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Another coincidence – just a few doors away from St Simon’s in Partick

I try to avoid the ‘Spooky Coincidence’ theme I seem to attract, but this one deserves a mention, if only to add to the calls for the dross responsible to be ‘Dropped in it’.

Reading the report about the vandalism carried out within St Simon’s church in Partick, it was depressing to note I was just a few doors away from the church when the vandalism took place, as I’d spent a while rummaging around in the goodies in the Salvation Army’s Dumbarton Road shop.

I even picked up a little bargain too, a pair of brand-new tyres (half price) for a ‘beater bike’ I’m slowly putting together from parts. I might even finish it one day.

But the subject is the attack that tool place on the church, which I have to confess I was unaware, and was surprised not to have come across references to, as it is known as ‘The Polish Church’, due to connection with Polish person who stayed nearby during World War II.

Polish services are still held there today.

Archdiocese condemns ‘shameful’ attack on Catholic church

St Simon's vandalism


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Police attend Easter ‘incident’ in Shettleston

One odd thing always irritates me.

If I ever see a police response during the day as wander about, and can’t see the reason, then I NEVER find out later, in spite of expecting to see it covered in at least one of the local news sources.

I grabbed a series of shots as I sped past Shettleston’s Killin Street, just at lunchtime, as I’d spotted at least four police vehicles (maybe some were paramedics, I couldn’t see) with blue lights active in the distance.

When I got there, there was at least one partly across the junction, but no reason evident.

There were at least three officers on foot, plus other people (not identifiable) in Hi-vis vests.

I couldn’t see anything as we passed.

It was only later when I looked at the pics I spotted a cross being held up in the crowd (centre of pic), but nothing else.

I did check the news when I got home, but… nothing.

Shettleston Killin Street Fuss

Shettleston Killin Street Fuss

Since I have no details at all, I won’t make a specific comment, but I am getting fed up with damned ‘activists’!

Nobody making any sort of responsible,or respectful, tribute or similar at Easter should attract ONE police officer, let alone a selection plus a small fleet of vehicles.

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Abusers need to be chased down and dealt with

Interesting to see the recently passed Domestic Abuse Bill has wider implications than at first might appear.

It’s obvious reach extends to include anything an abuser might use to exert influence over their partner with, and it seems that can include threats to harm pets as well, so if the act is applied, they could gain protection too.

Partners who abuse or threaten to hurt pets will now be breaking the law after new rules came into effect in Scotland.

The new Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act came into force today which will see wide ranging changes to what constitutes domestic abuse in Scotland.

Coercive and abusive control is now illegal and the act covers multiple different types of abusive behaviour, including towards pets.

Statistics from the National Link Coaltion in the US show that the abuse of animals is a major red flag and precursor to more severe domestic abuse.

Figures show 71 per cent of abused women in the USA reported their pets being harmed, killed or threatened in order to control or intimidate them.

This sort of animal abuse will now be illegal in Scotland, meaning people who threaten pets as a way to control their partner will be considered to be abusing their partner.

The act also extends to property – including pets – meaning any threat to hurt a pet dog or cat or other animal can be considered abusive.

Det Supt McCreadie said: “Behaviour can be directed towards property (including pets) and can include intentionally failing to do something or intentionally failing to communicate something.”

This can include not feeding a pet, or not telling a partner their pet is at a friend’s house or at the vet in order to control that person.

Abusing pets is now illegal under the new Domestic Abuse act

Pets are having a bad time in some places, recalling the anti-freeze poisonings reported in some areas recently.

There have been a number of cases similar to this: Cats died from anti-freeze poisoning in Livingston and one might wonder if the target was a partner’s pet, as abusers wouldn’t care about harming others.

Then there are even more recent cases of harm directed against dogs, with poisoned food, and food laced with nails being left in one area.

SSPCA issue warning to dog owners over poisoned food in Glasgow park

And then a dog thrown from a car (following on from earlier accounts of kittens being thrown from moving cars into busy traffic).

Dog seriously injured after being ‘thrown from moving car’

These are not nice people, don’t care about who or what they harm, and don’t deserve the sort of protection that thoughts of not ‘Grassing’ on them might bring.

