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Bloody Kids!

Last time I found kids ‘Having Fun’ was when a bunch of them hid behind the wall of Janefield Cemetery (also the Eastern Necropolis or even Parkhead Cemetery on the Gallowgate, which has its entrance just across from The Forge shopping centre.

They’d found an old iron cooking pot and a length of rope, and were using it to launch the pot over the wall into the road – and passing traffic of course – then pull it back in for another go while staying hidden. Fortunately, realignment of the roads here has this section almost deserted, so they never hit anything (or anybody), and like little cowards usually do, eventually ran away over the graves after attracting the attention of a few pedestrians who had seen the pot come flying over the wall as they walked toward the spot where the kids were hiding.

This time, I was surprised when something (turned out to be a pen) landed next to me as I passed Enzo’s chip shop in Shettleston Road last night.

I tend not to react to such things (unless there’s a real need to find cover, or it’s the start of an earthquake or volcanic eruption) since that’s usually what they’re intended to evoke, and walked on until I could sneak a look without being seen. But I know this place well, and other than upper floor tenement windows, there’s little else.

But all the windows were closed – yet I could actually still hear stuff hitting the ground.

And people coming out of Enzo’s were jumping in surprise as ‘stuff’ was hitting the ground around them – yet I could not see an open window.

The answer came when I crossed the road and stood across from Enzo’s and looked up at the building above…

There’s a couple of attic windows in the roof, set back from the face of the building, and therefore invisible from the street below.

I geared up for some pics to catch whoever was at the window, but as you’ll see from the pic and enlargement below, as soon as the kid saw me point the camera at him he ducked out of view and pulled the window shut – never to re-appear. So only only one pic.

Above Enzo's

Above Enzo’s

Blue T-Shirt Kid

Blue T-Shirt Kid

You know who you are… that blue t-shirt probably wants burning now.

And I suspect some neighbours would like a wee word.


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Doorstep sellers must offer cancellation rights

Who's at the door?

Knock knock...

Consumers will be allowed to cancel contracts signed with door-to-door salesmen even when they have requested the visit to their home or office, under new Regulations that come into force in October. Consumers were previously only given the right to cancel door-to-door salesmen’s contracts in a seven day ‘cooling off’ period if the salesman visits were unsolicited. The new Regulations will extend those protections to recipients of all visits, even if they are solicited.

The Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc Regs 2008 will come into force on 1st October.

Read more on The Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc Regs 2008.

There might have been a place for door-to-door sales in the past, when there was some honesty and trust to be had, and drugs didn’t mean that smackheads are likely to do anything to get a few pounds to fund their next hit, but societal changes – and possibly event the internet – have really rendered them obsolete, and you’re more likely to find some sort of low-life at your door if there’s an unexpected knock, than anyone bringing something that may be to your advantage.

I know someone who is down on their luck an unable to look after their house etc. The outward signs now mean they are subject to a constant barrage of property developers want to “help” them by taking their house of their hands, and scrap dealers wanting to “help” them by clearing their driveway of cars.

Wee Eck may not be too firm in the bodily sense, but he’s as sharp as they come upstairs, and while he can’t afford motorised gates to keep them out physically he’s added security cameras to record all unwanted visitors, catch details of their vehicles, and informs them that under Scot’s law, he can have them arrested for Breach of the Peace if they cause him to feel personal fear or alarm. Having been at his house when some of car scrappers have turned up, I don’t think the wee fella would have a problem if he called the police, as the ones I’ve seen call always seem to look like 15 stone skinheads – I’m worried and I’m sitting indoors out of sight!

Only the other day I woke up one morning to find the neighbours chasing someone of Asian appearance away from my door – he could hardly understand them, and was dragging a wheeled case behind him and had a some sort of backpack on. Worryingly, he wandered along the street (half a mile) and disappeared without bothering with another house.

Previously, I’ve opened the door to “Medallion Man” who hammered endlessly and wasn’t going away. I was under the weather that day, trying to shake of a migraine headache, and was confronted by a forest of gray chest hair and gold, and found myself arguing with some nut who was threatening me because I’d upset his 14 year old son. I had no idea what he was raving about until he became coherent and told me that I’d shouted at his “wee boy” earlier that day and reduced him to tears. At this stage I was still dopey from the migraine, but it turns out the truth of the matter was that I’d been woken up earlier by someone marching around my house, and having been unable to get an answer from the front door, had proceeded to the rear of the house and hammered on the back door, and having failed to get an answer there, carried on to hammer on all the windows as well. When he made his second trip to hammer on the back door I caught him there, and when he offered me a leaflet about driveway paving I gave this door-to-door salesman a verbal tongue lashing and ran him off my property.

Quite what would have happened if I had followed my instinct and phoned the local police to record the incident I don’t know, but I decided that was overkill, and probably driven by the pain in my head, which was making an unwelcome return after the disturbance.

“Medallion Man” threatened to call the police because I had upset his 14 year old – I just wanted to go and lie down again – so suggested he might want to have a word with the boy and his over-enthusiastic sales methods. I’m guessing he didn’t tell “Medallion Man” how he attracted attention as this seemed to calm things down a bit, and he left – after cheekily handing me one of this driveway paving leaflets.

If it hadn’t, I was closer to the phone than him, and would have been having a word with the police about his use of a 14 year old to carry out his business during school hours on a week day. I haven’t seen them since, or the leaflets they used to leave – but I still have the photograph of the Vo… er.. the car they drove away in, compete with registration.

There are more, but the best example might be the builder I used a few years ago, who might just be rejoining society about now. Although I had no problems with him, and discovered we had similar tastes in cars – only he bought his new while I had to wait for them to be about 10 years old before I could afford them – it seems he was none too nice, especially with little old ladies and their saving once he’d got a deposit and started some work, then vanished, and ended with his face all over the local papers when he was put away for at least 4 years, if not more.

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