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Nice and short Mercedes 89 P

I do quite like short registrations, usually meaning a really old/historic number has been saved from obscurity or loss.

I miss the earlier day, when it was possible to buy books listing the owners of such numbers. Now, every Tom, Dick, and Harriet can have one, and apart from a few extremely expensive examples, they don’t stay with the same owner.

I didn’t even realise I had been standing beside this one for a while (grabbing pics of something else), so collected it while I was there.

I guess the only grumpy thing is that it’s a diesel, and an AMG Line, meaning it has AMG cosmetic parts, but is not really an AMG.

I shouldn’t really moan, I did this to all my lesser cars – but then again, the factory wouldn’t.

2017 Mercedes C250 AMG Line [89 P]

2017 Mercedes C250 AMG Line [89 P]


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46 G on cheating ‘AMG Line’ Mercedes

Ever since I discovered my wealthy, multiple business owning neighbour was skimping on the Mercedes he was running around in, resplendent in AMG badges and similarly branded part hanging off it, I just haven’t been able to get on board with the ‘AMG Line’ option being touted by Mercedes.

Frankly, their current smooth/sleek styling is better looking than it has been for a while, and they don’t need this fudge.

If you haven’t come across this marketing ploy, it basically lets you chose AMG parts and badges for your bog-standard Mercedes – so while it may look the part, there won’t be the heart of something like a C63 beating under the bonnet (or the associated price tag).

While I don’t have any problem with someone badging up and adding bits to take what they can afford a few steps further up the ladder, I think it just turns a nice car into tacky tat when done by the factory. This was a game I really loved to play, as it was easy to pick some fairly cheap goodies fitted as standard to the top end model, and further enhance the illusion with a splash of colour coding, since I could do my own small spray jobs.

46 G was spotted on yet another of these pretenders which seem to be increasingly popular with my neighbours these days, as they seldom my ‘real’ cars from the more exclusive end of the range (of any manufacturer).

That number deserves better, and is probably ashamed not only to be seen on and AMG Line pretender, but also a stinky diesel.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG Line D A Cabriolet

2017 Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG Line D A Cabriolet

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Interesting 25 SY

Another of my favourites (a 2 + 2) combination, this time on a 2008 (I think) black Mercedes SL350 Auto petrol (thank goodness, not another diesel).

As a peasant and mortal, I can’t access more than the normal public records, but one day I’d really like to find out why some registrations lead me to cars with incomplete details, and/or that simply return ‘There was a problem’ when I search the official Government site.

It’s not as if they just started computerising the records yesterday, and people can have their cars seized and destroyed for offences (like no insurance or MOT) based on those records if they can’t prove they are incorrect quickly enough – I hope the official/full records are better than the dross I have to use.

Mercedes SL350 [25 SY]

Mercedes SL350 [25 SY]

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BAR 1 visits Glasgow – and makes me run!

A weird vehicle I didn’t recognise, but a more interesting registration.

Intriguing to see BAR 1 is on this little Mercedes thing – apparently a Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner – since this is a ‘1’ registration, it’s probably worth a lot more than what it’s attached to.

I just spotted this passing, out of the old traditional ‘Corner of my eye’, and then got lucky as I was able to slip through some back streets and catch it, just before it sped off into the distance.

2017 Mercedes Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner [BAR 1]

2017 Mercedes Citan 109 Cdi Traveliner [BAR 1]

I should look at the catalogues more often, and know what oddities the manufacturer’s are coming up with,


I later discovered the title of this post wasn’t really correct,

Although I’d assumed ‘Hampden’ cabs were connected to Hampden for some strange reason, it seems that’s not entirely true, and I tripped over their fairly sizeable base in… Polmadie/Oatlands/Shawfield/Rutherglen (I never know which of these applies – I’ve seen all given in adjacent addresses here, but they use Shawfield) a few days later.

Oh well – just proves the old ‘Never assume!’ warning.

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Peekaboo Pagoda

The Pagoda Mercedes began with 230 SL back around 1963, known as the W113 under the company’s system.

All given a straight six with fuel injection, these advanced cars had aluminium bonnet, boot, door skins, and tonneau cover to bring their weight down. A good idea since a roofless convertible will always be heavier thanks to chassis reinforcement needed to stiffen the body, and the short and wide wheelbase combined with excellent suspension gave it great handling.

The W 113 was the first sports car with a safety body, based on Bela Barényi’s extensive work on vehicle safety. It had a rigid passenger cell with crumple zones and impact-absorbing front and rear sections built into the vehicle structure. The interior was rounded, with all hard corners and edges removed. It was also the first Mercedes to be fitted with radial tires (as opposed to the common cross-ply type of the day).

Stay alert – you never know what’s hiding out there!

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

I caught the same car a few years earlier, but on that occasion I was testing a small camera, and the image was the subject, not the car, and I forgot all about until seeing this. I’d really just wanted something handy that I knew how it SHOULD have looked as compared to what I captured.

Obviously, not as good as my usual kit, even with filtering to try to restore some detail.

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Pagoda Mercedes 230SL

Not sure where this car is now, or even if it is on the road, or stored.


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Good and bad, all at once

So, I spotted a nice car with a nice registration MG 14. My ‘sort of’ favourite style of two letters and two numbers, properly spaced AND with the bonus of commemorating MG (although I seriously doubt if that was the reason it was chosen for – it’s just a happy coincidence).

