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Car name is almost longer than car

I noticed I’d missed out quite a lot of nice registrations simply because I don’t notice them as I pass them on an almost daily basis.

This nice ‘two number two letter’ example has changed homes recently, and I forget where it was before, but that’s no surprise with my great memory.

Thank goodness the badge on the boot doesn’t have to show the whole name:

Mercedes-Benz C Class 2.0 C200 Sport 7G-Tronic Plus (s/s) 4dr 2016 White.

Mercedes C200 [60 HF]

Mercedes C200 [60 HF]

That IS a B&W image above, seldom seen from me.

In this case, the street seems to be lit by some strangely variable low pressure sodium lamps, and the mixture of yellows just defeated all my attempts to tidy a pretty horrible image.

The yellow either got worse, or when I tried to level the colour, the processing started to kick in with areas of deep blue to compensate.


It IS a white car anyway 🙂


Well, it doesn’t actually merit two pics, but since the weather got better and I was passing in daylight, a proper pic seemed only fair.

Mercedes C200 [60 HF]

Mercedes C200 [60 HF]


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Bad memories – seeing AB 120

While there’s nothing wrong with AB 120 (apart from it being on another hulking brute of a monster SUV), it does bring back less than pleasant memories of the day I came across it, just before the ‘Beast from the East’ was christened.

I usually go out at night, and thought nights were cold at this time of year, so being obliged to head out (on foot) through Westburn towards Halfway during the day was expected to be relatively warmer. It was during the afternoon, and the Sun was shining from a blue sky.


I was absolutely frozen through by a cutting cold wind all the time I was out, until it got dark in the evening on the way back home, when it actually got warmer.

But the damage was done, and I was knocked off my feet for 24-36 hours as some sort of cold or flu hit hard.

I thought my throat had just gone a bit ‘funny’ thanks to the cold wind I’d been out in, but despite assurances that this does not give you a cold, just some sniffles, I had landed something.

Remarkably, given how hard it had hit, it was gone by the end of the second day, bar a bit of a sniffle. I didn’t really care, so long as the inflamed throat had gone completely.

That was the good news.

The bad news was that just over a week later it returned as a normal cough and sore throat (not forgetting the catarrh and blocked running nose) – none of which seems in any hurry to clear up.

Back on track – and AB 120 was on a silver 2016 Land Rover Range Rover 4.4 SD V8 Vogue SE 4X4.

Range Rover Vogue [AB 120]

Range Rover Vogue [AB 120]

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I had to stop for a PEE

This was a bit of a surprise recently.

While K444 PEE is hardly a new number (K prefix means 1992), DVLA has generally frowned on plates that might upset those of, shall we say, a delicate disposition – possibly better known as people with no sense of humour.

While it used to be fairly easy to work out which (registration) numbers they might withhold, today it’s a lot harder since ever half-baked looney minority that likes to take issue with anything it can claim to be derogatory (or racist) will jump up and down and complain about the slightest reference that it does not control.

Even poor old Satan got in trouble, with any plate containing 666 being seen as a problem by some. Fortunately, there are 666 plates out there if you want one.

I can’t recall coming across a PEE plate before, and I’m pretty sure I’d have remember if I had.

So this Audi A5 was a bit of a surprise, and I’d walked past for a while before it clicked, and I went back to collect it.

Audi A5 [K444 PEE]

Audi A5 [K444 PEE]

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This Mercedes is not a L400 NNY

Thinking of a ‘novelty plate’ rather than any disrespect to the owner, from a distance I thought I had come across an amusing LOONY registration plate.

But I was wrong, and when I got closer found it was L400 NNY on a 2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto (ignore the kid-on AMG sticker).

This is one of my favourite Mercedes body styles, but the first I’ve caught with a notable number so I could grab a pic.

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto

I still had the gut-feeling that the number had been chosen, and when I got closer, found that the addition of a little imagination – and some stick-on letters – provided the answer. A bit fuzzy thanks to the reflections and glare, but it does explain the plate.

2005 Mercedes CLS320 CDI Auto


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The treble ‘one’ triplet

After JL 11 a couple of days ago, and JC 111 yesterday, here’s a variation on the theme.

THREE treble ‘one’ registrations all caught in the same spot.

M111 SEJ 2015 Renault Captur Dynamique S NAV TC

M111 SXA 2016 Renault Kadjar Signature NAV DCI

M111 SVM 2014 Renault Clio D-QUE M-Nav Energy T

I’ve passed one of them for years, then I realised later that there were two.

But, having not memorised the whole of each registration (just noticed the M111 on different cars), it was only when I saw all three together one night that the fact that there was a triumvirate in residence.


M111 Triumvirate

M111 Triumvirate (Clicky Sightly Biggy)

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Feeling flat in Baillieston KH 17

Seems I trip over a fairly nice registration every time I fall out the door these days, and another of my choice of 2 letters and 2 number turned up.

