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You picked the wrong house mouse

It’s been a while since I found any little ‘visitors’ trying to get in, so I thought the quiet spell was a handy opportunity to drop in this ‘found’ pic.

Staring Contest

Staring Contest


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Found a better mousetrap

Regular readers should be aware that I’m always on the lookout for a better mousetrap.

This one looks pretty good.

Apparently you just leave a few lying around the garden – with some peanut butter or chocolate sauce spread on their pins.

Better Mousetrap

Better Mousetrap

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I’ll just rest here for a minute – mousey

I clearly shouldn’t have referred to the lesser return of the Beast from the East as just the usual blast of cold air we get to enjoy from Russia at this time of year, as I did yesterday.

While it was cold yesterday, at least unlike today (Sunday), we weren’t getting hit by snow again.

And, the returning mouseys seem to think my house is a refuge for them, as they think they can come in and shelter.

I think this is the first time I’ve caught one trying to get in on consecutive days.

And this one looks as if it’s just having a little lie down and a rest before it carries on.

Ah, maybe not.

It’s out into the garden for you matey, and a handy snack for a passing fox cat later in the day.

Mouse Resting

Mouse Resting


I wandered past the window shortly after asking mousey to leave, and spotted a now familiar face pop out from the undergrowth.

By the time I grabbed a camera and reached a spot I could grab a pic from… it had, of course, disappeared.

But remembering where mousey had landed after his last, short, flight, I tried another spot.


Probably a pic of mousey too – but only if I was taking pics with X-Rays.

Tortie Snacker

Tortie Snacker

Still no collar, which most of the cats I see in houses here are fitted with.

Still looks fat and healthy though, so not having problems – and there’s one similar example, with a collar, that has always looked like skin and bones compared to this one. Don’t worry, that one is just slim.

Sad to say, this one has the usual disease that most of the cats around here are afflicted with, and the slightest move towards them (or just move if too quick) has them disappear from sight in an instant.

Even throwing a tasty morsel in their general direction is more or less pointless, as the next time you see them a microsecond later is in the next garden, or across the road.

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Double trap mousey signals end of mini Beast from the East

We just got to enjoy what might be referred to by some as a mini Beast from the East which arrived in the past week, but this one is really just a more usual blast of cold air from the east/Russia that we get at this time of year.

Hardy Scots are used to this, and it’s not unusual (in my memory at least) to find what appears to be a lovely sunny Easter Day can, in fact, be absolutely freezing when you get out into the cold air. I won’t forget the Easter holiday I went out to work on a car restoration job on that holiday morning – and had to give up by lunchtime as I couldn’t feel my fingers!

But this year, the early start seems to the return of mousey, trying to get back into my house via the back door.

Having remarked on the peace I’d had during the coldest weather, it seems the end of that break has been marked by the return of my little friend.

There was the little smiling face staring back at me this morning (technically yesterday morning, Saturday, when the catch happened).

Ah well, at least two traps stopped the invasion this time

Double Trap Mousey

Double Trap Mousey

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I think I need a bigger mousetrap

Things have been quiet over the cold weather, and while there was one mouse caught on its way indoors  during the winter, once the weather combined cold, wet, windy, frosty, and snowy together… the arrivals stopped.

While the system (of trapping just outside the door) seems to be completely effective, and it seems I can at last leave my back door open once again, I did have a quick look online for any new developments.

I think I’ll have to think about building something bigger, just to be sure.

They’re evolving!

I might keep this one 🙂



Russian genetic engineering?



No comment (but I will be getting a ‘humane’ trap).



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Squeaking wipers? Just use flick wipe

Having recently come across the cause of squeaking brakes

Our handy list of cures now extends to squeaking wipers (and a use for the flick, or single wipe option).

Squeaking Wipers

Squeaking Wipers

Last week, this thieving mouse stole a ride on a US deputy’s car.

Could have taken it home, for a treat 🙂

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Upvote teamwork

No words needed.

Just enjoy the ending 🙂

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Bonus pic – The one that got away

Not entirely unexpected as these traps are really sensitive – banging on the same floor they are sitting on, if indoors, can set them off.

But I was still surprised to see the scene below this morning.

Mousey was actually still present on the other side, and beat it when I opened the trap.

This shows the problem, with a relatively huge gap under this outside door (fortunately on what might be described as porch or outhouse) which can’t be closed due to the shape of floor/ground.

A straight barrier was tried, for the door to close against, but after that had tried to kill a number of people on repeated occasions, as they tripped over this obstacle, it was removed.

I remember various hanging, flexible, seals that I saw fitted on badly fitting doors in Ye Goode Olde Days, but only got blank looks when I made enquiries.

The closest offered these days seems to be a spring-loaded brush strip that can be fitted along width of the bottom edge.

This would probably do the job – but the small matter that the biggest one on sale is less than half the height needed for this gap.

Still, inspired by this, I could maybe solve the problem with a pack of cheap paintbrushes from the Pound Shop, and just screw them to the bottom of the door.

You know… that joke doesn’t actually sound quite as silly as it did when it first occurred to me.

Mouse What Mouse?

Mouse What Mouse?

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Hello cat, goodbye mouse

Congratulation to the latest member of the ‘mouser’ club.

I spotted this pic of a clever little cat catching its first mouse, and hopefully on its way to dealing with a few thousand more over the years.

Can’t see poor little mousey?


The pic wasn’t snapped until only the tail was left.

NOW can you see mousey?

Goodbye Mousey

Goodbye Mousey

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Squeaking brakes?

Not mine, but too good to let pass.

Probably just tired after keeping up with the car, and had to have a… brake.

Mouse Having Brake

Mouse Having Brake

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Thanks foxy, you save me from regular burial ceremonies

After the success of foxbutt, I was able to supplement that catch with some later pics.

And I think I should pay tribute to our local fox population.

I was getting a little concerned by the rate of mouse corpse collection in the warmer weather at the tail end of last year, as I moved my mouse invasion defence perimeter to just outside the back door, and dealt with them there, BEFORE they actually managed to sneak indoor with their little incontinent bodies, and drop pee and poop randomly throughout my kitchen.

Burying them to be neat and tidy was rapidly running out of space that didn’t mean digging up earlier work.

Then I was in a hurry to go out, and disposed of an inconvenient new ‘arrival’ by leaving it to deal with later.

And that was when I learned my furry friends were never far away.

I never even saw it – but as I closed the door before I left, the little corpse had already gone.

And subsequent disposals have been just about as quick.

Thanks foxy. Enjoy the free snacks.

Fox Return 1

Fox Return 1

Before disappearing.

Fox Return 2

Fox Return 2

Probably came back to check for another mouse. Sorry, but they don’t arrive quite that often.

I have one request.

Unlike cats, which bury their poop, foxes (and the odd dog that wanders through and leaves steaming mounds behind) just seem to ‘Stop And Drop’.

I have to keep an eye out for these offerings on the grass, as I prefer not to walk this back into the house.

You really don’t have to leave ANY payment for the odd mouse.

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