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Those pics of resurfacing around parked cars?

They’re real! (Or at least some of them are).

I know cos I got one 🙂

I’d forgotten all about this, which I was lucky enough to catch one night, albeit with a tiny pocket compact camera.

I’m better at pulling these images out of the gloom now, so this moved from ‘Not Really Useable’ to ‘Useable’.

I generally doubt pics like this, as they tend to go viral on social media, or somehow become suspiciously popular when reported by the media. I’m not necessarily saying they’re not genuine pics, but I suspect their popularity is due less to any interest there may be in them, than in someone, or some company, frantically ‘pushing’ them.

Anyway, this one is quite genuine, I know, I was there!

Road Works and cones and resurfacing (not)

Road Works and cones and resurfacing (not)

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Mildly reassuring car crash story from Aberdeen

Crashed car

I’ve seen a number of ‘car crash’ stories (and I use the term merely for convenience, rather than get tangled up in an attempt to attach a more accurate description) in the media recently, referring to drivers who have driven into areas of roadworks which should have been clearly marked off to prevent unintended access.

They caused me concern as most seemed to conclude with the driver being prosecuted and found guilty of some offence, and fined, maybe even given some points as a bonus.

While I cannot comment on those stories as I was not privy to the full details of any those cases, just the media’s take, they did concern me as they related to a place I had been in, thankfully only once, and many many years ago – and with no damage or injury arising.

But I always wondered what would have happened if the police had been on hands, as they often are in that area.

In my case I’d been leaving Aberdeen by the usual dual carriageway due south, grim dark night with light snowfall (not enough to lie, just interfere with vision), and had the apprentice as a passenger. A route followed so many times it was virtually an autopilot run.

There’s no lighting on that road, so headlights are a must (and I had upgraded custom items fitted).

Both of us thought the road was quiet, and after driving for a while became uneasy at not seeing a single other vehicle for some minutes.

I stopped for a better look even though we were crawling along by that time.

I was glad I had stopped, as it was obvious we were in the middle of abandoned (due to the weather) roadworks.

I backed out of this, and when we got back to the start found that there were no warning signs, and that the cones which should have closed this section of road off were lying at the side of the road, meaning there was no indication to drivers arriving there.

Fortunately, nothing happened as there were no holes in the road, but I always wonder what would have happened to me (ie the driver) if it had, and I had been deemed to have ignored the signs – which I didn’t, since there were none there.

But who would believe that in court?

Even if I did have a witness in the car as to the state of the cones and signs?

See also Car crashes into ditch after workers fail to close road

Not that far away from my story – wonder if it was the same workers?

Maybe I wouldn’t have ended up in court after all.

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Commonwealth farce continues with four-month road work embargo for Glasgow

While I’ve generally withdrawn from public criticism of the insanity known as the Commonwealth Games 2014 – the reason for that is simply to avoid being associated with any of the truly vitriolic and offensive anti-Games sites that have been set up – some of the pandering to this waste of money for a few Ă©lite just can’t go without mention.

The latest imposition on the citizens of Glasgow is a four-month embargo on road works – lest we delay any of the Ă©lite as they try to make their way around.

Road works will be suspended for four months leading up to the start of the ‘fun’:

An agreement between the city council and major utility firms will mean that as many as 4,000 projects will be brought forward or delayed to ensure minimal disruption to the Games.

However, the announcement has raised concerns that “a frenzy of works” will result in major congestion issues as the deadline for the suspension of works approaches.

Roadworks such as resurfacing and general improvements will also be halted for the duration of the Games within restricted areas.

A report on the plan states: “To complement the [transport] plan and to ensure the free flow of traffic, cyclists and pedestrians on our road networks throughout Games time, it is proposed to introduce an embargo on disruptive roadworks from April 22 until August 5.

“These restrictions will apply to the Games Route Network, other key arterial routes within the city and to areas surrounding venues and live sites. The embargo will apply to all works planned by statutory undertakers and developers.”

Via Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games: Roadworks embargo – Transport – The Scotsman

Apparently we are supposed to believe this is no different from the run up to things such as Christmas. I just checked this tester I borrowed:


I’m not going to go searching, but I seem to recall the same council telling us that road works generally came to an end some time around October, and did not restart until spring, so it’s kind of had to give any credibility to a statement that this ludicrous suspension of road work for the games is in any way similar to any works suspension for the Christmas period.

The roads are falling apart, road users are already being taken for mugs as Road Tax (by whatever name) was killed off years ago, and VED (vehicle excise duty) just goes into the Treasury pot with no ring-fencing.

The people of Glasgow have been promised a Lasting Legacy from the Commonwealth Games – now we know what it will be – even more decrepit roads than we had before the Shames.

This embargo will put road works back not months, but years, as contractors wrangle over who is responsible for subsequent delays, and additional damage resulting from even more repairs being delayed.

I suppose the really sad thing about this is… the roads are so bad and the work is so far behind, this embargo and delay will not actually make any difference.

I’m surprised the cyclists have not already set up a campaign to have this decision reversed

Five year study

The first results of a five year survey which will gauge the impact (they call it “success of the games”, language which seem to suggest they have already decided what the result will be) of this nonsense were published recently, and will form the baseline for study.

Not too sure how cleverly the population has been chosen in order to ensure a positive result, but the sample does seem to have been carefully engineered. Academics from Glasgow University spoke to 1,015 householders, and the study to evaluate the Scottish government’s Legacy 2014 programme covered Parkhead, Bridgeton, Calton, Camlachie, Dalmarnock and Gallowgate.

See Mixed findings in Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth survey

And Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games east end residents survey | Glasgow & West | News | STV

I will be looking out for this survey over the next five years, and adding articles spotted to this Blog for later comparison.

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