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‘LYON’ ghost sign

Ghost signs are signs and notices relating to shops and businesses from years ago.

They can be painted on walls, and be barely visible today, or may be hidden behind current shop signs, only becoming visible if the shop gets a new sign installed, and the previous one is discarded.

I had been looking at a guy who popped up on a rooftop just along from the Beresford (he was supposed to be there, working on something), when I noticed an outline I hadn’t spotted before, looking like a vertical ‘LYON’ advert which was painted on a back wall years ago.

Sauchiehall Street LYON ghost sign

Sauchiehall Street LYON ghost sign

I’m guessing there may have been a Lyons tea shop somewhere in the street below this, but also wonder what happened to the ‘S’, since the proper name was “Lyons’ Tea”.

Maybe it would have been obscured by the roof line of the day, so they didn’t bother.

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