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Don’t miss Lil BUB’s 8th birthday

Still on the theme of “Things only happen when I’m away”, I see LiL BUB turned 8 recently, and had a party.

I don’t see much of the ‘Internet cats’ these days, as the original sites that tended to focus on them have gone downhill, and I just don’t visit, so almost missed this too.

And I’m still a bit down over the loss of Grumpy. Did you realise both were girls?

But this is about smiling, and just look at the faceplant as soon as BUB get near the cake, even before it’s ready.

Couldn’t be there, but let’s not forget the sight of them together.

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Lil Bub has a problem



I wasn’t sure if this item would embed as I sometimes get a surprise when I find WordPress refuses all my efforts to add some fairly common and popular sources, while others slot in without any complaints.

This one looks OK.

We don’t see much of the Internet cats these days, at least I don’t, in the places where they used to feature often online, although it looks as if they’re still wandering around helping others.

I first read about one of the real originals, Lil Bub, having a problem a few days ago, then found the story was true, and had been announced/detailed on her Tumblr (something I never normally go near).

Fingers crossed that this is as much of a non-event as they suggest, and she’s not at risk.

So, we all know Bub’s a little girl, just go with the thought.

King Of The Internet

King Of The Internet

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Lil Bub’s 7th birthday feast

Although it’s on the disgusting Facecrook, it looks as if the video can be embedded in WordPress (pity they’ve never gotten around to allowing most of the video sources I use).

I don’t seem to come across Bub and her feline star friends very often these days, so this was a nice surprise.

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