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What does File Transfer Protocol have to do with sectarianism?

Sometimes I think those who make up claims they are subject to abuse can be worse than those who actually carry out such abuse.

Take this silly case of the Catholic Church which has just call for a crackdown on licence plates which it has suddenly decided are’sectarian’.

It might be worth noting that they’re a bit late making up this one, since these registration numbers have been around for years, LOTS of years. And, I might add, been driving around Glasgow for years, apparently without issue – until today.

This is really a case of people with too much time on their hands, LOOKING for things to make a problem of, and CAUSE problems.

The Catholic Church have called for a ban on “sectarian” licence plates after one bearing the letters FTP went on sale in Bearsden.

The reg S6 FTP was advertised on Gumtree by a seller near Glasgow for around £1000.

The ad – which has been taken down– suggested it would appeal to Rangers supporters, according to the Daily Record .

It added that the plate was originally on a fans’ minibus.

A spokesman for Call it Out, who campaign against anti-Catholic and anti-Irish hate crime, said: “It is clear from the sale of a number plate bearing these three letters that both seller and buyer recognise the value they have for those who wish to showcase their intolerance in this fashion.”

Catholic Church calls for crackdown on ‘sectarian’ licence plates after FTP one goes on sale in Glasgow


These registrations have been around for years, clearly visible on cars all around the UK.

This is NOT about the registration.

It is about a SAD response to a Daily Record article, written as almost malicious, trouble-making clickbait, which the church, and its supporters, should not have risen to, or taken up with the Daily Record, whose writing and intent were clearly to stir up trouble, or at least a reaction.

Involving, or targetting the DVLA was a silly move.

Thanks to the Church, and the Daily Record, there’s probably a load of genuine bigots looking for these plates (who would not have bothered before) now that they know the Church’s reaction, and that it is worth the effort/cost.


I just had a look at one of my cherished registration number dealers.

The have some 200 similar letter plates on offer.

And that’s just ONE dealer.

Genuine H8 Plate

Given its hysterical reaction to the innocent S6 FTP on offer.

What might the church’s response be to this genuine H8 plate, coincidentally currently on offer for £700.

H8 FTP Yours for £700

H8 FTP Yours for £700

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Not sure – BJ 7

First interesting registration seen this year (well, locally, not in Glasgow city, where it’s too easy), and I’m not sure I’d want to live behind it.

I’m sure the jokes about BJ 7 would soon become boring, or worse.

Apart from that, I like it – even if I do hear the theme song to ‘BJ and the Bear’ echoing in my head every time I look at it – EVERY… DAMNED… TIME!

Sad to see a BMW X6 with a depressing diesel too, so this one was doubly disappointing.

2018 BMW X6 D [BJ 7]

2018 BMW X6 D [BJ 7]

This particular pic has confirmed a new irritation in WordPress (which is becoming quite irritating for a number of other reasons – and I don’t really want to change platforms) – when I upload a pic, the code now seems to change all the file name characters to lower case, so I have to edit it to keep it spelling and grammar correct in captions and the like.


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Nice and short Mercedes 89 P

I do quite like short registrations, usually meaning a really old/historic number has been saved from obscurity or loss.

I miss the earlier day, when it was possible to buy books listing the owners of such numbers. Now, every Tom, Dick, and Harriet can have one, and apart from a few extremely expensive examples, they don’t stay with the same owner.

I didn’t even realise I had been standing beside this one for a while (grabbing pics of something else), so collected it while I was there.

I guess the only grumpy thing is that it’s a diesel, and an AMG Line, meaning it has AMG cosmetic parts, but is not really an AMG.

I shouldn’t really moan, I did this to all my lesser cars – but then again, the factory wouldn’t.

2017 Mercedes C250 AMG Line [89 P]

2017 Mercedes C250 AMG Line [89 P]

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What’s a HUL1E?

I almost forgot about this, spotted a while ago.

I think I’ve been spending too much time in Glasgow recently, where there are plenty of interesting plates, and spotting them is not as interesting there as it is closer to home, amongst all the east end poverty the media tells us of, where nobody should be able to afford such frippery, and has to deal with the hassle of parking it around the corner, out of sight of the food bank they’re visiting.

