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Mosaic surprise in Hill Street

A surprise from a street I didn’t expect to find one in.

I may have to go back, and pay MORE attention in these streets.

I tend to ignore the buildings, as so many have been abused by reuse by the School of Art, and as hotels. Their treatment can be ‘unsympathetic’. Those still serving as homes can be better looked after, but they can also suffer from lack of funds as they can be costly to maintain.

And the new builds there? Well, let’s just say they’re ‘new’.

Apart from the obvious variations in architecture, I didn’t expect to find anything to surprise me in Hill Street, having wandered along it more than once, but there was one, and I guess you should ALWAYS ‘Look Up!’

In this case it was a splash of colour from a mosaic, which turned out to be something (relatively) new.

I’m never that sure of sticking modern additions on established features though. I’m fine with nearby, but this sort of thing makes me think that the hassle listed building protection brings might not be ‘all bad’.

Charing Cross Housing Association 1992 Mosaic

Charing Cross Housing Association 1992 Mosaic

In this case, we have a fairly obvious phoenix depicted beneath a banner, ‘CCHA 1992’.

CCHA is Charing Cross Housing Association, registered in 1976, operating mainly in the Woodlands and Garnethill areas, and set up to address disrepair in pre-1919 tenements. It started new build developments in the mid 1980s. I didn’t find anything specific after a quick flick through their web site.

I’m guessing this building, formerly The Cancer Hospital; Beatson Hospital Annexe; Royal Beatson Memorial Hospital, was one of the association’s projects, and was completed in 1992.

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