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Kelvingrove rooflight repair complete – stairs reopened

Looks like my previous post was right – the repair was completed and passed inspection.

Got to use the stairs in Kelvingrove that have been closed for weeks since the cornice in one of the rooflights failed.

Kelvingrove stairs reopened

Kelvingrove stairs reopened

Oddly, I’ve really missed access to this staircase, as it seems to be one I always head for when leaving the Argyle Street side of the building.

As can be seen, the building is so dark that the daylight flooding into the rooflight means it just hits peak white, so nothing can be seen.

A second pic fixes that little problem, and you can see how the repaired area looks now.

Kelvingrove rooflight cornice repiar complete

Kelvingrove rooflight cornice repair complete

A reminder of how it looked a few weeks ago.

Kelvingrove Rooflight Failure

Kelvingrove Rooflight Failure

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Today is Roof Over Your Head Day

03 December is ‘Roof Over Your Head Day’.

Apparently born out of a response to the number of homeless people, I couldn’t quickly find any history or justification for it, other than it being repeated across the Internet, and seems to have started in the US.

I did spot a number being claimed that seems worth repeating though:

Salt Lake City, Utah, discovered it was paying $20,000 a year (presumably per case) to handle their homeless issue, to cover policing, arrests, healthcare, jail time, and other costs arising. They decided to build homes instead, where they could put their homeless into for just $7,800 a year. Seems they not only saved money, but cut their homeless count by 78%.

I don’t give away anything personal online (but maybe I do, or maybe I lie, or misdirect, or not), but this is a day that does impact me, not because I’m homeless, but because I could be so close to it had I not planned carefully for a rainy day – which actually arrived some years ago, leaving me with little BUT the roof over my head.

A few years ago, we had a succession of stormy winters, and for about three years on the trot had a number of trees blown down each year, probably weakened one year, then brought down the next.

On nearby house has a burn surfacing from an underground run, and had some big old trees along its bank which ran along the bottom of its garden. After the third year, the roots (only half supported by the bank) gave up, and when I went for a walk I found one of trees embedded in the roof that house.

By the time got back, it had been cut out, and much of the roof repair completed.

I was kind of glad I had decided to lose a number of trees next to mine – not for the risk of their being downed, but I was sick and tired of the piles of rotting muck the leaves causes when the dropped every year, and had to be cleared, or they turned into compost and stuff started growing in it, followed by loads of moss.

Roof Repair

Roof Repair

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