Unfortunately, on yet another hulking brute of an SUV.

That said, this 2005 Mercedes M Class 3.7 ML350 5dr probably manages a more pleasant ‘face’ than most when viewed from the front, but is still just a glorified bus, van, or shed, from the side.

There is one further tiny problem with this one…

The rear tyre is going flat.

But there is good news – it’s only the bottom so far 🙂

2005 Mercedes ML350

2005 Mercedes ML350

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Range Rover catches all the ‘ones’

After yesterday’s catch of JL 11, today we’ve got JC 111.

Deep breath, it’s on a 2006 Land Rover Range Rover 4.2 V8 Supercharged Vogue SE 5dr – a name almost a big as this hulking brute of  a monstrous SUV.

There’s no point in me hiding my dislike of this style, unnecessarily large and heavy, and guzzling fuel while spewing more pollutants than anyone needs to while getting from A to B.

An original Ford GT40 could probably drive under it and not be noticed (OK, exaggerating but you get the idea).

Better stop there, I’ll get carried away.

SuperchargedRange Rover

SuperchargedRange Rover


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Surprisingly old Mercedes

Back to my slight favourite of pairs, two letters and two numbers, not seen for a while, this being JL 11.

I was slightly surprised when I checked on this one and found it resided on a 2009 Mercedes.

I guess I’m losing track of more frequent style changes.

That said, I rather like this current styling (2017/2018) which started popping up last year, with a much smoother and fluid style, especially around the rear.

The only problem I’ve found recently is that, at the moment at least, and at night, the overall silhouette of this, and BMW’s styling of similar models can produce similar profiles of dark cars at night, especially if badges and other detail features can’t be seen.

2009Mercedes  E250 CDI Auto

2009Mercedes E250 CDI Auto

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Guernsey in Glasgow

Funny thing, while quite a few of my neighbours turn up with ‘J’ plates on their cars while having a break from their havens on Jersey, I’ve tended to ignore the ‘G’ plates.

I think it’s probably because I tend to see the same ones over time, so have just become used to them, and don’t notice them.

I must pay attention.

Like our mainland system, they have similar generations of old and new series, and this Mercedes I tripped over recently, in Glasgow, is from the early series as it has no suffix.

I should read more.

I’d know ‘GBZ’ represented Guernsey if I did.

Guernsey Mercedes

Guernsey Mercedes

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Failed flower shop blooms as beauty salon

Sometimes I forget how hard it can be to get a decent plate if your name doesn’t have the right number of letters, or consist of characters that have number equivalents (and I DON’T count or recognise the sort of equivalence that needs a codebook to convert numbers to letters – that’s just silly).

So, I kind of like it when someone gets a decent combination AND resists any temptation to engage in illegal character spacing or similar trickery to make their find supposedly look better.

For once I DO know what the plate represents, and while the relative position of the shop and the car means I can’t combine the two in the one shot, I can suggest that the Laura is making enough from her beauty salon on the other side of the road to buy her own bus. Hopefully this means it will do better than the sad florist’s that occupied the same shop for a while, and I doubt ever had a chance in this location.

This one’s on a 2015 Mercedes-Benz  GLE250 D 4matic AMG Line – I just think of these unnecessarily huge SUVs that have become popular as: Hulks. I really will never like them.

And I STILL detest Mercedes’ silly marketing ploy of the ‘AMG Line’.

Throwing a few bits and pieces from the AMG parts bin does NOT make an AMG Mercedes.

Building a C63 does, and that’s all that should carry an AMG badge.

Mercedes Hulk [LA11 WRA]

Mercedes Hulk [LA11 WRA]

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Porsche shows how to do personalised registration properly

Not even from the classic ‘dateless’ period, but this properly displayed registration does its job, looks absolutely fine without the aid of illegal spacing of the characters, and doesn’t run the risk of having up to £1,000 added to its cost if the long arm of the law decides it is having a bad hair day.

This is a slightly odd pic, from the point of view of exposure and the initial result.

I’ve collected a few cars in approximately the same spot, and around the same time of night, but despite being at night with street and shop lighting as the only illumination, the original is almost overexposed. Usually, the issue is of lost detail in dark areas of shadow.

Maybe the dark (black) of the car combined with a film of road dirt fooled the camera into thinking everything was similarly illuminated, and it just averaged over the lot.

Whatever, having it all ‘smoosh’ into one fairly flatly illuminated scene was fixed by altering the overall level, then playing with the contrast to lift out some more detail, but it was still odd to collect such a bright image to start with.

2014 Porsche 911T urbo [S1 MES]

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo [S1 MES]

In full, Porsche 911 3.8 Turbo 991 PDK AWD.

It’s almost a shame modern management systems mean that this former beast is largely tamed, and no longer want to kill its owners.

I wonder if the insurance companies still refer to some cars as ‘widowmakers’?

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