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Dear Glasgow West End whiny people

I’m not going to pick on any specific social media post, but I was really fed up last week when post after post was made on the social media channel of a local news outlet I watch.

They’ve ruined a perfectly good feed with their endless whining over the past week – every time I think I’m going to see an interesting story from events in west end – all I get is another sore ear from their endless whining.

Rather than actually do something useful, one or two noisy individuals chose to keep taking pictures of stuff dumped in the west end and used them to launch a stream of whining post about how the council was failing to keep the place tidy.

That’s nice and easy for such people, as they never do anything useful, like naming and shaming, or reporting, the people who dump the rubbish and are the real problem.

Far easier just to keep kicking the council, a nice soft target, for not having people out clearing up 24/7.

Maybe they should take a lead from Spain, where a couple of guys who dumped a fridge ended up with a £40,000 fine 🙂

The Guardia Civil confirmed that both incidents are currently under investigation and the men had been fined €45,000 (£40,000).

Authorities also said they had launched an investigation into the fly-tippers’ employer, a domestic appliance distribution firm, after bosses failed to prove they were disposing of appliances using a licensed agent.

“We have managed to identify this man who was recorded by throwing a refrigerator in a hill,” the Guardia Civil wrote alongside the video on Twitter.

“We are also investigating this other video where you can see how they throw a washing machine on a hillside,” they added.

“The investigation remains ongoing to clarify all these facts.”

Fly-tippers forced to haul fridge back up a cliff after throwing it off the edge

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Glasgow’s opinion of ‘Designer Bags’

Nice one spotted in Queen Street, outside a fashionable shop.

That’ll be the Weegie Effect then!

Designer Bag Dump

Designer Bag Dump

But seriously folks

I found it amusing (or should that have been sad, or maybe even irresponsible) that this article…

Christmas shoppers urged to be vigilant about counterfeit goods

Concentrated on…

Experts warn they could be funding human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorism.

Yet showed a pic of a Chinese made USB adapter which, depending on its internal design, could at best give you a shock, and at worst – KILL YOU!

(I should add that ‘Made in China’ is NOT an issue in itself – the problem is if it’s made FOR China, rather than a country with competent electrical safety standards.)

But there was no mention of the pictured item in the story, or even a reason for having that picture at the head of the article.

In reality, I’m only aware of one reported fatality (back in 2014, and from Australia), where the story behind it gave no real details.

Dodgy USB chargers could kill you

Like many who are aware of the safety features built into genuine UK chargers, I/we know the non-compliant versions lack these features.

I found this handy list, which has a nice summary of the problems in reasonably plain English…

Common features of cheap USB chargers and cables

Apart from being generic, made in China, and costing only a few dollars, cheap USB chargers and cables often share the following features:

  1. They are rated incorrectly and don’t have sufficient overload protection. For example, they may claim to offer 10 watts, but can only safely output 5 watts. This means slower charging, and the chance of overheating if the device overloads the charger.

  2. They skimp on the separation between high and low voltage components.The specification of electronic components is an essential aspect of design safety, so if they’re not specified it can have potentially dangerous consequences.

  3. There can be less than 1 mm separating the voltage input from the output.This is only a fraction of the recommended safe distance of 3-4 mm. This could potentially cause a lethal electric shock hazard.

  4. They have huge spikes, and voltage levels vary wildly with peaks over 6 volts and troughs under 4 volts. High input voltage spikes can damage the sensitive internal electronic components of a device.

  5. Their high noise output makes it difficult to use the touchscreen while charging your device. In other words, the noise from a cheap charger disrupts the sensitive electronics that measure your finger’s position on the screen.

Cheap USB Chargers and Cables Can Be Dangerous and Cause Injury

One of the problems in identifying such chargers is that they can be made and sold in countries where they simply don’t have the regulations we have, and the risks are not considered.

But a counterfeiter doesn’t care about you, so will buy a load of them (dead cheap), mark the cases to make them look as they are UK compliant.

I’m guessing many are caught by our import control, but that’s not 100% perfect.

It’s complex too, as it could be OK to use one of these chargers to power something that cannot be touched, yet using the same charger in an application where someone could touch a connector would not really be a good idea.

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Poundworld’s first real failure

Overall, I’m usually happy enough with most items I buy from the various ‘Pound shops’, and judge them from a realistic point of view given the price… £1.

But the one pictured below was a near total failure, and I have to get the disappointment out of my system.

I do a lot of walking and clock up 12 miles or so without realising it (and didn’t know this until I strapped on a GPS watch recently) and that get boosted with some running too. I don’t have any foot problems as a little care goes a long way, but some of my ‘tools’ are wearing out, so I thought I’d add some newer items when I spotted then in Poundworld (and that is specific, not a generalisation).

As you’ll see, for the grand total of £1 I got 4 new ‘tools’: an end operating nail-clipper; a side operating nail clipper, a hard skin remover or file; and a metal nail file.

The two nail clippers probably work, but their cutting edges are just ground into the bare metal, and were left with the resultant burrs still attached. I can’t use them for their supposed purpose as they are the wrong shape to fit curved human finger or toe nails – their cutting edges close to form a straight edge and and that hurts as they flatten the nail before they actually clip. Good for the tool box though, and clipping soft copper wire from the back of PCBs.

The hard skin remover… politely described as ‘blunt’. You might abrade some hard skin with it if you persevered, provide you did not fall asleep or die of old age first!

The most appalling was the supposedly metal file.

I’ve angled it (ironically, using a £1 coin) to highlight the contrast between what was assumed to be the dull abrasive surface… and a couple of shiny areas that appeared after I tried filing a nail with it. Instead of the nail being worn away – the abrasive surface ‘disappeared’ as it was scraped of the metal backing by the fingernail.

Far from being an abrasive surface finish, it seems to be nothing more than a soft coating that LOOKS like a roughened metal surface, and metal below is actually smooth and shiny.

Seriously Poundworld?

I’m hardly going to travel back and complain, but this is fairy cynical junk, and some might even call it a ‘con’, aimed at silly wee teenage girls who would know little better, and might think this is ‘normal’.

Poundworld pedicure set

Poundworld pedicure set


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Louis Vuitton rubbish

paper-carrier-bagI’ve never kept the utter contempt I hold either the producers of so-called Designer Label Items secret, or those that purchase and perpetuate them for that matter. One group consists of shameless profiteers, the others comprises rich fools known as celebrities (more money than sense), and poor fools trying to emulate them (less money than sense).

This story doesn’t seem to have percolated on the web yet, but this morning’s news told the tale of a Scottish bakery that has received a letter from Louis Vuitton threatening action if it does not cease and desist from from producing its latest creations, cakes in the style of handbags. Apparently LV (that could mean Luncheon Vouchers too) considers the the Scottish baker’s efforts look too much like its own product and considers them to be approaching the level of forgeries or copies.

Perhaps LV is frightened that someone will buy one of the cakes and one their handbags, and be unable to tell the difference.
What are the chances that LV bags are produced by child labour in a sweatshop for pennies, and sold on for thousands once the “official label” is attached?

I hope the baker ignores them and carries on…

After all, if they did ever take him to court, someone would probably eat the evidence long before it made to court!

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