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Archibald McLellan is in Kelvingrove

I noticed the post scheduled for this morning was another in the small run of occasional pics I’ve grabbed of the currently semi-derelict or abandoned McLellan Galleries in Sauchiehall Street.

It’s really sad seeing the place like this (even if there is usually an admission charge, which peasants notice), as I can recall making a trip there to see a James Bond Exhibition once, and also another which featured artistic robotics. There was one gem in that show, an exhibit reminiscent of something like The Terminator – it comprised a number of disconnected humanoid body parts, all animated, which just dragged themselves around the floor all the time.

I was wandering through the Glasgow section of Kelvingrove, which really is quite good and deserves a close look rather than a quick glance. It’s surprisingly detailed in places.

I spotted the McLellan name, and found it was attached to a large portrait of the man himself – one Archibald McLellan of McLellan Galleries fame.

Archibald McLellan

Archibald McLellan

And his plaque.

Archibald McLellan

Archibald McLellan

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McLellan Galleries strangeness revisited

I posted an odd pic taken looking in the closed glass doors of the Mclellan Galleries a while ago.

Passing the place again, recently, it came to mind and, since I was carrying a better camera (for low light), I thought I’d take a similar look.

I don’t know what’s changed, it might be as simple as the time of day, but I didn’t seem to be able to find the same spot to stand on to get the same effect.


I just took a ‘better’ pic of the dark and spooky gallery entrance interior.

Sometimes even I’m surprised by what comes up in these shots.

Thanks to the relatively bright light of the street, this view looks almost black to the eye, suggesting the pic will be the same, but the camera sensor can do magic, and lift a useable image from the darkness.

McLellan Galleries Dark Interior

McLellan Galleries Dark Interior

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McLellan Galleries building does have a dome

While I’m not suggesting the McLellan Galleries building doesn’t have a dome, I do have to confess that I couldn’t bring the view to mind recently, when I posted about the disappearance of the gallery’s entrance porch, and the apparent dereliction of place.

Add to this various memories of fires in the building, and of that very dome some years ago, I did begin to wonder if it was still there.

Of course it is, and the fire and dome collapse were back in the late 1980s, when the building was occupied by Trerons’ department store.

I don’t think I was ever in that shop, although I did have a boss back then whose wife worked there. This was handy as he was ‘under orders’ to pick her up from work every night, so there was never any question of us shutting up shop late. I recall one night when we had just pulled the shutters down, and a guy ran up wanting us to open the shop for him – he was, as they say, onto ‘plums’, and almost got trampled in the rush as the boss left.

I somehow managed to remember to go take a look, and even a pic, of the building and dome.

Read more on the plans for the old place.

Plans to transform historic Sauchiehall Street building

As you can see, Sauchiehall Street is road works from end to end at the moment, as the pavements are widened for pedestrians, and cycle paths installed, plus tree planting to make it a lot nicer than it was.



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MCLellan Galleries strangeness

Recall the recent post regarding the vanishing porch of the McLellan Galleries.

Since I didn’t seem to able to dig anything up regarding the fate of this venue online (if you know better, PLEASE add a comment below), I decided to make another detour when nearby.

Last time I hadn’t bothered sticking my nose up against the glass doors as they were locked and filthy, but this time I decided to have a closer, just in case I was missing something obvious.

From the previous post, there are NO signs anywhere around the entrance, and I can now confirm there is nothing on show just inside the entrance either.

Although the place is in darkness, with no lights on, my ‘famed’ handheld low light photography skills extracted a view from the gloom (and this was 20:30 with fading exterior evening light).

The sandstone sides of the corridor behind the door can still be seen, with the odd circular detail on each side.

The track lighting system installed on the roof of this entrance corridor is also still clearly visible.

In the distance, the glass doors to the gallery space can be seen, complete with reflections from the street, even showing the steel mesh of the perimeter fence around the current works in Sauchiehall Street (and some sort of ghoulish figure standing in the doorway).

Even some floor detail can be seen.


What the heck is that in the upper right of the pic?

It looks like a hole in the ceiling, and view through to the roof of the surrounding building.

Impossible, and I didn’t notice this at the time.

I’m assuming the rational explanation of this merely being a reflection of the building behind the photographer, caught in the gallery’s glass door – which is a fine explanation, were it not for the fact that the lens of the camera was placed against the door, to avoid any reflections. It’s definitely the building behind (from the window design, chimneys, and vegetation – the mystery is just how it came to appear.

I suppose this means ANOTHER visit as soon as possible, just to work out what actually caused that roof segment to be captured in the shot.

My guess is simply a double set of glass doors – so I was able to avoid any reflections in the outer set, but couldn’t do anything about the inner set.

McLellan Galleries Entrance Corridor

McLellan Galleries Entrance Corridor

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What’s happening (or happened) to the McLellan Galleries

When I was finally able to get as far as Sauchihall Street to get a look at the Mackintosh Building, I wandered near the McLelland Galleries, which are almost inaccessible due to road works in Sauchihall Street, unrelated to the closures resulting from the Mackintosh fire.

I thought I was suffering from a touch of ‘brain fade’. Although it’s some time since I had any reason to be near the galleries (since most of the shops that interested me around there have gone), I recalled the galleries had a porch, or portico, extending into the street and providing a sizeable cover to the entrance, as seen in the old pic clip.

McLellan Galleries Porch

McLellan Galleries Porch

Although I thought I’d arrived at the right place, the absence of any porch, or even a sign with the words ‘McLellan Galleries’ to be seen, had me thinking I was in the wrong place (not helped by the likes of Jessop’s being long gone).

But, I was pretty sure I was in the right place, so started looking at the detail of the building entrance, which were the same, and then I spotted the stubs of the girders that used to support the porch.

I hadn’t ‘lost it’!

McLellan Galleries Porch Cut Off

McLellan Galleries Porch Cut Off

The fence around the road works meant I couldn’t stand in front of the entrance to get decent pic, but I found I could get a better view by shooting through the fence, from the other side of the street.

McLellan Galleries Facade Minus Porch

McLellan Galleries Facade Minus Porch

What was more noticeable one I’d confirmed I was looking at the right building was not the absence of the porch, but the fact that I could not see any signs identifying this as the McLellan Galleries, and the derelict nature of the entrance. A stranger or visitor to Glasgow would not know what they were looking at.

Dirty from the works in the street, the place was in darkness. Granted I was there in the evening, but from the limited view through the dirty glass doors, it seemed to be empty inside, with no lights or even security staff to be seen.

I took a look online, but could find no recent references to displays or exhibitions held there.

Nor was there any recent information about the galleries, such as invitations to hold events or exhibitions there, or even a dedicated web site.

Is it derelict?

Has it closed?

Do tell if you know better.

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