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The illegals – H18 MNH

As usual, I’m left wondering what makes it worth the risk of a £1,000 fine the day a grumpy traffic cop decides to stop this one to make their day.

I’m rubbish at interpreting the weird translations the sales people use to sell some plates, and was just shown MAR 573N, which was on a Bentley as MAR573N, and apparently reads Marston.

This one’s on a (deep breath) 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d 4Matic AMG Line, and makes no sense to me.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d [H18 MNH]

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE 350d [H18 MNH]

I had hopes of an explanation after spotting some extra text in the bottom centre field, but that did help, and “McLean Girls” without any sort of qualifier is, sadly, just too vague to work in an online search.

Toothpaste cheerleaders?

H18MNH McLean Girls


Here’s the Marston (it’s given under the 5) example I mentioned earlier (I don’t make stuff up).

Marston [MAR 573N]

Marston [MAR 573N]

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1 DUN forgot this one

Another one that slipped through the net, and a pic so old the car attached to the plate has fallen off and been replaced, currently by a 2018 Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport (sadly, another diesel).

Previously on a Mercedes CLK 270 (but a CDI) when it almost managed to slip past me, traffic lights helped for once.

I know it’s not, because he and his family all have a series of plates which represent their initials, this could have been ideal for my wealthy entrepreneurial neighbour, as the head of the family, he could have claimed the best plate.

Mercedes CLK270 [1 DUN]

Mercedes CLK270 [1 DUN]

Funny thing, I usually spot locations fairly easily when looking at bits of Glasgow caught in pics, but this one has me slightly lost. There is an identifiable feature – but the business it represents has two adjacent locations, and one looks quite different from the other. I thought I’d found the wrong spot – until I looked next door (at the one not given as the address).

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Was Mercedes inspired by Death Race 2000?

I have to confess/admit to spending too much time playing the PC version of Death Race 2000 some years ago – it was just too much fun.

Some time ago, I was amused to see a styling option adopted by some Mercedes cars which made me think of the game every time I passed one in the street.

This was the addition of a chrome effect splitter trim to the bottom of the front  bumper or spoiler, depending on your preferred vocabulary, or front valence if you were an after market seller of such things.

I’m sure Mercedes have their own ‘correct’ name for the part, but I have better things to do than trawl their parts list.

I’ve tried to take a pic of this particular piece of trim on numerous occasions, but the shot generally fails every time because of the mirror finish of the chromed surface – rather than a decent pic of the piece, all you get is a shot of the reflections on the surface. Same problem as trying to take a pic of a mirror.

I think I’ll give up, and just go with the shot below – it just about works.

While the pic doesn’t do it justice, when seen by the eye, this could be taken to be a nice ‘Death Race 2000’ option, being a nicely sharpened blade, or scythe, designed to cut those pesky pedestrian feet off as you mow through them, scoring lots of points, and bonus points.

Death Race 2000 Mercedes

Death Race 2000 Mercedes

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The illegals – C1 UME

No clues on the plate as to what might make it worth the risk of a £1,000 fine for illegal character spacing, and maybe more – for using a black screw head to alter the appearance too. All it would take is a grumpy traffic cop having a bad day.

I checked the front and rear plates to see if the spacing, and the black fixing screws were deliberate (there are white screws in the usual places, but no yellow at the rear).

I’d been hoping for a line that might have explained ‘C 1.UME’ to the casual observer, but the bottom line was blank.

I wonder how it’s supposed to be read, or what it means.

2004 Mercedes E320 CDI [C1 UME]

2004 Mercedes E320 CDI [C1 UME]

2004 Mercedes E320 CDI [C1 UME]

2004 Mercedes E320 CDI [C1 UME]

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Who runs with 1 WH

It’s taken me so long to throw this one up – the owner’s dumped the car and bought a new one!

I had thought I might find out who 1 WH belonged to, since I came across in the car park at Celtic, Parkhead, but as I simply don’t move around ANY football related cliques, that never happened.

