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Looks like plans for the old meat market are set to go ahead

It’s not that long (only six months) since I noted that Glasgow Council has to spend £6 million BEFORE the old meat market site is developed

However, it seems that if that was true, it’s finally paved the way for the derelict area to be returned to some sort of useful service.

A historic 19th century landmark in the east end of Glasgow is to be transformed into residential accommodation.

The original Glasgow Meat Market will be transformed into hundreds of affordable accommodation, as well a commercial space.

Home Group in Scotland will be working in partnership with the City Council to deliver the 240 affordable homes as well as a hotel and commercial space by 2024.

Historic Glasgow Meat Market to be transformed into 240 homes and hotel

Five years to wait until completion – assuming all goes to plan, there are no strikes, no disputes, no planning disputes, and no “WE WANT MORE MONEY!” fun.

Although I pass the area regularly, I don’t expect there will me much to see. I’ve come to learn that one big building site looks much like another while work is underway.

If there’s anything worth seeing, it doesn’t generally appear until the job’s done.

I think we’ll just go with an old pic (which will disappear once this place is built).

Nice Sky

Nice Sky

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Graham Square awards

After mentioning the redevelopment of the old meat market and abattoir site recently, I came across some pics of similar work around the area of Graham Square, at the southern extent of the market site.

Back around 2000-2003, the work there gained a few awards.

Graham Square Awards

Graham Square Awards

They’re not obvious or prominent, being found near an entrance on the left of the square.

Gallowgate Graham Square Gate

Gallowgate Graham Square Gate


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Council has to spend £6 million BEFORE the old meat market site is developed

At least it’s not money down the drain, like the £15 million being extorted from Glasgow City Council for YET ANOTHER sporting fiasco event.

But is interesting to see that while it has to close the Winter Garden at the People’s Palace while it find £7.5 million to carry out restoration and maintenance, it seems there’s no problem in finding almost £6 million to make a derelict site (which has lain derelict for years) attractive to developers.

While I’m NOT going to make a silly remark about this spend, because the council IS responsible for providing a number of essential services to the area, as part of the city’s infrastructure, I am going to query whether or not it should be responsible for picking up the WHOLE of thee bill, since any developer that subsequently takes up the option of the site is gaining a ‘free’ benefit of taxpayer’s money – by which I mean MY Council Tax. And I won’t see ANY benefit from that.

Just Sayin’.

These are days of austerity, where funding is tight, spending is being cut, budgets are shrinking, and more costs are being levied on those who are responsible for them.

GLASGOW City Council is inviting contractors to bid for a £5.7million project as part of plans to transform the Meat Market site in the East End.

The infrastructure and public realm contract covers construction of new roads, high quality hard and soft landscaping, rain gardens, architectural feature lighting and street furniture.

The work, which is expected to take 12 months to carry out, will also include street lighting, sewers, a drainage system, water and gas mains, electricity distribution — including a new sub-station — and telecommunications ducts,

The project is required to make the land bounded by Duke Street, Bellgrove Street and Melbourne Street attractive to developers.

£5.7MILLION Contract To Flesh Out Glasgow Meat Market Site

Public consultation on plans for 250 flats has already started.

I know I collected pics of the remaining wall and gate in Bellgrove Street, but just can’t find them, so have to go with something similar, and already seen.

I’m guessing this bit in Duke Street survived since there was a substation behind the wall.

Those old sheds behind won’t (survive).

Glasgow meat market site

Glasgow meat market site

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Duke Street site development proposed after almost two decades

Another of those ‘Just TOO late’ memories, I recall being taken to the car market that took place on the site of Glasgow’s meat market when I was a tiny.

Like many similar auctions, I imagined doing the same myself when I was all ‘grown up’.

And, like all the other similar venues I imagined visiting, this was gone by the time I was in a position to go there myself.

As noted in Glasgow’s old meat and cattle market is ‘At Risk’ not too long ago, it seems to have closed in 2001, suffered arson in 2003, then was razed in 2005.

It looks as if there are now plans for the site after all those years, subject to planning permission.

Home Group intend to apply for planning permission to build the affordable apartments on land at the junction of Duke Street and Bellgrove Street. There would be 252 apartments and two commercial units.

