structure atop one of the former Western Infirmary building which is being demolished.

Western Infirmary graffiti

Western Infirmary graffiti

I usually can’t get much of a zoom by cropping, since I’m more likely to be trying hand-held low light tricks, but in daylight, things can be better, so although this was too far even to be zoomed into, I was able to lift a decent crop from the original.

Western Infirmary rooftop graffiti

Western Infirmary rooftop graffiti

Nothing to lose, since I don’t usually get to play this game, I thought I’d try pushing the crop and processing even further.

Better than expected.

Closer graffiti

Closer graffiti

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MUSTIO LOVE’S YOU – is that a good thing?


Graffiti promoting The Greengrocer’s Apostrophe now?

Mustio Love's You

Mustio Love’s You

I didn’t spot the aberrant apostrophe when I grabbed the pic, but it’s there.

I was more concerned about the meaning of the three ‘action lines’ behind Mustio’s butt.

What at they about? Has the poor mutant got a ‘gas’ problem?

More seriously, we need to help our poor, uneducated graffiti artists, and improve their grammar.

Maybe someone should start a petition to have a free course laid on for them, to avoid them being embarrassed by making mistakes like this, and embarrassing Glasgow too, when tourists see how lacking our schools and education system are.

After all, we know the psychologists and social worker will confirm that being laughed at for making such a basic error could scar them mentally for the rest of their lives.

Someone, maybe like MP Paul Sweeney, noted for supporting worthy and important causes, getting his name in the papers, making stuff up, and raising petitions in Glasgow at the drop of a hat, should start one ūüėČ

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Intriguing report of World War II graffiti/sign found during building works

This sort of stuff has been found before, but more usually in building that were used for some war related purpose during World War II, if they had perhaps been requisitioned.

There’s no mention of anything like that in the story.

The writing was uncovered when wall panelling was removed, and offers advice on remaining safe during an air raid, reading…

“In the event of an air raid stay where you are, steps have been made to make this place safe from splinters and glass.”

There’s no hint at what the drawings represent, but they look a bit like workmen, so might have been done by the workers putting up the panelling referred to, and passed some time during a break.

World War II sketches like this tended to parody Hitler, or his more well-known and recognisable deputies, if they were being done by military personnel posted to an active building.

Glasgow nightclub uncovers fascinating piece of World War II history behind walls

Nice that it was noticed, caught, and recorded before being lost to the renovations.

Image: The Garage / facebook

Image: The Garage / facebook

(Sorry for mentioning facecrook, but I have to acknowledge the pic source.)

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More graffiti scum tagging

It’s hard to convey just how much contempt I hold for so-called graffiti artists and taggers, who think the world deserves to see their crap as they vandalise and damage people’s property.

As always, this does NOT extend to those working with permission.

In this case, some worthless little tagger chose to vandalise a lifebelt alert sign AND showed extreme disrespect by doing it next to someone’s memorial tribute.

Now that I see it with fresh flowers laid, I’m guessing someone died here, either drowned in the river, possibly an accident, or perhaps a suicide who jumped from the old Polmadie Footbridge, which lay just to left of this pic (and is now the new Polmadie Footbridge).

I don’t know the details, and queried the reason for a bottle of water being tied to the railings (fence) here. Original pic and query here: River Clyde pilgrimage point

Lifebelt Sign Vandalised At Memorial

Lifebelt Sign Vandalised At Memorial

Impressive fence painting too – dribbling nicely down from the top of the sign.

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Why I hate graffiti vandals

While I have nothing but admiration for the folk who have created the various murals, large and small, that Glasgow is becoming famous for with its Mural Trail, I have nothing but contempt and disgust for the vandals who think they are being clever by trying to emulate them. They’re really just pathetic failures.

While our murals are installed with permission and are generally enjoyed by many, the graffiti vandals don’t care who they upset or inconvenience, what they destroy, damage, or deface, or what it costs to clean up after them.

In fact, I don’t really mind the small pieces of fun some of them dot around the city, usually in places where they are not ‘In your face’, and almost hidden if you don’t know they’re there.

But many others, even if small, ruin people’s property, and they end up out of pocket fixing the damage.

The same goes for ‘Taggers’ who think any clean space is a spot ‘their’ tag has to places, often ruining council street furniture, meaning our taxes are wasted dealing with the vandals ‘work’.

Admiring some buildings in Sauchiehall Street recently, I was sad to reflect that there had been no past story in the news about a vandal being scraped off the road, and taken away in bags.

Those knowledgeable in Glasgow tales will know the building featured was once a piano showroom, and has a bust of Beethoven over the rear entrance in Renfrew Street. It later became a cinema, seating 400 to more than 600 at one time, which lasted until 1984. Its past is too long to detail here, but it’s an interesting building.

