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Ulva estate wins award of up to £4.4 million for buyout

I’ve been following various island sales over the years, when I notice them at least, and see one that has been progressing for a while has now received a substantial award.

North West Mull Community Woodland Company (NWMCWC) hopes to buy the Ulva Estate, valued at £4.2m, which spans 2000 hectares and includes the Isle of Ulva as well as some land on nearby Mull.

It also wishes to buy Ardulum House on Ulva the cost would be around £4.5m.

The Scottish Land Fund (SLF) has announced an award of up to £4,415,200 to enable the community to open negotiations for the purchase.

The community has said its main priority is to attract new residents to the island, where only six people currently live.
NWMCWC, the first group to register interest in an island under the Scottish Government’s Community Right to Buy legislation, now has until June 9 to agree terms with the current owner and complete the sale.

Via Community awarded up to £4.4m for island buyout

Notably, the island has a population of six at the moment, but their plans are to raise that to 20, and then 50 with additional housing being built to grow the community.

Ulva House

Ulva House

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Community buyout of Ulva wins backing

I mention a lack of little island stories recently, so they start to appear!

I did notice that Ulva had been put up for offer last year, at which time the story was of six residents being interested.

The story has been updated, with news that:

Almost two thirds of residents have backed a community buyout plan for the Inner Hebridean island of Ulva.

Only six people, including the landowner, live on Ulva but the ballot included residents of Mull.

The North West Mull Community Woodland Company (NWMCWC), which is behind the bid, launched the poll last month.

It confirmed 255 of the 401 eligible to vote (63.6%) took part in the ballot to determined the future of the island, which has been valued at £4.2m.

Of those who voted by noon on Monday, 163 residents backed the buyout (63.9%) while 91 opposed the plan.

One ballot was spoiled.

The postal poll was ordered by the Scottish government and organised by Electoral Reform Services.

Roseanna Cunningham, cabinet secretary for land reform, will now decide whether to trigger the Right to Buy in light of the result and a business plan that has been put together by NWMCWC.

Via Residents back £4.2m community buyout plans for island

Notably, the present tenants have no security of tenure as their leases expired last November and the lease on the Boathouse restaurant expires in June.

NWMCWC (North West Mull Community Woodland Company ) has acknowledged it faces a major task to revitalise Ulva and said housing, agriculture, forestry and tourism must be developed in a carefully-phased manner to make up for the lack of investment in recent decades.

Ulva House

Ulva House

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Isle of Ulva is on offer – six residents interested

I usually spot islands going up for sale, but I don’t think the initial offer made the major papers (it was in the Oban Times, and I spotted it in some of the larger titles, but not ones I get feeds from).

The Isle of Ulva went on the market for around £4.25 million back in July (I think).

It lies not far from the mainland, only a few hundred metres over the Sound of Ulva from the settlement of Ulva Ferry on Mull to the pier on the Ulva.

In terms of size it is about 7.5 miles long, 2.5 miles wide, and a little over 4.500 acres.

Ulva House was built in 1950, to replace its predecessor after a fire, and is B-listed.

Ulva House

Ulva House

There’s also a sporting lodge, a church (by Telford), a small restaurant and tea room let on commercial tenancy, a restored blackhouse, and nine other assorted residential properties


But perhaps more interesting than the fact of the sale itself is the reference to the Land Reform Act (2003) and how that is said to have allowed the North West Mull Community Trust to register an interest in buying the Inner Hebridean island, hoping to attract new residents and increase economic activity. A mere six residents are reported today, while there were some 500, two hundred years ago, and 800 at peak occupancy.

The Act is by no means new, but this appears to be the first case in which it has been cited in the purchase of an island.

Via First step in Isle of Ulva buyout approved

I think I’ll wait until another appears, one of the smaller bargains at around £250 k.

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