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The illegals – X18 REE

I usually suggest that illegally spaced number plates might as well not be, since they’re usually not enhanced by the effort.

Mostly true, this one might almost be worth the chance of picking up the cost of an extra £1,000 on the top of the original price, if it ever attracted the maximum fine for the modification to the plate’s appearance.

At least we don’t have to sit and puzzle the meaning, as is sometimes the case.

2010 Range Rover TD [X18 REE]

2010 Range Rover TD [X18 REE]

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Another absentee registration spotted

I think I mentioned seeing a few registrations that I haven’t come across for years appearing.

Easy to stick in the mind, 23 E surprised me during a wander, and I’m sure this one used to show up fairly often, then I didn’t see it for years. It was probably still around, only I was the one not haunting the same places for all that time.

Now decorating a 2016 Range Rover Sport (let’s gloss over the diesel aspect) and still looking good.

I keep catching myself adding ‘and unique’ to the end of that sentence, and while I’m sure my meaning would be clear, it’s also a bit silly – after all, the idea behind EVERY registration number is that IT is unique!

2016 Range Rover Sport [23 E]

2016 Range Rover Sport [23 E]

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Bad memories – seeing AB 120

While there’s nothing wrong with AB 120 (apart from it being on another hulking brute of a monster SUV), it does bring back less than pleasant memories of the day I came across it, just before the ‘Beast from the East’ was christened.

I usually go out at night, and thought nights were cold at this time of year, so being obliged to head out (on foot) through Westburn towards Halfway during the day was expected to be relatively warmer. It was during the afternoon, and the Sun was shining from a blue sky.


I was absolutely frozen through by a cutting cold wind all the time I was out, until it got dark in the evening on the way back home, when it actually got warmer.

But the damage was done, and I was knocked off my feet for 24-36 hours as some sort of cold or flu hit hard.

I thought my throat had just gone a bit ‘funny’ thanks to the cold wind I’d been out in, but despite assurances that this does not give you a cold, just some sniffles, I had landed something.

Remarkably, given how hard it had hit, it was gone by the end of the second day, bar a bit of a sniffle. I didn’t really care, so long as the inflamed throat had gone completely.

That was the good news.

The bad news was that just over a week later it returned as a normal cough and sore throat (not forgetting the catarrh and blocked running nose) – none of which seems in any hurry to clear up.

Back on track – and AB 120 was on a silver 2016 Land Rover Range Rover 4.4 SD V8 Vogue SE 4X4.

Range Rover Vogue [AB 120]

Range Rover Vogue [AB 120]

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Range Rover catches all the ‘ones’

After yesterday’s catch of JL 11, today we’ve got JC 111.

Deep breath, it’s on a 2006 Land Rover Range Rover 4.2 V8 Supercharged Vogue SE 5dr – a name almost a big as this hulking brute of  a monstrous SUV.

There’s no point in me hiding my dislike of this style, unnecessarily large and heavy, and guzzling fuel while spewing more pollutants than anyone needs to while getting from A to B.

An original Ford GT40 could probably drive under it and not be noticed (OK, exaggerating but you get the idea).

Better stop there, I’ll get carried away.

SuperchargedRange Rover

SuperchargedRange Rover


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The illegals – XK11 TTY… still naughty even if K11TTY

I don’t usually post horrible pics, but this one is exceptional as I actually managed to recover the detail I needed from it (the registration number).

While I usually have the instant response of a dSLR (with ‘Sport’ option selected if I know I will need a fast hand-held response) to rely on, I can’t carry one ALL the time, so rely on a pocket compact (oh for the day I can afford a tiny mirrorless replacement) when the real camera has to be left at home. There’s a further advantage as careful setup means that pics can be taken in low light with no need for flash, or even camera shale in most cases. I notice the maker recently added a new body to the range, and apparently has omitted even the tiny pop-up flash – maybe not ideal in the real world. Admittedly I seldom rely on it, but it does come in handy if more than 20 metres from the nearest street light, or where there’s no ambient lighting at all.

Back to the compact, and I had to drop what I was carrying to dig in my pocket for the little horror when this Range Rover ambled past me in a car park. You can estimate how long it took to find the camera, find the ‘ON’ button, wait while it started up (this involves pushing the zoom lens back and forth), turned on the LCD on the back, read the scene, and chose an exposure mode. Note the streetlights – it was darker than it looks.

I had to forego any attempt at framing, or pressing the button to zoom the lens (the lens is too slow to move, it always overshoots, plus there is no viewfinder, only the LCD) to get in closer. With the vehicle moving further away all the time, there was only time for one ‘Panic shot’ before it would be gone completely.

Just as well I grabbed it, as I’ve never seen this one before – or since!

The vehicle’s not really of interest, just another huge Chelsea Tractor that’s probably never seen mud let alone a field, but is noted as a Land 2015 Rover Range Rover Vogue TDV6 AU.

The real interest is the registration: XK11 TTY.

Of course, modified with a little illegal spacing to look like X KIITTY, but with such a fuzzy pic, this is one I can’t show off as part of the collection. It took some effort to get it back with the application of filters – yes, I had forgotten what the registration was by the time I got home.

Range Rover Vogue [XK11 TTY]

Range Rover Vogue [XK11 TTY]

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Coincidentally – 2 CFG suggests property is good business

After yesterday’s mention of poor cherished registration languishing on a street advert, on the same day I collected that one I could have been forgiven I was being stalked by another.

I spent that afternoon around Alexandra Parade, and it seemed that every time I stopped and looked behind me, the same white Range Rover Evoque was there. While the driver could maybe have used the exercise, she preferred to visit (apparently ALL) the estate agents along the Parade by driving between them, a distance that could easily be walked, and probably more rapidly on foot than by getting into and out of traffic, plus the time to find a parking spot.

However, the two registrations confirm the hardly surprising conclusion that property is good business, if you know what to do.

(I did look at the same area on Google, but there’s no sign of this one).

Range Rover Evoque [2 CGF]

Range Rover Evoque [2 CGF]

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Two letters and two number again

That was quick – and lucky I shoved the compact in my pocket on a pouring wet day or I’d have missed it.

I’m really not sure about the so-called Mini, which BMW may have retained the rights to the name, if not the original spirit of Sir Alec Issigonis’ original creation.

While it seems to be a fine car with references to the original, that’s really as far as it goes, as from what I hear/read, is considered a step on BMW ownership ladder for those a little short of the readies to buy something with that actual badge attached.

However, the car is neither ‘mini’, not cheap, as in following the low-cost philosophy of the original.

I think the size is thing that spoil it for me.

If you see claims that the new Mini is the same size as the original Range Rover – I’m sad to say that this is neither a myth nor made-up story.

It’s TRUE!

Dig out the original dimensions of the fledging first Range Rover and compare them to the new Mini – while an exact comparison will reveal that the comparison is not wholly accurate, the difference is mere centimetres.

While you might speed an original Mini through a gap that the original Range Rover would have squeezed through, you will have to squeeze a new Mini through that same gap unless you don’t mind losing some paint.

Mini Cooper [79 SG]

2011 Mini Countryman Cooper [79 SG]

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