It’s neighbour to the Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum, I mentioned recently.

No idea about its current appearance – it gives a Facecrook link (which I will not touch) and the web page is dead, so it might be too (it looks it).

So, this was the first I saw of the problem.

Sauchiehall Street Vandalism

Sauchiehall Street Vandalism

Now that I’m getting better at it, I like to play with perspective correction, and got a chance with the front view.

Spotted the problem yet?

Glasgow Sauchiehall Street Vandalism Perspective Play

Glasgow Sauchiehall Street Vandalism Perspective Play

Last clue – and why I was sad there was no media coverage of a Sauchiehall Street high fall splat.

If the courts can’t deal with this rubbish effectively, surely Darwin could remove them from the gene pool.

Sauchiehall Street Vandalism Even Closer

Sauchiehall Street Vandalism Even Closer


Thanks for the anon pointer to this.

Lovely way to end a high fall.

Graffiti Killer

Graffiti Killer

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Here’s a new game – Terminate a Tagger

Apparently, PC (political correctness) doesn’t let me suggest killing taggers (low-level scum that likes to see their ‘tag’ or initials on any surface in public view), and since our firearm laws only let criminals have guns, they’re no longer an option either.

So, let’s just ‘terminate’ them. That’s a nice, ambiguous word.

But it is frustrating to wander around Glasgow and see their work all over the place, usually by ‘magic’ marker or similar pocketable indelible marker, so their tag can’t be easily washed or cleaned off.

Anything’s a target for them: street furniture, door frames, doors, garage doors, litter bins, lampposts, sign posts, signs etc.

If it’s markable and in sight, it’s fair game to them, public or private, even churches.

Unlike wall and building graffiti, it’s really too small for the council to send out a graffiti removal team, but for private individuals it can be a significant cost/time penalty. I’ve seen neighbours have new doors ruined only days after they have been fitted, as the indelible black ink of big black marker pens ‘bonds’ with the plastic surface. A large garage door was wasted within days, after three giant letters were sprayed onto the white surface, they couldn’t be removed, and the door had to be painted black to obscure them.

This example is typical of many council signs and park entrances around Glasgow.

Nice, isn’t it?

Tagged Park Sign

Tagged Park Sign

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Why cats have nine (more) lives

Thank (another) anonymous benefactor for this follow-up to a recent graffiti post.

Reminder (click for bigger):

Mouse Axe Cat Graffiti

Mouse Axe Cat Graffiti

If the hint that came with it was accurate, then this is an example from the Netherlands.

Mouse Axe Cat Graffiti 2

Mouse Axe Cat Graffiti 2

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Why cats have nine lives

While you won’t find me supportive of graffiti or murals that are nothing more than vandalism of people’s property (whatever did happen to that Australian snot that vandalised a number of places in Glasgow and was threatened with deportation after trying to become famous as a graffiti artist – I never saw a follow-up in the news), I do have a soft spot for the fairly harmless and small cameos that pop-up in odd corners.

Sadly, this particular one was not spotted in Glasgow, probably not Scotland, or even the UK, but being a little gem on the them of cat humour (and quite clever) I couldn’t resist giving it a mention.

Mouse Axe Cat Graffiti

Mouse Axe Cat Graffiti

Anonymous via a huge image sharing site.

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Listed Partick pumping station defaced by poodle graffiti

In context, yesterday’s fun poodle graffiti effort turns out to be nothing more than vandalism of one of Glasgow’s iconic red sandstone buildings, the 1904 Partick Sewage Pumping Station in Dumbarton Road.

These criminals (usually shoplifters – have you seen the price of ONE tin of spray paint, let alone a selection of colours, I needed a seat to recover when I made the mistake of almost buying one recently) whine about being ‘picked on’ for just having a bit of fun, but I recently saw the bill for restoring a rail carriage, they had ‘decorated’ during the night recently, and while they believe they’re not damaging buildings such as the pumping station (or more likely just don’t care so long as they are first to ‘tag’ a piece of clean wall with their mark), the reality is that sandstone WILL inevitably be damaged, either by the chemicals or solvents needed to removed their muck, or by the various forms of pressure-washing that may be used to avoid chemical use.

The damage can be slight, but as was seen after the mass clean-up of the black soot that once covered many building in Glasgow, damage and accelerated erosion can follow even when care is taken.


It’s bad enough that legitimate refurbishment and modernisation of a working structure means we now have electric motors powering the pumps here, instead of the visual show the original three inverted vertical triple-expansion pumping engines with plunger pumps could be providing today.

Smelly Poodle Graffit Context

Smelly Poodle Graffiti Context

Why ‘Smelly Poodle’?

If you have to ask… you have never walked past this working sewage pumping station!

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