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Purrple Cat Cafe reflections end the fun

If there’s anyone out there expecting to see any more lucky catches from the windows of the Purrple Cat Cafe, then I’m afraid there’s only disappoint for them.

Things might look better with the arrival of winter in a few months, but spring and summer have ended any chance of a pic, at least at the times of day I happen to pass.

It’s all down to sunshine and bright skies – reflections of the nearby buildings in the cafe’s window glass are now much brighter than the interior, so the reflections are all the camera can see. And, if you’ve heard of polarisers or polarising filters curing such problems, while this is true in some cases, they only work effectively at certain angles.

Below is the last pic I tried, and while the eye (as always) does a great job of dealing with adverse conditions, and this LOOKED is if would be a decent pic, when I got home and checked, I knew I’d be wasting my time with any more.

If you try hard, and use your imagination, you should just about be able to make out one of the resident cats (the head is on the left, where the lines cross) lying along the line between the two windows.

Of course, the autofocus didn’t want to know about the cat either, and the strong horizontal and vertical lines in the reflection made it just about impossible to force it to work on the random fluffy object in the background.

Purrple Cat reflections

Purrple Cat reflections

So, that’s that until the early dark evenings return, and the inside is brighter than the outside.

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Some people could get a job in the Purrple Cat Cafe

If I was the sort of person who was depressed by such things, I’d probably be depressed after looking at the application form for ‘Cattendants’ at the Purrple Cat Cafe.

Purrmanently Sad

Chances of me ticking enough boxes to be considered?

Probably slim to none, I’m just too much of a non-conformist (and some other goodies) to meet the criteria. And I ran/owned businesses, employed people, plus my professional qualifications mean I’d probably also be discarded at the first stage.

But for everyone else…

Job Description :

90% cleaning. Cleaning up after cats is not for the faint hearted! Purrhaps you have cats at home, in which case you should be used to a certain amount of cleaning (we hope!). Either way – cleaning at Purrple Cat Café is on a much bigger scale – add in a few long-haired cats, some geriatric cats who might get lost on the way to the litter box, and that’s not even considering the thousands of humans who visit the café every month. And humans are messy too! Everything from carpets and upholstery to floors and windows are cleaned daily, and we are a café, so there’s the food service stuff to deal with.

You’ll need to be calm in a crisis – sick or injured animals don’t need a human freaking out, so you’ll have to put your feelings on pause, and deal with the paws!

Loving the line – some geriatric cats who might get lost on the way to the litter box

My cat was always able to find the box… but there seemed to some issue with aim.

See more here if interested…

Purrple Cat Cafe Jobs

There was also a media article here:

Glasgow’s only cat cafe is hiring again

There’s probably not a lot of point in trying for this by the time I’ve posted this – if memory serves me at all, then the first round of job offers was completely swamped with applications, not a few hundred, but a few thousand if my recall is correct.

Purrple Cat Cafe

Purrple Cat Cafe

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The face of Purrple contentedness

While the fun may have come to end for casual passers-by at the Purrple Cat Cafe (since they blanked off the lower part of the windows), it’s not all bad news.

There’s still the chance of a passing treat if you look a little higher, and one of the cat trees is occupied.

This resident was watching me walk past until I noticed I was being watched, then changed to ‘I have no interest in you’ mode as soon I stopped for a pic.

Content White Purrple Cat

Content White Purrple Cat

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Purrple alert

Although I’ve sadly had to write off the Purrple Cat Cafe for any regular passes or sightings (since they blocked the lower windows from public view), there’s obviously no point in walking past with my eyes shut, so when I did just that last night, I found one of the residents had perched on top of a cat tree.


Purrple Cat Naps

Purrple Cat Naps

Of course not!

As soon as they sense a camera, they’re watching…

Purrple Cat Wakes

Purrple Cat Wakes

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Purrple Cat Cafe ends window fun

Sad to report that the occasional fun pic taken at the Purrple Cat Cafe’s window have apparently come to an end this week.

It was nice to make the detour past the windows on my way home, and sometimes see the residents looking at the outside world, or more likely just fast asleep (if they were there at all).