They need to be ‘Dropped in it’ from a high as possible.

I’m not going to illustrate this with any shocking pics, that sort of tactic shouldn’t be needed.

Go see what’s popular at LoveMeow instead.


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Theme ended just in time

While not resurrecting the ‘Violent Crime’ them I just ended yesterday, I’m sad to see that I did so just in time.

Without detailing them, I saw there were at least FIVE reports of varying levels of violent crime reported tonight, in places I might possibly have been in.

(That means there were actually MORE!)

There really is something wrong, and it almost seems to be being ignored.

Where’s MP Paul Sweeney when there’s something SERIOUS to be raised?

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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The end of a theme

I used to enjoy looking after a forum that covered some of the Clyde coast resorts, mainly because I used to haunt them, and it meant watching the related news feeds for articles relating to events which took place there.

That ended when the owner died, but I kept watching the feeds for a while, but gave up on them as the events became fewer and local media concentrated on stories relating to violence, drugs, and crime. It was sad to see the change, but I suppose those stories attract more ad clicks.

Earlier this year I noticed I appeared to be reading more violent crime articles on the street I spend many hours walking, and started to note them in the blog, provided I could classify them as things I had ‘Just missed’ (or had just missed me).

Sadly, either things have recently become much worse, or the media is reporting more of them, as not only did this trend continue, the level of violence increased from simple brawls, through robbery with violence, targetted attacks, and murders, all taking place far too close to spots where I might be found. The only positive note is that many take place at times I wouldn’t be nearby.

Having proved my point (unfortunately), I wonder if there will be a media/police article later this year, about an increase (which there surely must be if it carries on at the present rate)? Stories this week mark the end of this recurring theme, with news from only a few streets away of a man being found violently murdered in his home some days after the event (after relatives asked police to look for him after he disappeared some days earlier).

Shettleston murder inquiry launched after man, 28, suffered violent death in own home

And the discovery of badly burned woman on waste ground (not so near, but on one of my regular walks) who later died in hospital…

“The death is currently being treated as unexplained.”

Then, later…

Update: Police later confirmed that the death is not being treated as suspicious but enquires continue.

I hope the media remembers to report the finding of that last one – how does a 20-year-old end up on waste ground, badly burned, and die, and that is not ‘suspicious’?

Woman dies after being found badly burned on wasteground

Glasgow may be making a big noise for itself as a tourist and film-making venue, but I have to say that after spending a few weeks watching the violent crime reports – and the ones I mentioned were ONLY found on places walk to, there were many more NOT mentioned as they didn’t meet the criteria – there is something wrong here.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

However, as I’ve now managed to make myself feel like locking myself indoors and not going out after reading about what’s happening on my doorstep, this theme has done its job and won’t be carrying on.

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

Two for the price of one AGAIN!

While I make the occasional trip to Cambuslang, at least it’s never as late at night as this.

A 45-year-old man has been rushed to hospital with stab wounds following an attempted murder in Cambuslang.

At around 10.20pm last night, an injured man in Braeside Place flagged down a car and asked for assistance

Emergency services rushed to the scene and the man was taken by ambulance to Hairmyres Hospital for treatment to a number of stab wounds. Medical staff describe his condition as stable.

Police are treating the incident is being treated as attempted murder .

A 29 year old man has been arrested in connection with the incident and enquiries are ongoing.

Man, 45, rushed to hospital with stab wounds after murder bid in Cambuslang

This one, however, WAS really close, and I passed the spot given about half an hour after this incident today (at least I was on a bus).

Four men have been arrested following an armed police incident at Parkhead.

Police Scotland officers swooped on the area outside the Forge Market in the east end of the city around 3.15pm today.

It remains unclear why the four have been arrested but they are believed to have been in a silver car.

Four arrested as as armed police swoop on car outside Forge Market in Parkhead

Like I said in an earlier post – maybe I’ll just go back to staying in!

I’m missing some of these by only a few hours, or less. sometimes.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

Two for the price of one today!

First time I get on a bus in decades, and the very service/route/bus I used had this happen on it (at least I was on a different bus), and was even looking at the West George Street signs for some reason. as we came down the street)…

A 22-year-old man was rushed to hospital after being assaulted while travelling on a bus in Glasgow’s city centre.

