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This (allegedly) is ‘Geoff’ – I have a nice job for ‘Geoff’

I’ve mentioned being tired of WordPress’s failure to provide (or even consider) a tool to allow bloggers to ban unwanted ‘Followers’ or ‘Likers’.

Believe it or not, their best advice is to make our blogs ‘Private’ so they can’t be seen.

The word ‘moron’ comes to mind for anyone who seriously suggests hiding a blog from the world to prevent spammers from attacking it.

While I seem to have found a manual means of dissuading this sort of scum – as I lose one… another appears and attaches themselves, so it’s become a never ending job

Meet ‘Geoff’ – assuming ‘Geoff’ really is the spammer behind my most recent unwanted, recurring, follows, and is not simply a stolen library pic of a sad old man’s face.

I’m almost moved to believe this really is ‘Geoff’, since I don’t think anybody trying to sell ‘inspiration’ or ‘motivational’ crap online would actually choose the face of such a sad looking and washed up old loser to promote their scam. That face is hardly inspirational in today’s world of manufactured celebrity faces.

I wonder what psychotic villain role a TV series typecaster would give a face like this?




I would like to nominate ‘Geoff’ for a very important job, which could save some innocent driver, person, or even a car or bus load of people from a terrible accident.

I’d like to have him strapped into a harness facing the rear of a twin tyre lorry axle such as the one seen below, with a button to set off an alarm if the rock comes loose.

On second thought, never mind the alarm – just arrange things so he’s facing the gap between the tyres.

Rock between lorry tyres

Rock between lorry tyres

Add a twist to the tale and tell him pressing the button stops the lorry for safety – but, in reality, it would release the harness and drop him.

A system best installed if he’s looking at the front axle, so the rear tyres would be ‘Along in just a moment’ 😉


Ten seconds after the above was published, this moron ‘Liked’ the post and tried to ‘Follow’ SeSco.

Obviously, I’n not saying what his site is.

And, seriously?

Who, in their right mind, is going to hand their money to a face like that on the promise of it being invested, and turning them into a millionaire?

Mr ‘NO EXCUSES’ (VIP) might get rich quick, but I doubt anybody unfortunate enough to be near him would.

This one is also a coward, who doesn’t even give contact details, or even stick a name to his pic.

So, it looks as if we’ll have to order multiple harnesses!

And hire more lorries (and rocks).

Income Moron

Income Moron

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Bang Bird’s revenge!

Don’t know if this should be classified as some sort of karma, or just revenge.

Guess what I found the day after I spotted More BANG for you BIRD.

When I got up the next morning and looked out of the window, I discovered I had received a visit – and a present had been deposited on the mark left on the window, right where a bird had hit it…

Bang Bird Revenge

Bang Bird Revenge

What are the odds?

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Donning a generic UK/British hat, purely for the purpose of referring to the generalisation that claims we are a nation of animal lovers, I have to confess to getting into trouble sometimes, with our friends across the pond, when I have a go at them for their deplorable practices (which they seem to think are not cruel or unacceptable) such as de-clawing cats, and the really odd one of giving cats a regular bath.

Given that so many Americans would appear to sustain receive near-fatal wounds during the latter, one wonders why they even bother engaging in this highly dangerous ‘need’ they invented.

I tripped over the video offered below, where those involved claim this bath was necessary because of the cat “getting into the furnace room and getting his coat covered with harmful particles.

This one is worth watching to the end, because the girl giving the bath does not have the slightest clue about how to treat a cat and keep it calm if does have to be bathed. She gets what she deserves.

She keeps shouting and yapping all the time, and at one point even starts hitting the cat while it is in the bath because it will not stay still.

It doesn’t take much to work out why this cat doesn’t ever want to get in a bath when she is around, as I guess it has had the same treatment in the past, and associated being beaten and abused like this with the bath.

She is not fit to have a cat, at least not until educated, and events at the end of the video are almost a foregone conclusion given her abusive handling of the unfortunate cat.

I just call it justice 🙂

They also have a cheek calling the cat vicious in the title – it’s not the cat that’s vicious!

As for their claim of “harmful particles“? Well, you can try watching for a change in colour as they terrorise the cat, but I don’t see anything.

She probably asked the dog for advice…

How to wash a cat

Wet cat

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