Caught on a genuine Mercedes AMG S65 saloon (as opposed to the sad ‘AMG Line’ kid on), 1 WH is now to be found on a 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost V12 EWB Auto.

The S65 price tag is at least £186,000 not counting any factory options (if there are any), and it delivers something like 621 bhp and 737 lb ft from a twin-turbo 6.0 litre V12, reaching 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. But, slower to 60 by only 0.1 second, the lighter S63 is probably a better bet and nicer to drive, and saves too, being only around £125,000. Oh, get the 155 mph limiter upped to 186 mph as part of the £2,755 AMG Driver’s Package, which also includes a spot of driver training.


Sad to say, that still means no 200 mph (on the Autobahn of course, not the M8), so you’ll still be getting passed.

The Rolls is £237,600 – on the road, 6.6 litre and 575 lb ft, and delivers 572 bhp. 62 mph arrives in 4.9 seconds. Limited to 155 mph.

Mercedes AMG S65 [1 WH]

Mercedes AMG S65 [1 WH]

Oh well – back to normal, and reality.


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Nice and short Mercedes 89 P

I do quite like short registrations, usually meaning a really old/historic number has been saved from obscurity or loss.

I miss the earlier day, when it was possible to buy books listing the owners of such numbers. Now, every Tom, Dick, and Harriet can have one, and apart from a few extremely expensive examples, they don’t stay with the same owner.

I didn’t even realise I had been standing beside this one for a while (grabbing pics of something else), so collected it while I was there.

I guess the only grumpy thing is that it’s a diesel, and an AMG Line, meaning it has AMG cosmetic parts, but is not really an AMG.

I shouldn’t really moan, I did this to all my lesser cars – but then again, the factory wouldn’t.

2017 Mercedes C250 AMG Line [89 P]

2017 Mercedes C250 AMG Line [89 P]

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46 G on cheating ‘AMG Line’ Mercedes

Ever since I discovered my wealthy, multiple business owning neighbour was skimping on the Mercedes he was running around in, resplendent in AMG badges and similarly branded part hanging off it, I just haven’t been able to get on board with the ‘AMG Line’ option being touted by Mercedes.

Frankly, their current smooth/sleek styling is better looking than it has been for a while, and they don’t need this fudge.

If you haven’t come across this marketing ploy, it basically lets you chose AMG parts and badges for your bog-standard Mercedes – so while it may look the part, there won’t be the heart of something like a C63 beating under the bonnet (or the associated price tag).

While I don’t have any problem with someone badging up and adding bits to take what they can afford a few steps further up the ladder, I think it just turns a nice car into tacky tat when done by the factory. This was a game I really loved to play, as it was easy to pick some fairly cheap goodies fitted as standard to the top end model, and further enhance the illusion with a splash of colour coding, since I could do my own small spray jobs.

46 G was spotted on yet another of these pretenders which seem to be increasingly popular with my neighbours these days, as they seldom my ‘real’ cars from the more exclusive end of the range (of any manufacturer).

That number deserves better, and is probably ashamed not only to be seen on and AMG Line pretender, but also a stinky diesel.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG Line D A Cabriolet

2017 Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG Line D A Cabriolet

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Interesting 25 SY

Another of my favourites (a 2 + 2) combination, this time on a 2008 (I think) black Mercedes SL350 Auto petrol (thank goodness, not another diesel).

As a peasant and mortal, I can’t access more than the normal public records, but one day I’d really like to find out why some registrations lead me to cars with incomplete details, and/or that simply return ‘There was a problem’ when I search the official Government site.

It’s not as if they just started computerising the records yesterday, and people can have their cars seized and destroyed for offences (like no insurance or MOT) based on those records if they can’t prove they are incorrect quickly enough – I hope the official/full records are better than the dross I have to use.

Mercedes SL350 [25 SY]

Mercedes SL350 [25 SY]

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BAR 1 visits Glasgow – and makes me run!

