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The illegals – J70 NHY

I guess a look at J70 NHY gives a clue as to why someone might take the chance on the possible £1,000 fine for illegal character spacing.

And for once, I don’t have to wonder what the plate might be supposed to read.

I pass this one quite often, so often, I was so used to seeing it I almost forgot to stop for pic – and ended up stopping for two (back in 2017), and noticing something else.

It’s a 2007 Honda Civic Type-R GT I-VTEC, and is one of those cars I’d like to have as it’s not only distinctive and practical, but also fun, with the 2-litre V-TEC engine delivering just under 200 BHP, able to reach silly revs, and run to 60 in around 6.5 seconds. I even went after the original incarnation back in the 90s, but had to yield to other criteria and get a ‘sensible’ car.

I ended up with two pics, some months apart.

You can play ‘Spot The Difference’.

There’s at least seven, or eight if you count two examples of the same thing separately.

2007 Honda Civic Type-R [J70 NHY] March

2007 Honda Civic Type-R [J70 NHY] March

2007 Honda Civic Type-R [J70 NHY] October

2007 Honda Civic Type-R [J70 NHY] October


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The illegals – TW11 TTT

This would be a really nice novelty plate, but for all the naughties.

I count at least three attempts to attract a potential fine of up to £1,000 on this plate.

But there’s still a little appreciation for this white 2014 Volkswagen Golf R DSG, which produces around 300 BHP from its 2-litre engine (thankfully fuelled by petrol) and can dash to 60 in under 5 seconds. Despite more power and torque, my heavier cars would be almost 1 second behind this due to the additional weight they carry.

As for the nice plate – oh dear – illegal spacing of course, but it also carries an unapproved graphic along the left hand side of the plate, while the country flag is probably legit, it’s on the right, and the approved location is on the left, in the space occupied by the cute graphic.

If not for the fact that it gives people the opportunity to point and shout “Oh look, a TWIT!”, I’d rather like to have this registration, but I’m sure those jokes would wear thin after a while, especially if some IDIOT decided to overdo it.

2014 Volkswagen Golf R [TW11 TTT]

2014 Volkswagen Golf R [TW11 TTT]

Let’s look closer.

TW11TTT Plate

TW11TTT Plate

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The illegals – P3 OPH

One of those really naughty illegally spaced registration plates that almost slipped under my radar as I walked past.

I need to invest in a smartphone with ANPR built in.

‘P30 PH’ looks almost legitimate until the combination of a year letter and only two letters in the group rings the alarm bell, and you realise it’s really a mangled ‘P3 OPH’.

It’s awful, and its on a Chrysler people carrier (although it took me so long to bring myself to look at this one, it’s been transferred to Peugeot car, so there’s a slight redemption, although I’ve never seen it).

Chrysler Grand Voyager [P3 OPH]

Chrysler Grand Voyager [P3 OPH]

I had to drive a people carrier once, and it was one of the few driving experiences I really didn’t like.

I’ve driven thousands of miles in various vans, and also estate cars, but none gave me the feeling of driving a crate.

I think the feeling is down to the upper part being like a glass box, as the windscreen extends forward to meet the front of the vehicle, rather than meeting the back of the bonnet, which most vans do (even with short bonnets), as do estate cars.

I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with this, and it was probably because the experience and ‘feel’ of driving an open glass box was new and unfamiliar.

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The illegals – NA55 ZOO

Slightly rare, but still not going to guarantee immunity from Mr Traffic Cop if in a bad mood, I can’t say I’ve tripped over many Dodge Nitro’s while wandering around.

This 2009 example has a doubly illegal ‘NA55ZO O’ arrangement of its characters, so has naughty spacing by losing the group spacing, and a space in the 3 letter group. I guess it’s meant to be a name and initial.

Since I didn’t really know anything about it, I fired up Auto Express’s review, and while it’s never going to challenge a BMW X5, it seems to have come out surprisingly well, with the biggest downside being a lack of interior space given its overall size.

2009 Dodge Nitro 2.8 [NA55 ZOO]

2009 Dodge Nitro 2.8 [NA55 ZOO]

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The illegals – W3 JOX

I almost walked past this little gem, but even just shifting one letter means it’s one of… the illegals.

It’s not just owners of expensive cars that like to wave at the police and invite a fine of up to £1,000 for their doctored plates.

This 2007 Clio offers the same AND I don’t even have to try guessing at the reason why.

2007 Renault Clio Dynamique [W3 JOX]

2007 Renault Clio Dynamique [W3 JOX]

According to the small print at the bottom of the plate, I’m supposed to think ‘W3 JO X’ reads WEE JOANNE.

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The illegals – R10 XYL

I’ve spotted this one only rarely (despite it ‘living’ not that far away) and missed catching a pic for ages, so finally made the effort to go catch it.

With naughty spacing in BOTH the numbers and the letters, ‘R10XY L’ seems to be immune to attention or the potential £1,000 fine it could attract.

I’m not sure, but I think this Mercedes C180 just might have been ordered with the ‘Badge Delete’ option ticked.