I had a quick look for this as a name, but came up empty.

Spotted on a 2010 Volvo XC90, HUL 1E, obviously personal, but nothing obvious.

2010 Volvo XC90 [HUL 1E]

2010 Volvo XC90 [HUL 1E]


Sad to say, (almost) nobody ever rises to a question or query raised in the blog nowadays, even if I try to provoke one.

I ended up answering this question for myself while reading about some events.

I’m not giving the answer away (but there are two or three possibilities, so this avoids picking one and being wrong), but suggest that in the rare event anyone is remotely interested, then look for ‘hoolie‘.


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A neighbour’s interesting pair

It goes back a few years, but we used to have some friends who lived nearby. But they weren’t young, and we eventually lost touch, then noted their house was for sale, then sold, then tarted it up, then for sale, then sold again.

The buyer didn’t have far to come, and I thought they’d bought a second home, near their first, since I know most of the local personal plates.

This isn’t hard to do, especially if they’re particularly notable, like this almost matching pair.

Although there are one or two ‘close’ or ‘similar’ pairs that float around, I can never catch them.

But they’re not as good as these two.

Even the paint matches.

I don’t usually guess (wrong too often), but maybe this time, Ryan?

2011 Audi A6 [V7 RYN]

2011 Audi A6 [V7 RYN]

2016Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive [RYN 7V]

2016Vauxhall Vivaro Sportive [RYN 7V]

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46 G on cheating ‘AMG Line’ Mercedes

Ever since I discovered my wealthy, multiple business owning neighbour was skimping on the Mercedes he was running around in, resplendent in AMG badges and similarly branded part hanging off it, I just haven’t been able to get on board with the ‘AMG Line’ option being touted by Mercedes.

Frankly, their current smooth/sleek styling is better looking than it has been for a while, and they don’t need this fudge.

If you haven’t come across this marketing ploy, it basically lets you chose AMG parts and badges for your bog-standard Mercedes – so while it may look the part, there won’t be the heart of something like a C63 beating under the bonnet (or the associated price tag).

While I don’t have any problem with someone badging up and adding bits to take what they can afford a few steps further up the ladder, I think it just turns a nice car into tacky tat when done by the factory. This was a game I really loved to play, as it was easy to pick some fairly cheap goodies fitted as standard to the top end model, and further enhance the illusion with a splash of colour coding, since I could do my own small spray jobs.

46 G was spotted on yet another of these pretenders which seem to be increasingly popular with my neighbours these days, as they seldom my ‘real’ cars from the more exclusive end of the range (of any manufacturer).

That number deserves better, and is probably ashamed not only to be seen on and AMG Line pretender, but also a stinky diesel.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG Line D A Cabriolet

2017 Mercedes-Benz C250 AMG Line D A Cabriolet

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Interesting 25 SY

Another of my favourites (a 2 + 2) combination, this time on a 2008 (I think) black Mercedes SL350 Auto petrol (thank goodness, not another diesel).

As a peasant and mortal, I can’t access more than the normal public records, but one day I’d really like to find out why some registrations lead me to cars with incomplete details, and/or that simply return ‘There was a problem’ when I search the official Government site.

It’s not as if they just started computerising the records yesterday, and people can have their cars seized and destroyed for offences (like no insurance or MOT) based on those records if they can’t prove they are incorrect quickly enough – I hope the official/full records are better than the dross I have to use.

Mercedes SL350 [25 SY]

Mercedes SL350 [25 SY]

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Almost famous BMW

Now that the truth (no matter how hard the oiler’s fans shout ‘LIES! LIES!’) is finally out about diesel, I find it hard not to feel a wave of disappointment every time I see a nice car – and look around the back to find the depressingly common ‘D’ badge.

It’s a shame too, as I was genuinely impressed at the apparent improvements to the power/torque/silence improvements that seemed to be arriving with new diesel engines, and was wondering what further improvements and advances might arrive.

