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Today is Science Education Day

14 March is Science Education Day.

I mention it in appreciation of those who staff museums, zoos, aquariums, observatories, planetariums, science centres, nature centres, outdoor education centres, rocket parks, and any other formal or informal science setting.

I guess it’s also a reflection of ‘Where did I go wrong?’ thoughts as well.

This was brought home with a bang recently when I saw someone post a pic of one the accelerators at CERN, and noted they had “Just started my dream job”.

Oh well… Too late now.

Maybe NEXT reincarnation, if I don’t come back as a cat.

One of the detectors there, open for maintenance – spot the step ladders to get an idea of scale.

CERN Detector Maintenance

CERN Detector Maintenance

Just in case that was too morbid, we’ll lighten things up a bit.

CERN Humour

CERN Humour


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Feline paralysis – recognise the symptoms

Feline Paralysis

Feline Paralysis

Plan ahead!

More important than leaving snacks and drinks nearby…

Stuff kitty litter down your pants – you’ll need it sooner than them when this strikes 🙂

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Knife confiscation video update

The ‘Thought Police’ updated the video clips we shared a few days ago, when a cat almost managed to get revenge for being subject to the Cone of Shame.

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Why I didn’t answer the door and hid

You have to be careful in Glasgow.

It’s never a good idea to upset someone unless you know, or are sure, you’re more mental than them.

For example, after someone shouted ‘SCREW YOU’ at me one day, I locked all my doors and hid under the bed when the doorbell rang the next morning, and I looked outside to be greeted by…

Big Drill

Big Drill

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Are you SURE your cat is not…

Trying to kill you?

For applying the cone of shame…

Or it remembers the day you aimed a kick at it…

Watch the guy’s foot go over, and how the cat goes over to laugh at him as it knows he can’t get up quickly 🙂

Then there’s plain and simple… honest revenge.

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There go your shorts

Not my pic of course, but since this relates to a branch of my kind of business, I can’t let it pass.

Actually nice to see this – it’s kind of disappointing to note that nearly all the ‘funny’ vehicles seen in the UK relate to sewage and poo, and this makes a welcome change from ‘toilet humour’.

There Go Your Shorts

There Go Your Shorts

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Oh! It’s February 14th, so…

Grumpy Valentine

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Catholics with dyslexia will understand

I have suffered this disappointment…

Catholic Meeting Misunderstanding

Catholic Meeting Misunderstanding

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Catbutt was preceded by Fluffy Bum

While I wouldn’t seek to claim any great originality in coining the title ‘Catbutt’ for some of my pics, since it’s just about all the local feline population allows me to catch these days, I was a little surprised to find I had not come across another, similar, title.

I just found this other day, but a quick search online confirms it has been around for a few years, and ‘Fluffy Bum’ appears to be associated with comedian Spike Milligan, from one of his books, “Badjelly The Witch: A Fairy Story”, dating from 1973.

I’ve only seen a couple of illustrations online:

Fluffy Bum The Cat

Fluffy Bum The Cat

Catbutt Ooo

Catbutt Ooo

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When the neighbours get stroppy

I once had an elderly couple move in next door, and they were nice enough ‘nodding acquaintances’ for a couple of years, then the old guy suddenly decided to come out and shout at me for running my own car engine in my own driveway, even going so far as to claim I was making the ornaments fall off the shelves in his living room.

Finally, when I came home late one evening, and had been home for 15 minutes, when I went out to work on my car he came running out and started yelling at me for having made his, and his wife’s, lie a misery after revving my car engine for the past hour!

Suffice to say the mouthful I threw back at him that evening also burnt any bridges that might ever have been built between us,.

I always wonder why – did he lose his mind? Did I unwittingly offend them? To this day I have no idea.

I should have handed matters over to the cat.

Cat Tank Commander

Cat Tank Commander

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Who would win?

One more, since we seem to be on a cat day.

If you’re not fast, you’re last!

Who Would Win

Who Would Win?

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