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Rules of TIB CLUB

1st RULE: You do not talk about TIB CLUB.
2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about TIB CLUB.

I’ve always wondered about TIB CLUB.

I have quite a few TIB CLUB members around me, and pass them regularly.

A new TIB CLUB members appeared recently.

What is TIB CLUB?

I’m scared to ask.

Focus [TIB 59]


Ford Focus ST-3 TDCI.


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Michelle Mone moved here

Michelle Mone moved in – and nobody told me!

Only the Baroness could afford this registration (yes, I’m just kidding).

Vauxhall Bra [P25 BRA]

Vauxhall Bra

Going from memory (risky!) I think we only have one other BRA wandering the streets, and if my memory is in fact working, it’s on a Ferrari. But it never stops here, so I’ve never managed to catch it.

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Shiny Bentley is shiny

It’s a while since I dipped into my nice car and registration collection, so…

I was running through Glasgow when I grabbed this one, and didn’t realise quite how nice the finish on its black paint was.

In fact, I was in so much of a hurry I didn’t even notice the hulking SUV in front also had a cherished registration – oh well, 1 HXH will have to do.

2015 Bentley Continental 4.0 V8 GTS Convertible

2015 Bentley Continental 4.0 V8 GTS Auto Convertible

I have to be honest and say that after looking at some shots of the 2018 Rolls Royce, find that while that marque may rightly lay claim to the ‘Best car in the World’, the separation of the pair has left Bentley with the more pleasing car to the eye.


While I see few Rollers in the metal these days (my neighbours also seem to have deserted that marque and mostly prefer to go with Bentley these days), I still have to caution anyone who finds them unattractive on the basis of pics only (because of their relative rarity) NOT to rely on that evidence.

I still find the Rolls Royce to be one car that, for me at least, is not flattered by even the best photography.

I can’t put my finger on the reason, but when seen in the wild, the car itself looks just fine (if not quite as attractive as a Bentley), and quite different from the impression given in photographs.

That said, the 2018 models I mentioned above have actually managed to lessen that effect, so maybe the clue would be to look at the detailed body changes, which must be responsible for the improvement in pic appearance,

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Coincidence and a twofer of registration numbers

First time I’ve come across these (and I can generally recognise registrations I’ve seen, even if I can’t place them exactly).

This twofer (two for the price of one) was a coincidence caught while out for a wander recently, with the two vehicles being passed in different parts of the east end, and since I’m on foot, some time apart, even it was the same day.

There are quite a few businesses that have themed registrations on their vehicles, but most I’ve seen have not been on my streets, and tend to turn up in distant places, but the pics I’ve seen of them in convoy are nice to see.

This pair is more interesting than many, as both plates show N (two) JCJ if you interpret 11 as the Roman version of 2.

JCJ Plate Pair

JCJ Plate Pair

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Nice day for a Mustang

This second sighting of an ‘old friend’ (the number, not the car) reminded me of a small collection of Glasgow Mustangs (not including this one) that I collected over the course of a few days.

Not sure why the concentration appeared (and disappeared quickly), but I did keep seeing the same cars almost each time I was out for a while, so while there were only a few, it felt like a lot more.

I grabbed this one while I could though, even though I mentioned it recently. For once, it didn’t have a boring car jammed up against its backside, blocking the view. And the rain had stopped too, so it was dry. Wonder how long I’ve been missing this one? That’s the problem with having varied routes, missing the good stuff if not on one for a long time.

I’ve never seen it moving, which is a pity as I’d like to see the brake lights and indicators operating. They’re probably standard (especially with UK legislation on such things), but I’ve seen some fascinating sequential systems on US Mustangs, shared by owners who have installed after-market conversions over there.

(I can update this, as it’s dark here now and another one – blue – went round the corner at my window. Nothing sequential unfortunately, just the usual single indicator at each corner, and plain red in the rest).

Behind The Mustang

Behind The Mustang

The irritating squiggly thing at the bottom left of the rear window is not on the car or damage – it’s the reflection of Shettleston’s Christmas lights wiring, at the top of a pole, reflected in the glass.

Every pic seems to have an issue these days – this was hard to get to look ‘right’ as the camber of the road tips the car over to one side, and the angle of the lower rear tips the number plate forward, so it ends up being faded as the reflection from the sky cannot be avoided.

Yes, I know… I’m getting to be TOO fussy.

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Neeb’s wheels 11

Spotted hiding ‘In the wild’ a while ago, this may not be one of the possible super cars some of my neighbour’s try to intimidate me with, but I would have to say that I’m rather impressed by this one. Dating from 2006, this blue BMW 525D M Sport A baulks the usual trend of not keeping a car for more than a few years.

While I’ve been in the position of being obliged to change my car every few years, with no option to retain it as the company policy is frequent renewal, I prefer to keep one I like, and look after it.

The treatment some of those cars, only a year or two old at most, got from the drivers was pathetic, and the manufacturer usually carried the can and bore the cost of their neglect and abuse. Having seen this first hand, I often wonder at the accuracy of many negative reports about some makes.

This one has lived along the road from me for years, yet I have no idea just what the significance of 234 GFJ means to the owner.


2016BMW525[234 GFJ]

2016 BMW 525 [234 GFJ]

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Coincidentally – 2 CFG suggests property is good business

After yesterday’s mention of poor cherished registration languishing on a street advert, on the same day I collected that one I could have been forgiven I was being stalked by another.

