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Well THAT’s not usual

Wandering along one of our little local streets I hear a sound not heard for years, look around, and see…

Police Horses

Police Horses

Pretty rare sight – I thing I’ve seen more of them on bikes than horses.

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My little pony – Aye, right

Since I have rather a lot of old apples to shift, I’ll be passing the horses and ponies I mentioned a few days ago for some time to come.

It’s been interesting on subsequent visits, and I wonder how many little girls have regretted getting their wish, and being introduced to ‘My Little Pony’? I’d heard stories that these little critters could be vicious, and it looks like the white one I mentioned is cut from that stock.

No matter where he (she?) is in the field, when the apples go in, this one’s off like a shot, and the horses don’t get a look in, or even protest.

Yesterday, they were at the corner of the field next to the road, so I was able to drop the apples into their lap.

In the minute or so it took me to walk along the road and turn onto the pedestrian bridge that crosses the road, the little white bully had seen them off the other side of the field, and was tucking into the apples I had dropped at the feet of the two horses.

Guess I’ll have to outsmart him in future, and use his greed against him – he’ll get a couple chucked at him to keep him diverted, while I drop the rest at the horses to give them a chance at the treat.

Calderpark Pony 06

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Little pony scares off big horses

There’s a few small fields along the road from home, where some folk keep a varied selection of horses and ponies at various times of year, and I noticed a couple of little ponies in the nearest one over the recent snowy spell. I’d been wondering what to do with a surplus from my crop of apples this year, as they are now looking rather dubious for human consumption. Over the recent freeze, I gained a new friend in the form of a little blackbird that spent its day pecking away at them, as I put a fresh one out each day – as the previous day’s froze solid. Funny, he always came alone, and didn’t share his ‘find’.

Ponies in snow 2010

After the thaw had set in and the snow had cleared from the ground, I thought I’d give the rest of the apples to the ponies (I should point out that I am not a member of the horsey set, so there’s no point in correcting me on naming – I’m just using what makes sense to me).

When I next wandered along, I was worried to see a pair of full-sized horses in the field, along with the two little ponies, and wondered if the larger of the two would see the other off, and enjoy the treat.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

As you will see in the series of three pics below, the cute little pony turned out to be the boss in this particular field, and when the brown horse came over to see what the cute little pony had found, it turned on the larger horse and chased it across the field.

Pony chase

This was followed by a short session of head-to-head stand-off, during which the brown horse backed down after only one face-off with the little white pony.

Pony and horse face off

After this, the pony enjoyed the bag of apples, and finished them off while the horse stood still at a respectful distance, and just watched.

Horse watches pony

If you are wondering what happened to the other horse seen in the first pic, then it took off for the other end of the field, as the cute little pony actually headed for it just after it chased the first, and before they had their face-off.

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