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The illegals – DK51 MBA

This one was a bit odd.

I’d actually walked past it, and along the road for some distance before I decided to go back for a closer look.

At first, I thought it was a foreign registration plate, due to the (illegal) spacing and the (illegal) font (especially the ‘1’), and the unusual pressed metal plate, something not seen very often nowadays as most are perspex.

Maybe the owner of this 2016 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech R-Line (phew – these names are getting longer) is a secret, or part-time, lion tamer.

Volkswagen Golf TDI [DK51 MBA]

Volkswagen Golf TDI [DK51 MBA]


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Nameless fairy is still nameless

I’ve had TWO bites at this one already, and had to wander around near midnight to get a third to satisfy my curiosity.

First time around, I was distracted by the novel approach of a set of hybrid legal/illegal number plates on a Seat Ibiza – the front one is illegal, while the rear one is legal.

Then I was distracted by the illegal ‘flag’ I noticed on the left side of the front place, which turned out to be a little fairy. I was so busy catching that I didn’t notice there was footer on the plate, and was left wondering if that was the fairy’s name.

So, loaded with goodies from the nearby 24-hour Tesco, there I was dropping them all, so I could take yet another pic, and try not to look too suspicious since it was almost midnight.

Well, I don’t think this looks like a fairy’s name.

[C9 RYF] Plate

[C9 RYF] Plate

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Revisited – C9 RYF hybrid illegal fairy

I thought this one had gone for good as the relevant Seat Ibiza apparently disappeared after I added it to my collection!

I wanted a closed look at the naughty pic shown on the left of the plate, after noticing there was an ‘Image of interest’ there when I first collected it, rather than a legit country flag.

As luck would have it, the night it reappeared I was carrying a load from the shops, so only had one hand free, but at least had the right camera for one-handed use.

I didn’t get the right shot (so… still going to be on the lookout – again!). Maybe in daylight next time.

But at least the character on the left has now been revealed, if not identified.

If you know the name of this little fairy, do share.

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess

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The illegals – R561 AWY

A little unfortunate, since I don’t really like speak ill of BMW, but it seems we have multiple naughties on offer with this one.

Illegal spacing of the numbers is easy with R56 61 AWY on show.

But it looks as if that is combined with an unapproved German flag on the left, and also some unauthorised badges between the 56 and the 61.

And there’s more…

Public records show this to be a 1997 BMW 5 Series 4.4 540i 4dr BUT black, not whatever that colour in the pic might be called.

And not recording colour changes, well…

I actually collected this pic some time ago, and had more or less forgotten about it, but while wandering through Carmyle, found it was causing it’s owner grief, and was being a naughty boy/girl and refusing to start.

While I’m reasonably up to speed on BMW’s 6-cylinder mechanical injection systems – I never managed to graduate to the fully electronic or 8-cylinder systems, so decided it was safer not to poke my nose in.

1997 BMW 540

1997 BMW 540

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The illegals – S1 XJP

It’s nice to look at… but it still naughty (and potentially expensive) to space this as S1X JP.

I’d almost forgotten about this one, until I tripped over the same car recently, in a neighbour’s drive.

It’s hard to forget this 2013 convertible Porsche Boxster 3.4 981 S PDK.

These later examples are vastly better looking some of the early examples, from the days when the from headlight assemblies were referred to as ‘fried eggs’. An unfortunate, but sadly not completely inaccurate example of the design fitted across the range at one time.

I even took two pics.

I confess to thinking about buying something from this series for a while, and if you’re lucky it’s a nice cheap buy to get into this club, especially for peasants like me.

But I was warned off by ‘One who knows better’ who advised of some silly fragile bits in the engines, which can be a nightmare due to the mid-mounting position, even if you’re not frightened off by such things, the hassle of getting to them can spoil the fun.

Well-maintained examples are probably OK, but if they’ve been in the hands of a cash-strapped moron, then you might be one that bears the brunt of their abuse.


Porsche Boxter S 24V Fr

Porsche Boxster S 24V Fr


Porsche Boxter S 24V Rr

Porsche Boxster S 24V Rr

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The illegals – GL66 GOW

It’s a sort of valiant attempt, but it’s not improved by having illegal spacing on the plate.

The novelty would be better without it.

There’s also something of a ‘6’ theme here.

Most notable being a nice link to The Prisoner, with that City of Glasgow black Taxi plate at bottom right being a nice plain ‘6’.

Taxi [GL66 GOW]

Taxi [GL66 GOW]

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The illegals – C18 OPH

I’m guessing illegally spaced to make it look like a PH initials plate.

This one seems to have beaten me as my spies tell me this now resides on a different model, although still on an Audi.

I didn’t even realise this was a member of the club when I took this pic, as I had really only been looking for a long road with a car facing in my direction, to test a ‘super’ zoom lens to see how far away a car could be and still produce a half decent pic (in daylight).

