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Oor Wullie is pure gold at Kelvingrove

Things are being made ready for this weekend’s art show at Kelvingrove (they forgot my complimentary ticket, so don’t expect any posts), as noted previously.

More stuff has appeared in the central hall, including projection screens along the sides, and almost all of the balcony access has been closed off now.

But the most noticeable feature was a larger than life golden ‘Oor Wullie’ sittin’ oan his gold bucket in front of the marquee entrance.

Looking good in today’s sunshine.

Golden Oor Wullie oan bucket

Golden Oor Wullie oan bucket

Perfect setting, on the lawn in front of Kelvingrove’s back (or is it front ūüėČ ) entrance.

Golden Our Wullie at Kelvingrove

Golden Our Wullie at Kelvingrove

Probably only gold plated plastic, might even be one of the pieces being offered for sale over the weekend.


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Cream coloured recital ‘friend’

I was momentarily distracted from today’s organ recital in Kelvingrove, when something ‘different’ appeared on my programme.

First time I’ve seen one with anything other than the usual black spots, this cream spotted ladybird decided to drop in for a little walk.

Apparently not even rare…

Ten-spot ladybirds (Adalia decempunctata) are extremely variable in colour and pattern. They can be cream, yellow, orange, red, brown, purple or black, with up to 15 spots. They live in deciduous trees and hedgerows and overwinter in leaf litter and beech nut.

Now that I’ve seen more, will they be like buses, and loads will now turn up?

Little recital friend - cream spotted ladybird

Little recital friend

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Kelvingrove rooflight repair complete – stairs reopened

Looks like my previous post was right – the repair was completed and passed inspection.

Got to use the stairs in Kelvingrove that have been closed for weeks since the cornice in one of the rooflights failed.

Kelvingrove stairs reopened

Kelvingrove stairs reopened

Oddly, I’ve really missed access to this staircase, as it seems to be one I always head for when leaving the Argyle Street side of the building.

As can be seen, the building is so dark that the daylight flooding into the rooflight means it just hits peak white, so nothing can be seen.

A second pic fixes that little problem, and you can see how the repaired area looks now.

Kelvingrove rooflight cornice repiar complete

Kelvingrove rooflight cornice repair complete

A reminder of how it looked a few weeks ago.

Kelvingrove Rooflight Failure

Kelvingrove Rooflight Failure

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Kelvingrove cornice repair – almost done

It looks as if the closed set of stairs in Kelvingrove will be back in service soon.

The appearance of a gloved hand checking the quality of the work, and a paintbrush making it look good suggests the work is almost done.

Kelvingrove Cornice Repair Almost Done

Kelvingrove Cornice Repair Almost Done

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What do they do in Kelvingrove when I’m not looking?

While there are occasional events hosted in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which appear in event listings, for example, Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair 2019 – Preview Evening 17th May 2019 The Marquee at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, there are others that don’t get listed publicly.

But for the venue being given as ‘The Marquee’, I was about to assume that the main building was being kitted out with lighting gantries and other fixtures for that very event (which is Ticket Only).

I had a look at the list of things taking place there, but there doesn’t seem to be anything else imminent.

I’m just nosey, and don’t like to hassle the staff – who generally don’t know about such things anyway, or are just being discreet.

Anyway, this was the gantry I spotted today, and the LED Par Can and wiring harness I was playing foot hockey with at lunchtime. These were stashed behind all the balcony pillars.

Kelvingrove Theatre Lighting Gantry

Kelvingrove Theatre Lighting Gantry

No sign of DMX control – maybe that’s coming, or they’re just using them for straight lighting.

Kelvingrove Extra LED Par Can Plus Wiring

Kelvingrove Extra LED Par Can Plus Wiring

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Kelvingrove recital seating? You asked – we supplied

After Dippy was cleared from Kelvingrove’s central hall, I mentioned that the seating usually spread around was still stacked in a side passage – not a moan, just an observation.

Next time, guess what?

Seating! ūüôā

It’s not deserted, I was early, and the Sunday recital is still an hour away – the seats were filled later.

Kelvingrove recital seating

Kelvingrove recital seating

Incidentally, it was cleared away just after the recital.

The cafe is still to be moved back down here, from its temporary home, which is currently just out of sight, in the passage behind the organ.

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Carnegie Community Gallery cleared of Dippy story too

Sadly, as noted in a previous post, Kelvingrove’s ‘Community Gallery’ space had the back story to Andrew Carnegie’s reason for creating the Dippy dinosaur skeleton casts – as a means of making contact with world leaders of the day, as part of a world peace initiative.

I (somehow) remembered to go take a look at this space.

Not too surprising – it had been cleared of most of the display, and was being prepared for reorganization.

A bit of a pity in some ways, as much of the material consisted of print, pics, and video. That could have been copied/retained.