Then it was all spoiled when the truth over ‘Dieselgate’ spilled, and it seems that the only way to stop them spewing horrible particulates (forget even the atmospheric damage all fossil engines do) that head straight for our lungs with all sort of health issues, is to add more chemicals via injectors (complexity and chance of failure or deliberate disabling), and have filters – which can get clogged, need changing/maintenance, get forgotten, and again, can just be dumped if people don’t care, and neglecting them doesn’t appear to affect the running of the car.

Oh well, nothing’s perfect.

As I passed this one, my first thought was a famous visitor in Glasgow, then I looked again, and it was obvious this was close, but no prize, with KFL on the plate, and not KLF.

2016 BMW 435D Xdrive M Sport Auto [KFL3]

2016 BMW 435D Xdrive M Sport Auto [KFL3]

Why would KLF be significant.


How about…

One Million Pounds Burnt on Jura

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Caught another taxi TXI 1410

Unlike the last catch, which was an odd Mercedes, this was the usual black cab.

What made it unusual (for me at least) was this one stayed still long enough for me to grab a pic.

I never catch these after seeing them, they always seem to get away as the lights change and they disappear into the distance.

There are a few interesting looking novelty plates on them (and some rather expensive-looking ones too), but by the time I spot them, they’re usually already gone.

Maybe now that I’ve managed this one, I’ll get some more for the ‘black cab collection’.

Bit of a misnomer – there’s so much stick on vinyl sheeting on this one, describing it as a ‘black cab’ is far from accurate, so I hope the owner remembered the legal requirement to update the vehicle records if there is a change of colour. Paint or vinyl makes no difference to this.

Taxi [TXI 1410]

Taxi [TXI 1410]

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Who might have the initials JK?

For a moment, I thought I might have chanced upon someone famous having a wee visit to Glasgow, with the initials JK.

But then I realised that wasn’t very likely, as a dollar billionaire author probably wouldn’t want something as worn out as a 10 year old Bentley GTC.

Not that I’d complain, as anything with 550+ bhp as standard won’t be all that bad, and I do rather like these, and the way the exhaust note changes from ‘Shhh… don’t disturb anybody’ to ‘WAKE THE HELL UP WILL YA!’ when my neighbour decides he’s in hurry.

2007 Bentley GTC

2007 Bentley GTC

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High voltage/power plates

While I’ve no idea what this registration is intended to refer to (if anything), it’s still one of a type I’ve always considered.

While 4027 KV might not mean anything in the electrical engineering world, together with the KW suffix, this pairing is one I’ve always thought about. For the non-engineering or tech-oriented, KV represents kilovolt, while KW represents kilowatt (technically kV and kW – but you don’t get lowercase characters in registration numbers).

These might be paired with standard numbers such as 440 or 32 in the power distribution world.

I’ve seen a few over the years, but they’re a bit specialised, so I never really considered them.

A recent sighting reminded me I haven’t seen any along these lines for years, then I passed this one at the shops.

2006 Chrysler 300C 5.7 Hemi V8

2006 Chrysler 300C 5.7 Hemi V8

I’ve also had a soft spot for the car too, although I never had the chance to pick one up.

When this one first came out, it was just about the same time Bentley changed their body shape, and I hadn’t seen any decent pics, and kept thinking this was it, until I got close enough to see the badges.

Intriguingly, it seems I was not (and it appears others still are) the only one led astray by this styling, and today you can actually re-badge this car with model-specific badges to make it appear to be a Bentley.

For a long time (until I got used to the ‘new’ Bentley GT profile), I preferred the 300C#s appearance – but the GT has matured nicely, so that’s a thing of the past.

I have some pics of such cars, and should dig them out one day.

For what you get, this car is a bargain, and does not come at a high premium price, possibly let down only by the quality of the material used, which may work in its home country of the US, but sad to say, are not so happy or long-lived when subjected to Scottish weather.

I’ve seen quite a few of these kitted out with the factory fit ‘shiny bits’, only to watch them deteriorate as the weather gets to them. It looks as if a number of apparently metal parts are made out of shiny plastic, which are affected by water, and probably the salt and suchlike scattered on our winter roads. On one car, I was surprised to see that the polished or chrome finish to the rims was only a plastic trim, and the ‘chrome’ turned grey after only a year.

Now, I’m beginning to wonder where those KV/KW plates have gone, given how long it is since I last saw any of them.

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