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Good and bad, all at once

So, I spotted a nice car with a nice registration MG 14. My ‘sort of’ favourite style of two letters and two numbers, properly spaced AND with the bonus of commemorating MG (although I seriously doubt if that was the reason it was chosen for – it’s just a happy coincidence).

Mercedes has produced some particularly pleasing shapes in recent years (not counting the obligatory SUV ‘bricks’ of course), and this trend seems to be carrying on.

This 2015 C250 looks good, and makes up for two sins…

One, that it’s diesel-powered, two that it’s an AMG line. (that just irritates me in light of the REAL AMG Mercedes – this ‘line’ nonsense just involves picking bits from the AMG parts bin and sticking them on ordinary cars). AMGs have badges that say things like ‘C63’ on the back.

After years of finding fault with all the various lies told by diesel advocates, I’ve lost patience with them as they continue to make up more. One lot STILL claims diesel is better than any other vehicle fuel, and is gift that pours froth from their lord’s loins, while another lot whines on about sticking with it regardless of recent revelations, and another sounds as if they want to be reimbursed because they got stuck with diesels because “The government duped me into buying one”.


I suggest they all go get a suitable science/engineering degree, and work it out for themselves, instead of bleating like sheep!

Incidentally, this is NOT to be read as being anti-diesel in any way, I’m most certainly not. In fact, I’m impressed by the advances made with these engines.

My gripe is really down to the politics and the lies that went on in the background, promoting them over petrol, and fiddling things so that the gullible public would buy them.

2015 Mercedes C250 AMG Sport D [MG 14]

2015 Mercedes C250 AMG Sport D [MG 14]


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While it may, at least, have avoided catching a case of ‘The Uglies’ (which many lesser marques seem to suffer) when it jumped onto the SUV bandwagon (Maserati and Porsche seemed to avoid this too, with Jaguar just scraping through too), Bentley still succumbed to this disgusting trend.

Usually, if someone offered to show me a 6-litre, 600 BHP, W12 powered car I’d be pleased, but with the Continental GT and Flying Spur to hand, I just have to say “Why?” when shown a Bentayga.

Even the name Bentayga sounds more like a sad parody of the famous Bentley name, although it is seriously founded in a portmanteau of Bentley and Taiga, the world’s largest transcontinental snow forest.

If they want to use names like that, they should take some lessons from Maserati.

At launch, it was claimed as the SUV with the highest top speed 187 mph (301 kph), and as the most expensive production SUV.

I’m beginning to think people are just kidding themselves on with these so-called ‘crossover SUVs’, having seen a number of ordinary owner (by which I mean NOT reviewers or writers for any sort of motoring publication) express dissatisfaction after trying to buy a hatchback or estate, only to be told they can’t because “The car makers no longer make them because everybody wants SUVs”.

Having left the dealer’s with their supposedly lusted after SUV, they report that they find less space inside than in the type of car they just gave up, or wanted. They say their SUV may look bigger, but the reality is that all they’ve really gained is height and headroom, with no real benefits in terms of floor space.

That doesn’t surprise me.

Vehicles can’t really be made much wider without causing owner’s problems (I can confirm that, with a very wide car I used to take on Scotland’s single track roads – you can do it, but it’s not a lot of fun); and length increases aren’t really practical either. People are already getting tickets from over-zealous traffic wardens for overhanging marked parking bays, which also seem to be shrinking as cars get bigger!

So, that only leaves increased height, which is not really a lot of use, unless you want to be a prat and sit high, lording it over all the ‘little people’.

2016 Bentley Bentayga [7 CCL]

2016 Bentley Bentayga [7 CCL]

Jaguar’s effort to maintain some semblance of style, rather than a giant notched brick also worked better than most. Like the Bentley, it manages to preserve a semblance of their car origins.

2016 Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport [61 JK]

2016 Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport [61 JK]

The F-Pace seems to have become popular with my neighbours – one even has a pair of them!

This is one reason my Neeb’s Wheels collection has dried up in recent years.

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Fig fan?

I don’t see a lot of SsangYong’s around, so even just seeing one would almost be a reason to reach for a camera (almost).

But this one spotted near one of my local shopping centre’s did have enough interest to make the reach worthwhile.

Now I know how to spell SsangYong correctly!

Why FIG?

(I have no idea).

2008 SsangYong Kyron Se Auto [FIG 7509]

2008 SsangYong Kyron Se Auto [FIG 7509]

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Another absentee registration spotted

I think I mentioned seeing a few registrations that I haven’t come across for years appearing.

Easy to stick in the mind, 23 E surprised me during a wander, and I’m sure this one used to show up fairly often, then I didn’t see it for years. It was probably still around, only I was the one not haunting the same places for all that time.

Now decorating a 2016 Range Rover Sport (let’s gloss over the diesel aspect) and still looking good.

I keep catching myself adding ‘and unique’ to the end of that sentence, and while I’m sure my meaning would be clear, it’s also a bit silly – after all, the idea behind EVERY registration number is that IT is unique!

2016 Range Rover Sport [23 E]

2016 Range Rover Sport [23 E]

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Audi in Glasgow confirms online record problem

Another of my favourite plate styles (two letters/numbers) spotted in Glasgow – 99 AR.

A 2015 Audi RS 7 V8 Quattro Auto (petrol rather diesel, thank goodness) which should have a handy 560 BHP thanks to its turbo.

I referred to and ‘online record problem’ in the title, and while the DVLA does provide anonymised data, I found that 5 online services provided different data when fed this registration number – I only stopped at 5 because that was the number I had to check before the correct car details were returned by the query. That said, even the year wasn’t definite, but 2015 is at least possible.

