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When Lois Lane’s Mercedes was seen in Dennistoun – 17 LL

Well, Lois probably have got a lift and been flown in by a ‘Super’ friend.

But we can still pretend, and if he’s busy she might still go for a drive.

Nice to see legit spacing preserved.

I wonder if 77 LL is floating around anywhere? That would look good.



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Lucky Mercedes spot

It always pays to stay alert and watch out for interesting cars in odd places, and for once I passed this with camera in hand.

The main catch was a classic Mercedes 230SL from 1966. I’m not sure if this one was on the classic circuit when I was part of it and attending shows, mainly because there were a few with single ‘R’ registrations, and my memory isn’t up to recalling the ones I knew back then, it was quite a few years ago.

There’s a nice little collection of cherished registration to be found here sometimes, and on this occasion the van showed a clear connection with the business, flooring if you didn’t notice the sign, and the van’s registration being F10 OOR.

That’s the kind of registration I like.

I definitely don’t like the recent trend I see where you need a ‘Code Book’ in order to work out the sad attempts to equate numbers and letters to make up names and words which frankly, they DON’T, unless you are delusional.

1966 Mercedes 230SL Van F10 OOR

1966 Mercedes 230SL Van F10 OOR

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Modified Mercedes

Came across a sad sight recently, as a local Mercedes was remodelled by a passing Ford.

Mercedes Collision 01

There’s a street to the right of the cars (where I was standing), and it looks very much as if the Merc was turning into it when the Fiesta (for some reason I cannot guess at as I was not there) seem to have tried to overtake it at the same time, ploughed into the driver’s door. Even if the Merc was not indicating (and there’s no way to tell as I arrived late), the Fiesta should not really have pulled out and passed at the speed the damage suggests. Well, I wouldn’t. I was trained to be cautious, and assume the the other idiot was going to pull out in front of me if things were not crystal clear.

As to the speed of collision, it’s clear that all airbags deployed in both cars, and you can see the new Merc has a full set of side curtain airbags on all the side windows. the Fiesta only had driver and passenger fronts.

A couple of onlookers were still talking about what they had seen, and I heard them say nobody had been hurt, and both drivers were nearby.

Although the road was not actually blocked, traffic was having to inch around the two cars, and the Merc was still drivable, and was taken round the nearest corner. Given the A-pillar crumpling and hinge damage, it’s surprising the door still works.

New safety tech is all very well, but on top of the chassis and body work needed here, there will be cost of six new airbags as well.

I’m wondering if it will be repaired – the impact into the side of the firewall (area behind the dashboard) could go deep, and be too costly to rectify.

Mercedes Collision 02

Mercedes Collision 03

I’m always late.

Usually I see the remnants on the road, or a wall of police surrounding something really nasty, and no inclination to take pics.

Last one was not that long ago, and the pic doesn’t really show the extent of the damage which occurred at a roundabout (not all that far way), where this car’s front suspension was broken and collapsed, and tyre deflated. I guess the car to the right of this one turned left, into it, and caught the offside wheel/suspension (that wing is crumpled), and it collapsed. Not sure about the other side either, as it may have impacted the kerb.

Broken Car

I have no idea what it is, other than one I wouldn’t be seen dead in, especially with one of those (usually) empty boxes on the roof.

And this one, a from a few days earlier.

Collision 3

I didn’t even notice it first time around, as I was walking towards the front, and it just looked like some pretty shoddy parking on the pavement.

But heading back home later, in the opposite direction, saw the modified rear end.

It’s dangerous out there!

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I want the W1 TCH

It’s been a while since I saw a cherished registration I actually wanted, but when I came across the W1 TCH recently, I was immediately attracted to it.

I’m a bit of snob, or maybe just old-fashioned, when it comes to cherished registrations.

I have little time for those formed by the current numbering system, as introduced in 2001, as many of the supposedly interesting words and names formed by them seem to need the help of a code-book to decipher what the seller has in mind, with convoluted conversions of numbers into letters often needed to reach their interpretation.

But most of those created from the earlier systems seem to rely on much less of this nonsense – and can be read without resorting to a code-book in order to work out what they represent.

Such is the W1 TCH.

At least I know I can’t afford it. Even if it was on offer, I’d have to sell something from my own little collection.

Those tyres looked a little fat, and a check showed this to be a blue 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG Sport CDI of 2,143 cc.

The diesel engine torque means this gets to 62 mph in around 7 seconds, and this model’s (rear) tyres are suitably wider than standard, at 255 mm, so my eye is still working ok.

It’s some years since I climbed into a C-Class Mercedes, and looking at the specs for this one… all I can say is that the standard offering has come a long a way in that time, given what’s included.

Still more interested in the registration though.

Mercedes W1TCH

Mercedes W1TCH

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New Highland home for only UK polar bear

Currently the only polar bear in the UK, Mercedes made an uneventful move from her home in Edinburgh Zoo to a purpose built enclosure within the Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig, Kingussie, this week.

Mercedes had been living in Edinburgh since 1984, when she was rescued from being shot after repeatedly visiting a small town in her home of Canada. Polar bears are dangerous, and if they begin to forage for food in towns have to be shot as there is no practical way to discourage them, and they can kill humans with little more than one swipe of a paw. However, in this case, a member of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RSZZ) had enough contacts, and the Mercedes car company assisted with transport, meaning that this polar bear was rescued. Although naturally solitary animals, Mercedes was paired and had two cubs, To-Nuik and Ohoto, with male Barney.

The new enclosure gives Mercedes over four acres of land to roam, and includes a large pool. The location will also be cooler than Edinburgh, and should see more snow – something that was provided by a snow machine at the zoo.

Great care was taken in the move, with preparations taking some six months in order to familiarise the bear with her enclosure for the trip, which took around three hours to complete, after which she wandered out and began to explore her new home.

Although her original enclosure at the zoo was adequate, it seems the public always wanted to see her have more space. An appeal was launched (the RSZZ is a charity that receives no funding from the likes of government sources) to raise the £300,000 needed to finance the move, and in the end, the society needed to raise only £75,000 in donation, as the Army stepped in and assisted with the provision of labour and machinery needed to construct Mercedes’ new home.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Highland Wildlife Park from above

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