The objects on display were relevant, but not really essential for telling the story of Carnegie’s peace initiative, and the part played by the dinosaur skeleton casts.

I think it was also a shame that this informative display was so remote from the skeleton cast, rather than being located adjacent, where the connection/reason could have been more immediately apparent.

I’m pretty sure most visitors will have missed it.

And, given the size of this display space, I doubt if many, or any, of the school parties that made the trip to see Dippy saw it.

But they did usually swarm beneath the skeleton for the all essential group pic of their day out.

Carnegie Dippy Community Gallery

Carnegie Dippy Community Gallery


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Kelvingrove’s back to normal(ish)

The really did finish the Dippy clear-out on the 10th.

Here’s Kelvingrove, back to normal-ish on Saturday 11 May 2019.

It’s very quiet – I think everybody is worn out.

Oddly, they hadn’t moved the seats (stacked just out of view in a side passage) back into the central hall for those who usually sit there during the organ recital.

This was just before today’s 1 pm recital.

Kelvingrove Floor Shot Minus Dippy

Kelvingrove Floor Shot Minus Dippy

Maybe the really really REALLY ‘grumpies’ that stayed away while Dippy was on show will take a while to return.

Kelvingrove Balcony Shot Minus Dippy

Kelvingrove Balcony Shot Minus Dippy

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Tempted fate with Dippy – failed!

I made a mistake the other day, when I anticipated catching the dismantling of Dippy.

I got knocked out of circulation a few hours later, and couldn’t get back.

Extremely ticked off by things out of my control, I dragged myself there on the last planned day of the teardown, just to see if there was anything left to see.

Not much, just the display stand. All the rest had been efficiently removed.

They did say they would be finished by the 10th, and it seems they were.

Oh well – that’s what I get for planning to be there.

One pic, which I thought I’d play with.

Dippy clearance

Dippy clearance

Since pics taken from the balcony inevitably suffer perspective distortion, but it’s not really noticeable, I thought I’d try correcting the verticals, just to see if it looked better.

Dippy clearance corrected

Dippy clearance corrected

Since this wasn’t preplanned, I didn’y have the extra shots to fill in the black spaces, so this was really ‘Just for fun’.

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Freaky Easter sighting in Kelvingrove

Being Easter, I couldn’t get the image of this freaky vase out of my head, after I came across it in Kelvingrove recently.

Vase thing

Vase thing

You’ll have to excuse the lack of info, but my memory doesn’t soak up details (I’d add “like it used to”, but it never did).

It, or those two teeth, made me think of a rabbit, then I looked closer – and started having nightmares.

Some people think only modern art is weird and the artists are ‘taking stuff’. Those people should visit a museum.

Unfortunately, this is in a glass case. The reflections make it hard to get a decent pic.

This is the whole vase.

Kelvingrove Vase

Kelvingrove Vase

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And the final Dippy visitor number was – 635,000

I wondered how long it would take for someone to release the final Dippy visitor number.

‘Not long’ was the answer!

At least 635,000 saw the exhibit in Kelvingrove.

Since opening to an enthusiastic Scottish audience in Kelvingrove Museum on January 22 more than 635,000 people have marvelled at the impressive 21.3 meter long diplodocus cast, setting a record for the highest number of visitors to a temporary exhibition to date.

This is more than double the number of people in any other city on the tour so far.

Following a record-breaking stop in Glasgow, Dippy is being dismantled and packed away, ready to head to Great North Museum: Hancock, opening there on the May 18.

Newcastle upon Tyne is the fifth destination to host  Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure,  which is being brought to visitors across the UK.

Glasgow bids farewell to Dippy the dinosaur after record-breaking tour

Kelvingrove was the fourth of an eight stop tour.

It was also the venue which saw the total number pass 1 million.

While this is great, and I’m by no means complaining, I am a little sad that the man behind the cast of the diplodocus skeleton didn’t receive much publicity as part of the show, nor did the reason for its creation, which was a mission of world peace.

A reminder that I tried to give it a little exposure here:

The Dippy story nobody seems to have mentioned or noticed

and here:

The eleven storey dinosaur

Time for a close-up.

Do I see a smile on that cute little face? ūüôā

Dippy Close-up Smile

Dippy Close-up Smile

Yes, of course I placed Kelvingrove’s magnificent organ as the backdrop!

Dippy with organ

Dippy with organ

Maybe I’m too fussy, but it can take a bit of effort to get the right pic, and this was better in terms of the arch, but not the placement of the head/skeleton.

Dippy with organ

Dippy with organ

Pity it wasn’t one of the days when half (or sometimes all) those light were off too, as their brightness makes the darker areas darker.

But I’m not in control of that, so have to take what I can get on the day.

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