A weird vehicle I didn’t recognise, but a more interesting registration.

Intriguing to see BAR 1 is on this little Mercedes thing – apparently a Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner – since this is a ‘1’ registration, it’s probably worth a lot more than what it’s attached to.

I just spotted this passing, out of the old traditional ‘Corner of my eye’, and then got lucky as I was able to slip through some back streets and catch it, just before it sped off into the distance.

2017 Mercedes Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner [BAR 1]

2017 Mercedes Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner [BAR 1]

I should look at the catalogues more often, and know what oddities the manufacturer’s are coming up with,


I later discovered the title of this post wasn’t really correct,

Although I’d assumed ‘Hampden’ cabs were connected to Hampden for some strange reason, it seems that’s not entirely true, and I tripped over their fairly sizeable base in… Polmadie/Oatlands/Shawfield/Rutherglen (I never know which of these applies – I’ve seen all given in adjacent addresses here, but they use Shawfield) a few days later.

Oh well – just proves the old ‘Never assume!’ warning.

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Peekaboo Pagoda

The Pagoda Mercedes began with 230 SL back around 1963, known as the W113 under the company’s system.

All given a straight six with fuel injection, these advanced cars had aluminium bonnet, boot, door skins, and tonneau cover to bring their weight down. A good idea since a roofless convertible will always be heavier thanks to chassis reinforcement needed to stiffen the body, and the short and wide wheelbase combined with excellent suspension gave it great handling.

The W 113 was the first sports car with a safety body, based on Bela Barényi’s extensive work on vehicle safety. It had a rigid passenger cell with crumple zones and impact-absorbing front and rear sections built into the vehicle structure. The interior was rounded, with all hard corners and edges removed. It was also the first Mercedes to be fitted with radial tires (as opposed to the common cross-ply type of the day).

Stay alert – you never know what’s hiding out there!

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

I caught the same car a few years earlier, but on that occasion I was testing a small camera, and the image was the subject, not the car, and I forgot all about until seeing this. I’d really just wanted something handy that I knew how it SHOULD have looked as compared to what I captured.

Obviously, not as good as my usual kit, even with filtering to try to restore some detail.

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Not sure where this car is now, or even if it is on the road, or stored.


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Good and bad, all at once

So, I spotted a nice car with a nice registration MG 14. My ‘sort of’ favourite style of two letters and two numbers, properly spaced AND with the bonus of commemorating MG (although I seriously doubt if that was the reason it was chosen for – it’s just a happy coincidence).

Mercedes has produced some particularly pleasing shapes in recent years (not counting the obligatory SUV ‘bricks’ of course), and this trend seems to be carrying on.

This 2015 C250 looks good, and makes up for two sins…

One, that it’s diesel-powered, two that it’s an AMG line. (that just irritates me in light of the REAL AMG Mercedes – this ‘line’ nonsense just involves picking bits from the AMG parts bin and sticking them on ordinary cars). AMGs have badges that say things like ‘C63’ on the back.

After years of finding fault with all the various lies told by diesel advocates, I’ve lost patience with them as they continue to make up more. One lot STILL claims diesel is better than any other vehicle fuel, and is gift that pours froth from their lord’s loins, while another lot whines on about sticking with it regardless of recent revelations, and another sounds as if they want to be reimbursed because they got stuck with diesels because “The government duped me into buying one”.


I suggest they all go get a suitable science/engineering degree, and work it out for themselves, instead of bleating like sheep!

Incidentally, this is NOT to be read as being anti-diesel in any way, I’m most certainly not. In fact, I’m impressed by the advances made with these engines.

My gripe is really down to the politics and the lies that went on in the background, promoting them over petrol, and fiddling things so that the gullible public would buy them.

2015 Mercedes C250 AMG Sport D [MG 14]

2015 Mercedes C250 AMG Sport D [MG 14]

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