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Stylus surprise

I don’t find tech surprises very often, so I had to grab this sighting of something I thought was long dead nowadays.

A stylus being used on a touchscreen!

I’m so used to seeing one, or two, thumbs doing all the work at lighting speed I almost didn’t notice this.

Still. I wonder why she doesn’t just use that long, elegant, red, pointy, fingernail?

Stylus surprise

Stylus surprise

Back in the days when the PDA (personal digital assistant) or ‘Pocket Computer’ was a new idea, and smartphones with clever touchscreens which can work out what virtual buttons are being pressed by fat fingers on a virtual keyboard were still to be invented, accuracy of screen pointing was achieved using a stylus instead of those big fat fingertips. Those of us with nails could use them instead.

I found a small, cheap, PDA was pretty useful then (a Visor to be exact), even if people laughed at me because it only had a monochrome display.

What more do you need to replace a notepad? And what notepad acts like a searchable database across ALL the info written into it?

It fell out of use as I eventually needed more power, and was able to carry a decent laptop around instead.

I recently picked up a late model Compaq pocket PC for a few pounds, which was a surprise find as they are still fetching silly money on eBay, many being around the £200 mark, and more, despite being obsolete and around 15 years old.

It even has (early) Bluetooth, and an SD card slot – provided it is a tiny SD card. In those days, GB cards were just fantasy.



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