However, on one ‘flypast’ plastic film had been applied to the lower panes of one window, and on the next I found that BOTH windows had been obscured, so no chance sighting of the residents.

I wonder of stupid passers-by had been banging on the windows to try to get the cats’ attention?

Some people are so stupid (and selfish) I wouldn’t be in the least surprised.

This is how it looks now.

Purrple Cat Cafe Window Block

Purrple Cat Cafe Window Block


Purrple Cat Cafe Window Block

Purrple Cat Cafe Window Block

Detail of the last fun shot (if you missed it above).

Purrple Cat Cafe Fun

Purrple Cat Cafe Fun

Bye bye little furry funnies. It was nice while it lasted.

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Last Purrple Cat Cafe flypast of 2018

Depending where I am, I kind of try to fly past the Purrple Cat Cafe, in case there’s something interesting to be seen.

As it’s been a while since this was possible, I made the effort and detoured tonight.

Although I couldn’t manage even a bad pic, I did learn that the cafe has an elevated walkway for the resident cats (they were wandering along it), mounted just below the fairly high ceiling of the former bank premised. Nice.

I think I saw more cats than ever, as they were gathering on a set of shelves sitting in the middle of floor, at every level.

This one was on the top with two others, which disappeared as soon as turned the camera on, and the one that was left, of course, sat down,

I thought I’d managed to catch the pic but, sadly, when inspected later was found to have locked focus on a reflection in the window, from across the road. Oh well.

Purrple Cat Cafe Hogmanay

Purrple Cat Cafe Hogmanay

I hadn’t realised there was one sleeping in the window right in front of me!

The puddle of fur sprouted ears when it moved.

There was a little black one with orange/yellow eye trying to rouse it, but it wasn’t interested.

Unfortunately, the combination of black together with the purple LEDs just screws with everything the camera tries to ‘fix’, from white balance to autofocus, (they must have a lot of UV or near UV light in them). To the eye, the colour is nowhere near as purple or vivid as the pic). You can’t alter the colour or rebalance it because the purple is very monochromatic, so there is nothing else to recover.

This was the best of the lot – you should be able to (just) make out a cat ear emerging from the edge of the ‘fluff’.

Purrple Cat Cafe Hogmanay Ear

Purrple Cat Cafe Hogmanay Ear

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Purrple Cat Cafe – might let you work there

One of my regular stops (unfortunately just outside, at the window, not inside) is looking for more staff.

Chances of getting lucky seem low though, as it seems there were more than 4,000 application first time around.

Read more here:

Glasgow’s cat cafe is hiring – here’s how you can apply

Purple Purrple Cat Cafe Evening

Purple Purrple Cat Cafe Evening

What’s that?

NEW hoomins on the way?

Purrple Residents

Purrple Residents

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Purrple cat naps

I make no apology for more Purrple cats.

The window is often empty when I pass, so when I do catch them, they’re going to feature on those lucky occasions.

I was exactly ONE SECOND too late in hitting the shutter, otherwise this one would have been “Get your damned foot out of my face!

As it was, that single white paw had moved by the time the shutter fired, and was no longer in the tabby’s eye.

Purrple Cat Foot

Purrple Cat Foot

I was slightly alarmed when a giant pair of green eyes appeared in the viewfinder (remember, colours are weird here because of the purple window lighting).

Thankfully, just a rather realistic cushion landing on a seat.

Giant Cat Cushion

Giant Cat Cushion

And finally…



Purrple Cat Sleep

Purrple Cat Sleep

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Purrple Cat Cafe sign 2

A few days ago I mentioned spotting a second sign attached to the Purrple Cat Cafe, but given it was dark and I was hurrying home, I had no chance of a closer look, or a daytime pic to see what it really looked like.

That situation has now been remedied.

First, a decent daytime pic to show what I’d missed earlier. As per the pics in the post mentioned above, it is almost invisible, being edge on as you cross the road towards the café. Then, when you are there, it’s above your head, so unlikely to be spotted, unless you’re watching for flying cats.

