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My Friday nights are now so…

Wild Cat Friday

Wild Cat Friday


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That moment when…

You make an innocent mistake – but realise the chances of dying in your sleep have suddenly increased immeasurably.

Die In Sleep

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What does your cat REALLY do when it goes out?

Not new, but when I was pointed at this and checked the source (for better quality) I was disappointed to see it had evaporated.

So, as this is too good to miss, this lesser quality bit will just have to do.

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Meet Owl Kitty – short but sweet

While I seem to be happy spending ridiculous amounts of time editing still pics, it’s probably just as well I never scored any cheap (or free) video editing toys, or I’d probably never see the light of day.

Chances are I’d be caught up in trying to find suitable clips to make clips like these, which always leave me wanting more, as they end just as they are getting interesting.

There’s quite a few Owl Kitty productions now, so it’s not so easy to pick one, but I rather like this example, where everyone else is already clearly aware that their place in the greater scheme of things is to bow down before their feline overlord.

Find more of the same here:

Meet Owl Kitty. Your favourite movie kitty


Maybe just ONE more…

If you have a cat – NEVER lose you tin opener!

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Make money from cats. It’s EASY!

Love it when these ads turn up…

Simply drop your cats into one of out pre-paid envelopes

The cash will be automatically paid into your account.

Cash 4 Cats

Cash 4 Cats

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The evolution of Dippy the Dinosaur

With the current interest in dinosaurs and exhibition of Dippy the Dinosaur in Kelvingrove, I couldn’t really leave out this cartoon I tripped over – like all the best humour, it’s simple and clever.

How Dippy Evolved


Dippy R to L

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My worst nightmare – a Scottish ‘House Doctor’!

There are a few types of people I hope end up in their own ‘special hell’.

Here’s one of them (but it turns out there’s a whole army of them, so the rest of us will have to organise a bus).

Some years ago, while ‘enjoying’ one of my periods of insomnia, I always seemed to be awake around 5 am. Rather than watch dry paint drying further, I turned on the TV, and was introduced to some harpy known as the ‘House Doctor’. On the one hand, pretty good at fixing people’s unsellable houses so they sold for a good price, on the other, some sort of evil spawn of Satan that forced them to dump much of their past into the nearest skip.

It was really sad to see her twist their arms up their backs, and throw away items which meant a lot to them, in the name of ‘decluttering’.

I never understood why much of the stuff had to be skipped (not counting broken or disgustingly decaying and rotten remains), since the victims often took on temporary storage to get larger items out of the way for house viewings.

Nor are we visiting the homes of people who have never thrown out the smallest piece of wrapping paper, kept every newspaper or magazine they ever bought, bagged and tagged all their rubbish (including human), need to get around their house through tunnels, and sleep in a chair because their bed is piled to the ceiling with ‘stuff’. They probably DO need some help.

One of the ‘rules’ was to discard items not touched for a period of something like three years, which deemed them to be unnecessary, so they had to be disposed of!

Do that in my house, and you’d be as well just getting a shovel and tossing everything.

Thank goodness this story is from Edinburgh!

The Edinburgh-based entrepreneur behind a business specialising in decluttering, home organisation and minimalism coaching has seen a notable jump in bookings and income after focusing on her digital strategy.

Claire Birnie is the owner and head organiser of The Tidy Life Project, which launched in March. Dovetailing with an interest in decluttering popularised by the likes of Marie Kondo, she has seen strong demand from consumers who want to bring more order to their homes, also offering specialised services for people moving house, for example, and working with hoarding disorder cases. “A lot of people just can’t do this by themselves,” she explained.

Tidy Life Project looks to grow with digital push

And. it’s getting worse, as this sadistic fetish for decluttering spreads…


Lizzie charges about £40 per hour per session, with each session a minimum of three hours long, with the hope that one day she’ll be able to match her previous salary.

“When I’m in someone’s home, we’ll go through their belongings together. We work through it all practically. We’ll pull out items, usually by category and then, depending on which items are causing the most stress, we’ll discuss what they want to keep in their lives, what is serving them now and what they want to let go of.”

Lizzie Grant gave up her £60,000 job in London and six-year career as a family lawyer to become a professional declutterer. She says her legal training has provided her with lots of transferrable skills.

“I’ve always loved decluttering and raved about the mental health benefits of doing it. However, I didn’t realise it was a job until I Googled it and discovered there was a whole industry out there. I took a calculated risk and if it doesn’t work out, then at least I tried,” she says.

The real-life Marie Kondos who will come to your home

I dread to think how one of these clearing demons would react to my current ‘clutter’.

I started a tidy of one room where I’d been keeping stuff for recycling (I like to make/build things rather than buy) as I’d gathered more than intended – but had to stop as the room got too cold during winter.

They’d have a fit if they saw that.

Then I got rather serious about cycle maintenance, having jumped from a few hundred miles, to a few thousand miles after changing from ambling around by local streets, to regular commuting from home to Glasgow and beyond.

The kit and tools to keep the bike in trim over the new mileage now take up half a room! Organising that also stopped for winter.

But the decluttering demons would probably have me get rid of all the stuff I seldom use, since it’s not organised tidily at the moment.

How I see the day beginning the day the decluttering harpies arrive…

I may not be a hoarder, but I AM a dedicated collector.

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Only in Scotland?

Scottish Cannibalism

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Beware ‘Bottom Burps’ if it gets REALLY cold!

Wish I’d had this earlier, when I made the -40°F = -40°C cat post.

Still, at least we don’t usually have to worry about -30° here (whatever scale, probably °F since American).

-30 degree frozen gas

-30 degree frozen gas

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I finally have a reason to take a stance on Brexit

While my view on Brexit had formerly been to collect the wasters of BOTH sides and bulldoze them through a hellmouth while laughing insanely, I think I just found a reason to join the ‘NO’ side…

Eat your cat

And the cat said…

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I’m confused – what is the Daily Mail moaning about?

Amusing story seen…

The Daily Mail is calling for a web browser alert that criticises its journalism to be changed.

The NewsGuard plug-in currently brings up a warning that says the newspaper’s website “generally fails to maintain basic standards of accuracy and accountability”.

It has given this advice since August.

But the matter came to prominence last week, after Microsoft updated its Edge browser app for Android and iOS devices and built in NewsGuard.

This prompted several other media outlets to report the story.

“We have only very recently become aware of the NewsGuard start-up and are in discussions with them to have this egregiously erroneous classification resolved as soon as possible,” said a spokesman for Mail Online.

Daily Mail demands browser warning U-turn

I’ve seen some Daily Mail articles.

If the DM wants a different classification by NewsGuard – what I’ve seen suggests the route is a change in policy, NOT to ask NewGuard to change.

I wouldn’t give the DM as a reference, unless it was a very carefully chosen and vetted item.

When SeSco ran its active forum, one of the fun options was when contributors quoted DM articles, and then added their own disclaimer about the source in case they were taken to task for using it as a source, such was the sometime dreadful accuracy of its content.

And that was BEFORE NewsGuard was a thing!

NewsGuard Flags Daily Mail

NewsGuard Flags Daily Mail

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