I spent that afternoon around Alexandra Parade, and it seemed that every time I stopped and looked behind me, the same white Range Rover Evoque was there. While the driver could maybe have used the exercise, she preferred to visit (apparently ALL) the estate agents along the Parade by driving between them, a distance that could easily be walked, and probably more rapidly on foot than by getting into and out of traffic, plus the time to find a parking spot.

However, the two registrations confirm the hardly surprising conclusion that property is good business, if you know what to do.

(I did look at the same area on Google, but there’s no sign of this one).

Range Rover Evoque [2 CGF]

Range Rover Evoque [2 CGF]

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17 WC – A shameful fate

I spotted 17 WC while wandering along Alexandra Parade towards the city, and it was a sad sight to see.

I’m not referring to its presence on a little Suziki (I’m sure that those who use such language would consider this to be ‘kewl’), rather the shame and embarrassment this cherished registration must be feeling after being attached to an advertisement.

If anyone renting or leasing from the business concerned thinks they are paying too much…

17 WC could be put to much better and fun use, perhaps by a plumber. (I haven’t got around to putting together my pics of “Connie’s” yet, but one of their installations would be ideal for this one. I’ll have to get to these pics soon).

Reading online reviews (if they are to be believed) would suggest that plumbers would be well able to afford this one.

I got a bonus with this pic, when I was checking the location on Google Earth/Maps.

I like to mock the rules that blackmail Google (and of course all the other providers) to blur things like registrations and faces.

This is to avoid those cheating on their spouses, or visiting sex shops, from being identified (and blackmailed instead of Google).

In this case, I get to show my pic matched with the Google pic, and showing the registration they were obliged to hide.

Suzuki [17 WC]

Suzuki [17 WC]

And, as spotted on Google:

Google Earth Suzuki

Google Earth Suzuki

Intriguingly, I happened to glance at the view down this street from the Parade. It’s different, and doesn’t show this one.

To be more accurate, the dates of the imagery change at this point, and this just comes into view with last east glance down the street.

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The illegals – Still illegal even if you are S600REE

Spotted in a local car park, another illegally spaced plate which I guess the sales rep convinced someone it either looks like their name, or perhaps they are immigrants from Canada, and want to make sure everyone knows they are sorry via S600 REE, as displayed with no space on this grey 2015 Vauxhall Insignia SRI CDTI Ecoflex.

I’m only having a fun guess at this one, and might even be right in my interpretation, but as I generally note these days, I’m not really that impressed by the sometimes dire interpretation the plate sellers put on some of their offerings (reading private ads can sometimes be hysterical, when a seller’s imagination is possibly/clearly influenced by drugs or alcohol), when you need to spend time with a code-book to hand in order to work out what they mean.

Barring novelty plates, if you can’t ‘read’ it within a few seconds of seeing it, it’s a fail.

Maybe that’s why I have a soft spot for plates with only 2 letters – probably initials, and seldom needs guesswork or screwing up eyes to ‘see; what the salesperson saw.

But who cares? It looks interesting.

Be nice to know what it REALLY represents – if you know, please add a comment below.

Vauxhall Insignia [S600 REE]

Vauxhall Insignia [S600 REE]

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This plate could be a legal emergency

This is (yet) another of those pics I could (should?) have a number of versions of in my collection – had I been a little more awake as I wandered around in my usual daze.

From memory, it’s been seen on a number of vehicles over the years, but with my memory, there isn’t even going to be an attempt to name any. Suffice to say I’ve seen it so often I almost don’t notice it now.

This one looks a LOT newer, but is apparently a 2010 Lexus RX 450H Se-I CV. That said, current models are actually strikingly different in front appearance, and sport the more recent corporate theme of a full height grille.

Lexus RX 450H

Lexus RX 450H

But the real interest here is the cute little graphic embedded in the left of the plate:

999 LAW graphic

999 LAW graphic

Some say… look across the road, top left in the first pic, for a clue.

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Neeb’s wheel’s – 11

Technically not really a “Neeb’s wheel’s” member since I can’t just go for a walk and find it (I think), I’m stretching the point for this one on the basis of the registration number as it’s such an old friend. It’s also been some considerable time since I last saw it.

There was a time when this appeared on much lesser cars (going by memory, I think it was on a Ford Fiesta when I first started to notice it, but there was another one around at the time, so don’t quote me on this, I could easily be getting them confused after many years), and was often in my street and nearby, but I never saw it at a house.

That said, I think the same folk (another branch) might actually be neighbours as one of the ‘big houses’ just around the corner sports cars with the same name reflected in the registrations.

Like many I’ve watched over the years, this one has worked its way upmarket, and assuming my memory is halfway right about that early Fiesta, things have certainly improved with its arrival on a shiny new 2017 Ford Mustang GT Auto.

While the true enthusiast used to laugh at the old Ford Mustang on the basis that it could only go fast in a straight line (thanks to suspension designed to cope with American highways), that’s far from true today, with pony (and muscle cars in general) all benefiting from designs based on selling in a world market when that sort of flaw would be instant death to potential sales, even with enthusiasts for the type who might be willing to ignore such a mistake.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Auto [82181 PE]

2017 Ford Mustang GT Auto [82181 PE]

I don’t give away personal details online, but things on public display are… public, so I can hint that the ‘E’ on the plate, and the ‘E’ on the sandwich board that happens to be on the right, are related.

Nice to see 8281 again, it’s been too long.

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