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Pavlov’s Cat failure

Since I recently posted a successful depiction of Pavlov’s Cat showing how the famous experiment SHOULD be carried out (being conducted by the cat, of course), I thought it only fair to post an illustration of how NOT to carry ot this experiment, unless you actually WANT to fail miserably.

Pavlovs Cat Failure

Pavlovs Cat Failure

This seems appropriate 🙂

Expert Ignore

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Pavlov’s Cat

So, we’ve all heard of Pavlov’s Dog (cue the whining animal activists).

Oh! – that’s whining activists I’m referring to, not whining animals. I don’t care what happens to the activists, they can whine all they like, I’ll just ignore them.

I’m not sure if we’ve come across a decent Pavlovian Cat, but this one’s pretty good, and will do for now.

Pavlov's Cat

You do realise Pavlov’s Cats are real, don’t you?

The funniest thing about this is that the humans think they’ve trained the cats to ring the bell for food!

Sometimes, the human’s a bit slow.

It seems YouTube took down the video of that time the human really was too slow – apparently it took hours to scrape the walls clean.


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