It’s obvious if you approach from the side – but that’s not my usual route.

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign 2

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign 2

A few hours later, it was dark – and the night shot was even better.

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign 2 Lit

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign 2 Lit

Interestingly, this shot was taken with the compact camera, not the dSLR (which was packed away and too hard to reach).

But it had the advantage of being set to compensate for the illumination, and somehow was shooting in the dark at ISO80, which I had not set.

Clearly, this has come out a LOT better than Purrple Cat Cafe sign – (problems!).

What’s that crowd for?

When I looked around the corner, I spotted a crowd gathered at one of the café window.

Fighting my way to the front, I found that the café kittens were putting on a show, as their enclosure had been placed on the window ledge.

They’re hard to get decent pics of, as the grids and stuff on the windows upset the autofocus, plus reflections of course, but one shot worked.

And, of course, by the time I get there, they’re tired out and having a rest.

Purrple Cat Cafe Kittens

Purrple Cat Cafe Kittens

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Purrple Cat Cafe sign – (problems!)

I did say I would arrange to take pics of the sign over the door of the Purrple Cat Cafe when it got dark, and I did.

But I didn’t anticipate the problems it would bring.

I make no apologies for having processed the image below within an inch (2.54 cm) of its life.

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign Lit

Purrple Cat Cafe Sign Lit

In reality, it comes out GREEN!

Having seen it in the half-light for so long, I just didn’t think of the combined effect of a dark night, a white sign, and purple background illumination.

Plus, the amazing human eye hides all those effects, and you see it as a white sign with purple highlights – then you get home, and the shock sets in when you review your catches.

I don’t know if a stand-alone shot can be tweaked, or photographed in full manual (or RAW) to stop the camera from being confused. Even processing such a shot might prove impractical, and take way too much time.

I might try this if there again under similar circumstances.

This wider shot better shows the appearance of this sign, balanced by surroundings.

Purrple Cat Cafe Night

Purrple Cat Cafe Night

There’s another (brighter) sign to the left, but I didn’t even try for that one.

Such signs burn out to peak white, unless you are prepared to play with compensation, or just go manual (or trick the auto).

Creepy neighbour wants in (or out)

Actually one of Glasgow’s lesser known murals, the girl trapped in the derelict shop next door looks as if she wants to leave her ‘home’ and visit the cat cafe.

Creepy Cat Cafe Neighbour

Creepy Cat Cafe Neighbour

Another view shows the occasional crowd that can gather at the window if any of the resident cats decide it’s nap time, settles down there, and get noticed by a passer-by.

A crowd gathers

A crowd gathers

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Sleepy Purrple Cat Cafe cat is… purple!

I’m currently stressing over the pics I took of Glasgow’s fireworks over Glasgow Green.

There were quite a few, even after I culled the obvious failures, and I was about to dump another load during a second review, for poor focus, when I realised the focus was fixed (after some test shots), and not changed or varied during the show. In other words, if ONE was in half-decent focus, they ALL had to be.

Sure enough, when I looked at the detail I found that what I thought was out of focus was actually down to slow burning effects, which smudged over themselves as they lasted so long, compared to the more usual fast burning ‘stars’.

On the one hand good, since I did get some half decent shots after all, but on the other bad, since it means each pic has to be zoomed in and reviewed in detail.

I really need a cat to de-stress me.

Like this beauty I spotted in the Purrple Cat Cafe, completely lost in a good power nap, and hadn’t moved even though it took me about quarter of an hour to get back for a pic.

I didn’t even notice the purple light, but it really is strong, and like the yellow of sodium street lights, really is a single colour, so the pic can’t be adjusted to restore the white balance. The colour mix is simply not there to be corrected.

Not that it matters, when you have face like this…

Purrple Cat

Purple Purrple Cat


I’d actually made the trip deliberately to catch the illuminated sign over the door (to prove it was illuminated as hinted at in a previous post, but, as usual, my luck was out.

And so was the lighting behind the sign over the door.

Oh well – maybe next time.

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