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Today is Pi Day

14 March is Pi Day.

That’s 3.14 if you’re not a fan of numbers.

Circles are round, pies are round, and the ratio of circumference over a diameter is… pi, or π.

If 3.14 is a little short of digits for your needs, you could try…

One million digits of pi

The quest for pi is sometimes seen as a fool’s errand by some, given that it appears to extend to infinity and at no point has the pattern ever been found to reliably repeat itself.

Pi is a transcendental number – that’s a number (possibly complex) that is not the root of any integer polynomial, meaning that it is not an algebraic number of any degree. Every real transcendental number must also be irrational, since a rational number is, by definition, an algebraic number of degree one.

There’s only one way to celebrate Pi Day… PIE!

Pi Day

Pi Day



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Happy Pi Day

I almost forgot/missed it again!

I don’t know why, and I both know and think it is silly, but for some reason I’ve come to LIKE the existence of Pi Day.

You’ll always find some amazing pie pics shown online, baked to mark the the day, but this seemed…

Pi Day

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