This was about 40 metres and still well below even half the distance I could take a decent pic from, so I’m reasonably pleased with this particular new toy. And another one I added recently could add 50% to that distance, but really has to be used in daylight.

Audi [C18 OPH]

Audi [C18 OPH]

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The illegals – CR10 NNR

I’m amazed at how these plates don’t get pulled, given the ease with which they can be seen by any passing traffic car (and ‘traffic’, or White Bunnets, in my day at least, didn’t stand for any nonsense if they spotted something – I still avoid them, after a couple of newly promoted ‘kids’ abused their position, and tried to fit me up one evening), and can be an easy £1,000 potential fine.

I was kind of pleased to find this one during the day, as I got a better pic than usual since I usually end up heading for home in the dark of night at this time of year, and I don’t often get the chance to go this way.

It’s a lovely example of illegal spacing, perfect in its imperfection.

But, what exactly is a CRIONNR?

Ford FiestaTDI [CR10NNR]

Ford FiestaTDI [CR10 NNR]

Despite looking almost light enough to be oddly coloured daylight, this blurry example was the best I could manage in a fairly dark side street, as the camera made a valiant effort with a 2 second high ISO exposure.

It’s still a mystery to me how/why it manages some of these shots as such bright results, while others (with the same basic settings) look like they were taken down a coal mine just as the candle flickered out.

Ford Focus TDI [CR10 NNR]

Ford Focus TDI [CR10 NNR]

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The illegals – JOI 7781

Clever, but still naughty.

I guess JO wanted a personal plate, and decided the potential £1,000 fine would be worth it for this one.

This BMW 630i Sport Auto is also a pretty good example of what can go wrong in seconds when taking pics on the move at night.

When I took the first shot I thought the camera had stalled, as passing traffic had disappeared, along with their headlights, and the camera decided to hold the shutter open – for a long time. The weird trails were recorded when I moved too soon, as I thought the shutter should have closed sooner than it did.

I’m not so sure why the colour went weird, but guess this is simply down to the overhead sodium (yellow) street lights taking over after the white headlights disappeared.

I knew this was going to be rubbish, and managed a second to save the shot.

The car IS grey.

Shettleston BMW [JOI 7781]

Shettleston BMW [JOI 7781]

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The illegals – M1 TGJ

Nothing special, apart from the illegal spacing on this one.

This is just a 2013 Mercedes-Benz C180, but has some extra goodies so gets badged as an AMG Sport.

It’s a pity Mercedes doesn’t make more fuss over improving the C180 – comparing the spec to today’s offering over one I had many years ago makes the earlier model look like a roller skate, and it had almost no ‘toys’ fitted, while the base model today looks like a top luxury spec by comparison with its past.

The motoring hacks used to trot out a standard line and kick Mercedes (and BMW) for having base models that had ‘everything’ as an option, and cranked the price up like a rocket, but I think they’d be out of a job if they tried the same jibe today.

Mercedes [M1TGJ]

Mercedes [M1 TGJ]

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The illegals – C9 RYF (hybrid illegal? Or perhaps Schroedinger’s Number Plate)

Collecting registrations, and the side sport of spotting illegal number plates is usually straightforward – but not this time.

After yesterday’s post that noted the recent media-frenzy that fed on its sudden realisation that it could end/start the years 2017/2018 with a lovely ‘gloom and doom’ story for some (with dire warning of £1,000 fines), I came across an enigma.

I thought I’d just passed a boring and mundane registration, of no obvious interest.

Seat Ibiza Legal Rear [C9 RYF]

Seat Ibiza Legal Rear [C9 RYF]

But, when I turned around to look back at the junction I’d just crossed, there was a surprise.

Multiple offences appeared!

Illegal spacing plus some sort of odd graphic on the left, which does not appear to be one of the approved national or regional flags. Worth adding it’s not a mistake – while I’m not going into detail (although this is in clear public view) there are more details shown on the plate than seen here.

Legal rear, illegal front – a Hybrid! Hopefully pulled by the police from the rear (they do tend to do that, rather than pull ahead and force a stop these days), they’ll see the legit rear plate and not take a walk around to the front.

Also known as Schroedinger’s Number Plate (after Schroedinger’s Cat) since it is both legal and illegal at the same time 🙂

In my day, when we still had ‘Tax Disks’, the front of the car was always examined in detail during a stop, so they could have a good look at the tax disk, checking not only its validity, but also that it was not a forgery, or an old beer bottle label, which could look similar from a distance, if it was the right brand.

Seat Ibiza Illegal Front Plate [C9RYF]

Seat Ibiza Illegal Front Plate [C9 RYF]

Next time I get over that way, I must find out what that graphic is, and kick myself for missing it first time around.

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