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If you sell it, they will buy it

I think it’s a shame they’re pulling videos and publishing advice not to eat Tide.

Darwin spent a lot of time and effort creating his work on evolution and natural selection, and moves such as that work against this system, allow variations that really should be filtered out of the human gene pool to survive, and interfere with nature – and as the Green Looneys tell us, anything that is natural MUST BE GOOD.

Via Warning over alarming ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ detergent eating YouTube trend

See Candy aisles on lockdown!

You actually want to eat this stuff by your own free choice?


Tide N Bran

Tide N Bran

Wash down with…

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew


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The lunatics have taken over Photobucket

It’s hard to guess quite what Photobucket’s intention was when it launched its blackmail campaign less than a fortnight ago, and closed down all free ‘3RD PARTY HOSTING’ without ANY sort of warning or grace period for users to make alternative arrangements before all their hosted images were replaced with this:

Photobucket blackmail

Photobucket blackmail

I’ve been expecting this for years though, ever since I realised ‘Mr Paywall’ (Rupert Murdoch and News International) had his sticky fingers in the Photobucket pie, but after some hiccups after the last shake-up with the service, had grown complacent and forgotten about it.

He’s probably been having apoplectic meltdowns in the boardroom for years, and finally threatened to sack everybody if they didn’t ‘End this free nonsense’, and start charging.

BUT… at least I had stopped using the service years ago, although that was before I had a few thousand images lodged there for hosting in various places. I host my own images now, so at least the total didn’t grow, even if I didn’t remove what I had already placed there.

All my content has been deleted from Photobucket, and the account closed, although they don’t allow you to close down immediately, but hold the account open for a number of days (so you can change your mind!)

As if all this was not bad enough, this morning, they added insult to injury by emailing me – TWICE (make that THRICE!)

I’m so infuriated by this, being emailed TWICE to tell me A WEEK AFTER IT HAPPENS that a service I use has been disabled, and that it was down WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTIFICATION, I’m recording what amounts to an insulting email below.

It’s also worth noting that while it ‘invites’ to upgrade, it fails to mention the cost: some $39 per month, or $399 per year.

For something that had been FREE from 2002 (I think) until 2017, 15 years.

Photobucket Drivel

Photobucket Drivel

Just be clear, lest I be misrepresented – I have no problem with Photobucket offered a fee-based service. There’s a free market out there.

My problem is their shift to such a business model, and closing me down, without prior notification, while still having my pics on their servers.

Photobucket morons add insult

I had to alter the above count of ‘late’ emails from Photobuckets moronic management team to THREE having initially noted only TWO.

Even though I have deleted all my images which were on Photobucket, and all the related directory structure, before selecting the option to also delete my account there…

I have now received an email from them, as seem below, would you believe…



Photobucket Insult

Photobucket Insult


I’m glad I decided to delete all the content and structure BEFORE I requested the account be deleted, since they have clearly IGNORED THIS (so far).

Also, I can STILL log in to the account, but cannot re-issue the DELETION INSTRUCTION as that option now just shows a line stating (obviously wrongly) that the account will be deleted. Needless to say, I am typing this on 8 June 2017. So, they have failed – again.

OH! It also shows I have ONE IMAGE.

Don’t know where that came from, it’s not one of mine (and I can’t see it either, to find out what it is.)

Photobucket Non-Deletion

Photobucket Non-Deletion


After trying to find a ‘Contact us’ option somewhere on the Photobucket web site, and giving up, I tried their ‘About us’ link.

Guess what?

Here’s a clue – the number 404!

I guess their moronic managers haven’t read any ‘good web site’ design manuals.

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