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The JOY of reg

I’ve no idea why, but even though I know better I’m always surprised at how old the Aston Martin body shape is.

I don’t mean old as in ‘ancient’, more that when I check an actual model and find it is not something from 3 or 4 years ago at most, it just surprises me.

It happened recently (again!) when I checked the detail behind this recent catch, and it turned out to be a 2004 Aston Martin DB9 Auto.

13 years old and it looks like it just rolled out of the showroom… as this year’s model.

I’ve got a DBS V12 living along the road at the moment, it may be 5 years newer, from 2009, but this older one looks little better.

Aston Martin DB9 Auto 2004

Aston Martin DB9 Auto 2004


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Peebles vote. Against the flow?

Pay and DisplayIn an interesting decision that smacks more of Common Sense, and less of the vindictive campaigns waged against motorists, members of Tweedale Area Committee voted unanimously against a proposal to install ten Pay & Display meters in Peebles town centre.

Instead, the committee called for better enforcement of the parking restrictions already in force in the town.

A remarkably astute ruling, that seeks to make things better by using the tools that are already in place (rather than throwing more into the pot), and exposing the shame of those that should be enforcing them, but neglect to do so.

I well remember the disappointment many years ago, when I rolled into Peterhead for one of my regular visits, only to find the place had been ‘Made Better’ by the addition of Parking Meter, Traffic Warden, and all the paint an paraphernalia that goes with them. I don’t know what difference this change made to the locals, but as a visitor, it was a dead loss. Previously able to park and visit various business and other contacts around the town, all of a sudden there were no free spaces (I think anyone that had Paid & Displayed just left their car in the space they had paid for, instead of just stopping for a few minutes and them moving on), and if you dared to to stop on the yellow paint, then Peterhead is hardly a large place for the warden to cover, so you either needed eyes in the back of your head, or deep pockets. Now I avoid the place during chargeable hours, or pass it altogether.

The other aspect, which I must admit I find more irritating now that I’m not obliged to visiting during ‘working hours’, is the Visual Vandalism of these schemes when applied to places such as Peebles, that have a rich, historic content to their streets, and the thoughtless injection of modern Street Furniture brought by these schemes just adds to the dilution of their interesting appearance.

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