Documents issued as part of the pre-application consultation process state: “This is an exciting opportunity to develop a housing-led proposal on a key site to the east of the city centre assisting Glasgow City Council in realising their ambitions for the wider Meat market masterplan.”

MAJOR Apartment Development Proposed For Duke Street Site

Preceded by…

CITY Council Submits Plans For East End Meat Market Site Makeover

While the last remaining part of this area, the surviving gates, would be retained and incorporated into the plan, similar to parts surviving in the Gallowgate, such as Graham Square, it looks as the plan would see the old sheds and structure inside the area being demolished.

Last Meat Market Building

Last Meat Market Building


Gallowgate Graham Square Gate

Gallowgate Graham Square Gate

I’ll be interested to see how the application goes, and then how the project goes, as I’ve watched one housing development be built and demolished within a timescale of only decades, at nearby Whitevale, where you would not even know the houses and flats had ever been there, had you not seen them being built.

Then there was the conversion of the facade of the former Duke Street Hospital, which became flats for a while, but is now lying derelict, boarded up, and has even had signs attached indicating it was going to be demolished at one point, but is still there, for the moment at least.

Duke St Hospital Flats From West

Duke St Hospital Flats From West

I’ve never taken a specific pic of that area, but did catch part of it in this pair of pics.

The green patch at the front used to be a block of flats. I’m pretty sure they were built when I was REALLY tiny, but were demolished years ago, along with all the housed on the land to the left of this pic.

I recall this spot as one of the residents drove a fairly unique and rare car – I always used to try to see the car park area around the back as I passed in the bus, just to catch a glimpse if they were home, and the car was there.

Whitevale 2015-2017

Whitevale 2015-2017

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Glasgow meat market and abattoir last remains

Once a large and significant part of Glasgow, the meat market and abattoir closed its doors many years ago.

Most of the site was razed, leaving only a few sections of its distinctive perimeter wall in place, and some of the covered areas used to manage the animals in pens. These served as covered car auction areas, until this use was also abandoned, leaving those structures abandoned beside the derelict land. Another part of the land was used as the site for a few flats.

The last building from original market appears to lie on Melbourne Street, and can be seen below.

14-28 Melbourne Street, former Slaughter House, c. 1910, A B McDonald. Gateway, with two massive piers and wrought-iron gates bearing City crest.

The distinctive wall was once a feature of the market, and used to surround the entire site, until much of it was demolished and removed along with the main market buildings.

Last Meat Market Building

Last Meat Market Building

The left/north gate pier carries a related carving.

Gate Pier Carving Detail

Gate Pier Carving Detail

The two sets of coat of arms remaining in the gates.

Gate Coat Of Arms

Gate Coat Of Arms

Both steadily decaying.

The gates are secure, and the perimeter remains closed by a substantial fence replacing the demolished wall, while the flats close off the remainder. So even though it’s little more than what might largely be referred to as ‘spare ground’ as a piece of private land on offer for development (but still no takers), it’s not really accessible for a wander.

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Glasgow’s old meat and cattle market is ‘At Risk’

While I was shopping in Duke Street I happened to turn around while climbing the stairs/ramp to one shop and noticed the slightly raised location provided a view over the now almost completely empty site of Glasgow’s old meat, cattle market, and abattoir.

Now little more than an empty field with some remaining covered pens in the distance, the only remaining building is a sub-station, on the left foreground. Not visible behind the covered area are flats built on that part of the site, which also allowed a significant amount of façade to be retained. The covered area was latterly used as a car auction/market, and having been taken there when tiny, imagined I would be able to go there on my own when I was ‘grown-up’. Well, I was wrong about that!

It seems to have closed in 2001, suffered arson in 2003, then was razed in 2005.

The land has been up for sale for years, since the market was demolished – no takers yet.

I was surprised to see that the canopied area and adjacent façade were considered to be ‘Buildings at Risk’, given how little it represents of the whole site, but then again, why not?

For more details, see Building at Risk: Moore Street Meat and Cattle Markets, Bellgrove Street, Calton

One interesting point was the finish of the walls around the market which, when they surrounded the entire site, matched exactly the finish on the small section of facing still surviving on the front of that sub-station.

Glasgow meat market site

Glasgow meat market site

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