2003 Mercedes C180 Komp Classic SE [R10 XYL]

2003 Mercedes C180 Komp Classic SE [R10 XYL]

Funny thing about this one is that every time I see it I think of it as a BMW first!

It’s not that I mistake the shape (although the de-badged rear could be mistaken with a quick glance), but I think is down to spending some years inside a BMW that had a dealer badge stuck on the inside of one of the windows, and that dealer’s name was… ROXY (I think they disappeared years and years ago, but I still have that badge).

Same at the front – that grille looks REALLY small.

2003 Mercedes C180 [R10 XYL]

2003 Mercedes C180 [R10 XYL]

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The illegals – RA56 CAL

After this morning’s post about some cars not being interesting enough…

Time to make up for it with one that’s more than a little interesting.

A pity about the illegal spacing on the 2007 BMW M3’s plates – I’m sure it looks just as good in legit mode, and no chance of adding anything up to £1,000 to its cost either, if you meet ‘Traffic’ and they’re in a bad mood.

BMW M3 Front [RA56 CAL]

BMW M3 Front [RA56 CAL]

I’ve always liked the M3, but more so in its earlier days when it was a beast that only enthusiasts could handle, had no comforts plus the irritation of LHD only.

I could just about live with the change from a normal BMW 6-cylinder smoothie to a hysterically tuned 4-cylinder lump, but when they dropped both options in favour of V-8 power, I felt they lost much of their unique character.

Nowadays, they get barely any of the slightly outrageous body styling seen in the past, are almost stock, and it takes a trained eye to spot one from a distance. Things somtines only become definite when you see the rear, and those four close-mounted exhausts.

BMW M3 Rear [RA56CAL]

BMW M3 Rear [RA56 CAL]

As you may have gathered from the past, I’m no great fan of the ‘new’ numbering system, and almost passed this one by, as I’d been diverted by the more interesting number on the BMW parked further along the road.

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The illegals – G3 YNX

Another one that leaves me ever so slightly puzzled at the chance take to receive a fine of up to £1,000 for illegally spaced characters on a registration plate these days.

What does G3YNX represent?

Smart little Audi A1 from 2014 caught me by surprise as it sits in a street I pass by frequently, but due to the way I usually approach, is hidden by other cars.

2014 Audi  A1 [G3 YNX]

2014 Audi A1 [G3 YNX]

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The illegals – B11 OPT

This one’s been around for a while, but never left sitting where it’s been convenient to add to the collection.

I think the pun or joke works fine without the illegal spacing, so the risk of a £1,000 fine for it seems pointless.

Afraid this is still a sodium light street, hence the odd colours.

PS – Look at the small print near the top left corner (they’re breeding here).

Vauxhall [B11 OPT]

Vauxhall [B11 OPT]

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The illegals – B19 OBY (found before)

While I usually don’t mind too much if I take a bad pic – on the basis that SOME pic is better than NO pic – when I find I’ve got a better one lurking in the files… I can’t leave it alone.

I wouldn’t usually just do a straight repeat, unless there was a good reason, and comparing the two pics – this is a good reason.

I caught an Audi S3 a while ago, but it was a grotty evening, the car was about to escape, so it was a ‘grab’ shot with no choice over settings.

THAT pic took a lot of processing to turn into something semi-presentable.

Churning through some old pics, SURPRISE!

A decent pic of the same, caught almost on my own doorstep.

(Still can’t really work out what makes the chance of a £1,000 fine for this illegal spacing worth it.)

Audi S3 [B19 OBY]

Audi S3 [B19 OBY]

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The illegals – AN51 EYH

Been watching this for a while, horrified that I might live anywhere near such a waste of skin as a celebrity chef.

The only good thing about them is that they confirm I have better grip on reality that some, who complain about MPs being overpaid, while these (I almost said ‘idiots’, but clearly are NOT) geniuses get paid thousands, amass millions, and just… COOK STUFF!

Actually, they’re even smarter than that, as they get to be arrogant bullies that abuse kitchen staff paid pennies, and avoid the sort of prosecution they’d earn if they acted the same way in any other business.

Still, I’m sure this isn’t THAT chef’s car.

Used to live on a Renault Clio when first seen, AN51 EYH gets the illegal spacing treatment to look like…

Renault [AN51 EYH]

Renault [AN51 EYH]

Avoiding a pull from the local constabulary on that one, it reappeared a while ago on an Audi A1.

Audi [AN51 EYH]

Audi [AN51 EYH]

On refection, it’s funny how few ‘doubles’ (or more) live around me, as I’ve only seen a few recently, and have one or two more to add in here when I collate them.

There seems to be two effects in play: a lot of spottings are in Glasgow, so may be visitors; a lot of my ‘locals’ either keep their cars, or simply update to a newer model, and I don’t notice. I’m sure one Bentley GT I never manage to catch (from Uddingston, I think) is not the same car as such, although it stays the same colour. I will catch it one day. I know when it’s around as the owner is one of those thankfully not afraid to floor the throttle occasionally, and change the gentleman’s silent carriage into roaring road monster as the exhaust is freed for a moment.

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