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The Cold War – probably a better legacy than Glasgow 2014

The Cold War is always a handy fallback for politicians to get their names in ‘print’, and this week some of them decided to don their ‘Outraged’ hats and dig up some old stuff, and make it look as if they were ‘Doing Something’.

It’s always nice if you can kick a ‘Soft Target’ you know can’t fight back, and I’d say that’s the case here, as some politicians decided to resurrect the rather old story of the UK’s stored fleet of nuclear submarines, as if they had just discovered something ‘New’, and should be praised for being so diligent and caring.

In reality, they win either way, running the story they did, and jumping up and down while whining about the ageing boats being stored, or alternatively (had the MoD embarked on decommissioning them years ago, when there was little experience or practical expertise to draw on), they could today be throwing stones at the MoD for not carrying out the decommissioning properly.

MoD under fire over fate of 20 retired nuclear submarines

Gets better…

SNP demands public inquiry on failure to scrap decommissioned nuclear submarines

Still, these politicians are probably right to stick the boot into the MoD now, as I suspect the decommissioning work currently being carried out at Dounreay will provide previously unavailable tech to make decommission the nuclear boats practical in the near future, and they will lose their chance to score more ‘Free Brownie Points’ when that eventually happens.

More interestingly, and probably more use than the endless whining of politicians, the National Archives has started its season: Britain’s Cold War Revealed.

Launching on the 4 April with the opening of our brand new exhibition, our Cold War season explores the impact of the Cold War on Britain, in the corridors of power, in hidden government bunkers, and on daily life in the home. Discover the real evidence of what happened during this turbulent era of secrets and paranoia. Immerse yourself in the shadowy world of espionage, learn how menacing the Cold War became, and witness the experiences of the generations that lived through it.

More here: Britain’s Cold War Revealed

They also run other current events related to this, which can be found in this listing

This is when I miss the days I got to work down in London every few months, and could take the time to catch various attraction down there.

I just can’t afford to do that trip myself now, just for fun.

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MoD blanks out uncomplimentary comments on UFO reports

Alien in UFO cartoonCoincidentally, just after I mentioned that Scottish UFO reports had been released, a related news item popped up down south.

In this case, the BBC was reporting on the discovery that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) had blanked out insults about reports. This followed an earlier decision by the MoD to publish its full archive of reported sightings, following the realisation that it was going to receive a deluge of Freedom of Information Act requests.

Once a secret itself, the memo regarding this blanking out of comments was published on its website, and reveals that “uncomplimentary comments” were edited out. The memo also records that comments on international relations and defence technology were also deleted, and not surprisingly notes that these “include references to air defence matters, defence technology, relations with foreign powers and occasional uncomplimentary comments by staff or police officers about members of the public, which will need to be withheld in accordance with FoI principles.”

The documentation goes on to reveal that:

Contrary to what many members of the public may believe, MoD has no interest in the subject of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the UK, only in ensuring the integrity and security of UK airspace…

The MoD is aware of no clear evidence to prove or disprove the existence of aliens, and consequently the files are considerably less exciting than the ‘industry’ surrounding the UFO phenomena would like to believe.

Interesting to note the MoD has come to the same conclusion as me, and sees the UFO phenomenon as nothing more than an ‘industry’, perpetuated and fuelled by a few self-interested individuals who have made themselves extremely wealthy by preying on the gullible.

I wonder what the guy that told that first tall-story of flying saucers (back in 1947 I think, but don’t quote) would make of it all now, and the apparent fact that the Americans were handed one of the best cover stories for their various top-secret stealth spy-plane development programs that would be carried out in the area of Groom Lake, better known as Area 51, following the end of World War II, and the atart of the Cold War.

The cynical might even suggest that someone from the CIA started that very first story – if so, they deserve a raise. It worked very well.

You can find the various MoD documents on their own Ministry of Defence web site web site. I used to include direct links to help, but they seem to have a habit of re-organising things every now and then, so breaking the links. Just search the site on ‘UFO’, and the relevant contents will be returned.

On UFO and UAP

On looking at the various memos, it can be worth stopping for a moment and reflecting on whether or not the UFO (unidentified flying object) phenomenon would have quite the same magical attraction if the other TLA (three letter acronym) of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) had been the preferred term.

Somehow, uapologists just don’t sound as sexy and interesting as ufologists, do they?

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Scottish UFO reports released

AsteroidIncluded as part of a larger document release from the National Archives, a number of Scottish UFO reports have been placed online, and will be available for free download for the following month.

The reports include references to such things as flying toblerones, travelling across Scotland at 1,100 mph.

Another refers to a document which describe a request submitted to former Prime Minister Tony Blair from a councillor for an inquiry into 600 alleged sightings in the so-called Bonnybridge Triangle, near Falkirk. (One might think a check of the local water supply might have been a more sensible request).

Little more than a rip-off of the Bermuda Triangle myth, the similarity between the two will hopefully come when the same debunking is done to Bonnybridge as has been done to Bermuda, which becomes one of the biggest pieces of nonsense if any of the claims made about that area are tested objectively.

The saddest thing about this release is that it is accompanied with a BBC News report that tells of  Bonnybridge councillor Billy Buchanan, of Falkirk District Council, who wrote to then Prime Minister Mr Blair in October 1997, demanding the phenomena be investigated after five years of pursuing the matter.

An MoD response to the letter said there were no grounds to investigate the matter.  But Mr Buchanan did not give up and wrote to Mr Blair once again in 1998 demanding “the truth”.

You feel sorry for people with someone who would do this serving as their local councillor, and it’s one reason why things like UFO stories need to be relegated, as there is simply no objective proof or evidence, only tribes of “believers”. When evidence does turn up, it either turns out to be something ordinary, and the “believers” don’t accept that – far too logical and simple. “Believers” evidence tends to vanish – no doubt spirited away by MIB (Men In Black).

I’ve been there myself, many years ago, but after getting the T-shirt and building up a heavy library bookshelf filled with the writings of people such as Erich von Däniken, I realised that this was nothing more than a small group of writers who had become extremely wealthy writing about things they had never actually produced any tangible evidence to support, and that if you questioned their writings, you very quickly found yourself unwelcome. If they’re not writing about UFOs, then you’ll find them being paid phenomenal amounts to make guest appearances at gatherings of “believers” – apparently a very lucrative lecture circuit to be on.

It’s something similar to the Dan Brown phenomenon today, with his “holy grail” twaddle that some believe is truth.

He became wealthy too, based on his stories, but he doesn’t sell them as truth.

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Scottish UFO document release due

ufoInterest will be high in the coming weeks, as the National Archive prepares to release hundreds of MoD documents relating to UFO sighting reported across the country.

The files date back more than 10 years, and contain information relating to sightings reported by the public, together with any pictures or drawing they provided at the time, and a reference to any nearby air activity that may have been taking place at the same time. The files do not contain any scientific data, and the MoD has concluded in the past that such sighting can usually be attributed to natural phenomena, or known activity, leaving very few that may really be described as ‘unidentified’, but there are a few.

Bonnybridge is likely to feature significantly in the files, as this has been credited with being a hotspot for such activity, but one can help but wonder why the same people succeed in making sightings, and just why aliens (if we assume them to be the owners/source of the sightings) should be quite so careless as to let themselves be seen at just one spot, if they can hide themselves so well elsewhere. Ditto if it’s the military, employed in covert activities.

The sightings may be unidentified, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take place, nor does it make them alien, or conspiracies,

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