At around 5.25pm yesterday, the man was travelling on a number 2 First Bus from Faifley to Baillieston.

While in the West George Street vicinity, the man tried to stop an argument between two females and a male which resulted in him being assaulted by the male who then got off the bus at Renfield Street.

The 22-year-old man was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where he was treated for a puncture wound to the leg before being released.

Man, 22, rushed to hospital after assault on Glasgow city centre bus

Next, although this was reported today, the incident happened last week, and at the moment, I pass Argyle Street Station (but have no reason to use it) every day I’m in the city centre, around the time given as I’m heading home…

A baby fell out of a pram and onto a railway platform after a man was headbutted at a train station.

The unprovoked attack took place inside Argyle Street railway station, Glasgow, shortly after 5pm on Thursday, February 28.

The victim, who was standing next to his partner, was holding a pram with a baby inside when he was headbutted by another man.

The assault caused the baby to fall out of the pram and onto the platform floor.

Both parties then boarded the 5.07pm service to Cumbernauld.

Baby falls out pram after man headbutted at train station

Like I said in an earlier post – maybe I’ll just go back to staying in!

I’m missing some of these by only a few hours sometimes.

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

One that hits two buttons, I am there regularly, and I could be there at that time, but thankfully, usually a fair but later.

Police are hunting a man who robbed cash and tobacco from a Glasgow shop.

Around 3pm yesterday (Tuesday, March 5) he entered the ‘Shop Local’ key store in Dalmarnock Road, threatened a female member of staff and demanded money.

The 37-year-old woman was uninjured but has been left badly shaken by the incident.

The suspect is white, around 6 ft tall with a slim build and a local accent.

He was wearing dark coloured clothing with his hood up.

He left the store carrying two blue plastic bags with a quantity of tobacco and cash.

Police launch hunt for man who robbed Glasgow shop in broad daylight

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

After noting one incident reported earlier today, I’ve just spotted another on, for somewhere I hadn’t visited for years, but was at the same place on Sunday – fortunately some hours after the event.

I toured the whole length of Dumbarton Road on Sunday afternoon, just to see if any of the old buildings I remembered were still there – of course, the ones I had in mind are long gone, so I ended up just looking for interesting shops – unaware of what had happened a few hours earlier.

At least I’m never likely to be there around midnight.

A 37-year-old man who was seriously assaulted outside a Partick chip shop was left with serious injuries to his face, requiring surgery.

The incident occurred between 12.05 am and 12.35 am on Sunday, March 3 outside the Blue Lagoon Chip shop in Dumbarton Road.

The man was attempting to diffuse (sic) an argument between two people. He was then assaulted by a group of other people which left him with serious injuries.

Emergency services rushed to scene and the injured man was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulance where he was released after initial treatment. However, he will return at a laster (sic) date for surgery.

The culprits had made off prior to police arriving at the scene.

Man, 37, needing facial surgery after serious assault outside Partick chip shop

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

As usual, few quiet days, then the madness is back, and in the middle of the day when there would be plenty of people around.

Glad I only use this station a few times a year, and not at all recently.

A 14-year-old girl was repeatedly hit in the face by a man and then thrown into a wall at a Glasgow train station.

British Transport Police are investigating the assault on Platform 8 of Queen Street Station on Saturday 16 February.

The teenager was with three other young people when the attack happened at about 13:00.

Teenage girl hit in the face by man at Glasgow train station

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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Off we go again – yet more ‘local’ violence

And again…

A few quiet days, then the madness is back.

I pass this store, fairly often sometimes, not this late in the day, and fortunately have little reason to drop in.

A teenage boy and an elderly woman have been injured after a disturbance broke out near a city centre supermarket.

Police Scotland officers were called to Tesco on Sauchiehall Street around 7.50pm last night after reports of ‘youths shouting and carrying baseball bats’.

When officers arrived a teen was found with an injured arm, and an elderly woman had fallen.

Teen and elderly woman injured after ‘disturbance’ outside city centre supermarket

Seven youths charged over disturbance at city centre supermarket

Police reassure public as seven youths charged following disturbance at supermarket

Violent crimes

Violent crimes

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