I hope the data used by the police for ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) is better – after all, they can confiscate your car on the spot, with little chance of changing their mind if you can’t come up with positive proof that the records are in error, and can even have it crushed a few days later if the records are not updated.

I’ve found this disparity in an increasing number of enquiries I’ve made recently, and wonder why.

Audi RS7 V8 [99 AR]

Audi RS 7 V8 [99 AR]

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Dark night, white car

Another example of my ‘sort of’ favourite personalised registration style, this 2+2 (2 numbers and 2 letters) spotted on an 2014 Audi Q5.

I wonder if it reveals a secret?

We already know that moronic DJs can somehow become millionaires for doing nothing more than ruining music with their endless prattle and drivel as they jabber mindlessly over music tracks.

Given I caught this one outside a huge bingo hall, does ’23 BC’ suggest that Bingo Callers make a fortune for simply calling out the numbers on their balls?

2014 Audi Q5 [28 BC]

2014 Audi Q5 [28 BC]

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TIB CLUB meets again – same rules

TIB CLUB has been down my way again, and held another meeting.

As before, same rules apply.

Late night catch for this Astra (hence the odd colour), which is now styled so differently from the original Astra series I didn’t even realise what it was until I actually looked at the badges!

Vauxhall Astra [TIB 2254]

Vauxhall Astra [TIB 2254]

Next  was a ‘new; Porsche Macan, which I refer to as ‘new’ because it was new when I first saw it on the road, but it has taken be ages to find it stationary and make the catch.

Porsche Macan [TIB 17]

Porsche Macan [TIB 17]

And the last ‘club member’ in this collection, which has taken me so long to catch that the plate has just come off one vehicle and onto another (and no, I have no idea what it was last week).

Land Rover Defender 110TD5 County [TIB8616]

Land Rover Defender 110TD5 County [TIB 8616]

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When neeb’s wheels just aren’t interesting enough

It’s a bit sad, but quite a few cars fall into a sort of limbo where they’re nice enough, there’s nothing objectionable about them, but they’re just not ‘interesting’, even if they contain some nice technology under the skin.

I’ve noticed quite a few of my neighbour’s cars fall into this category, and quite a few sport interesting registration numbers I’ve been passing for years, but never ‘collected’.

No real need since I see them on an almost daily basis, and they’ve  become almost invisible by way of the old ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ adage.

This one in particular has always intrigued me, but I never remembered to check its history.

As you’ll see, the plate shows the registration as SFO 697, but with the ongoing plethora of plates with illegal spacing, I always wondered if it might be SF 0697. Likely or not, I now know it is nice and legal as shown.

2005 Audi A8 TDI Quattro Auto [SFO 697]

2005 Audi A8 TDI Quattro Auto [SFO 697]

And it looks pretty good for a 2005 car too.

13 years on Scottish roads don’t seem to have made much of an impression on it.

Some cars look old and tired after only 3 years, even if looked after. I was sometimes disappointed to look at some of my company rides when I was obliged to give them back, and could see problem areas, tatty spots, rust, ingrained discolouration, and other evidence that showed they had not escaped use, even after I had looked after them. That said, few of them had broken down or failed.

Pity the same cars in the hands of some of my colleagues.

They wouldn’t even check fluids… “That’s a job for the garage when a service is due” was their philosophy.

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Maybe not the best plate to be behind in Glasgow

I spotted this gem recently, before the recent surge in shootings that just took place around Glasgow at the weekend.

For those with no knowledge of guns, the AR10 is a US rifle that dates back to the 1950s, intended for sale to the military, but its production ended early as it was replaced by the updated AR15. The first is a NATO 7.62 mm or .308 weapon, while the later model uses NATO 5.56 mm or .223 rounds. Depends on calibre, but these shoot accurately to at least 600 yards, more with the right scope.

Seen on this van, the choice of number and word seems a little more than random chance.

Wonder if it is stolen or broken into often?

2013 Volkswagen Caddy [AR 10GUN]

2013 Volkswagen Caddy [AR10 GUN]

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BAK to the future?

Not that my opinion matters in the least, but I’ve always thought the front of the reborn Rolls Royce just doesn’t do justice to the car.

It’s just too slabby, flat, and plain, even if it is dominated by the classic radiator grille.

I feel there’s something ‘better’ to come, and while it has improved over the very first generation, just lacks the distinction the old original Rolls Royce front managed to project.

This 2016 blue/silver example had been left in Glasgow when I happened to pass through one night.

Given the location, I was surprised to the Spirit of Ecstasy left out to sample the evening air.

I had to resist the temptation to go and give her a little nudge, just to see how sensitive and fast the retraction mechanism was in real life.

But with my luck, this one would probably have had the 100 kV ‘Additional Protection Option’ fitted!

Rolls Royce Phantom [BAK 1]

Rolls Royce Phantom [BAK 1]

And, no, I don’t have any suggestions for the front end treatment – I just think the Rolls Royce designers are holding something back.

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That’s… interesting

A 2018 Hyundai Tucson isn’t something I’d normally point a camera at, and by the same logic, most modern/current 63 plates aren’t likely to grab my attention either.

But I’ll take anything noteworthy or interesting, for just about any reason.

So, this one’s got a fairly obvious meaning, and was probably a present – but can we be sure?

Hyundai Tucson [RD63DAD

Hyundai Tucson [RD63DAD


Yes, we can – just look in the rear window.

Tiny Taxi T-Shirt

Tiny Taxi T-Shirt

But wait…

I didn’t spot this at the time, and the glare on the glass of the rear window is obscuring most of the detail – but is that row of pennants appropriate for the tiny t-shirt?



Or is it TOO appropriate?




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