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The illegals P24 ORN

Maybe I’d better not say too much this one, spotted on a 2017 Vauxhall Corsa as it whizzed past my bus.

No doubt about the illegal spacing, but more interesting at what it looks like, since DVLA supposedly withholds any registrations that could look ‘questionable’.

No real doubt about the intent, especially as it has an ‘Instagram this’ sticker attached.

2017 Vauxhall Corsa [P24 ORN]

2017 Vauxhall Corsa [P24 ORN]

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YE5 5HUG – You CAN win a £1,000 ‘bonus prize’ with that plate

I had to move fast (for me) to catch this one as I was lucky enough to spot it catching up with the bus, and about to pass.

While the spacing on the plate makes it look good, as usual, I have to wonder if the potential bonus of a fine of up to £1,000 for illegal character spacing is worth it if they meet a police officer having a bad day.

2011 Honda 1.4 i-VTEC SE [YE5 5HUG]

2011 Honda 1.4 i-VTEC SE [YE5 5HUG]

YE55 HUG plate


I’m sure there’s a cat out there that would be quite happy to have it with its legit spacing 🙂


Cat needs HUG5

Cat needs HUG5

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The illegals – A10 ATS

It’s not often I spot a plate that risks A £1,000 fine if a grump traffic cop spots it, and think it might be worth it, but this one’s kind of nice. At least it doesn’t need an over-active imagination to ‘read’ it.

This one’s a little intriguing as the pic was actually taken in Ayr a few weeks ago, but when I was coming along Argyle Street a few days ago, I had a distinct feeling of déjà vu as I passed an Audi S5, and saw A1 0ATS.

Audi S5 [A10 ATS]

Audi S5 [A10 ATS]

Looking at the spec makes feel a little glum.

When I got my first car with more than 300 bhp it was relatively rare, and it was tested as a ‘super car’ by the motoring magazines, with the observation that it was one of (then) only a handful of cars that could cruise at more than twice the maximum UK speed limit.

Now, it’s easy to find and buy a car with well over that power (S5 has 333 bhp according to the standard specs), usually limited to ‘only’ 155 mph. They’ll go about 25% further for each gallon of petrol too.

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Are you safe behind a personalised registration?

After the recent(ish) stupidity (from ‘The Church’ would you believe?) in Glasgow when a registration number featuring the letters ‘FTP’ was offered for sale (I still don’t understand what is wrong with File Transfer Protocol), I’ve wondered if it’s safe to even have some numbers on your car if a supposedly responsible organisation takes that attitude to something that has been around for years. Many years in fact, as the numbers are ‘dateless’, having no prefix or suffix year letter. Numerous vehicles have been circulating on the streets (including Glasgow) for years, with no problem. Some have lived near me, but I never thought of them as being worthy of a pic, or adding to my ‘collection’.

Now, with a supposedly responsible organisation (‘The Church’) creating a fuss over nothing AND irresponsibly whipping up emotions, one has to wonder about personal safety if the likes of mad activist groups such as political extremists, or Excretion Revulsion decide to target cars/drivers if they deem their numbers as ‘unacceptable’.

A couple of examples that come to mind…

Glasgow Taxi [2 SNP]

Glasgow Taxi [2 SNP]

Anon donated pic (an email offering inspired by my ‘The illegals’ series), so no idea where this one lives…

2011 Range Rover [PO11 UTE]

2011 Range Rover [PO11 UTE]

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The illegals – H18 MNH

As usual, I’m left wondering what makes it worth the risk of a £1,000 fine the day a grumpy traffic cop decides to stop this one to make their day.

I’m rubbish at interpreting the weird translations the sales people use to sell some plates, and was just shown MAR 573N, which was on a Bentley as MAR573N, and apparently reads Marston.

This one’s on a (deep breath) 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d 4Matic AMG Line, and makes no sense to me.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d [H18 MNH]

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d [H18 MNH]

I had hopes of an explanation after spotting some extra text in the bottom centre field, but that did help, and “McLean Girls” without any sort of qualifier is, sadly, just too vague to work in an online search.

