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Remembering Grumpy Cat


Grumpy Cat Best Meme

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Don’t miss Lil BUB’s 8th birthday

Still on the theme of “Things only happen when I’m away”, I see LiL BUB turned 8 recently, and had a party.

I don’t see much of the ‘Internet cats’ these days, as the original sites that tended to focus on them have gone downhill, and I just don’t visit, so almost missed this too.

And I’m still a bit down over the loss of Grumpy. Did you realise both were girls?

But this is about smiling, and just look at the faceplant as soon as BUB get near the cake, even before it’s ready.

Couldn’t be there, but let’s not forget the sight of them together.

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Just one more Grumpy

Just ONE more.

Apologies for the truly atrocious spelling error made by the originator of this tribute – but it’s the thought that counts.

However, I did feel the need to make one small alteration, as Grumpy was a Lady, and wouldn’t have used language like that 😉

Grumpy Better Place

Grumpy Better Place

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Did I really buy an expensive Iron Man cookie jar?

Anyone reading here regularly (or who knows me) will know I have no time for any sort of branded crap, ‘designer label’ goods, or souvenirs/collectibles which carry prices that prove “A fool and their money are soon parted”.

So why did I bring home a £40 Iron Man ‘official’ cookie jar, available today, in stock, from Amazon for a mere £56, or other online sellers for between £16 and £25 – but all with ‘No stock available’ status. (That’s what was online the day I wrote this post, so will change).

Iron Man cookie jar

Iron Man cookie jar

Well, the answer should be fairly obvious – a sale!

Knowing there was a run taking place in Glasgow city centre (so loads of streets closed to traffic), plus the added disruption and delay of more nonsense bringing crowds to Parkhead, I left home really early to get to Kelvingrove for the 3 pm organ recital.

This meant I arrived early, and decided to have a wander around the museum shops.

One was having a SALE!

So, that’s how I came to have a £40 cookie jar – for which I only paid £5. (Which is all I’d pay for a cookie jar).

Iron Man sale price

Sale price

I have to give special mention to a claim on the box, which may not be clear in the oblique view above…


Here’s plain shot.

Armoured cookie jar?

Armoured cookie jar?

Have to be honest – NOT going to test that one.

This also gives me the chance to include a mention for a couple of favourites who are no longer with us.

Iron Man’s creator, and Grumpy Cat, seen together not all that long ago.


Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat

Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat


Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat again

Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat again

No, not really 😉

Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat not really grumpy

Stan Lee and Grumpy Cat not really grumpy

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Today IS a sad day, and I AM grumpy

Every now and then I get a reminder of why I don’t like looking at the news each evening 😦

Still a sad day, even if I knew she had health issues, and I wondered how long Grumpy Cat would be with us.

Thanks for the smiles you brought.

Not Always Grumpy

Not Always Grumpy

Grumpy Cat, the feline famous on the internet for her permanent scowl, has died aged seven, her owners say.

A statement says she died on Tuesday following complications from a recent urinary tract infection.

The cat from Arizona had “helped millions of people smile”.

Grumpy, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, went viral in 2012 after photographs of her sour expression emerged online. Her image quickly spread as a meme.

Grumpy Cat internet legend dies

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So long since we had a Grumpy video – enjoy

If only she could control it! 🙂

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Oh! It’s February 14th, so…

Grumpy Valentine

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I should buy a cat

Resistance is futile, especially against that face, so this story just has to get a mention.

Grumpy Bargain

Grumpy Bargain

The owners of a cat made famous online because of its permanent scowl have been awarded $710,000 (£500,000) in a case by a California federal court.

Grumpy Cat Limited sued the owners of US coffee company Grenade for exceeding an agreement over the cat’s image.

The company only had rights to use the cat to sell its “Grumppuccino” iced drink, but sold other Grumpy products.

Via Grumpy Cat wins $710,000 payout in copyright lawsuit



Still Grumpy 🙂

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

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Today is Dress Up Your Pet Day

14 January is Dress Up Your Pet Day.

I don’t know quite where I stand on this one – when it’s done well, and the cat (or pet) is happy to play, then I guess it’s fine, but there are some that don’t want to know.

Still, sometimes that’s even funnier than the good ones, some just freeze or go into a trance, and others seem unable to balance or coordinate when dressed up.

Like some cats’ response to being taken for walk on a lead, humans should take the hint – while they’re still out of hospital.

NO! (Human… They will NEVER find your body parts when I am finished with you).

Grumpy Fashion

Grumpy Fashion

And the next time I see you approach me holding anything that looks even remotely like a skirt…

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Ask Grumpy Cat

Could be a regular feature – ‘Ask Grumpy Cat: Your Problems Solved’.

Actually this was just a coincidence, and these two pics happened to come up online in different places around the same time, yet they just seemed to be made to go together, so why not?

The Problem:

Cat Piglet Prob

Cat Piglet Prob

The Solution:

Piglet Prob Solved By Grumpy

Piglet Prob Solved By Grumpy

Seems legit:

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