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Where is Beethoven?

After having to take an enforced break, I was looking for something to give the blog a kick-start.

I got it!

I’ve been familiar with the bust of Beethoven in Renfrew Street ever since I first wandered along that particular back street decades ago, and had to make sure it was real, and not some sort of modern gimmick. My first pics of it are locked away somewhere, on film.

So, it seems I don’t have any digital pics.

But, it means I can take a pic of something that isn’t there!

I had to take a few, just to convince myself it really wasn’t there.

Last pic of this set was just to prove it hadn’t fallen off its plinth, into the stairwell below.

Missing Beethoven

Missing Beethoven

It has a back story and reason for having been there, as this is the rear of T A Ewing’s Piano and Harmonium Emporium, which faced into Sauchiehall Street in its day.

It also has a statue, fortunately still there.

T A Ewing Piano and Harmonium Emporium

T A Ewing Piano and Harmonium Emporium

At the time of writing, a check of the media provided no answers.

Police enquiries are ongoing, but they only reported they had not been able to confirm that the bust had been stolen, or just removed by the owner of the building, for some reason.

Incidentally, I featured this facade a while ago, when I mentioned some so-called artists, or rather graffiti vandal scum whose ‘work’ has thankfully since been painted over.

Sauchiehall Street Vandalism Even Closer

Sauchiehall Street Vandalism Even Closer


THAT kickstarts the blog with a bang!

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Renfrew Street ‘Door’ follow-up surprise

I noticed an add-on door in Renfrew Street a while ago, and had assumed it was some sort of fairly robust barrier, especially given the fairly expensive mechanical digital lock attached to it.

(Sorry, I’m suffering some sort of memory failure, and search crash. I was sure I had this pictured, but can’t find in my archives or in the Blog. You’ll just have to imaging the digital lock, just below the edge of the wall.)

I think that thought might need to be revised a little.

Somebody might want to study their design.

There may be a hole or two in the Mark I version.

If it’s not obvious, the door is in line with the first truss seen in the centre of the pic.

Renfrew Street Not Robust Door

Renfrew Street Not Robust Door

Reminder of how it looks from the front/street.


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Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum hidden tribute in Renfrew Street

I wonder how many have spotted this feature at the back door of the Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum in Renfrew Street?

I’ll certainly admit to never even looking here when I pass, being too busy with the unusual big head of Beethoven to be found atop the rear of the adjacent building (formerly Thomas Alfred Ewing’s piano warehouse facing onto Renfrew Street, by James Alexander Ewing, his brother).

But I was looking the other way, looking for the rear of the museum, and not expecting it to be easy to spot.

I was wrong.

These pics show what I found there.

RHF Museum Back Door

RHF Museum Back Door – Looking East


RHF Museum Back Door Looking West

RHF Museum Back Door Looking West

A closer look at each.

RHF Museum Back Door Mural

RHF Museum Back Door Mural


RHF Museum Back Door Mural

RHF Museum Back Door Mural

While I could wander along the top of a wall to get a decent view of one, I didn’t feel like climbing over the fence to get a better view of the other, but the application of a little ‘magic’ improved the skewed view.

RHF Museum Back Door Corrected

RHF Museum Back Door Corrected

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