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Remarkable coincidence – I actually caught a pic I said I wanted

A while ago, I had one of my little moans about the bad grammar seen in some shop signs.

In that same post I also grumbled about not being able to catch the sign owner’s hulking great SUV in the same pic, as it had a matching personalised registration.

A year and a half later – the pic presented itself!

Lauras Luscious Lips and Hulk

Lauras Luscious Lips and Hulk

Not sure about success in the ‘aesthetics’ business, there’s now a sign on the shutter (when it’s down) stating that the ‘clinic’ is only open for appointments. Interestingly, the blinds are always down, and there’s a piece of cardboard stuck over the glass, blocking any view through the door.

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Sooooo close – ET might have been in the back!

I couldn’t pass this one, which was SO close to the source.

2012 VW Caddy [CA11 HME]

2012 VW Caddy [CA11 HME]

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Are you safe behind a personalised registration?

After the recent(ish) stupidity (from ‘The Church’ would you believe?) in Glasgow when a registration number featuring the letters ‘FTP’ was offered for sale (I still don’t understand what is wrong with File Transfer Protocol), I’ve wondered if it’s safe to even have some numbers on your car if a supposedly responsible organisation takes that attitude to something that has been around for years. Many years in fact, as the numbers are ‘dateless’, having no prefix or suffix year letter. Numerous vehicles have been circulating on the streets (including Glasgow) for years, with no problem. Some have lived near me, but I never thought of them as being worthy of a pic, or adding to my ‘collection’.

Now, with a supposedly responsible organisation (‘The Church’) creating a fuss over nothing AND irresponsibly whipping up emotions, one has to wonder about personal safety if the likes of mad activist groups such as political extremists, or Excretion Revulsion decide to target cars/drivers if they deem their numbers as ‘unacceptable’.

A couple of examples that come to mind…

Glasgow Taxi [2 SNP]

Glasgow Taxi [2 SNP]

Anon donated pic (an email offering inspired by my ‘The illegals’ series), so no idea where this one lives…

2011 Range Rover [PO11 UTE]

2011 Range Rover [PO11 UTE]

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Just managed to grab Ayrshire Gas

I don’t know why I pass over the many businesses that have owners who take the time (and expense) to have their vehicles registered with private or personalised registration numbers.

Possibly I let them pass as they can be repetitive if a fleet carries marks which contain identical strings of characters, so once you’ve seen one, you have, in a sense, seen them all.

Probably not the case with this catch seen in Ayr.

I barely had time to catch it as we were rolling around a roundabout and I spotted it coming – I almost missed it entirely as I was trying to work how Mario related to gas-fitting. Still don’t really get it, and the number plate is a MUCH better option.

Ayrshire Gas Van [AY18 GAS]

Ayrshire Gas Van [AY18 GAS]

Some vans may not have personalised registrations, but it seems that they can still be made ‘interesting’ with a little modification.

2015 Ford Transit [EN15 TWA]

2015 Ford Transit [EN15 TWA]

While it may not be the registration, it’s close, and falls into the same ‘class’ as the above.

Wonder if the company is considering a name change?

IVECO oops

IVECO oops


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Nice one one one DEB 111E

One of the downsides of spending time in the west end of Glasgow is that there’s more disposable income (compared to what the media sees as my poverty-stricken, deprived, and unhealthy east end), so cherished registrations are more numerous.

If I ‘collected’ them there as I do at home, I could be posting them all day long.

I do ‘collect’ some, but still too many to mention.

But a good catch is always worth a look, as in this spotting of DEB 111E.

Curiosity made me look a little deeper, and I can confirm that both DEB 11E and DEB 1E exist and are out there somewhere.

2017 BMW X5 [DEB111E]

2017 BMW X5 [DEB 111E]

I’ll try to post some others I’ve caught recently.

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Time for a good DIG

I just realised I haven’t seen many registrations of this format in recent years.

DIG 4446 seen on a 2014 Vauxhall Mokka (I’m so far out of touch I’ve almost never even heard of that model, clearly around for at least five years too – oh well).

I wonder if the owner is a keen gardener?

It’s a form of number I’ve never known the significance of for owners who are prepared to buy them, and seldom forms a recognisable word or name, so maybe the number, (always four digits) rather than the letters, is the key feature for them. I can’t recall ever coming across one with any text/caption below the number, explaining the choice.

Maybe someone will give me a clue.