Toothpaste cheerleaders?

H18MNH McLean Girls


Here’s the Marston (it’s given under the 5) example I mentioned earlier (I don’t make stuff up).

Marston [MAR 573N]

Marston [MAR 573N]

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The illegals – C1 UME

No clues on the plate as to what might make it worth the risk of a £1,000 fine for illegal character spacing, and maybe more – for using a black screw head to alter the appearance too. All it would take is a grumpy traffic cop having a bad day.

I checked the front and rear plates to see if the spacing, and the black fixing screws were deliberate (there are white screws in the usual places, but no yellow at the rear).

I’d been hoping for a line that might have explained ‘C 1.UME’ to the casual observer, but the bottom line was blank.

I wonder how it’s supposed to be read, or what it means.

2004 Mercedes E320 CDI [C1 UME]

2004 Mercedes E320 CDI [C1 UME]

2004 Mercedes E320 CDI [C1 UME]

2004 Mercedes E320 CDI [C1 UME]

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The illegals – X18 REE

I usually suggest that illegally spaced number plates might as well not be, since they’re usually not enhanced by the effort.

Mostly true, this one might almost be worth the chance of picking up the cost of an extra £1,000 on the top of the original price, if it ever attracted the maximum fine for the modification to the plate’s appearance.

At least we don’t have to sit and puzzle the meaning, as is sometimes the case.

2010 Range Rover TD [X18 REE]

2010 Range Rover TD [X18 REE]

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Bumped into an old ‘friend’ – the illegals – A1 EKX

I thought this one was long gone from the area, but it looks as if I was just always around at the wrong time.

Years ago, I was impressed when somebody got themselves a Lexus Soarer to attach this plate to.

Back then, this was probably an import, and the top end versions had things like TVs fitted to the dash as standard.

Regularly seen then, both car and plate seemed to disappear (or maybe I just changed my usual wanderings).

Seen recently, the Soarer had turned into a white van, a 2013 Peugeot Boxer.

But the plate was still tweaked to make A1 EKX look as if it had an ‘L’ in it. I think it’s just careful positioning of a black screw/bolt head, but it’s still not allowed if it alters a character.

It really doesn’t need this treatment, and would look better without it.

Unfortunately, the law would see this as a modification, and it could be worth up to £1,000 in a fine if spotted by a grumpy traffic cop having a bad day.

2013 Peugeot Boxer [A1 EKX]

2013 Peugeot Boxer [A1 EKX]

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The illegals – H2 TYX

I’m always left slightly puzzled when I see illegal plates where the character spacing risks a potential £1,000 fine if a grumpy Glesga polis having a bad day passes it.

I may be missing something obvious, but I can’t make anything worthwhile (not £1,000 anyway) out of H2 TYX as seen misrepresented as H2TY X on this 2007 Audi TT.

There isn’t even a ‘reveal’ offered at the bottom of the plate, which sometimes has the meaning added in small letters.

2007 Audi TT [H2 TYX]

2007 Audi TT [H2 TYX]

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The illegals – W4 NNO

It’s been a while since I included an ‘illegal’ and the collection is backing up.

So, I’ll clear this one spotted recently.

I guess W4NNO is close enough to something that matters for them to chance the potential £1,000 fine for illegal character spacing if they meet a grumpy traffic cop that doesn’t like STs (or diesels).

Ford Focus ST TDCi [W4 NNO]

Ford Focus ST TDCi [W4 NNO]

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The illegals – WA09 ELL

Another of the illegal spacings, with WA09 ELL being shown as WA09ELL, so fairly obvious.

I always think these will be a gift for the coffers if the police ever see these as an easy catch one day, and start pulling them, like the TV traffic cops do down south.

I’ve been a bit slow with this one.

While it was on a Fiat when I tripped over it a while ago, records show it’s now on a 2014 Audi.

Wonder if it was a one-time visitor in the dangerous east end, or if I might catch the upgrade if the owner dares bring their nice car here?

Well, never saw it before, so chances of seeing it again?

Fiat [WA09 ELL]

Fiat [WA09 ELL]

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