Mercedes has produced some particularly pleasing shapes in recent years (not counting the obligatory SUV ‘bricks’ of course), and this trend seems to be carrying on.

This 2015 C250 looks good, and makes up for two sins…

One, that it’s diesel-powered, two that it’s an AMG line. (that just irritates me in light of the REAL AMG Mercedes – this ‘line’ nonsense just involves picking bits from the AMG parts bin and sticking them on ordinary cars). AMGs have badges that say things like ‘C63’ on the back.

After years of finding fault with all the various lies told by diesel advocates, I’ve lost patience with them as they continue to make up more. One lot STILL claims diesel is better than any other vehicle fuel, and is gift that pours froth from their lord’s loins, while another lot whines on about sticking with it regardless of recent revelations, and another sounds as if they want to be reimbursed because they got stuck with diesels because “The government duped me into buying one”.


I suggest they all go get a suitable science/engineering degree, and work it out for themselves, instead of bleating like sheep!

Incidentally, this is NOT to be read as being anti-diesel in any way, I’m most certainly not. In fact, I’m impressed by the advances made with these engines.

My gripe is really down to the politics and the lies that went on in the background, promoting them over petrol, and fiddling things so that the gullible public would buy them.

2015 Mercedes C250 AMG Sport D [MG 14]

2015 Mercedes C250 AMG Sport D [MG 14]

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The illegals – R10 XYL

I’ve spotted this one only rarely (despite it ‘living’ not that far away) and missed catching a pic for ages, so finally made the effort to go catch it.

With naughty spacing in BOTH the numbers and the letters, ‘R10XY L’ seems to be immune to attention or the potential £1,000 fine it could attract.

I’m not sure, but I think this Mercedes C180 just might have been ordered with the ‘Badge Delete’ option ticked.

2003 Mercedes C180 Komp Classic SE [R10 XYL]

2003 Mercedes C180 Komp Classic SE [R10 XYL]

Funny thing about this one is that every time I see it I think of it as a BMW first!

It’s not that I mistake the shape (although the de-badged rear could be mistaken with a quick glance), but I think is down to spending some years inside a BMW that had a dealer badge stuck on the inside of one of the windows, and that dealer’s name was… ROXY (I think they disappeared years and years ago, but I still have that badge).

Same at the front – that grille looks REALLY small.

2003 Mercedes C180 [R10 XYL]

2003 Mercedes C180 [R10 XYL]

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Where did that come from?

While recognising the obvious options, I still sometimes wonder “Where did THAT come from?” when I come across a personal registration in a place I often visit, but have never seen before.

This is even more noticeable when the registration is easy to recognise and remember (even for me).

Spotted on a 1998 Mercedes C250 (diesel), I’m not being unkind when I also note the slightly worn finish on the car, which someone seems to have started fixing, then abandoned years ago. I mention this simply to reflect that the number is probably worth way more than the car.

1998 Mercedes C250D [VCO3]

1998 Mercedes C250D [VCO 3]


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Car name is almost longer than car

I noticed I’d missed out quite a lot of nice registrations simply because I don’t notice them as I pass them on an almost daily basis.

This nice ‘two number two letter’ example has changed homes recently, and I forget where it was before, but that’s no surprise with my great memory.

Thank goodness the badge on the boot doesn’t have to show the whole name:

Mercedes-Benz C Class 2.0 C200 Sport 7G-Tronic Plus (s/s) 4dr 2016 White.

Mercedes C200 [60 HF]

Mercedes C200 [60 HF]

That IS a B&W image above, seldom seen from me.

In this case, the street seems to be lit by some strangely variable low pressure sodium lamps, and the mixture of yellows just defeated all my attempts to tidy a pretty horrible image.

The yellow either got worse, or when I tried to level the colour, the processing started to kick in with areas of deep blue to compensate.


It IS a white car anyway 🙂


Well, it doesn’t actually merit two pics, but since the weather got better and I was passing in daylight, a proper pic seemed only fair.

Mercedes C200 [60 HF]

Mercedes C200 [60 HF]

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This Mercedes is not a L400 NNY

Thinking of a ‘novelty plate’ rather than any disrespect to the owner, from a distance I thought I had come across an amusing LOONY registration plate.

But I was wrong, and when I got closer found it was L400 NNY on a 2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto (ignore the kid-on AMG sticker).

This is one of my favourite Mercedes body styles, but the first I’ve caught with a notable number so I could grab a pic.

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto

I still had the gut-feeling that the number had been chosen, and when I got closer, found that the addition of a little imagination – and some stick-on letters – provided the answer. A bit fuzzy thanks to the reflections and glare, but it does explain the plate.

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto


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Feeling flat in Baillieston KH 17

Seems I trip over a fairly nice registration every time I fall out the door these days, and another of my choice of 2 letters and 2 number turned up.

Unfortunately, on yet another hulking brute of an SUV.

That said, this 2005 Mercedes M Class 3.7 ML350 5dr probably manages a more pleasant ‘face’ than most when viewed from the front, but is still just a glorified bus, van, or shed, from the side.

There is one further tiny problem with this one…

The rear tyre is going flat.

But there is good news – it’s only the bottom so far 🙂

2005 Mercedes ML350

2005 Mercedes ML350

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