2014 Vauxhall Mokka [DIG 4446]

2014 Vauxhall Mokka [DIG 4446]

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Sometimes… it’s easy to ‘read’ a plate

As registration number sales people get more and more desperate to sell somebody a plate and make their commission, the looney interpretations they put on numbers, to convince buyers they read as letters, gets dafter and dafter over time – see this reference I made to MAR 573N recently, when somebody sent me a pic of it spotted on a Bentley.

Good plates don’t have to be contrived (or illegally spaced) to make their point.

I like this simple example a lot more than the effort mentioned, where a fast-talking sales rep talked somebody into believing a ‘3’ looks like an ‘O’.

I’m surprised they didn’t throw in a few plastic bolts as well – a black one to make up the missing part, and a white (or yellow) one to obscure the horizontal stroke.

I’m NOT criticising the owners (who have to take what they can get as there is limited supply/choice sometimes), but having traded a few plates myself, think the selling agents can be a little TOO imaginative at times.

2013 Nissan NV200 [R23 MFL]

2013 Nissan NV200 [R23 MFL]

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1 DUN forgot this one

Another one that slipped through the net, and a pic so old the car attached to the plate has fallen off and been replaced, currently by a 2018 Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport (sadly, another diesel).

Previously on a Mercedes CLK 270 (but a CDI) when it almost managed to slip past me, traffic lights helped for once.

I know it’s not, because he and his family all have a series of plates which represent their initials, this could have been ideal for my wealthy entrepreneurial neighbour, as the head of the family, he could have claimed the best plate.

Mercedes CLK270 [1 DUN]

Mercedes CLK270 [1 DUN]

Funny thing, I usually spot locations fairly easily when looking at bits of Glasgow caught in pics, but this one has me slightly lost. There is an identifiable feature – but the business it represents has two adjacent locations, and one looks quite different from the other. I thought I’d found the wrong spot – until I looked next door (at the one not given as the address).

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Who runs with 1 WH

It’s taken me so long to throw this one up – the owner’s dumped the car and bought a new one!

I had thought I might find out who 1 WH belonged to, since I came across in the car park at Celtic, Parkhead, but as I simply don’t move around ANY football related cliques, that never happened.

Caught on a genuine Mercedes AMG S65 saloon (as opposed to the sad ‘AMG Line’ kid on), 1 WH is now to be found on a 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost V12 EWB Auto.

The S65 price tag is at least £186,000 not counting any factory options (if there are any), and it delivers something like 621 bhp and 737 lb ft from a twin-turbo 6.0 litre V12, reaching 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. But, slower to 60 by only 0.1 second, the lighter S63 is probably a better bet and nicer to drive, and saves too, being only around £125,000. Oh, get the 155 mph limiter upped to 186 mph as part of the £2,755 AMG Driver’s Package, which also includes a spot of driver training.


Sad to say, that still means no 200 mph (on the Autobahn of course, not the M8), so you’ll still be getting passed.

The Rolls is £237,600 – on the road, 6.6 litre and 575 lb ft, and delivers 572 bhp. 62 mph arrives in 4.9 seconds. Limited to 155 mph.

Mercedes AMG S65 [1 WH]

Mercedes AMG S65 [1 WH]

Oh well – back to normal, and reality.


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Appropriate registration is… appropriate

There are a few fairly expensive registrations which owners have found for their businesses, and some of them are very good matches.

But I rather like some of the simpler and more common options (as opposed to a completely unique plate), which are affordable, and need no imagination to make the connection.

This is an old(ish) pic I misplaced, but was intrigued to see the same vehicle still carries the plate

2011 Toyota Hilux [Y6 MOW]

2011 Toyota Hilux [Y6 MOW]

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Familiar number not seen often

One of those numbers I always recognise, but seldom see, and never seems to be the same place twice.

No idea what it ‘means’.

I always wonder where they go when they switch between being seen often, then vanishing for a while.

This was a chance sighting on some ‘spare ground’ a while ago, and I thought I’d just dig it up as I noticed the info for it showed it was now on the same type/colour of car, but a newer one than caught in the pic.

Interesting that someone would get near enough exactly the same car as a replacement – I’m used to seeing surprising changes when my neighbours change theirs, or worse still, convert to hulking great brutes of (dirty diesel) SUVs or 4x4s.

Oh… the Jag’s a diesel.

Jaguar XF D [268 LDV]

Jaguar XF D [268 LDV]

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