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Poundworld’s first real failure

Overall, I’m usually happy enough with most items I buy from the various ‘Pound shops’, and judge them from a realistic point of view given the price… £1.

But the one pictured below was a near total failure, and I have to get the disappointment out of my system.

I do a lot of walking and clock up 12 miles or so without realising it (and didn’t know this until I strapped on a GPS watch recently) and that get boosted with some running too. I don’t have any foot problems as a little care goes a long way, but some of my ‘tools’ are wearing out, so I thought I’d add some newer items when I spotted then in Poundworld (and that is specific, not a generalisation).

As you’ll see, for the grand total of £1 I got 4 new ‘tools’: an end operating nail-clipper; a side operating nail clipper, a hard skin remover or file; and a metal nail file.

The two nail clippers probably work, but their cutting edges are just ground into the bare metal, and were left with the resultant burrs still attached. I can’t use them for their supposed purpose as they are the wrong shape to fit curved human finger or toe nails – their cutting edges close to form a straight edge and and that hurts as they flatten the nail before they actually clip. Good for the tool box though, and clipping soft copper wire from the back of PCBs.

The hard skin remover… politely described as ‘blunt’. You might abrade some hard skin with it if you persevered, provide you did not fall asleep or die of old age first!

The most appalling was the supposedly metal file.

I’ve angled it (ironically, using a £1 coin) to highlight the contrast between what was assumed to be the dull abrasive surface… and a couple of shiny areas that appeared after I tried filing a nail with it. Instead of the nail being worn away – the abrasive surface ‘disappeared’ as it was scraped of the metal backing by the fingernail.

Far from being an abrasive surface finish, it seems to be nothing more than a soft coating that LOOKS like a roughened metal surface, and metal below is actually smooth and shiny.

Seriously Poundworld?

I’m hardly going to travel back and complain, but this is fairy cynical junk, and some might even call it a ‘con’, aimed at silly wee teenage girls who would know little better, and might think this is ‘normal’.

Poundworld pedicure set

Poundworld pedicure set



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Louis Vuitton rubbish

paper-carrier-bagI’ve never kept the utter contempt I hold either the producers of so-called Designer Label Items secret, or those that purchase and perpetuate them for that matter. One group consists of shameless profiteers, the others comprises rich fools known as celebrities (more money than sense), and poor fools trying to emulate them (less money than sense).

This story doesn’t seem to have percolated on the web yet, but this morning’s news told the tale of a Scottish bakery that has received a letter from Louis Vuitton threatening action if it does not cease and desist from from producing its latest creations, cakes in the style of handbags. Apparently LV (that could mean Luncheon Vouchers too) considers the the Scottish baker’s efforts look too much like its own product and considers them to be approaching the level of forgeries or copies.

Perhaps LV is frightened that someone will buy one of the cakes and one their handbags, and be unable to tell the difference.
What are the chances that LV bags are produced by child labour in a sweatshop for pennies, and sold on for thousands once the “official label” is attached?

I hope the baker ignores them and carries on…

After all, if they did ever take him to court, someone would probably eat the evidence long before it made to court!

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